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  1. I'm mourning over the fact that I won't be able to rob Scruffy so impudently at DP where food isn't plentiful. I've heard somewhere that this one got named Frosty. 🤔
  2. I'm pretty sure several months ago I've recorded this experience in my Newbie thread. It was mixed in with my long voyager log. It's too bad my computer simply doesn't pull off the recordings. This would have been one crazy experience to youtube. It was extremely contrasting, one of those games where your bacon gets magically saved two minutes from utter demise only to find that demise several game hours later. I'm pretty sure if this was my start in one of the current games I would have simply deleted the character after two perma frostbites, but that was one of the first Loper experiences and it hit my stubborn streak to get as far as possible. Deadman experience is challenging, but I also find that it doesn't really let me relax much. I tend to make easier mode games for that purpose or I send my voyager survivor into dangerous zones too to explore and get the Rambo feeling. I LOVE puns.
  3. Good old Loper is always a show I wouldn't underestimate. Actually, I've noticed regular black wolves exhibiting new behaviour around the fires, which might put a new spin on harder modes. 😅 My first HRV Interloper 'Norman' had the most chilling TLD experience I've registered to this date. I hadn't even voyager mastered at that point and literally had zero knowledge of HRV. Within the first 2mins of the start a most horrific blizzard set it that dropped temperature to -60C day1. After stumbling in complete oblivion, climbing two looooongest ropes and obtaining about three frostbites with more on the way, my survivor dropped into an ice cave where in semi-darkness she bumped into a jackpot of a bedroll, hacksaw and a pack of matches and food and a jacket. With more experience I may have lived longer having my situation much improved, but after sleeping some, my survivor stepped into Aurora night and followed the cliff side until she hit a row of prickly bushes unsurpassed without a hatchet. She got a sprain trying to bash through the bushes and hadn't been able to limp back to the safety of the cave to sleep it off before another frostbite developed and she joined the sky lights. I just remember a blinding wall of snow and utter disorientation and night drifting in and then the cold blue light of the ice cave that seemed the most unlikely place where you could find salvation.
  4. It doesn't cease to amaze me how some players manage to recover their health so high up when it drops nearly into the red zone, without the birch bark either. While I have some deadman experience (my record is alive 30% after 30 days with birch bark), I haven't gotten past the first marker at the Broken Railroad, so, I can certainly relate to the mods still not being able to pass this challenge. Currently, I'm on my best run where I've managed to put a check mark at the RR and got out of the Muskeg, sitting at the lakehouse office with about 70% health. Watching people ace deadman is an intriguing experience.
  5. Here it is! The new Hinterlands challenge modeled after deadman that makes me feel like a newbie all over again. Can't wait to get frozen, nommed and meeting the long dark! 😱
  6. Isn't that a broken circle? To deal with wolves you need to have a revolver, except you need to confront and get past 500 wolves to obtain that revolver? I imagine if you're ready to craft a revolver, then you are at the late game stage where you've managed to gear up fully before setting your foot into a dangerous region, bows and arrows and armour and such. If the wolves appear on every map and you bump into them day 1 spawn, then you will get eaten waaaay before you'll be able to craft or even find a revolver. 🤔 Never mind Loper though where you can still heal. Would anyone voluntarily bring their Deadman survivor into the zone especially early game that's not a part of the specific challenge. My present answer is no way unless I've accomplished every other goal there is and have nothing better to do then get eaten. And on deadman I haven't established that well yet after so many games.
  7. I hope I'm not the only person finding this hilarious. Dev Team: Here is a new zone, designed specifically for Loper and Deadman players! Every Loper and Deadman survivor: Runs out of the zone screaming and doesn't want to go back in. 🤣 🤔
  8. I kind of stated my problem with these new wolves in this thread as well. That being said, I find it to be a very fair warning you issue. I know I will be avoiding this region with Loper and Custom survivors unless they've very well geared and maybe not even then unless I need resources or get bored and think it's time for them to fade. After kicking the bucket with a new challenge (it's a super fun one even if I didn't last long and I LOVE it!) I ended up creating new Loper survivors (certainly glad I didn't bring any Loper well established ones to the zone). I wanted to explore the area, but 4 times that I started as a new Loper, three times I got dropped onto the map in the middle of the night and once it was daytime but horrendous fog where my left foot couldn't see my right one. It was actually very fun to re-live 'I'm a newbie and have no clue which way I should be heading' moment, but the point of exploring went void because none of those survivors have lived to see the light of day to start building a picture of the area in my mind. This map certainly drives a hard bargain; heavy artillery had to be used. In order to explore the zone, I ended up bringing Rambo, my 220 day voyager survivor. I used her to explore all the previous maps, including HRV. Spent a couple of days leaving the Railroad where she was established in the hunting cabin and had to check every Muskeg cave until I found that entrance. Funnily enough I haven't ran into any Timberwolves yet, only saw a couple of packs from the distance. I'm sure they're waiting right around next corner!
  9. I imagine the first patch implementing TimberWolves onto older maps would exactly be at the Mountain hence the name and then they'll probably spread into PV as well. The way the wolves are implemented right now, I will not welcome that change as I know for sure I will be avoiding the area with my custom made and new Loper survivors, which once again being a big irony because crafting firearms is designed for these harder modes where you can't find firearms. (But I LOVE the plant and how difficult it is to do all that parkour and getting to the mechanism to craft the firearms. This update was GOOOOD!) In general, I like the idea of the wolf pack mechanics and I don't mind at all having special TimberWolves that are tougher than normal wolves. However, right now the ways of fighting them are poor. The game simply makes me feel like some kind of victim person (NOT a feeling you want to have as a player) that gets mauled just because the game has removed all the basic ways of fighting off or tricking these wolves. There has to be a variety of ways to preserve your survivors and have better options for scattering these packs or hiding from them. Otherwise it's almost guaranteed death when you get spotted by a pack. This discourages exploration, not what you want in this type of game where you need and want to explore. When I'm in confrontation with the wolves, I want to feel useful. As in my survivor is performing some kind of helpful actions to save herself. Go down kicking and screaming, not like oh swell they see me... run? sort of... light blue flare uhm yea they still jump on you if you aren't squirrely enough and do anyway eventually when you are, even if you see a car nearby these guys won't buzz off so no point even diving into it. Meh. There have to be better mechanics to defeat a threat.
  10. I think you may wish to separate the older and newer deadman records. There should be a record holder prior to this tea update and newer record holder. Sorry, I don't know which two people hold these titles though, to answer your question, just expanding on it a bit. Aside from the birch bark tea, the new update allows to drop coal into the fire immediately vs waiting 30mins while freezing. This is a huge help in deadman as it saves you so much health. I find it as big of a deal as the tea. Also, if I understand correctly there used to be fewer maps as well.
  11. I'd like to state what I believe to be an issue with the new wolves, but firstly... Whoooo!!! The new update is here! I very much LOVE the updates! The new map = awesome souse and I've already sent a few Loper and new challenge survivors pushing up the snowdrifts. Viva le newbie feeling! Now lets get back to our... wolves. My problem is - it is NO fun to play as the punching bag, even when I grant that yes you should be scared of the predators and they should be challenging. The only defense item you get is the marine flare. Meanwhile: 1) you cannot outrun these wovles 2) you cannot climb a tree to hide from the wolves because they are super tree climbing wolves 3) these wolves can enter hunter's blinds and attack you 4) these wolves completely ignore the fire! I had a burning fire in a cave, a wolf entered the cave, stood in the middle of the fire while chewing my leg and the fire wasn't physically hurting him and he wasn't losing any morale. Maybe these guys can be braver than regular black wolves when it comes to fires, but what the Hell... fire hurts whoever is jumping on top of it, wolves trampling it without penalties to them is beyond unreal. 5) The zones where the survivor can find loot and shelter are bottle necked by these packs. Thus, sneaking past or turning your back and going away when you see a pack isn't much of an option, that's the direction you must take. Most of the time they see you no matter what. There is what feels like a scripted confrontation in the open box mode. Since I play Loper or custom modes, I found the means to ward off the new threat extremely limited vs other modes, which is ironic because this map was created for these harder modes. These modes do not have a pistol or a rifle you could find early game. If you're starting you've literally got nothing. A flare gun or a bow are options only when you start elsewhere, fully geared and then try this area. There you should be a lot more items that help you defend yourself against packs: stones, torches, fires, red flares: all these items should either lower the pack morale or help with singular instances like interrupting an attack if you see a wolf about to jump you and throw a torch at his head that should break off that specific attempt. Also, add more trees around he wilds that the survivor can climb and wolves can't. In any case, there should be a lot more options when you get spotted by wolves, so, you aren't stupidly running 300k empty wilds marathon with a marine flare in hand (if you even have one) and getting chewed on and feeling like there isn't really a shit you can do in this situation. There should be a greater variety of means to help you break off the pursuit.