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  1. In case someone necros this thread in the future: with the release of 1.50, the problem is now fixed for me. I am able to open the hatch after using the keypad. Thanks Hinterland!
  2. Ausgezeichnet! I am stunned. Under 22hrs? Wow.
  3. The development trajectory of TLD is a testament to good iterative development. You can see the rough-out of many concepts we have today. Even the assets look similar, just not finished. But the idea is already there. It really does amaze me that they didn't stop much earlier on and just say, "meh, good enough." Hinterland, thanks for polishing the stone; it's so pretty.
  4. Audit your pack regularly to only carry what you need to survive a day: you do not need all 20 wooden matches, and a firestarter. You do not need 10 cloth. You do not need 3 bottles of pain killers, nor 8 arrows. Strip it all down; never travel over-burdened. Also, never fire an arrow at a beast you cannot chase: Have good visibility for where they will run Never do so close to nightfall Never do so when a blizzard is striking up Never do so near large swaths of FM's brittle ice Never do so when you're short on time
  5. Monday morning: "Hmm, documentation says this upgrade should only take a few minutes." Monday afternoon: "Oh, crap" Friday afternoon: "HUZZAH!" followed by an exhausted collapse.
  6. Yeah, that sounds tough. I didn't have any issue as described -- first time I reached for the spear, I guess I was in a good position (as was the bear). I did take it from the hiding spot near the spear, having run then when he was on his distal trajectory.
  7. I think he's referring to an inability to max-out the meter via clicking when attacked. Suggestion: maybe temporarily remap the Action key to something on the keyboard that you can use two hands to whack at it quicker.
  8. No, that's the other Hatch. Did that one too. It worked fine. Also, was fun to find that burning fire in the middle of a blizzard (without any wind-shelter). (The Forest Talker cabin quest is also bugged for me: always says "visit tomorrow".)
  9. After killing the demon-bear, I went back to the Aurora Cache (from a savegame where I hadn't been there before). Same result. Door still locked. *sigh*
  10. I believe the lantern/torch warmth benefit was fixed in 1.47. No lantern? Wow, that's unlucky. Best bet would be the Cider Mine (to PV), but more than likely it's a speed-run spoiler. Tut mir leid.
  11. I'm pretty sure BHarus's run requires the rifle to be at Commuter's Lament. He probably aborts the run if it is isn't. It's surprising that he is so confident of finding enough oil that he uses the lantern for warmth. Finding 2.5L in the basement was a score, but also most of his small bottles were 0.25L or more. Maybe my run was just unlucky, but 0.10L was my experience. I missed where he picked up the hatchet, but he had it by the time of Hybernia. Interesting idea going all that way (even the distal cave) to get reclaimed and soft-wood. Not sure the bear is guaranteed, but his time certainly relies on it. Also made for a nice dramatic ending. Also, i completely forgot about the water tablets. His time certainly looks beatable -- but only because a cooking parallelism in newer releases -- which provide possible coffee and definitely faster water. DP seems a promising route.
  12. 21Hrs 25min? That's just incredible. And that's before the new cooking mechanic that allows for parallel tasking! I haven't even watched it yet -- still just stunned by the idea. Wow.