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  1. The mine between DP and the Old Island Connector makes me really anxious. I always have to turn the sound off when I pass trough it.
  2. Mixxut

    Broken Rifle

    You can also load an earlier save where the rifle is still working and clean it with the rifle cleaning kit
  3. Hinterland has stated multiple times that theythe are not going to add multiplayer to this game. It's just really doesn't fit in this game
  4. Did happen for me, but tbh I didn't find that weird at all. Also after the first skirimish with the bear while collecting the radio tower parts there is nowhere they could put that "scene" where Will taunts the old bear because when you exit the FM after collecting the radio parts... stuff... happens...
  5. So i'm not the only one. Hopefully they fix this soon.
  6. I can't find the forest talker supply cache in ML even tough I know exactly where it is. Is this a bug or am I the worst player in TLD ever? Anyone else having this problem?
  7. Already tried that. Looks like my jorney in wintermite might stop here.
  8. Spoilers. Duh. And sorry for my english and all of that stuff. So after taking the radio parts from the towers in FM and returning to ML the bear attacks me and drags me to the cave. Cool. But after waking up in the cave, all I can see is a black screen and my condition bar. Nothing works. Pressing buttons does nothing. (Exept when hitting the sprint button the stamina meter shows up.) I tried closing the game and turning it on again, but all I see is a black screen and my condition bar. The "What one man can do" text appears on the screen and the quest to get the spear back is activated but that's it. Anyone else having this problem? Tips? Help? Edit: It appears that I might be somehow falling trough the world. It would really suck to lose all of my progress because of this.
  9. Yeah, there is no way to un-quote on smart phone. You have to log off and then log back in if you want to ge rid of the quote box.
  10. I'd like to see more food items. Even if Canned veggies would give the same amount of calories and water as canned peaches or cereals would be the same as salty crackers it would still be a nice touch. But Hinteland is provably focused on much more important stuff.
  11. I would move to CH. DP is not a great map to stay in for a longer period of time. It's like a "get your crap done and leave" map.
  12. I'm 100% sure the time you spend playing the episodes doesn't matter. That would be some next level BS.
  13. I think that when you sprain your wrist while walking it basically means that your character falls and sprains his/her wrist but there just aren't animations for that.
  14. Yeah, these are pretty commonly requested ideas. Maybe one day some of these will be added...
  15. Well tbh, you can't compare alcohol in Stardew Valley to alcohol TLD. It just doesn't work like that.
  16. I can see the fun in multiplayer but it's not going to happen and Hinterlnad has been really clear with that. It just doesn't fit in this game
  17. Mixxut

    Intro problem

    There aren't any mistakes. The story mode starts from the cutsene where you wake up after the crash and then cuts to the "X hours earlier" After the "X hours earlier" part is over the game cuts back to the cutsene where you wake up. Pretty typical story telling. And let's be honest, the metal shard was way too OP. A free knife from the start?!
  18. Oh so you met the DP bridge moose! He can really be a pain in the ass
  19. I usually get PV or FM. I have only spawned in DP on interloper once or twice. Weird...
  20. Great read. Keep it coming! I really miss those days when I was a begginer at TLD myself
  21. Mixxut

    Rifle Weight

    As @Doc Feral said it's the bullets making your rifle heavier
  22. The event was too easy. After the first day I had only explored CH and I could have just sat on my mountain if supplies and beat the event. I didn't, and I got electrocuted (really anticlimactic death) in the dam on the third night. I hope that they make the next 4don actually challenging so you actually have to go outside and explore! The exploring was fun, but not needed to survive...
  23. Mixxut

    DAY 3 (spoilers)

    This comment made my death worth it. No it didn't give me my midnight badge!!!!
  24. Mixxut

    DAY 3 (spoilers)

    I... just died..... Don't go in the dam on this day. I entered the dam and walked around it normally. And the all of a sudden I'm starting to burn! I go in to a panic mode and try to escape, but the burning continues and I die... what a bullshit way to die, I swear I wasn't touching any wires... That's it for 4don for me.