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  1. I had a 220 day voyager run under my belt before I was ready for Interloper and had to be comfortable on Loper before advancing to Deadman. 😀 I must say though, I do have great fun seeing people experimenting with voyager too hence these are my best moments when I was just starting the game and didn't know how to craft tea to save my frozen rear. Here is my 8th Deadman episode. Unfortunately, my recording quality isn't so great. My computer simply isn't powerful enough to both run the game and record smoothly. https://youtu.be/f9xn1dOKwrU
  2. I've been able to survive 30 days on Deadman, but I have died more than once too while doing this challenge. You need to travel during Aurora to gather that comp data. That's exactly when the wolves are active. Going to that radio tower in the Muskeg at mid-night when you know a pack is guarding it = nom nom. I figured it's best going there daytime and shooting the wolves first, and then sleeping inside the closed cave and coming back at night. In any case, three hammers seems underrated to me unless you're good with ranged weapons, which I've never been. 😅
  3. I'm glad you're having fun with the episodes. I didn't think people continued watching the later episodes, but I do have two more left. I guess I could upload and post if someone is interested. Yep! Deadman really is difficult for me. There is always a race to craft the tools in order to start living off the land. Strangely enough, the biggest pressure I experience in Deadman is food. There are some members who are amazing at playing this mode and who can go over a hundred days. For myself, I had set a goal to survive a month, which I had done in the past, which was a huge challenge. I still haven't completed As the Dead Sleep episode either. I've gotten as far as the third marker, but that's about it. I think I will resume this winter if I have the time. Currently, I've been taking it easy with this game.
  4. This is more so valuable because so many companies instead of helping are using this pandemic to fatten their wallets. I tend to update steam each week and I've noticed that so many games have sharply tripled their prices and then said it's amazing 80% off (and the price is higher than it was before that 'off') while they haven't said a word about donating anything to anyone. This made Hinterland stand out even more, especially since it was full revenue and not a fraction of it.
  5. 🤭 I wish! I'd love to see the next episode of Wintermute. Their teaser was quite effective since the Coastal looked very much survavourly, like a frozen shipyard. Buuut we will need to wait a while since the third one just came out. Alas, as stated in the description at the start of the first episode, it's just my custom game modified from Interloper difficulty.
  6. I hope everyone had wonderful Easter. ☺️ Episode 4 is ready. https://youtu.be/GVavIcGtycA
  7. Episode 3 is ready. https://youtu.be/BNX3ydbnrN8
  8. Episode 2 is ready. https://youtu.be/bWgZafNdEX4
  9. Hey Everyone, It's been a while since I played. Hinterland partnering with UNF to help the World Health Organisation is a generous act. For a week, starting March 24th, Hinterland donated all of its revenue to the social distancing fundraiser. This prompted me to do a run to thank them for it. I find it to be a good deed. Well done, Hinterland. https://youtu.be/sJPzXjIwfug
  10. I'm mourning over the fact that I won't be able to rob Scruffy so impudently at DP where food isn't plentiful. I've heard somewhere that this one got named Frosty. 🤔
  11. I'm pretty sure several months ago I've recorded this experience in my Newbie thread. It was mixed in with my long voyager log. It's too bad my computer simply doesn't pull off the recordings. This would have been one crazy experience to youtube. It was extremely contrasting, one of those games where your bacon gets magically saved two minutes from utter demise only to find that demise several game hours later. I'm pretty sure if this was my start in one of the current games I would have simply deleted the character after two perma frostbites, but that was one of the first Loper experiences and it hit my stubborn streak to get as far as possible. Deadman experience is challenging, but I also find that it doesn't really let me relax much. I tend to make easier mode games for that purpose or I send my voyager survivor into dangerous zones too to explore and get the Rambo feeling. I LOVE puns.
  12. Good old Loper is always a show I wouldn't underestimate. Actually, I've noticed regular black wolves exhibiting new behaviour around the fires, which might put a new spin on harder modes. 😅 My first HRV Interloper 'Norman' had the most chilling TLD experience I've registered to this date. I hadn't even voyager mastered at that point and literally had zero knowledge of HRV. Within the first 2mins of the start a most horrific blizzard set it that dropped temperature to -60C day1. After stumbling in complete oblivion, climbing two looooongest ropes and obtaining about three frostbites with more on the way, my survivor dropped into an ice cave where in semi-darkness she bumped into a jackpot of a bedroll, hacksaw and a pack of matches and food and a jacket. With more experience I may have lived longer having my situation much improved, but after sleeping some, my survivor stepped into Aurora night and followed the cliff side until she hit a row of prickly bushes unsurpassed without a hatchet. She got a sprain trying to bash through the bushes and hadn't been able to limp back to the safety of the cave to sleep it off before another frostbite developed and she joined the sky lights. I just remember a blinding wall of snow and utter disorientation and night drifting in and then the cold blue light of the ice cave that seemed the most unlikely place where you could find salvation.
  13. It doesn't cease to amaze me how some players manage to recover their health so high up when it drops nearly into the red zone, without the birch bark either. While I have some deadman experience (my record is alive 30% after 30 days with birch bark), I haven't gotten past the first marker at the Broken Railroad, so, I can certainly relate to the mods still not being able to pass this challenge. Currently, I'm on my best run where I've managed to put a check mark at the RR and got out of the Muskeg, sitting at the lakehouse office with about 70% health. Watching people ace deadman is an intriguing experience.