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  1. I'm sure this has probably been asked before but is there any chance keyboard and mouse support can be added on the console version of the long dark?
  2. LoneWolf5841


    Oh that is a good idea way better than tape as if they used charcoal there would be no need of adding a new item to the game like that idea more than my tape idea lol
  3. Ah interesting, I'll have to attempt this later on. Thanks for the explanation
  4. And I appreciate your honest answer about it not being a good addition I love hearing others opinions about what could be added to the game, we are a community and obviously if 90% says no to this we wouldn't want it added not even me. I am not a game developer by no means I don't know what would be a good or bad feature nor do I know how to balance the game either. So it helps to hear others opinions on if it is too op or simply doesn't makes sense. I respect your opinion and can easily see why you think it isn't neccesary to be added, which I do agree to a extent that it is not neeeded the game is fine without it but if it was added would it improve the game somehow? That is why I made this topic to discuss whether or not it would improve the game obviously some will say yes and some will say no. I say maybe, it will depend on how it is balanced I don't want this to make the game too easy, I love the challenge of the game. ☺
  5. Decided it was smart to go out in the middle of night during a raging Blizard, got lost in the procces and surprisingly the blizard did not kill me it was me walking off a cliff lol
  6. Sorry if I am missing something obvious I'm still a noob at this game what is a permafire almost sounds like a fire that never goes out?
  7. So I had another jumpscare with the old bear I wasn't paying attention and almost walked right on top of him I have a video of this. Just as a disclaimer this youtube channel that the video is on is my burner channel I only created it to share this video with everyone here without advertising my real youtube channel also this video is unlisted which means you need this link to view it. Anyway enjoy my little heart attack after looking back on screen lol🤣🤣
  8. Yeah with what @Serenity said I can see why the 5th level is a bit much, I don't want this to make the game too easy and I guess 15kg of extra carrying capacity is a bit much lol
  9. That is the reason I said it would increase slower than the other skills maybe 1% increase every 7 in game days with the various multiplyers from what activity did you do the most walk, run etc. Hinterland could probably figure a way to ballence this more than I could i'm not a game developer lol 🤣 so my idea may not work at all and if it doesn't I'm fine with it not being added as the game is already fantastic without it I just got the idea and decided to throw it out there to see what others think.
  10. The last update was version 1.56 and this save I started way after that update so no on a recent update came out, plus I start over when the game updates to avoid any possible bugs so even if a update dropped recently for ps4, which none has, I would have started over completly anyway thus wouldn't have noticed this issue if it was related anyway. It probably is a bug though. I went back after a few days in game and nothing has respawned maybe I'm just overlapping different saves or it was a one time bug?
  11. I just wear everything with the highest warmth value 🤣🤣 probably not efficient for traveling and is definitely the reason why I have little to no space for carrying anything but hey freezing is the fastest way to die (other than by animal attacks) so I tend to prioritize warmth no matter how heavy the clothing item is.