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  1. Maybe buy some friends a copy of the game?
  2. The idea that the game is not striving to be a faithful simulation isn't at all a grey area, it's a fact. As I said, though it may veer closer and farther from some known reality doesn't say anything contrary to the established fact that it is a fantasy. I think it's a valid conclusion to claim that the current sprain system isn't at all realistic in any sense and why should it be? And where exactly is the game striving for realism? I can't think of one system that accurately portrays any objective reality. snows. There's one. It gets windy. Two. But past these more banal examples, I r
  3. I wasn't being passive/aggressive, I was simply showing that arguments based on 'realism' are invalid and suggesting a solution. You don't have to treat the sprain. Again, most community challenges have come about by players setting their own rules - typically limitations - and adhering to them. It's a choice and to set your own limitations is as valid as the game's hard-coded rules. It's your run and you can make your own story and it how you want. Pain does affect my playing (I can't speak for everyone): the character whinging constantly and the blurred edges are a strong
  4. Well, invalid premises will beget invalid conclusions. :P The "realism" argument is equally exhausting and exhausted. At every moment we are asked to suspend reality, an idea toward which I'm sure you don't require detailed information. An argument that founds itself on realism in a game which not only makes no claim to be a simulation but actually makes claims to the contrary on each and every startup just seems....invalid. It's simply your opinion that the mechanics are "broken", hence this topic being in the "wish list" and not in a formal bug report. Your idea has gone from a d
  5. I think the challenge is more about finding and consuming finite, non-renewable resources than hobbling the player for extended periods. I suppose if you feel strongly about it, don't take the meds or use the bandage and limp around for your requisite 2 days. If you make this choice, you get what you want while everyone else is also happy not having to do that. This is how the Deadman challenge was created: players setting and adhering to rules they set for themselves.
  6. 24-hour grace period maybe...?
  7. I often just keep walking. I've strolled right through a pack of 3 wolves and they all start growling and following, but I just keep on truckin' and sure enough, at a point they are either scripted away or they just give up. Breaking line of sight helps, but yeah...I just kind of ignore them most of the time.
  8. Carbon


    The Long Dark changed my gaming life forever and set a new bar in survival simulation. Bravo, even if it were to all stop now. But no. That we're still getting unpaid content is unheard think I paid only $30 for all of this joy. What else can be said but thank you all at Hinterland.
  9. Some oddities in a game are annoying, some are game-breaking and some are simply endearing. I think Trapper's falls into the latter category. As @stratvox said, it's very welcoming right now when you arrive at the location and my vote is to leave it be.
  10. Nice! That looks sweet @Obsidian Productions! I'd likely frame it! Good on you for spending some more to help HL out. For those who wish to do the same, the merchandise store is here: Top-notch items and - as I found out - they ship halfway around the world!
  11. Having all of the weapons in the game makes TWM (and any other location) a breeze. Wolves, deer, possibly and moose and rabbits pretty much within sight from the hut, 1 or 2 bears nearby, more deer in deer clearing, cargo containers spread over 5 locations besides the for months and all manner of hides for crafting. A workbench right in the hut makes crafting and repair a breeze, the fishing hut for cabin fever avoidance and of course another source of food. On my first run, I dragged all of the loot I could and left it in the bunker at the foot of the last climb to TWM (in
  12. I've posted this music before, but for me, most of Erik Satie's work captures TLD's mood and atmosphere perfectly. This is perhaps his most well-known piece, but it is a fitting sample. The last thing I want when playing is lyrics; it takes away that feeling of isolation and calm. Satie provides the perfect soundtrack for my peaceful, meditative experience.
  13. Seems as good a time as any for some levity. Yep....excessive sprains have been around for a while.
  14. Just throwing this out there for anyone who wants to offer more support to Hinterland. This bad boy is on my office wall.