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  1. I think it's a good thing that you have to do some work if you want to figure out exactly how many calories you have. Not to mention that the UI is getting bogged down as it is.
  2. I do wish progress wasn’t so obtuse.
  3. This one So ya but, framed more cinematically.
  4. Corpses sit that way for two reasons. To show how their fear lead to their death and so we don't see how uncanny their faces are. And not in a frozen corps sort of way.
  5. Here's my underground. I ended up going for more of a baron and haunting feel. With just less I also got ride of the crystal since I don't like adding assets. But, it's fine that you suggested them. Maybe more like the bioluminescent cave in episode three. Okay so I left one in but, I think that it might just a cool doodad.
  6. What my be fun is a small little map contest. We just make maps and then who gets the most likes wins. What do they win. A small amount of respect from the community.
  7. I didn’t add any shelters I just guarantied one that already had another next it. Also I this side of the map could use a milling machine. I changed the loot tables of the surface up because I am cutting down the caves. I also think that my plot makes more sense as a place to take Subnautica’s story. It does make sense that the radicals that are forest talkers were to raid a place such as the whaling plant they would set up in a place similar to the hunting Lodge first. Although for mine to work desalination point would have to be changed a bit. What I am thinking is to move the road to face more a little more north and then remove the ice at the cliff base. In order to justify the researches we need something for them to research. Such as a solar anomaly That knocked out the power or a gamma wave. Just some thing. They could also serve as exposition.
  8. Here are my changes to the surface level. The biggest thing is that I removed the wendigo researchers since that really didn't make sense. Seeing as there wouldn't be any wendigos until the starvation and frost started to set in. Instead I largely replaced them with the forest talkers. The note could be a argument between the forester (a forest talker sympathizer) and the forest talkers making plans on what to do with the bridge in desolation point out, with the body there have a knife in it. The one at forest talkers could about how they didn't stash enough food and going to need to raid the whaling plant and as a follow up to the note that location should have hardly any food or it doesn't make sense. From there make it clear the remaining men killed each other but, their was at least one survivor who is now gone. For a bonus touch make the corpses INSIDE half eaten. At the last Corner the note will speak about how he refuses to become one of those monsters how he would die before enacting their horrible deeds. Then position the revolver (or I just thought of this, climbing rope) in such away it's clear he committed suicided. In one of the northern camps leave a rabbit corps (like one a wolf leaves) in a place a wolf couldn't have left it. All these things will do wonders towards building anticipation to when the player ventures under ground.
  9. Tis better than bleak inlet. Also as I have said before the wendigo myth fits better with the setting and themes of the long dark than any other fanatical creature. There are a few things I would change which ill post later once I finish a revised version.
  10. Did hinterland or Nintendo make the trailer.
  11. Actually the real secret is that for long trips cattails are pretty O.P with a calorie density of 3000, no dehydration, no decay and they stack.
  12. you have to remember it's just a minus ten so if you spawn during the "summer" or "warm foggy blizzard" weather cycle it doesn't matter since it isn't very cold already.
  13. So how you know is when you haven't eaten enough you don't have the badge and when you have eaten enough you do have the badge.