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  1. Cave not curing hides, guts, maple, birch. bit annoying.
  2. yeh it's moved to a new location in one of the town buildings.
  3. its a game not real life get over it. eat a rabbit or dye of starvation game play?
  4. When we cook food or water on barrels we cannot read how they are going. White text of bright orange flames is pretty hard to read for anyone. Suggestion: Add a darker background image or color under the white text area.
  5. Coming from Forlom M cave to the Bleak Inlet region, how the are you meant to get to the Echo one radio tower? seem in passable?
  6. yeh possibly for small tinder and stick but larger everywhere. not sure about that sus bridge maybe something is their.
  7. there was also new screenshot. what caused the burn? volcano maybe? meteor?
  8. I think Crampons and snow shoes have been suggested a few times, would be a great addition to travel that bit faster across ice or soft snow.
  9. I don't mind the deer they can't kill, least no bears / wolves.
  10. Seems us who are on test build beta - Steam, first need to change that to Opt out of all betas, it then updates again and lets you play this event.
  11. Bagged a Moose, so much meat. Time to start a 6 burner outside oven :)
  12. Yes i have also noticed this with any drop items, food, wood etc. seems hard to pick up items.
  13. nicko

    Fire Barrels

    Does any one else think these barrel burn way to bright? cooking a steak on these fires would be black and crispy. I guess its harder to cook on these drums due to size/depth of fuel but yeah it would be nice if the flames went down when cooking so you can see what your burning/cooking?