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  1. Bagged a Moose, so much meat. Time to start a 6 burner outside oven :)
  2. Yes i have also noticed this with any drop items, food, wood etc. seems hard to pick up items.
  3. nicko

    Fire Barrels

    Does any one else think these barrel burn way to bright? cooking a steak on these fires would be black and crispy. I guess its harder to cook on these drums due to size/depth of fuel but yeah it would be nice if the flames went down when cooking so you can see what your burning/cooking?
  4. I was recently in the derailed train (FM map) and was wondering why guts and hides where not curing, then I figured it's too cold I guess? But surely they would if placed close enough near the 200 gallon drum Fire? nope ! Yet I can place my clothes next to the fire to dry them, or even cook a can of food if close enough. Hopefully one day I might be able to cure hides and guts if placed close enough to a fire??
  5. nicko

    Water Water Water

    Well I still think a 20L water container would be great for houses. This would save having x20 1 litre water bottle laying around the place.
  6. Why not have small, large, medium, x-large storage vessals? x-large - could be a 200 litre drum, large - 20 litres - common office container.? medium - ? small - as is or new shape like a military style canteen.
  7. ha make the bell ring if a stone is thrown at it? sounds nice :P lets see if HT add it to their wish list.
  8. nicko

    Paint Can v2

    can we maybe get a fluorescent spray can option? that glows in the dark? in cabins etc? atm you cant see the paint inside when it gets totally dark.
  9. Second attempt I got this days 16, it took a bit longer because i made a mistake of storing food in containers when it went rancid it all disappeared as condition was zero. So yeah just plop all food on the floor But yeah I think I also found all stuff needed on the one map location. First thing I look for is the rifle, didn't find a hand gun but amo.
  10. Wow at first i thought castle, then seen the barbwire and tower guard so yeah must be the Prison. Looks awesome. Love the huge mountain behind. Will be interesting to see what other areas we get to explore. some more teaser photos soon maybe? Keep up the great work Hinterland.
  11. The bear got me again LOL which was totally unexpected. It's like Wham Bamm thank you mam. you just take it and go arhhhhhh. I thought OK that was bit scary will I be fine, then wham bang the bear comes back for a second round. I say to myself OK death is knocking on my door this time will I survive doubt in my mind. Lucky for me I survive and wake up from the second attack and try my best to get distance from the beast. Health critical. Apply bandages to stop bleeds, take some pain killers and apply more disinfection to wounds. Ah my heart is pounding i still know im not good so time to go home lay down for a bit. I recovered fully in the Riken.
  12. Yes it also been my one of my favorite games for the last few years.
  13. nicko

    Hover Text/Info

    I really struggle to read the text when its over a fire. maybe this text needs a darker background color seeing the text is white? therefore maybe add a slight darker background color for those Text when over fires?
  14. nicko

    Riken light

    Why is so dark after we light the forge/furnace? I think this needs a tweak or two to get the ambient light right when its lit? to make the area more lighter / viewable.