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  1. Thank you. Is this streaming online at the same time as playing like Twitch?
  2. You're doing a very good job describing this as a narrative and presenting a lotof nice screenshots.
  3. Thank you. 😊 I also found the talking and playing at the same time tricky. It is easier when the screen is loading or once you've made a decision and are walking for example, but in micro management tasks I end to get thrown off mid sentence like when instead of wind blowing the fire out... I said something else blew it out. I have windows 10 and I'm using the xbox for recording. The choices were 60 and 30, which was set at 30. The capture was set to recommended (I think it was 720). Watching a video with lag is not as fun either hence the camera jerks. This is not visible in game, but in video the first few minutes have some kind of picture deterioration. I googled the problem and tried my best to fix it without any luck. do you know the quality settings and are recording to your fastest hard drive if you have multiple? I don't know this part. I'll be happy to record the continuation if someone is interested in the story, but I'm afraid at this moment the quality will be the same.
  4. Hey guys, I began playing new Interloper series based on the challenge I devised for BareSkin. The rules have been modified slightly. The challenge is called Cinderella. Survive 20 days on each map. When you're moving to a new map, you can only take 1 can and 1 item of your choice with you. I also figured this would be a good time to learn how to record my games and post them on youtube. I've been able to record one fragment, however, when I am playing and recording at the same time the game lags horrendously. I checked all over how to fix it and found no solution. Nonetheless, it seemed a shame to waste the first video and an interesting start to the game, but I won't be recording the following parts since there is too much lag. I might continue recording this run in writing and screenshots if it becomes of interest to anyone. Here it is. https://youtu.be/uHxHbOzDMHE
  5. I think you've invented a new challenge. Which mode would it be then? Loper?
  6. Ya know, that classical question 'Can you eat trees?' is now being answered. Barkman makes sense too since we DO eat trees now and it's not far from going barking crazy or howling at the moon ourselves in solitude. Drifter, oooh! I am curious what you have in mind. Are you planning to write out that experimental game?
  7. Maybe birchman because it's the wolves that do the barking.
  8. I have also been giving a try to the various Challenges for the first time. I started with The Hunted and completed both parts. I enjoyed Part 1 more than Part 2. The start to that adventure is really fun. I like it when you start in a hole and dig yourself out. Right after the Old Bear was done with me, I jumped into the basement in PV and looted it, also, I slept to recover health. From there I climbed ropes to Dodger's where I also had rest. From Dodger's I ran for the Red Barn. The Bear was on my heels by the time I've reached it, but I got away. Made it to Coastal and traveled along the middle part of the hill where the road is. I saw him on the highway below climbing the hill. There was a trailer, he got me right next to the trailer. I was preserving the flare gun flares because I didn't know whether there would be other objectives after I'd get to Trappers. He mauled me without killing. Anyway, I ran through the Ravine after healing at the trailer at Coastal. At ML I slept in a trailer beside Hydro Dam, then tried making a run for it. He was there as soon as I started walking. The flare gun didn't get him good, so, he got me next to the Alan's Cave. There wasn't any indoor location nearby to sleep in. So I basically climbed hunter's blind steps to eat and stitch up the wounds. Then I had to follow the creek to the lake and hope I won't get wolfed or the bear won't be back because my health was not good. I dodged the wolves, but the Old Bear appeared again right before I reached the Lake Cabin. I thought at this point I'd lose the challenge because he got me right on the doorstep the second time when my health was under 50%. He actually didn't kill me. He ruined a bunch of my stuff and ran off when I had 5% health. I stabbed myself with stim and jumped into the cabin to patch up the wounds and then sleep. He actually didn't appear when I was running between Lake Cabin and Trappers. That run wasn't speedy. I took a few days because I stopped to loot indoor locations where I was hiding from the Old Bear along the way. I found a sewing kit, so, if I found any clothes I repaired them before moving on. There was also a bit of collecting involved. The second part also starts up exciting when the Bear tears down the door. When I stepped out he did maul me. Though I think if you crouch with your gun out, you can actually shoot him and scare him off before he gets you. I healed up and ran after him. This one was actually fairly fast. Every time I saw him I've taken a shot. I don't know whether in the long run this made any difference. I did almost freeze at one point since I was running after him not fully healed and without much stuff collected. By the way, it's cheap that we start Part 2 with a new character and don't get to keep our old one, though, that does add a bit of interesting difficulty having little stuff for the chase. Anyway, I chased him down to his lair in two and a half days time. It seems I've officially mastered this challenge, but the bear still won. After the bear shenanigans I've attempted the data collecting challenge, Archivist. I made it out of Milton into Muskeg and got wolfed at the radio tower. Currently giving this a second try and got a great screenshot of getting my butt kicked.
  9. @BareSkin I've been working on another attempt at SW0, but not in as much detail in case I kicked the bucket real fast. I have a progress report since I've made it far. Feats: Free runner and cold fusion. Here is a picture of my current log. I started in the dark, Coastal at the Ravine entrance. While I made it to the trailer along the rail tracks, I realised I cannot loot due to dark and slept off the fatigue, but that also brought thirst closer and it was still dark when I woke. From there I basically rolled downhill without a road to avoid a wolf. I guess I'm rather light since that went relatively safely and I made it to another trailer that was also no loot. At this point my character was thirsty without matches or water. I've lost a chunk of health before I rolled to the highway and found a nice toilet. I spent six days exploring Coastal and found one box of matches only on the third day. Who would have thought Coastal has such matches shortage, though, the toilets were everywhere. From there I made a trip through the Crumbling Highway with a basement stop. Through the coal mine no3 I've reached Desolation Point, all without a bedroll. To avoid being wolfed I went to Church and from Church reached the Lighthouse where I found a bed for the night. At DP I spent a few days too and found an exciting new adventure. For the first time I got to explore Scruffy's grand Cave, where I also hoped to find bedroll. When I approached the cave I didn't know it's a closed one and built a fire next to it in case I need to duck behind it if anything toothy jumps out. Then I explored the nice cave jumping at every sound because I thought Scruffy was waiting inside. There was no Scruffy, just a big pile of his stuff. Two deer, a deer chunk and a rabbit. I build another fire and began cooking all this food. This food was very welcome because I was out. In this mode you need to eat during the day too. Just when I thought life was good, I'll warm up by the fire and have a full stomach before travelling to Hibernia when I ate a chunk of deer and got a food poisoning. Then I found out that I have no mushrooms to cure the food poisoning. Since I still had some raw meat and didn't have time to cook it, I just ate raw meat to avoid wasting calories. I was poisoned anyway. Then I picked up the rest of the meat and began travelling away from Scruffy's cave with my stamina already getting close to the red zone. I figured I'd curve around Scruffy's cave and climb the hill, but turned out that hill could not be climbed and I had to go around where the wolves were. Wasted precious stamina and got hypoth too. When I peeked around the rocks, I saw four wolves on the ice between me and Hibernia, and a bear also heading our way. That was great combined with low stamina, poisoning and hypoth. Since I was trying to sneak around the circumference, all four wolves got spooked by the bear and all of them pinballed into my direction. I used the two pieces of meat to decoy, both 900 cal, and ran like crazy in weird zigzag line. When I did so the bear also got pissy at me. No idea how but I ended up on the bank not near Hibernia but near the bear cave, which was actually good because that's where the mushrooms were. Grabbed those and then headed for Hibernia where I started a fire and had mushrooms tea. Somehow I ended up not dead with all that adventuring. I managed to craft a hatchet and a knife and arrowheads before leaving DP. I went back to Coastal and spent a while living there until I managed to make fishing rods. I can't find the screenshot anywhere, but I went fishing and received THE BIG ONE! achievement. That's right! I caught a 5kg fish on Loper! Day 16 I left Coastal and travelled to Mystery Lake in search of a bedroll. I've been able to obtain a lantern and a bedroll along with other necessary tools. By day 24 I looted ML and went back to my Coastal base. Day 28 I travelled in the direction of the Pleasant Valley through the coal mine. I crossed the top part of the map in a straight line and reached the waterfall cave, top left corner of the map. From there I went for the submarine hatch to rest before the important climb and on Day 29 I entered the Timberwolf Mountain. Day 33. After much adventuring and getting my butt into wolf trouble, I have reached the Summit! I am super pleased because I really wanted that as an extra bonus challenge in case I do pull through 100 days. Carrying away all the stuff from the Summit on Loper is rather easy since there isn't a lot of it. I lived on Timberwolf until day 45 making one return trip to carry some stuff into PV submarine. While I lived there I survived on fishing. Also, along the way I hit day 500, but I can't remember which exact day or where. This is very exciting because now I have the ability to use the new Feat. At present I am located at the PV Farmhouse, waiting out a blizzard on Day 49. I have not decided yet whether I'll hit all the big PV loot spots and return to Coastal or hit all the big PV loot spots and move to ML. My character is looking good. Cooking, fire starting and fishing is lvl 3, carcass harvesting and mending are lvl 2, the rest is 1.
  10. If only I had the common sense to poke him with a stick. I climbed on top of him and tried taking his coat. I bet that's what he wanted though. He played dead very convincingly. Day 182 - brrrr!!! that is some crazy wind, not for my shoeless feet to travel in - the fire is still going. since i found cloth i can do more repairs on my clothes - didn't repair the gloves since i want to save all leather for the moose satchel - -11C yeah i'll just go since i don't want to camp here - wound my way around the place and bumped nose to nose with yesterday's wolf, a shot made him run off and i went back to the lake - didn't find a way up, thus took another path that eventually led to more hand climbing and a cave - the cave is stocked with coal and has another guns book. it's a 3rd guns book. the use i get out of it, a bear can spit on - stupid bear. i wasted like ten shots on him to get mauled 4 times. i can't believe he vanished into thin air and didn't give me a rematch - grumbling and walking uphill until i bumped into a radio tower. the tower has a very big box that's very much empty. a cedar log and a line - from an observation point got a great view of milton - spotted a climb to town and three wolves hanging between the houses - they're just going back and forth, sharking around the mansion - all right... this is what i'm going to do... run towards them and dive into a smaller house next to the mansion which looks like it's enterable. if it's not let's see what three wolves can do after four bear attacks - ready? set? ruuuuunnn!!!! - she dives! she wins! sort of since i'm now trapped in a small house without a stove or bed with three wolves licking the windows - whelp... got a wrist sprain by the way, right before the marathon - slept 2h and then finished off one venison chunk to read 2h before it got dark - ate some more and slept 10h
  11. To be honest, I'm rather glad to have the birch bark tea as I found the 'no healing at all' deal punishing. I think it's magic tricks that you've been surviving so many days. The starting day alone can cost so many life points before you can even get to shelter plus the constant nibbling here and there, the health just gradually crawls and crawls down without recovery. The entire process is intense just seeing it diminishing very slowly. The items update is very cool in general I like the revolver and cloth hat and gloves. Yeah, for some reason some stairs won't let me walk up them and want me to crouch and bump into them repeatedly before I can go up. I keep waiting for a bear to eat me one of these days in PV farmhouse as one of the porches doesn't want to let me in. The wolves are pests, I feel like their range has been increased a bit as well. Not my cup of tea when the games wolfs it up.
  12. It's not just that, I found the background music gone when I'm adventuring. The sound effects like morning comes are there, but no accompaniment. Also the wolves no longer give a short bark when they're near, which I found super helpful. It's kind of a bummer because music and things like blizzard sound are a very big part of the atmosphere for me and the music was in part responsible for me selecting this game, I wouldn't want it gone. Overall I like the update. I like all the new crafting items and the birch bark is awesome. Though, I believe it's been mentioned before how the birch bark influences the deadman and possibly high sleepwalker settings. What would be considered mastering the deadman mode now? I believe the line was 30 days? I've actually given deadman a try before this update and got to live about five and a half days or so, but now I'm not sure what would be considered beating this challenge. Also the character seems to be stuck less on snowdrifts, which is good. BUT THEY STILL HAVEN'T FIXED THOSE STAIRS! There are Hydro Dam and PV Farmhouse stairs and well stairs where for no reason my character gets stuck and needs to crouch or crawl to get up the steps. That's just bonkos.
  13. @ogreranger Thank you! 😃 It's great knowing someone enjoys my scribbles. I wasn't sure if it was getting too long and readers were becoming bored with it. You need to play moar TLD. Which modes do you favour? Day 177 - leap-frog down the hill to the cave connected to the Mountain Town and all the way back to the trailer - started a fire barrel flame because i can use the mag glass - only wanted to heat old tomato soup but ended up boiling a big stash of water and using up coal from a collected pile - pulled extra items from the 15kg box to place all the hides inside otherwise they will spoil, especially the moose hide - dropped extra hatchets and can openers and all onto table surfaces and shelves - since this trailer has a workbench i need to think about crafting - the moose satchel requires leather to fix. leather is scarce if i want 500 days - since my boots and gloves require leather to fix too, i must craft boots and mittens - since my stone aim is even worse than rifle, i have to use one gut to make a snare - i don't really know where in this area i can snare bunnies yet - anyway, topped the day off by crafting mushrooms and rose - eat my tomato soup along with the last chunk of mre. sleep Day 178 - going to explore the highway past the hrv cave connector - spotted an area where two bunnies and hopping and then saw a peaceful pond with many deer and cats - past it a wolf is guarding the road. tried climbing rocks past it but had to backtrack and sneak - went uphill as soon as i could and saw a deer. i want to harvest it but that wolf will be on me - behind it there is an adventurer nook - saw a car parked on the road. i don't have a prybar - another small path down to a landslide and a river that runs under a bridge. there is another deer i don't take until i find a safe spot to harvest - a pink car is buried in snow, inside i find a box of ammo. left another rifle by the car - climbed the bank on the other side and saw a tree bridge. the tree is crooked. i was concerned about falling off and couldn't cross - decided to find a way to the bridge. it's swarmed with many cars. almost bumped into a bear - watches his patrol route from the car. he doesn't make displeased sound but comes to my car and rubs his back against it before resuming his back and forth guard route - i get out of the car and take two shots at the bear, which he actually ignores, the third hits and i see a splash of red - i hide in the car and wait. the bear doesn't come to the car - i get out and spot him slightly off the road in what looks like a very shallow cave. there are big bones beside it - the bear is not moving. he's laying down. not standing, not sitting. as in on his side reclined position. i wait wait wait. he's not twitching - is he dead? i approach and poke him - i shouldn't have done that - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! - at least with a wolf you can fight back - he let's me have it and then since i'm in his cave he lets me have it again!!! - the screen goes black. i see infection and blood loss. it takes me a very very long time to straighten while in the blurry fog i see him slowly walking away - used bandage on the bloodflow and put in emergency stim to sprint back to the trailer - the highway wolf gives chase as well just when the effect wears out - a rifle shot makes him run off and i stop to use the antiseptic ... which was suppose to be in my inventory and it is not? - eegh 69% risk and rising - beards are growing nearby. luckily 4 of them. grabbed 3. crafted and applied on the spot - then ran back to trailer to examine the damage - hat and earmuffs ruined. i'm glad the moose-satchel is all right - repaired a couple of clothing items before dark Day 179 - my stash of hats is elsewhere. repaired a brown hat found in one of the cards and put in on - since i already had spare earmuffs put them on too after repair, snow pants need another repair they were down to 28% - i hoped that my boots and gloves will hold until i craft but they've taken damage too. i won't repair - strange, i thought i had more than 1 deer hide - went to church to get reclaimed wood. a nice wool scarf better than my hat but needs repair - the church also has 2 guts. seems they ruin at the cave but not at the church - returned to the trailer and crafted 1 snare, went out and set it left of the road where i've seen bunnies - i'm lvl 3 firearms and don't have any ailments or hunger, why does the rifle always waver so horribly. it doesn't stand still - read guns guns guns for a few hours, still far from lvl 4 - eating my dry rations now like candy bars and cattails and sleep Day 180 - the snare yields a nice bunny. i skin it by hand at the trailer and drop to cure - repaired the scarf and crafted rosehips - moderate snow and grey weather. turns out i only need 2 deer hides for the boots not 4 - feeling irritable. after waffling decide to give the bear another shot - snuck past the wolf and headed for the heartbreak bridge where i hid behind a car at the very end on the other side - completely missed two shots which the bear ignored but began walking my way - kept trying to steady the stinken aim until the bear took notice. not sure if the shot hit anything or not but the bear sure hit me right next to the car - did he do a number on my spine - got into the car to heal injuries feeling extremely pissed off. noticed that he stole my rifle and dropped it by the car window - 30% health left. the bear is walking around calmly in close proximity. - climbed out of the fricken car, picked up my rifle, took aim and he jumped me again before i could hide in the car after shooting - yeah yeah my lucky butt is lucky - about 8% world swimming all around me - got into the car, used emergency stim, healed all wounds anew. ate and drank. it's a good thing i had an emergency cup of herbal tea and slept a couple of hours - he ruined a few items hat, earmuffs, snow pants, mukluks and gloves the rest took damage - ripped ruined stuff and fixed what i could until the sewing kit broke - since i've lost a number of my items the car isn't a warm picnic. +2C - took a chance to sleep a prolonged period Day 181 - woke up for a fairly cool weather. -3C and car sleeping bonus is +3.8C life's all right - my problem is the dense fog and no sight of the bear. he better not have ran off. i'm not done with him - exited to pick up my rifle which he stole again and got inside the car - tried a few maintenance things and checked what else is ruined then wasted 2h playing cards until the fog lifted - no bear... ... ... left the car, peeked off the bridge both sides, a crow pack is around a deer that can't be harvested because it doesn't have enough of it left, followed a few paths around and then hit a dead end - eventually followed a snow path up a mountain where i entered a cave that can be explored - it's not too large and luckily light. found an adventurer camp and lots of cedar logs - eventually found another exit and a road that led to a small lake below. didn't find a safe path down and hopped down some rocks dangerously - the lakes had some ctails and bunnies - crossed it and began walking when barky bark! the terrain is suckedy hilly everywhere. barely figured the direction i need to shoot in before the wolf could get too close - he ran off and i ran off. ran to a series of rosehips and hand climbs. if you miss clicking a bush you'll climb before you can harvest. how bothersome - ooh! shiny! a yellow plane stuck in a tree - wait this plane is whole? i thought this would be it's front section. the sundermount plane is bigger and different. so which one of them is mine? - no epic crates like on sundermount but i did find a maple leaf hat and a bunch of cloth scattered around - still barefoot and no gloves. by the way although the temp climbed into positive, i'm suddenly developing a frostbite. it seems if one area isn't covered you can get frostbite even if it's positive temp - grabbed all and followed another path to a serious of hand climbs until i bumped into a deer. a deer equals half of my boots - took everything off and climbed down to more plane pieces and boxes - funzie 24% driver gloves. i'll be taking that - nice cave which has a campfire, a white branches bed and a bunch of t-rex bones which make the cave look like something big lives here - more cedar logs. built a huge fire for 10h to last a night in case whoever it is that left the bones comes and gets scared off by fire - got two cans of tomato soup under 25%. cooked them both along with the venison. boiled water - ate the soup plus bit a chunk off the venison and slept
  14. Hi there, it's a cute story. Is this Stalker mode since you've named it Among Wolves? 😊
  15. I've lost many good matches this way.