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  1. 🤔 Another shot at Deadman and at making videos. Alas, they're not great and fps is something with ketchup, but sharing is caring.
  2. Happy Halloweeeen! 😱
  3. Oh thank you! They talked about the cave, so, I've assumed it was some hidden niche in that cave, though, funnily enough I had looked around the area too. I should have expected HRV trick.
  4. Tell everyone I'm after you in line to pre-order popcorn and tickets. Ima run home real quick to fetch the moneyz.
  5. tulkawen

    EP3 review

    I'm afraid the weather in all my challenges doesn't do tomorrow what can be done today.
  6. The ultimate winter bat mode? The only downside of it would be the lack of an interesting narrative to put up on youtube hence it's only one looong black screen.
  7. OP did ask for mission impossible. 😅 If I understood correctly, he had claimed having worked with custom settings as well, so, if he had done 500 days on deadman, I imagine the charms of Cinderella would be quite beckoning. If that is too easy too, then for additional frontier I could advise zero feats and no using stims or birch bark. Now that is the ultimate end game.
  8. tulkawen

    EP3 review

    Actually, it seems like a great theory to use if the wolves chase my survivor up a tree and start preparing bbqer at the bottom. it's just a dream... juuuust a dream *fingers crossed* no cancel fingers crossed, fingers frozen 🥶
  9. tulkawen

    EP3 review

    Or perhaps all of it is just a dream!
  10. By the way, if I'm reading the posts correctly, there are two Deadman codes. The older one actually doesn't have all worst settings. I believe this is a new one to input. 8MHI-/z8M-Dw++-wSWm-bAAA Wow! I'm impressed! I'm struggling so much with Deadman plus all maps and all allowed just to barely get by. Can't picture it on a single map. But, rather than a singular map how about Deadman PLUS Cinderella challenge! Now that would be EVIL! Also, I'm aboard with everyone. I'd love to watch moar Deadman series with someone giving this mode a run of its snowdrifts.
  11. I was going to let the fishy go but the old instinct kicked in... Take it all!!! autoclick and cook it ....but couldn't eat it all
  12. tulkawen

    EP3 review

    They have the weather screw up research facility next door? She could have overheard something wasn't meant for her ears, which is a lot more of an exciting theory then dull old we have screwed up the nature moralizing. It sounds to me more like some kind of big bad accident happened that contributed rather than it just happened just because it slowly did; an experiment going haywire.
  13. I think this might be related. Are we suppose to find anything in a cave behind the waterfall? I got a pointer that there might be something relevant there, but the cave doesn't have anything in it. So, unless someone has been leaving notes on lumps of coal that quest progression isn't going anywhere. I looked around the waterfall for any other cave and there is nothing. The green backpack on the ground is empty.
  14. I went down the river and climbed the left bank to where that small house is (the wolves will attack you as you go up the bank). I stayed one full night in that house and Gwen healed 100% while I slept there. This made it easier the next day to fight wolves as they will attack again once you leave that small house, but Gwen can take hits from them being fully healed. You can put Gwen in front of you and take shots at wolves when they stop to bite her and then use bandages to stop her bleeding once they run off. Then I left the small cabin and followed leftward along the cliffs all the way to the bridge where a straight road to town starts. Didn't go through Molly's. I'm also finding these wolves a pain because fire doesn't seem to work on them. I found Gwen's encounter the hardest to beat. That's where I died the most.
  15. tulkawen

    EP3 review

    It would be an utter nightmare not having these quest spots marked on the map. I most assuredly wouldn't have any patience to blindly keep stumbling around in story mode with zero indicators. Story mode is entirely different from the sandbox mode because in sandbox you go wherever you want and in the story you need a fixated place and until you find it you'll just be frustrated having not even a general direction where to go. In sandbox I don't want a map. In story mode I most assuredly do and I want a big fat cross drawn on the map that shows where I should go. In that case it wasn't necessary to even go for that airplane because it's none of your business, not just to a point where you need to save 3 others, no need for Gwen either.