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  1. I'll pass on execes U.I. What I do with sticks is I pick them when ever they are on my immediate path and then drop some once I need to.
  2. I think it goes without saying, but the reason that the clocks are the same model being reused. Where as the grandfather clock has different model.
  3. Hinterland is likely to make some changes to desolation point by episode five. Since we know Astrid ends up there after episode three.
  4. I like the thought of a universal skills on/off option in custom.
  5. I play interloper all the time and hardly ever quarter meat.
  6. @jajo88 When it comes to the flint knives and such the first thing that needs to be under stood is that the amount of time you can live is limited. The idea that no matter how efficient you are death is inevitable is important on both a mechanical and thematic level. This core idea is already undermind by the way items can up on shore, the fact wolves kill deer for you and the fact wood is infinite. Flint tools could be added to the game, but your ability to craft them would have to be limited like your ability to craft tools from scrape metal. As always existing systems would need to be tweak
  7. 1. I think the decisions we have to make around the workbench locations are a good way of directing where players base in the early game. In the later stages of the game you just need basic planning skills to base away from them though, since all you need them for is bows and arrows. 2. Wrong game. 3. Binoculars would need a revamp to the way the game renders and I'm not sure hinterland is ready to leave people that are trying to play on their commodores behind. If they are though It would be pleasant sometimes in some places , but useless rest of the time. You know, l
  8. It's times like these I wish I had a down vote button.
  9. Ajb1978 is right I’ve seen this all time especially on slopes. The game takes a little longer to figure out which way your going an hence which animations to play with the non-binary control stick. You can really wig it out with sprains and make start things at completely the wrong times.
  10. They look like they are going to pleasant valley.
  11. Mane to the prison or Perseverance