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  1. I really welcome the survey's focus on Survival Mod. Regarding DLCs, which I would gladly shell out $$$ for, the most powerful experience for a Survival Mod person is "WHERE THE F AM I??!?" It's the biggest danger in the game. Kills faster than Interloper or DeadMan. While new Regions are great, a procedurally generated area would be ideal, even if 33% were unsurvivalable, and 33% were OP, the community would spread the seeds for the 33% "barely survivable", which would make the game perpetually challenging. Don't know if this is mathematically possible, but it would be worth the
  2. Boy, you do live in a Tropical climate! Imagine it being dark until 10am, and then dark again by 4pm. That said, great list of suggestions. I'm sure you understand that many of the fictions adopted by the game are purely for gameplay / mechanic reasons. But a lot of your suggestions would also make for an interesting "mode" if it were available. And welcome!
  3. Feats are a bit weird in TLD; unlocked through the experience of play, they make they game easier. But the longer you play, the more you desire the game to be slightly harder. Perhaps some of the feats to unlock should make the game harder, if added to a game. Something like this would also allow salt-crusted veterans to electively make their Event games harder, without affecting the whole player base. 4DON too easy? Adde the following: "Chilled to the Bone" -5C feat. "Bad Body Odor" feat, where wolves can sense you from much further away. "It's not Scottish" fea
  4. I've only earned the first badge, so far. The second eludes me because I have trouble negotiating the mines w/o succumbing to the fear AOE, even when DW is moving away from me. But over-all this is more joy than frustration due to mechanics. Perhaps my single favorite thing about this over 4DON is that isn't not on a real-life schedule. Last year I *cough* encouraged the cancellation of a dinner party so I didn't miss the second badge. (talk about messed up priorities). And as @jeffpeng said, I like DW because it isn't typical TLD, yet still within TLD. And similar to @BearI
  5. Cannot wait to return to TLD for this. I assume the 2-weeks means we will not be compelled for daily play (like previous Halloween events); the adult in me thanks you!
  6. @peteloud Wow, badge be damned, sounds like you got a hell of a lot out of this event. As a two-badger, I rather jealous of the pleasure you derived. Good on you!
  7. Eew. Actual cannibal Shyia LeBouf.
  8. So, you think the crows are interested in the loot, and that's why they're circling?
  9. The general impression I got when I played TLD was that the rifle was the natural draw of the inexperienced LongDarker. I mean, who in real life would choose a bow for survival over a rifle in their first 10 days of falling out of a plane into the Canadian tundra? The mechanics to use is are pretty simple. But it's heavy. And ammunition is limited. But it's immediately effective without startup costs. So I think you're meant to cling to this technological solution to your wolf problem but then realize that it isn't viable in the long term. Instead, developing the skill, and learning to
  10. Ah, the old Moose/Bear switcheroo. Gets ya every time. Just love that you sat down for a nice cuppa tea when he joined your picnic.
  11. Ah, the infamous HRV lizard. Can't count the times I've lost my run do to its scaly hide. 😜
  12. About the only thing I'd really like to see addressed is the weird motion of transitioning to aim-down-sight (ADS). The pistol is particularly horrible, but the rifle isn't that great either. As for hold-breath: yes, this would be appreciated. However, I think it should just reduce the sway you're already experiencing via fatigue, not eliminate it. On that note, I do think it's a bit silly that you can fire a rifle with any accuracy when you are effectively shivering uncontrollably (zero heat). But I understand if that's a game mechanic choice. Aim while crouched, yes. Again, sa
  13. There are days where the AC just isn't up to snuff, and my last refuge is a howling blizzard in TLD.
  14. Sir, the interwebs do not deserve your level of sagacity, but it sure does need more of it. Can we clone you? For sure, the wording could have been clearer. In just reading the announcement, I would have my doubts. I do believe it is meant to be in the Winter's Embrace mode. Unfortunately, English can something be grammatically ambiguous. (e.g. "Police attack men with spears." . . . wait, just who is holding the spear?) Fortunately, there is a place to ask for clarification.