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  1. Hey, guys! I guess I get to be "that guy" again. I notice by the time November 12th comes around, Daylight Savings will have been suspended for over a week, meaning your event end time should probably be stated referencing PST at the very least, since that's the reference everyone will be using at that time. Always happy to help! ✌️
  2. The badge only appears ingame. This is not an achievement. Look for it under challenges in the main menu. Each "day" there will be an entry on your journal page ("J" key). It only appears that day. It has to get checked off to register completion. Unfortunately your previous days progress gets wiped from the journal at the start of each new day. The only way to check if a past day was not completed is to roll back the calendar (which you can do via your system clock).
  3. Probably because the Valley redesigns won’t be included in the Sandbox. Not for this release anyway. It’s been done that way before... PS: I have no intention of playing episode 3 so I can’t vote 🙁
  4. There were really only two options available: there are no people at the fire or there are dead people at the fire. Because there are no alive people anywhere. They chose dead people, ending the fire mystery right there. I think no people would have been more interesting...
  5. I carry around a pair of driving gloves once I find them. Because not having gloves is not fun. And they can be used for leather scrap which is not common.
  6. Again, not a complaint. Just solid kudos to the original programming that was so smooth and is still being modified to this day. Hope some of those guys still get credit for what they did so long ago. Still don't understand having an exact calorie counts or degrees of heating displayed anywhere let alone as part of your simulation. IMO reality is fuzzy and so should be the user experience and even the controlling maths. But I've said as much before. And so many data computations could be done in the cycles it takes to render lighting one additional object it becomes silly to place gr
  7. Glad it worked out. We probably destroyed more data than was necessary but without getting complicated instructions or seeing inside the files I think we did all right. You are happy and playing again and that's everything in my mind.
  8. Yes. The program will recreate the "Hinterland" folder and fill it with all files it needs. Deleting NoSync is not necessary. Really old versions of the game used a different folder in a very similar path (/locallow/ instead of /local/). Incidentally, if you played the game in the deep past and restore one of those early versions you may find your years ago saves waiting for you because those old folders were never auto-deleted. Only the "newer" versions are having difficulty because the saved game folder hasn't been changed in a while.
  9. I feared as much. If you go a bit further and delete the user001.cfg file from the save game directory the game will install a new, version compatible one for you. That should solve everything. *BUT* Deleting will destroy all your current progress and many of your newer saved games. So better make a copy of the entire save directory first. Even more better, you could just rename the current save game folder "Hinterland-v1.56". The time capsule (any version) will then automatically create whatever files it needs. Then just delete the "Hinterland" folder when you are ready to go back
  10. I believe they switched up control configurations between versions so you will need to reset them to match the version before you enter play. Opening the controls Setting and hitting Reset should get all the right variables inset. Customizing the controls after resetting should not cause additional problems.
  11. Thanks for the reminder. The performance of this game used to be amazing! No amount of replacing the information-rich HUD elements with uninformative hand-animations has seemed to return to that... Not a complaint just - Wow. Such different.
  12. selfless

    4DON 2019

    Actually late. But we have that reputation so maybe...
  13. But you can go back. You should go back. Rolling back to earlier versions is easy. At least it is on Steam... Go back and play any 2015 version and compare it to today and you too will wonder where did the time go.
  14. Rolling back with Steam places the files in their own directory and allows you to access them directly without interfering at all with the current installation. Except for the save game files. But any version through mid 2015 used a completely separate saved game location. So no worries at all. It's super easy to get and the old game is just as playable as the current one. Though I have to say I enjoy it more a few versions later where they added the medkit.