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  1. @UpUpAway95 & @ThePancakeLady I wasn't intending to argue that the lantern isn't useful or doesn't have its place in the game. I do think, though, that the over-abundance easily available torches diminishes its value significantly - not to zero, but a lot lower than they were when burning brands were a part of the game. I think that's my point, really - burning brands (or significantly nerfed pulled torches) would bring the other survival tools, like crafted torches and lanterns, much more into the mix and give the game a better balance between them.
  2. I've had stones that I've thrown clearly miss visually, but still stun the rabbit. Maybe they're sent into shock from the fright?
  3. That would go some way towards it, yeah. But they'd also have to cap the maximum condition of torches pulled from fires (right now it's pretty easy to get them at 40-50%, which is way too high, I think). And they should also not be able to be relit once they fall below a certain condition level. That might sort it out. Even then, I'd still miss the old graphic representation of brands! Really? I honestly don't think that factors into it at all. There are over 200 pieces of cloth in the Coastal Townsite alone, in the form of curtains and towels. That's 400 bandages. (From one small area of only one map!) How many sprains are you getting? I never bother with lanterns except for inside my main base. They're heavy to carry and they don't have any other uses beyond light. Torches can be used to save matches when lighting fires, for transporting a flame from place to place without spending more matches, and for scaring off wolves as well. They're an incredibly useful survival tool in TLD's world and when we had to craft them out of materials (rare-ish, in the case of lamp oil), they were also incredibly valuable. Now that we can pull infinite reuseable torches from campfires at the tiny cost of a few extra bits of wood, their value is totally trivial. I think that's a shame. And it was a backward step for the game overall.
  4. Well. They should fix that bit, yeah. While we're at it, I've never understood what is actually happening when we 'Harvest' a burnt out torch into a stick. A torch is just a burning stick that we pulled out of a fire. So when it isn't burning any more, it is... a stick! What is this 2 minute harvesting process? Sounds reasonable. Although I do miss the aesthetic of the brand compared with the torch. I'd still like to see a distinction between the two. The main thing about brands was that you couldn't relight them, which meant you couldn't harvest loads of them at once to save up and use for mine/cave transitions (or for one-match fire lighting) - you had to craft torches for that, which felt much more satisfying and made lamp oil really valuable.
  5. This will always get my support whenever it reemerges as a suggestion. Brands were just better, in terms of game balance. The "take torch" mechanic is way overpowered, and totally obviates any need to craft torches from cloth and lamp oil. The (fairly brief) period when brands were in the game was a Golden Era!
  6. I think mine is starving. If I'm on low or zero calories and I find food... I eat it. I know I should wait until bed time to be efficient, but... I can't.
  7. Yeah, it still is, I think. It's just it weighs a heck of a lot and isn't useful for much else (if you've got a hatchet). Now we've got the revolver, it's become a lot less attractive as an anti-wolf weapon.
  8. The prisoners who made it through to Mystery Lake didn't go through the bus and the tunnel, I don't think - because the road doesn't go to Mystery Lake. I think they must have climbed over the rocks to reach the transition area below Milton Park, and we just have to accept that NPCs are able to do such things while we are not.
  9. Would they blow up if you put cooking pots in them?
  10. Pillock

    Cooking pots

    Are they? I've usually got more than I can possibly use at once within a few days of starting. Using cooking pots is better than not, but I wouldn't in any way describe them as "essential". Not in a life-or-death survival sense, anyway. I do generally support the idea of having more forging options, though (bearspearbearspearbearspear)
  11. I think it's just unharvested meatbags (from quartering) and unharvested carcasses that you have previously interacted with that are subject to "predation" (gradual loss of meat content). In previous versions, there was a part of the bear behaviour that had them walk up to unharvested carcasses and appear to "eat" from them. But it didn't seem to directly affect the state of the carcass when I checked. I haven't seen this for ages, so I don't know if it's still a thing they do.
  12. Ah, thanks. I did wonder as much after I posted that, actually. But not knowing anything about Mass Effect, it looked like a typing error when I first read it! I've also since figured out what the second quote meant! I'm guessing it was a word-for-word translation from Spanish or something.
  13. There's no reason that a blizzard should prevent the electrical impact of an aurora, is there? I mean, it'd stop you seeing the lights in the sky, but they'd still be there in the upper atmosphere, unaffected by the weather below, I'd have thought. If it is a bug, it doesn't seem to me to be one that necessarily needs fixing!
  14. Erm...? Double-erm...? Looking forward to the Devblog! And interesting to know that sprinting gives a small warmth bonus. Thanks, as ever, for keeping up with these Mailbags. Always a pleasure to read.
  15. I'd go for one of the two lookout towers myself. The Mystery Lake one is more homely than the Coastal Highway one, so maybe that one wins. But then again, they don't have open fires, and there's something to be said for staring into the flames to make you feel cosier during a storm. Perhaps the Mountaineer's Hut with the door open, then? Problem with that for me is I've died in or near that blasted place so many times before that I can't ever really feel comfortable there. I can't relax and enjoy the fire because I'm always thinking, "Do I have enough fuel for tonight? Do I have enough fuel for tomorrow? How long is this blizzard going to last? Am I going to run out of food before I run out of fuel? Where do I get food from without freezing to death? Where can I find more matches? Why am I even staying here, when I could just run back to Pleasant Valley and live a nice comfortable Farmhouse?"