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  1. I never have any problems with my amount of lanter fuel outside of the ultra early game, but then Again do way more fishing then you resource gobblers.
  2. Die. Sandbox is that easy. I don't see what the problem. I mean the game literally only has one failure state, so don't die and you'll alway not fail. How do does one do that? Easy don't play the game. If you want to have fun playing the game though, then that's a different story.
  3. Is it just that I am noticing it more because of the new "X joined recently" tag or are there actually more people joining than usual.
  4. Humph, kids these. I remember when we used to gather wood in a menu and deer looked like this .
  5. Don't be slow. That's all there is to it. Also what's an IMHO.
  6. Only the people below five hundred hours are sane. I say that as someone outside that category.
  7. I can loot the whole mystery lake and put it in the camp office in under ten days including the bunkers easy even before the well feed bonus was added, yes it's slow being encumbered, but you can do it in four two day trips. You only have to wear what you need to not freeze most days you can get away with way much less then you have and only get hypothermia risk most of the way through the day. Most trips in the game can be completed before your fatigued as long as avoid sprinting, but even the best players can lapse sometimes and are forced to. Name one loot tr
  8. What? What! Are you okay, do you need medical attention. First off you do have infinite inventory spaces. The only limit to how much you can carry is how much your willing to let it slow you down. Second of with the with the technical backpack. Second with a moose hide satchels, well fed and the backpack upgrade your carrying capacity before encumbrance to 45Kg. Which means that you can effectively carry 55Kg. In the early game when you will only have access to up to two of those items lets go over what you need. (I am using stalker as the benchmark since in interloper you don't really need to
  9. @Stinky socksyou said "don't drop things when navigating in in the blizzard" as the solution to me saying "Make the direction thing face when dropped random so that navigating in a blizzard is actually challenging. " I am referring to when you drop a stick and it always faces north. Are you saying that should not use this trick and then the problem is solved? If so, that isn't exactly very constructive now is it. Or did you think I was complaining about accidently dropping thing in blizzards? If it was the first meaning then you should also know it isn't me at that I am worried about. I am goo
  10. These are the ones I think the game would be improved by removing. Meat never truly spoiling. As i've said before and will say again, there more interesting survival decisions when food actually spoils. Such as having to time hunts and doing food rotations. (including fish) So you know how if you hunt one thing to often it's supposed to take longer to respawn. Well right now that effect is so minimal it might as well not even exist. In fact if hinterland did remove it 98% of players wouldn't even notice. this goes along with the first. One having to cycle through food sources or h
  11. You should play it first. If you play it after getting good it is way to easy, even on hardened survivor.
  12. My game usually looks like this. concentrate all resources from desolation point in the hunting lodge, then move to the ice fishing hut just below, run out of resources. Move to forlorn muskeg, concentrate all the resources at the spence homestead, run out of resources. Move to Milton, hang out at the hermits cabin for a while, concentrate all the resources in the farmstead, run out of resources. Move to mystery lake concentrate all the resources the camp office, have a deep philosophical discussion with myself. Move to pleasant, concentrate all the resources in the farmers house, run out of
  13. The number one thing to remember about canada when visiting from the United Kingdom is that the monties may seem friendly but, their a whole lot tougher and meaner than the constables. In my experience at least.