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  1. I set Aurora to High to be able to read or repair. You can still do these things by the fire while cooking and boiling water, but it is a tuff challenge.
  2. Will you be starting and posting your new game then? Since many of the challenges are day count based, I do find it rather inconvenient. I guess we need to count hours then for a 30 day in the dark challenge. Plus, I'm wandering how long Day 1 log will stretch since each day tended to record all the locations you've been to. 🤔
  3. Has anyone else noticed a change? I had attempted the night challenge. After the update, the save disappeared. When I started a new game with endless night, the calendar never changes from Day 1. 🤔 Am I bugged or is this a new feature?
  4. I believe this challenge is intended for new players and I remember how much I died on voyager as a newbie. Even though extra difficulty would be fun for me, I don't think it needs to be made harder. However, once you reach the location, there is literally nothing to do but play cards for 3 days in a row whether you are a newbie or not. One day is more than enough to loot the spot and repair all your clothes/read/sleep off wolf attack. It really is boring because if you go fishing near TW hut, it doesn't count as staying at that location, it has to be specifically indoor.
  5. 😋 I find it rather clever as it has some FrostBite to it, very much attuned to the Long Dark.
  6. Fluffy was the HydroDam wolf and the most legendary of them all. Scruffy is the wolf living in the cave at the Desolation Point. Frosty is the Hushed River Valley wolf living in the ice caves. I don't know the name of the Cannery Wolf. I believe some people refer to him as the new Fluffy.
  7. I remember you doing this challenge. It seems super hard to be poisoned day and night, however, Bjorn is quite the character! Best of luck to him braving the wilds once more. 😀
  8. You have bedroll and hacksaw right? From Milton I'd go va bank without clothes or a knife -> ML -> Flare -> CH -> PV -> TW By the way, aren't looted Milton clothes really good too? It's the best place in the game to get clothes. It's still warm regardless.
  9. In the outdoors scenarios, TW seems like a luxury hotel. The flare gun from the Ravine is a good defense to make Timberwolf Mountain trip.
  10. I believe they were on top of the drawer, not inside. I checked those huts many times after, but never found them again. Hold on, you found a Moose with full 38kg meat just lying around on the ground? O_O
  11. I once found the matches in one of the fishing huts where the camp office is. But, ML ironically seems like the biggest death hole start in tricky scenarios. Nice to see the spiral of life in action. 😋 Newbie me: spawn on voyager in ML -> get dead within 24h Veteran me: spawn on Loper in ML -> get dead within 24h 😄
  12. Anything that requires searching in the dark is an automatic no for me like Grey Mother's, could never do this without at least some greyish visibility. Most BR spawns are at the Muskeg exit. I would turn around and Spencer it, actually might Spencer even from the other end of the BR map. I don't recall, but there MIGHT be matches in the blue truck by the wagon, but I'm highly unsure. ML You spawn on Loper on the hill, if you go straight you'll run past the logging area to the blue trailers or to small hut that's near frozen pond if you go right. Muskeg is probably the easiest.
  13. This is a neat new challenge. It seems to rely heavily on finding a source of light and fire within the first day when you won't have the light to assist you in finding it. I'm tempted to try this myself. Although, I generally dislike playing in dark surroundings as it's bothersome with the low visibility.
  14. I've been trying my luck with a 30 day Deadman challenge. I was having an epic run. Had a bedroll, clothes, bow, all the tools needed for survival and lots of health. Day 29 before going to bed, I received a food poisoning. Oh well, I'm next to the bed right before scheduled sleep, just need to take a drink of water, take my pills and go to bed. I took a sip of water and.... went for an 8h chunk of sleep without the medicine. 😱
  15. I don't believe ignorance of your surroundings is a 'skill.' 🤭 The best loot spawns at the major locations that everyone visits no matter which mode they play - most of the time that's where everyone starts looking first. 😂 Someone has to be a total loonie to avoid those locations. 😂 All right raise your hands, the last time you spawned on Timberwolf, how many of you AVOIDED the Mountaineers Hut? Unless you were completely new and didn't know that hut existed or simply got lost along the way. But, I would like to ask you - what in your opinion in this game would be consider