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  1. Interesting guess I've been lucky then. (Sorry for the late response)
  2. just saw this in another thread and it seems like mod support is planned, unsure if this includes consoles but nonetheless it is planed and it seems they agree with waiting for the game to be fully developed
  3. If I'm not mistaken mod support hasn't been officially added even on PC so those mods are done from third party websites. Which comes with various risks (i.e viruses) For Bethesda sure but hinterland is an indie game developer so adding mod support to the game is probably a bit of a challenge for them so I highly doubt we see mods anytime soon if ever. personally I hope they continue developing the game, yes mods would be sweet but I feel like they shouldn't waste time adding support for them until the game is finished after they finish the game then I'm all for it as mods adds infinit
  4. What exactly is wrong with it? I have no trouble placing it.
  5. The long dark tries to punish you on your mistakes so it auto saves to prevent you from reverting back. Any injury will kick off an auto safe for that same exact reason to prevent reverting a save. Irl you can't do that and I believe the long dark tries to explain that as well as best it can. I highly doubt they remove that feature.
  6. Agree but instead I believe it should just be stone arrows. Instead of just a sharpened stick so you'll need stones to craft stone arrow heads and a birch sapling and feathers.
  7. Yeah obviously the real life answer is that programming a seasonal system isn't easy especially with how the game is set up currently. However purely for fun I tried to speculate why there's an eternal winter once but unfortunately I haven't came up with anything that could possibly explain that part of the puzzle. My best guess currently is an ice age has occurred but the odds of an ice age occurring at the same time as a geomagnetic storm as well as a pole reversal are really low. The odds for a geomagnetic storm to occur alongside a pole reversal is low on their own but it could happen as i
  8. That would work if they added Batteries however you would still have to protect the battery some how or they'll will drain outside the Aurora. Either way I probably wouldn't use this as in my opinion the storm lantern provides better lighting than the flashlight as the storm lantern provides a nice area effect of light while the flashlight only provides a small cone of light which looks dimmer in my opinion.
  9. Yes it is a game but there's nothing wrong with a bit of fun speculation on the lore of the game and the causes of phenomenon within it. Humans are naturally curious so most people tend to speculate on a lot of things no matter how fruitless that speculation might be.
  10. This may work better but there's still the issue on drain speed. as it is now the flashlight doesn't last long at all while on and without an Aurora you may get 1 nights use with it while protected and that's not even the whole night. After it's dead it is just a paperweight until the next Aurora. I love the idea of trying to make the flashlight more useful but unfortunately it just doesn't stay on long enough before needing a recharge to be worth carrying.
  11. The lore behind the long dark is the geomagnetic storm is not only disabling power but blocking it's production entirely. Basically my reasoning is look at the flashlight(torch) if you let it charge during the Aurora why doesn't it keep that charge afterwards? Something is draining that charge so even if you protect the device from the effects I believe as soon as you remove it from this box it still wouldn't work as it would be drained immediately. I don't think this would work or at least make sense with the behavior of the storm and Aurora.
  12. I wouldn't mind a muzzleloader seems like it would be fun and as @s7mar7insaid it fits the long dark due to the economic crash of great bear now the shotgun seems a bit much in my mind a shotgun just doesn't fit well in the long dark. This however I don't agree with, having to open the menu everytime you need to reload would be annoying yes it could save some time and resources as hinterland wouldn't have to develop animations but still I wouldn't use it if I had to open the menu each time to reload as it massively breaks immersion. However The idea is fun, I personally don
  13. For multiplayer it isn't that we don't want it it is just that hinterland themselves said they won't be adding it as the long dark was designed to be a single player experience they did however say they would consider it for a future game. (See below quoted post) As for the addition of NPCs I mean it would be interesting but would also get rid of the isolated feeling of the long dark and that's one thing I really enjoy about the game. If they added npcs personally I would want them to limit it to custom mode where you have to toggle a setting called "random npc encounters"
  14. This seems like a waste of hinterland resources to add this in my opinion. If they added a mode that takes away all of what you mentioned then the game basically plays itself. Question the comments on YouTube that was saying they was stuck on the old bear how long ago was it? I remember struggling with the bear as well then later a patch dropped that made the bear charge less or something (been a while don't know exactly what it did other than it did nerf the bear) when I attempted after the patch I killed the bear fairly easily. I don't see hinterland adding this.