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  1. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who missed the note in the store
  2. Thanks for the help. I found the missing note in the store. Not sure where I found the other two tho.
  3. I have almost finished episode 3 of Wintermute (awesome episode btw) but I can't locate the first letter telling the locals' side of story in the Forest Talkers side quest. Where is this note located? I have looked everywhere but can't find it!
  4. Mixxut

    Mollys Cabin

    I'm pretty sure that lantern was broken.
  5. The patch might have done it. I reloaded an earlier save a couple of times and it worked.
  6. I know this should be a bug report and I will do one but I just wanted to ask if anyone else has seen this problem. So you first meet the timberwolves in episode three when exiting the community hall and you get the information box about the wolves. As the titles says, the wolves are invisible for me and they make the game pretty unplayable. So anyone else out there with the same problem?
  7. So far 35 hours in and it's going ok(ish)
  8. The dead wolf in the dam in WINTERMUTE has always had me worried that it might be Fluffy😕 But maybe she just found a way to HRV.
  9. Mixxut


    One of the best games I have ever played! Keep it up guys!
  10. First of all you might wanna post this to the wish list forum. I think that some of these skills sound really op. Especially the 3rd and 5th bonuses. But I definitely wouldn't mind having some new skills in the game. I think that a strength skill like this could be really useful.
  11. The mine between DP and the Old Island Connector makes me really anxious. I always have to turn the sound off when I pass trough it.
  12. Mixxut

    Broken Rifle

    You can also load an earlier save where the rifle is still working and clean it with the rifle cleaning kit
  13. Hinterland has stated multiple times that theythe are not going to add multiplayer to this game. It's just really doesn't fit in this game
  14. Did happen for me, but tbh I didn't find that weird at all. Also after the first skirimish with the bear while collecting the radio tower parts there is nowhere they could put that "scene" where Will taunts the old bear because when you exit the FM after collecting the radio parts... stuff... happens...