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  1. Vergessen Sie nicht die magischen Anti Bär Protokolle
  2. Black rock could be a reference to Black rock prison by Fernando Trujillo Sanz but, I haven't read this series so I can't back that up in other way but the title.
  3. Gwen isn't the only one whos name is a reference. there's Milton most likely john Milton a fifteenth century author and the name of the last chapter of episode one, paradise lost is his most famous work. Methuselah is Methuselah from Genesis, which in Hebrew means the man of the spear. The Hebrew word for possessor or man of is Cain. Cain killed Lamech bringing death into the world shortly after paradise lost. Good job hinterland for that one. Jerimiah is most likely Jerimiah the lost or weeping prophet from the book of Jeramiah. Mathis could be either mantodao which is Greek translated to Mathis or mantis which means False prophet or dangers prophet or it could be the German boys name Mathis which means gift of god. Great bear island could be a reference to the great bear forest in Canada. I'll tell you if I can think of any more. All the prisoner names save it be Mathis and Hobbs are hinterland employees.
  4. When I shot him several times they hit him but didn’t do any thing. With there were fancy albino dear pants though with some sort buff over regular ones.
  5. I am guessing you can see deleted messages. But the question is do you look through all the deleted messages.
  6. Hinterland Is really taking there time deciding since the contest has ben over for three days now.
  7. I have found many details in survival mode that imply that survival takes place long after wintermute, but I have found more that doesn't add up. There plenty of characters in survival that aren't named and could be Will or Astride. Has anyone found hard evidence that survival is part of the long dark canon or just wintermute.
  8. Wonder if episode five will have alternate endings. I would say yes because that is common thing indie games do to spice it up. But the long dark is already spicy in just the right ways and it could make any attempt at a larger universe unnecessarily complicated.
  9. I hope we don't see a spring, summer or fall long dark, mainly because I think the idea of the world entering a ice age or little ice age is one of it's most appealing points. Yes we don't know for certain that this one of those since wintermute doesn't last that long but we defiantly passed the six month mark showing that something is up. I heard something about a long dark T.V series about four months ago but writ it off as a rumor until I looked into it and Raphael saying something to that extent about two years ago so it seems like some thing they are defiantly working on. "We're building an actual business entity around The Long Dark film," "van Lierop said." "We're not doing the traditional IP licensing thing, where we license the IP to a film studio... We all know how that typically turns out." Boldly. That's all I can say. If you going to go, go boldly. Good move hinterland. Just one question are you prepared to go all the way. With absolute surety in your decisions and the ability's of teams, I think you know any half steep or hesitation past this stage in your company is going to cost you dearly. Are you willing to go all the way.
  10. It's an albino. That means it's body don't produce any pigments, so you can see the blood vesicles in it's eyes. Albino stag pelt is worth a pretty penny. I think that if you eventually escape great bear and the apocalypse isn't world wide. You get some sort of badge or achievement for having the ghost stag hide. Those ain't bad antlers he's got on him either. If I was out in the Uintas or rocky mountains or Alaska and saw that thing I'd raise my extended barrel twelve gauge (that's most likely be what I have on me a fine weapon fires 12 gauges and UN slugs. The barrel is thirty two inches with a lethal range of 150 yards without slugs. With UN slugs I'd kill that 250 yards If it was wearing grade three Kevlar those are mean rounds. Just had to say that because people stereo type shot guns as short range weapons not Ideal for hunting alert dear.) Take a leg off, right at the knee cap go up to it. It will trying run away but will just sort flop around. Take my hatchet stick it right in it's chest just below where I'm going to cut the head. Then I take it home carrying it on my shoulders to my vehicle. The end result would be a new taxidermized head in my dinning hall (I'll move the big old moose head to my fire place near the front door(I actually didn't kill that it was a gift from my grandfather since when I was a young'in I would sit there and say "now that there was marvelous a beast and is a marvelous trophy.) and because I am a generous guy I'd give the pelt to the nearest small town. Sure they would make up a fine story about it and hang it up in the community center or town hall or little town history museum for passer byers to say "well if that isn't beautiful and ain't something you see every day."
  11. One year ain't long. Not long at all.
  12. I think you mean through not though and you didn’t capitalize your I.
  13. I have observed multiple times that the hinterland forums on mobile is slightly faster then on my computer.