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  1. But you can go back. You should go back. Rolling back to earlier versions is easy. At least it is on Steam... Go back and play any 2015 version and compare it to today and you too will wonder where did the time go.
  2. Rolling back with Steam places the files in their own directory and allows you to access them directly without interfering at all with the current installation. Except for the save game files. But any version through mid 2015 used a completely separate saved game location. So no worries at all. It's super easy to get and the old game is just as playable as the current one. Though I have to say I enjoy it more a few versions later where they added the medkit.
  3. S'alright. Its a "hidden" folder. To see it you can enable hidden items in the "view" pull down when looking at "owner".
  4. Delete your user information and TLD will replace it with fresh defaults. Better yet, rename your entire save folder. C:\users\owner\appdata\local\hinterland rename it to hinterland_old or hinterland_may19. Do this with the game closed. Then open up Steam but first go to the preferences for TLD first and disable cloud saves. For a good many reasons but now because it will try to replace all your defaults. It thinks its helping. Then start up TLD like normal and you should get a whole new save folder complete with default user info. Try to play and maybe that gets it working.
  5. I think "Moose Pong" is still the greatest experience in this game. 1) Lure a moose to charge at you and your fire. 2) Moose senses your fire, gets scared, turns and runs. 3) Shoot that moose in the butt. 4) Moose gets mad, turns and charges at you. *) Moose senses your fire, gets scared, turns and runs. *) Shoot that moose in the butt. *) Moose gets mad, turns and charges at you. *) Moose senses your fire, gets scared, turns and runs. *) Shoot that moose in the butt. *) Moose gets mad, turns and charges at you. *) Moose senses your fire, gets scared, turns and runs. *) Shoot that moose in the butt. *) Moose gets mad, turns and charges at you...
  6. We expect bullets to travel in the direction the gun barrel is pointed. They don't. In TLD they travel from the sight post out to the center of the camera view at infinity. The orientation of the picture of a gun means nothing in this virtual world. It's broken. Best practice now is to line up your shot before pulling the zoom and fire regardless of what the sights show. If you can find ways to get the selection dot up on the screen while you are shooting it could be your new best friend.
  7. Wikia Sleeping with clothes on can cause more wear on your clothes (than if you weren't wearing them). Has no effect on yourself or your healing.
  8. Have you noticed any decay on things like newspaper or ammo? Raph recently stated he thought everything in the game had decay but some might be set to take 10,000 cycles to disappear. After 1,000 days you'd think such an effect might start to be noticeable.
  9. I don't think your raycasts are working the way you intend them to work. They are always straight out of the camera to the center of the screen. The sights don't change what gets hit at all. Even when the sights start to pull down and point at the ground. I think you wanted to project a line out from the rear sight through the sight post. Which would be challenging. It would create lots of variability. But that's not what is happening. The shots go dead straight exactly where the camera is looking, regardless of what the gun animation is doing at the time.
  10. THE RIFLE SIGHTS DON'T ACTUALLY HELP ANYMORE! They are just distractors. The ray that determines what gets hit is now coming directly out of your eyeball and goes directly to the center of the screen at infinity. Always. No wavering at all. The only way to miss is to actually try and use the sights. They are almost never on target. Instead, start with your target at the center of the screen and you will bullseye everytime, regardless of how far your sights wander. I just made a 236 meter shot with my sight picture pointed at the ground... ADD: version 1.50
  11. selfless

    Episode 3

    Oh. They actually did cave to the allure of adding overly involved cut-scenes. I had feared as much. Onward to 2020 I guess...
  12. Wait until morning and the fires will go out.
  13. Removing a first person feature like visual depth and detail does not enhance the walking around game at all. Day 1 was long and uninteresting. I went and got the flare gun from the Ravine because I randomly found a rope and that gave me something to do. Day 2 was ruined for me because random numbers decided it should be cloudy that day. Have you ever tried lining up a black sight post inside a black circle on top of a black wolf silhouetting a black rock next to a black tree over black ground? I have. Even his glowing eyes were barely visible because "clouds". So that day became two hours of my character staring at the inside of a building while I surfed the forum. Hey Hinterland - Random numbers are an inefficient way to "craft" meaningful experiences. I suppose I could have time accelerated to a point when the night was less dark, but knowing the clouds could come back made all notion of interacting with this day undesirable. I was not going to fight just to find engagement. But it was interesting to have a predictable aurora to play with on Day 3. And since it never went away I happened to be fully rested and healed for the first time while exploring in it. Watched the wolves and played with my flashlight. But I still didn't hunt anything because it was still really dark out (gray post in the gray circle over the grey wolf in front of the gray rock). Having a projected light source (flashlight) in dark areas (mines) and in the night offers a very different game experience. It is disappointing it cannot be used in an addition to the rifle. Day 4 was a repeat of Day 2. Character stood watching his fire burn out then ultimately died of dehydration (I think, I wasn't actually watching,,,) There was a moment I thought about where to go look for a pie but I don't like the wind (both sound and slowness of movement) and the notion of walking through a blizzard on purpose ended that musing. ADDENDUM: 4DoN serves to highlight portions of the game most players will otherwise actively avoid (with good reason). The night is not welcoming, it is not empowering, it is not rewarding. It is ominous and dangerous and can only be conquered by the return of the Sun. But it is a part of survival and until there is a standard plot or mission or story element that brings players occasionally out into the night, playing in it once a year is a good exercise.
  14. You might try adjusting your system clock. Maybe you can go back in time and relive it.
  15. selfless

    Meat Bags

    They decay really fast and despawn when they hit zero. Analogous to carcasses still so they are not yet "meat".