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  1. I'm all for being able to go inside the stall. It'd be great as a wind break to allow a fire or to hide from a wolf. However as far as drinking from one... Theres some differences between the toilets and the portable ones. Toilets most people flush after using, leaving the water pretty clean. The portable ones from what I know at least from my experience are... basically a hole with chemicals in it. There's no flushing, there's no clean water. Its like looking into a sewer. I Don't think 1000 tablets or boiling that water a million times would make it safe lol!
  2. Don't plan any long trips that require hauling a lot (like a trip to the forge, or moving a base) without first knowing the shelter spots along your route. Knowing your location is key to survival.
  3. strongpelt

    Day 1 (SPOILERS)

    anyone have any tips for jack o lanterns in ML?
  4. strongpelt


    Ah! I just saw the post has some challenge info on it finally. Day 2 wolf pack!? Omg! I'm already terrified! Aurora scares me a bit too. Also... anyone know what happens if your ingame during a day change? Would you need to relaunch the game to do that days challenge or do you think it just updates in game? I'm asking cause the change happens 10pm my time, I get off work at 8pm. That's right in the middle of my gaming sessions usually. More towards the beginning. Just curious. Annnd back to the challenges! I'm so excited! This will be my first 4DON and it looks like a great year to try it out! Though I only play on Voyager for now, bit of a scardy wolf slowly working my way up the difficulties. Something tells me this event might make me face my wolf fears in the game. Back to the wolf pack challenge... wondering if theres actually gonna be packs or if it's just a lot more wolves... and if there are packs... I wonder if we might see them coming to our normal game modes in the future.
  5. I dont think I'll make my base in mountain town until the wolves are looked at. My last attempt to stay in that wolf infested town had many bugs.. ones i remember most: Shot a wolf, it died, suddenly a new wolf spawned onto of it. Farm house porch is very glitched, had a wolf phase through the fence and get me. Farm house porch again, this time the wolf glitched into the farm house, got scared and ran around inside (I assume, I was outside and saw the wolf clipping through the walls) wolf suddenly phased back out right by me and mauled me. Invisible wolves. Encountered a few. Mountain town is not my favorite.
  6. How on earth do you guys bring meat back after harvesting? Like a full deer. Or even a moose. How do you do it without having every wolf on the map after you cause your scent bars are higher than the aurora? The scent bars have made me scared to really hunt animals that aren't right outside my door
  7. I need to wear clothes and carry food with me too so a full 30kg isn't possible. Also you can only wear one moosehide sachel. And i figured all of it would come. There's a lot of heavy tools up there along with a lot of food and soda and extra clothes.
  8. How do you guys bring all that glorious loot down from the summit? It has great loot however I don't know how on earth to bring it down off the summit without making a 100 trips. Do you guys just live on the summit until the supplies runs out? Do you just grab a few things and carry on? Any tips will be appreciated.
  9. Recently, I decided to take a jump of faith. I started a new game up and decided I'd do a random map as I have only ever played on Mystery Lake and once in Milton before. I've decided this game loves making you regret taking risks sometimes. I got thrown right smack into timberwolf mountain. From just browsing the forums I did recall no one really setting up a base in timber wolf, it was always just to reach the summit and then head back to your home map. I somehow found my way to the mountaineering hut. I was debating just seeing how long I could live in the hut. Then I decided well I might as well attempt the summit climb. Looked up a quick youtube video to get the direction I needed and then I headed off. About 3 days later... I must say... I never expected the loot amount in that plane! Now if only it wasn't a climb to get to... Then it'd be great to restock a base. However with the climb... Your looking at a lot of trips and a lot of days to get supplies back to any base outside of timberwolf. Shame really. Was on Voyager mode. What have you guys been thrown into? Also what on earth should I do now that I reached the summit?
  10. probably the time my roommates cat walked on the keyboard and I ended up walking right off the side of a cliff....
  11. Seems like a weird thing to ask but are buildings not solid for wolves all the time like they are with the player..? I was at the farmstead in Mountain town (milton) was on the porch, saw a wolf coming, was setting up the rifle to shoot it when it suddenly phases through the side of the building and pops out on the porch inside a bench!? wtf? Im so confused. Is this a glitch or should I expect this to happen..? I'm just confused.
  12. So that's what happened to my bear pelt! I've been wondering if I was just going insane. I knew I left it to cure in the house around the fireplace.
  13. If i make it too much more easy I think it will get boring! Im having fun, Just wasn't expecting the wolves on the second day. Also had another surprise when I was just trying to map out Mountain town... Didn't actually notice him, It got foggy so I got into a car and was about to pass time to see if the fog would clear so i could map, before i hit the button I thought i heard a wolf so I decided to wait and see. Eventually I realized the sound was not a wolf, but I haven't encountered many bears to realize it was a bear either. I was expecting a moose when teddy strolled into view... I had a rifle at this point, so I got out of the car, shot him, got back in the car and past time for an hour. He dropped dead soon after. Sad thing is though I wasted the meat. I'm too far from home to drag it home without attracting every wolf in the entire map. So I just took the pelt. I think I need to thank the fog for saving me from a mauling though. another 30 seconds and I'm sure i would be a bear toy.
  14. I located one in one of the houses in the town. Not sure which house it was, it's been a bit.
  15. Hello! I'm back with another question! Whats the best way to move to different parts of the world in survival mode? I hear all the time about people moving their bases around after one area gets dry of things. I have never moved from a map spot though, at least not to move bases. I did travel to the forge once from mystery lake office cabin. My question is, How does someone go about moving their base without being encumbered? (I'm asking as I'm in mountain town right now and I know I need to climb to get out either direction.) What tool's are absolutely needed? How much food and water should you bring? Clothes? What locations should someone avoid putting a base down? What map's are best for bases? Somebody share their experience with moving map locations with me ;-;