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  1. Did hinterland or Nintendo make the trailer.
  2. Actually the real secret is that for long trips cattails are pretty O.P with a calorie density of 3000, no dehydration, no decay and they stack.
  3. you have to remember it's just a minus ten so if you spawn during the "summer" or "warm foggy blizzard" weather cycle it doesn't matter since it isn't very cold already.
  4. So how you know is when you haven't eaten enough you don't have the badge and when you have eaten enough you do have the badge.
  5. The ketchup chips are a slight decrees in the tacl (total average calories in loot) being a below average food with high hydration drain making. Basically they are worse jerky. I think that it's pretty obvious that things are easier though since the maple syrup is so power full. With 850 calories and a weight of 0.30 means we have a calories per kilogram of 2,833, meaning the only denser food is MRE. Difficulty ranking 0.7ish might change as I go through each update. (wintermute1.0s update is the base line at one) I think it is cool that they added the to filters even thought they currently have some bugs. Even though I can't stand the heritage filter, the Noir filter actually gives the game a entirely different feel although that may have just been because as soon as I turned it on I started listening The House of the rising Son, but non the less it gave me some cool mode ideas / game ideas.
  6. Get a bow four hours and never miss. It's that simple.
  7. The long dark is minimized game that doesn’t need any thing like that. Also manic maniac is right some of the spots where you can fall in the ice is pretty much a death sentence. I mean the stagnant water of forlorn musk wouldn’t be as long as you don’t go into shock, stay calm and know what your doing, but the ice fat from shore there’s no way if you get pushed even a little bit under the ice sheet by the current that you will never get back to where you were and the moving river at bleak inlet would be a death trap.
  8. Simply, lighters would be over powered or in other, words to significantly decrees difficulty be an addition.
  9. Hinterland also uses location names and environmental story telling quit a bit in survival.
  10. I think raw meat should weigh more.
  11. First things first I am defining a community manger as any one whose job with in the studio is to handle public relation. First, how well is your forum policed and why what do you think good policing on a forum looks like. Second, how well do they stave off the rage of game breaking bugs and sever crashes. Third, have you ever been frustrated after being silenced by an admin. Four, how often do you get excited about new content. Fifth, do you feel informed about what the future is going to hold for your game and developers, also do you care. Sixth, do you think that community management in games should be relegated to costumer service. Seventh, do you think that good community management is owed to you as part of the game you bought. eighth, bottom line. How much does a bad community influence your decision to buy games from that company again. You don't have to talk about all of these points and if you have something I didn't ask to say go a head.
  12. There is it's at the top of the screen.
  13. RegentRelic


    first off this and jumping have been brought up so many times people usually don't respond these posts. Also the long dark only has two years of development left, assuming hinterland continues releasing wintermute episodes once per year. Maybe in a future game, but not in the long dark.