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  1. As, I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm back after a year a way from TLD. Last night I played for several hours straight and kept thinking "I've never had a game that felt like coming back home, until this one." Little did I know it was really Hotel California! Played from game-time from something to day 16. Tried to quit-out at 2am local time. Like the OP, the "Quit" option was greyed out. Then I noticed that the typical events that cause the Hatchet to appear (save game), were not. Left with no choice I killed from the task manager. Logged back in to see where the last save was: Day 7 (might be where I started, I don't really know). Heh, ah well. It was fun all the same. I filed the bug with Hinterland before knocking off. So a word of warning to others, keep an eye out for the hatchet icon. Now my only conundrum is whether I continue with that game, knowing exactly what awaits me in two zones -- which is rather boring.
  2. Coming back after a year away, getting turned around in Mystery Lake and thinking "oh man, they changed the MAP!" A pleasant panic set in. Of course, they didn't. And I was being dumb. But what a thrill!
  3. Been away a long time. Heard about this event to come back and see the game after a year away. Like curling up to a warm fire . . . Thanks, Hinterland.
  4. Just a sprain? Consider yourself lucky. A friend actually broke his arm falling over on a slope with a pack on -- tried to catch himself. Wasn't a fun trip back home.
  5. I'll attempt to distill this even further into an essence (which will maybe be true in spirit, but not in fact): I think the appeal to our older (and IT) segment of the gamer community redounds to this mechanic: walking instead of sprinting. Many of us are old warhorses when it comes to games. We've been there -- done that. We had our thrills of shoot-em-ups and high paced adventures. TLD is anti all this. When you Sprint, as you do in almost every other game, you are punished instead of rewarded. I think this simple difference is something our segment is looking for and maybe also reflects the advantage of older wisdom vs young exuberance.
  6. Nethack - ASCII roguelike (but really like Rogue -- not just a 'roguelike'). It brutally punishes impatience. Invariably you die and immediately realize there were 4 ways to solve your problem, had you just taken a moment. The Long Dark - 'nuff said 7 Days to Die (A15) - like Minecraft, but deadly. Specifically the "Starvation Mod" made it one of the few games that stays interesting through the power-curve. The Last of Us - only narrative game that really penetrated emotionally. Closest a game has come to "literature". Mass Effect 3 - one of the few games where you really feel your choices have consequences to morality in the narrative, rather than just being a matter of finding the optimal mechanical choice. Elite Dangerous - Became a "FuelRat" and had a blast running real rescue operations with the team. Also, Newtonian flight model! X-COM 2 - "The Long War" mod. Things are going to go poorly. Your team is going to die. Just deal with it.
  7. NardoLoopa

    4DON Too Easy?

    An easy way to make 4DON more challenging is to skip Day 1 and even Day 2. You can log in, do enough for 2hrs, then remove that save game. Starting off with nothing on Day 3 and try to survive Day 4. That should be fun.
  8. Day 3: Sewed together my patchwork demon-dog and glowing-hound coat. Made a pair of fluffy mittens too. Tried to bag a 4th wolf-skin, but forgot my current coat makes the mutts skittish. Now, I'm sitting in my cave with 60 some rocks of coal, 10 fir and 20 ceder. Lots of chocolate to boot. I enjoyed the light show and the furries. Now bring on the FLURRIES!
  9. Deadman Challenge -- came here to say this.
  10. 41 piece of coal, 48 rifle rounds, rifle, hatchet, 30 cloth, 8 old man's beard, 38 ibuprofen, 2 pots, 26 candy bars, flashlight. I'm starting Day 2 in the Trapper's Cabin, so I can plink puppies from the safe-log. Then I'll make my way to my favorite place on Bear Island, the cave behind the ML cottages for Day 3 and 4. Should give me beautiful glowing vistas, a safe field of view for chernobyl dogs, and extra-long fire-time during the blizzard (outdoor fire).
  11. I've heard that Hinterland is funding research on removing specific spatial/geographic memories from subjects. How can I apply to be a test-subject? Getting lost was my favorite part of TLD, but 700hrs+ of playtime has ruined that for me.
  12. Really? Oh, man. I rolled back to the first release and headed straight there -- no Fluffy. I guess I just got "unlucky".
  13. True, but that's also why I specified her "old home". But thanks.
  14. Anyone remember which was the last build to have Fluffy in her old home? I'd like to go back and visit . . .