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  1. Hinterland is going to add for food items occasionally with time. But it isn't a big priority for me and most of the community. Nor do I think it is for hinterland. As for now every ones priority is episode three, which if any one doesn't know has been delayed since December 2018. Which wintermute it's self was supposed to be released after the basic manics where laid out.
  2. Have you ever tried to bike in the deep snow and there is a watch on will, so with the knowledge that sandbox is testing ground for winter mute and that as we learned from hinterland when they first started advertising the game on youtube they are the same character. We could say that we do have watch in survival it just doesn't appear in on the clothing model.
  3. Or it is just a closet door that hinterland put here and decided they didn't want it just to be another container, but became to busy to implement there plan. Such as maybe it will open and have cloths on hangers.
  4. You can cancel if you are paying attention, jut like passing time.
  5. by the power vested in him, he grants ye three minutes of video content.
  6. If you are having trouble with dyeing in your sleep then play in pilgrim or voyager until understand where is safe to sleep, because they do wake you up. clothing does weigh less when worn. just not by that extreme. one of the major reasons you have such limited mobility is so hinterland doesn't have to do thing like add inviable walls (other then the three I have found) and massive cliffs every where to define the border of the map.
  7. I loaded up whiteout and as soon as I started I noticed the bed in the Quonset was transparent. I thought it was odd but thought it there might be a few bugs in the challenges that hinterland is to busy to fix. Well after sleeping the night away I woke up the next day and the bed was fixed, so started heading out of the garage and saw that now one of the tool cases was transparent. As I've been playing through whiteout interactable terrain keep half vanishing and reappearing all across the map. So after finishing whiteout opened my current survival save and luckily everything seems fine there. It doesn't have any major game play effect but I don't think this is a glitch you want in your game.
  8. I like all of the concepts introduced in steadfast ranger but one item definitely needs some tuning. The revolver and ammo are both to power full. Between making wolves no threat until you run out of ammo combined with the fact that the ammunition is every where, plus having them both be incredibly light there is no room for competition on what is the best weapon. Just fix it pleas i used to really like stalker difficulty because I liked to chill and go to triple digits while also doing interloper when i felt like do a constant struggle, But now stalker is to easy even without using the revolver and just letting it sit there the ammo is littered every where it just looks awful.
  9. Ever since I realized a year ago I haven't be able to get past the fact that you aren't wearing gloves when using the rifle, lantern or any other hold able item. Yes I know that it would take 56 if I'm not forgetting something, new customs and a animations. Plus it would not work with mittens, but is there was an animation for pulling off your mitten to shoot something it would really add to the immersion. In a game with details like dozens of different foot step sounds this is something I would really like to see.