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  1. When did the pass time option when cooking food or water get added, first time I have really noticed that and loving it.
  2. My 8 burner wood oven cooking up a storm/bear.
  3. I think it means you catch larger fish and more per hour.
  4. Well done, did you shoot a flare off the plane at night time just for fun? Also don't forget you sleeping bag when going home
  5. Why are matches so heavy? anyone else noticed this? for example I have a box of 36 wooden matches and the weight says .30KG. I also have 36 Bullet casings and they weigh 0.18KG which seems fine. So why do matches weigh more than bullet casings which are made of brass? Seems a bit odd to me!
  6. Love this and looking forward to playing EP 4 - Hints of Escape from Alcatraz?
  7. What is yours largest fish catch? Mine so far is 6.80KG Screen shot attached.
  8. Cave not curing hides, guts, maple, birch. bit annoying.
  9. yeh it's moved to a new location in one of the town buildings.
  10. its a game not real life get over it. eat a rabbit or dye of starvation game play?
  11. When we cook food or water on barrels we cannot read how they are going. White text of bright orange flames is pretty hard to read for anyone. Suggestion: Add a darker background image or color under the white text area.
  12. Coming from Forlom M cave to the Bleak Inlet region, how the are you meant to get to the Echo one radio tower? seem in passable?
  13. yeh possibly for small tinder and stick but larger everywhere. not sure about that sus bridge maybe something is their.