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  1. mfuegemann, I understand your fear towards the end. I was originally talking about the 4days of night version, but in response to the official challenge, It is even more terrifying in my opinion. I found that the small changes I realized at the start were scary, the Darkwalker now moves in game time, he gets faster the more pages you collect, and ultimately gaining enough speed to easily outrun you in the end. It is terrifying, and somehow I beat the official challenge on my first try, and I must say, I love the tension as soon as you get the last note and need to reach the circle. When I hea
  2. I actually love the wind feature to be honest, and now I'm not annoyed at it anymore due to the fact that's an actually feature, not just bad luck which I always seem to have. It's a hidden trick of the Darkwalker that many may pass as "Bad luck," glad others thought of this too!
  3. Yesterday I attempted my very first game on Escape The Darkwalker, and I must say, this new event is extravagant! On my first Attempt I lasted 2 hours and 4 minutes, and got 3 pages. This unlocked me the first badge which I was so glad for! This event is something I've always secretly wanted in TLD, a mode where you are stalked by an unkillable beast and all you can do is survive. Yes we've got the challenge with the old bear, but that has a win scenario, Escape The Darkwalker doesn't. On my Second Attempt, I quickly took all the information I received from my first attem
  4. Oh YES! I cannot WAIT for [redacted] when it is released!
  5. When you first started making TLD, how much do you feel that your Company's skill with making and improving the game has increased?
  6. Is there something that really excites you and the team to get done for a future update? How about something that's already in the game?
  7. As you continue to work on the game, are there things that you made preciously that interrupts or even breaks certain aspects of the game?
  8. Any new Buffs or Afflictions coming in use soon?
  9. Thought about adding specific feats that only temporarily unlock for a specific game? Similar to buffs you get, you do the right thing during your survival mode, or you prioritize your time in doing something and you get a semi-permanent bonus for the rest of that saved game, but you don't have it for any other and have to do the work all over again.
  10. Thought of maybe adding like a rabbit's foot? Possibly adding more luck to catching fish or even finding good gear in unsearched areas?
  11. hozz1235 precisely and the more fun you will have sorting and dropping some of it
  12. Back before the redux, in chapter 2 of Wintermute, after you complete Jeremiah's survival school, he gave you an awesome knife; but i don't remember you getting it in the redux. Did you remove it because of technical reasons, or did you just feel like it didn't need to exist anymore? Just wondering
  13. This is a combination of both Well fed, and the Moose hide satchel! I can carry up to 88 pounds of gear! A good thing to look forward too in every game!
  14. Cool, i've never actually seen a bear sleeping. Mainly because i don't go near their cave