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  1. The thing Mackenzie's hands at 0:05 to 0:07 seems a bit to far away either that or the angle is off. Maybe it's just because I would be more focused on leaning up but, something just seems off. I think it's the angle. Looks like were going to have run in the bus or use the falling of a rock at the perfect time so, that wolfs can't find you technique, to avoid the wolf. Defiantly looks exciting. I really like the cold, stony and castle like aesthetic of the prison exterior in the 0:12, 0:18 and 0:25 shots. The rest of the interior seems like its going to be very reminiscent of Carter Hydro El
  2. Probably like in the last three episodes.
  3. Replace the characters with Anime girls or add a feature where you can be revived for 4.99. Now I'm going to have nightmares about both.
  4. I like it the way it is. Makes the process more immersive.
  5. On console you just double tap and it goes up to maximum. On P.C I've never had a problem since I have my repeat rate at 16clicks per second with a 0.8 second delay so, I can harvest 32Kilograms of anything in under three seconds.
  6. I liked it for skills and logs but, hated it for inventory and condition. Defiantly preferer the new one. These days, after playing Mismata I'm scared for life about the old inventory. Mismata looks similar and was so bad it it still gives me nightmares.
  7. There are lots of books and crannies that work just fine if you have fuel for a fire. Of which there is plenty along the way.
  8. You can turn it on permanently in the settings. I wouldn't though since it is really annoying.
  9. You can get them to wig out and get stuck in a corner in a few areas (examples include most of ash canyon, all of hushed river valley and the one at crystal lake). Now that they don't wall climbing abelites. Wait until they run towards you and then fire at point blank. If your not able to do that and have to shoot normally sneak up on it then un-crouch and quickly fire. You actually want to go for a broad side shot if are willing to follow in order to increase the area of deer that you can hit. Shooting dear is inefficient anyway though. Unless you are trying to get the Waist Not Want Not ach
  10. this was once a thing.
  11. You know those times when you just need to prepare a bunch of tea ingredients or read a book but, you don't want to waist day light. I think that with level three fishing you should be able to perform reading, handcrafts, and rabbit harvesting while your fishing with a increased chance of breaking your line and/or decreased efficiency while performing this maneuver. This also makes the rather boring ice fishing skill levels a little more interesting by making the stuff wiht each level a little more interesting. There could be an additional upgrade at four and five that removes' the de-buff. I
  12. Yes it doesn't make any sense but, I think that it's a good gameplay mechanic when chance happens that you only have enough medical supplies to heal part of your body and you have to choose what to heal. Unfortunately that only applies to bandages and very rarely Anti-biotics .The new pain killers don't anything unless you heal all your pain and I'd ask when was the last time you ran out of Anti-septic's was. One thing that I really hope does get re-worked though is the lasting consequences of injury and illness. Oplie said what if sprains had stricter conditions where they
  13. I'll pass on execes U.I. What I do with sticks is I pick them when ever they are on my immediate path and then drop some once I need to.
  14. Hinterland is likely to make some changes to desolation point by episode five. Since we know Astrid ends up there after episode three.