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  1. I got them just by playing the game normally without really trying for any of the feats.
  2. The method I would use is to gather enough supplies for days and then use the torch from each previous fire as lighter and fuel. Light one after another like this pretty soon you will have a long line fire across the area.
  3. Why do we ask anything- to find the answer.
  4. In doors. Why is this your last post are you fixing to die?
  5. The most efficient way of killing wolves is to push a deer in to them and this also makes them stand still while they eat. If you want to be truly efficient with your arrows skip wolves all to gather and only hunt beers. As for forced fights aim just below the shoulder, track them for a few seconds and wait till there about to jump on you to release. If there are two if you sprint amount between shots you can get them both, just don't over turn or your dead. If there are more then two find a tree or something to climb of and massacre them from safety. If they catch you out on ice first of what are you doing letting them do that? Then sprint back, turn around and kill one as they stop just before charging, repeat. Also I play on an Xbox most of the time an I hardly ever miss with any of the weapons so, it can't be that much harder on Playstation. You can also try adjusting sensitivity and the like.
  6. False. Two legs is more efficient than four and combined with spine and proper hip bone allows for greater height.
  7. I always knew it looked funny. Okay then the back wall above the unnamed pond and log cut in the north east corner. I still think need to do something with those two areas. Mean area two does have that little cave but it's point less since carter is right there.
  8. I would say that it's clear Astride wasn't found directly on the other side of the tunnel because we no what that area looks like exhibit A. Molly probably went a way through the hills that the player cannot and found Astride some where here exhibit B. Now that is pretty far for Molly to go hunting but, I am going to assume that hinterland is going make a region north of mystery lake. This is one of two spots that make the most sense for the entrants, exhibit C. I am pretty sure that hinterland will want us to have a moment of recognition and ah ha moment if you will, when entering this new region for the first time. It is also possible to be near the other entrants in exhibit C both places serve no real function as of yet so I think they have future plans. I guess the first place is where you land if you fall out of the world in episode two but, that could be anywhere. Also Molly only says she was out hunting, we have been assuming she means deer yet, we see here handy work all across the valley. A\ B C
  9. Actually it I once made it from Broken Railroad all the way almost through the ravine with the starting gear in interloper and it is entirely possible to get further and Astride actually has pretty good starting gear so, it's entirely possible that she could go from the crash site, to Milton, to the collapse, to pleasant valley.
  10. The game doesn't render well at long distance. The far away places switch into more of a sight seeing mode that shows bulk textures and other regions aren't loaded at all. Notice I said shows. As far as I can tell everything loaded and running everywhere in your region so, it wouldn't take much on hinterlands end to remedy this problem. They just seem to be worried about making the game to difficult to run so, their holding back on certain assets.
  11. You can always chase them to ward wolves. This way you get the wolf plus, a free rabbit.
  12. Yes or to the harmlessness but, still being fun. It also might have nothing to do Nerf at all who knows.
  13. I put Into many zero's. I am really embarrassed about that, I was extremely hungry when I wrote this. Like, haven't eaten in 24 hours and am about to hungry so my numbers might be all over the place. But't I never said they were small. Just that they were independent. Unless you count Canada but, I don't think there on the media fund for this year. I might just not know how to navigate there site though. I do think they are small not tiny but, not to be called anything else.