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  1. nicko

    Mollys Cabin

    Mollys cabin I think it was called, where you have to take her some gun rounds. Anyway she left early and entering we find a dead wolf. There is also a lantern on the floor near the door. Why can't we pick it up? this is the first lantern I have seen that is not interactive why? Loving EP3 btw. candles are nice. also more outside storage boxes near houses are cool.
  2. or Game of Thrones blue breathing ice dragon.
  3. If you get to frustrated try an easier play style such as Pilgrim, no wolf attacks. but yeah you still need to find resources to survive. Clothing being number one for TWM.
  4. chess carving pieces is what i suggested prb not the best but yeah, or maybe we get to collect each piece to make the set. Other than that what do you do in your free time? pass time?
  5. what was the location name? Im still frustrated with this mapping as well. Pretty much been everywhere and still can't get it.
  6. I agree with picking up sticks needs to just be one click, not click > confirm. Why confirm what a stick is? you soon learn what they are. As for other items well yeah maybe just do sticks as a starter devs.
  7. The Faithful Cartographer Achievement is still giving me grief. I followed this link but yeah still no luck I am currently remapping my way back and going through every map/region to see if I can get the achievement. I was thinking what would be very helpful is if the charcoal maps displayed your current progress for the location/icon triggers on each map or region. Something like this text info and screenshot below: Icon Triggers: 98% Location: Triggers: 75%
  8. some great detailed points which im sure the devs could use or act on balance issues. I have always gone for the Mukluks.
  9. yeh great idea, I gather a lot of backers just left? I'm sure community updates would be a great idea.
  10. What would be good is some sort of log / alert saying when you have mapped all areas for a region. Then we know that region is good to go so we go to the next one.
  11. I have sim issues, pretty much marked and checked of each Icon and trigger point yet still trying to get the achievement. crazy
  12. Looks like an old electricity generator of some sort to me
  13. nicko


    Just try Wintermute Ep 1 and 2 again you might be pleasantly suprised. S3 there is no date apart from 2019 afaik. As for steam achievements yes more would be good but Im sure I seen a post somewhere about they maxed those out already.