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  1. How has it still not come out? Comments from 2018 are still relevant, with posters from 2017 pessimistically expecting the game in Summer 2019. I backed this game on Kickstarter years ago, and as much as I enjoyed playing Ep. I and II a few times over for years and years, I was promised a full game. Where's the delivery?
  2. All things considered? Like I paid for a game years ago I still don't have? Absolutely not. This game is quite possibly a scam and is at best, horridly mismanaged. Good thing I've yet to complain about minor bugs or graphics. I'm fine with both. I'm not fine with being told that I would have a game 3 years ago that I still don't have.
  3. I hope the sarcasm of a year+ old post still being fully relevant didn't go over you.
  4. Honestly, this is pretty hilarious. I backed this game how many years ago? It's been a year since I've posted here and there still hasn't been Episode III released when I said it wouldn't! People said I was crazy, and yet, still nothing. On to 2021! I have never seen anything as mismanaged and poorly communicated as here. I spent $60 years ago to get a game that it looks like I never will.
  5. Point being, keeping the community in the loop does not impact the studios preferred way of making the game. A weekly dev diary would not change anything about the game.
  6. I completely disagree with that, considering that Crusader Kings II went from being able to only play Western European Catholics to being able to play Muslim, Orthodox, Jains, Hindus, Tengri, Pagan, etc. The map now stretches to India. The Aztecs can invade. Are we talking about the same studio? What about Stellaris?
  7. Not much to talk about, considering that everything has been static for months now. My wife and I have finished story mode, sandbox is dry after years of playing it incrementally, and so I'm just waiting. The dev coming in here and saying anything is refreshing, but I'll just refer them to Paradox. They may get a lot wrong, but weekly updates on each game is something that they do to engage the community.
  8. It's already insane. I'm fretful the game is abandoned, but we need to wait a month more. Then I'll be convinced.
  9. I can't understand how managing expectations is hard. Just be forthright with the fans and give realistic goals, and if you miss them explain. When you are at the point where you can't make realistic and accurate goals, the studio needs to reevaluate itself. Are there too few employees? Are they trying to make too much? Are they not working hard enough? I don't know. However, keeping the backers and fans in the loop simply isn't hard. HL has exhausted all benefit of the doubt however, by missing every single timetable they've set.
  10. What if, y'all actually finished the game before selling more copies? I was promised this game would be done years ago now.
  11. No March dev blog, maybe an April one? Who am I kidding? We'll see y'all in June.
  12. MrJade

    Episode 3

    Well, March has come and gone, and we are still waiting to hear anything about anything.
  13. So my post is deleted but this stays? Unreal. Personal attacks are fine I guess, as long as they are pro-Hinterlands.
  14. This is not entirely true. Look at Dawn of War III. Continued development costs were deemed greater than future revenue. This also happens a lot to Kickstarted games, where the money all comes before the effort. I'm not saying Hinterlands has plans to stop, but they have probably sold 90+% of their total revenue stream at this point and actually ceasing development right now would increase TLD's profitability. It would effectively destroy Hinterlands as a studio, but EA does it all the time. All this is to say that saying HL has a direct economic incentive to finish TLD is wrong, it is entirely based on reputation, keeping promises, and a hypothetical future title. Which isn't guaranteed to be a success.