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  1. Ralph talks that during their "designing the powerful loneliness of the long dark" video.
  2. So you know the intro to hinterlands The long dark retail release trail. With the two trappers building snow shelter I believe it was. The whole thing was black and white with a camera from 1910. Well if on the T.Vs stuff like that showed that were just sort of entertaining and fun but also told players that certainty things were mechanics. It would be rare so it wouldn't help new plays to much but it would help players that have been playing for awhile that just haven't noticed something before. For example I hadn't noticed that snow shelters weren't or were a thing until I found one in hushed river valley. You could also find information videos in the world like you do research books but, instead of reading them pop them into a T.V during the aroura and gain experience points.
  3. My grandma, so this old rancher that can’t spell iPhone, plays the long dark on her 1990’s computer with a modern screen and all the old parts ripped out (So different pc entirely in the same case, because she “doesn’t need a new computer”.). She plays on pilgrim and just sort of walks around the world. Honestly I don’t think she has given any of the other difficulties a second thought. Yes but is very difficult and very different then on a desk/laptop. It isn’t so much modin’ as it is messing with the game files, if that makes any sense.
  4. Why would they need to add a reload kit when Will is already proficient at loading the rifle by hand. I do think though, that having away to cancel rifle reloads half way (other then putting it away and taking it back out) would a good way to improve the rifle reloading. As for the revolver if you where able to carry multiple loaded cylinders that be nice. I would have enjoyed episode three more if that was a mechanic.
  5. It is only worth it if you know which ones. Such as the ones in the Spence homestead are essential to break down.
  6. Maybe they got up and left or, were dragged off by a bear.
  7. Is that moose hidden in the game now?
  8. Forty Canadian dollars is a pretty low price for a nearly endless prestige in the long dark community.
  9. I like it when a game with out jumping has parkour. Which we really didn't have until now in the long dark.
  10. The bear spear as it is would be over powered but, hinterlands has stated multiple times that they want to tweak it and it to survival play.
  11. More like. For those who don't want to have to see a bunch of burnt out camp fires every time they step outside. Best part.
  12. That already exists. You map and then move a about twenty yards and map again.