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  1. I tried looking around and I don’t think anyone mentioned this. playing on XB1 in ep4. I was in the steam room and went to the second area after the first valve. I went to the right, took a left at the fork and went all the way around to a partially blocked hall filled with rubble. i wanted to climb over the rubble, so i crouched and walked around it, and when i got stuck i jumped and fell through the floor and out if bounds. I was able to repeat this twice.
  2. I just spent some time working on a big stack of pallets that I have been stockpiling for projects, and I have 2 ideas to share: First, I think big stacks of pallets (not one or two random pallets lying on the floor or wall) should be treated more like animal corpses. If you see a big stack like, outside the gas station, you should be able to select it and break down however many you want rather than it being all or nothing. Think of it like reading or harvesting animals. Second, i think that a decking tool/ wrecking head/ indexing head should be added as a tool. When
  3. I like to imagine your character accidentally shot themselves in the head.
  4. Yeah, its that stupid ripped empty jery bag texture.
  5. For a while, I was starting in forlorn muskeg, looping to Broken Railroad, getting to the big cabin and then looping back around muskeg to Mystery Lake. I did this to take advantage of loot and getting 2 relatively dangerous areas done while i had animal immunity at start. On my 8th try, i had a good run going, got good loot, a storm lamp and revolver in the cave by the waterfall in FM, and was making good time to Broken Railroad. get to BR as a storm is rolling in, get to the fix yard and find a rope, i have a few hour of protection still, so I decide to go for it, i run to the ra
  6. about firearm ranges: yeah, the effective ranges are kinda junk. This is just me, but i once was in Mystery lake at the lake cabins when I spotted a bear. I only had a pistol, and i needed to get back to the camp cabin. I stood near the door, aimed my revolver, took a shot.... and nothing. i aimed again and shot... and nothing again. I had to wait for the bear to get stupidly close for the bullet to connect and then the bear bolted away. I mean, a bear is a pretty big target, it wasn’t moving very fast, and its kinda weird that you need to get that close for a shot to
  7. I think the greater issue is that the range in game is kind of garbage (I think i read that higher gun skills improve range somewhere, but idk). So its no necessarily that you missed that easy shot on a deer during a bright day in Pleasant Valley, but instead that the hit simply doesn’t register. To add onto your idea, OP, instead of a scope for the rifle, I think that using the Diopter/ range on the rifle would be easier. i just bought a SMLE No4 Mk1 2 weeks ago, and one thing I learned is that you can flip up the back ironsight and the adjustable rangefinder can act as a
  8. Ummm.... okay? I mean, if you’re going to do that then you may have a point... but then it’s essentially like playing Resident Evil with only a knife and complaining that enemies are too strong. I didn’t mention it because I don’t use the bow very often. If the sapling are an issue, then I don’t see a reason why they can’t reduce the spawn rate if it needs balancing.
  9. STFU and let Hinterland make their obligatory Master of Unlocking reference!
  10. I mean.... its a videogame. It doesn’t need to be real (Btw, I’m not some prude, I have 15 firearms myself.... and a can if bear spray). In another thread I suggested lockpicks and related materials be added to the game. I concur, I love searching for shit in games.
  11. In my latest game I’ve found at least 1, some times 2, rifles in each map that i’ve visited. I think that’s a little excessive. I can’t really comment on the bullets ive found (It would essentially just be 1 upping nonsense). But using what you said, that would be 36 rounds that, if all shots hit, guns don’t break, and time given for the bleedout, results in 36 dead animals. Granted, that has as much to do with the way that bleedout works, but how much or little that would be is up to you. I think it may be considerate to think of other people’s playstyles. I know I don’t play th
  12. Well, just thinking off the top of my head: Compared to a torch, it can scare off animals but it does not provide light or warmth. Also, i’m not sure if torches scare off bears. faster to equip and deploy than starting a fire. high risk weapon, has close to no range but can save your life. Causes no damage to animals when used,( i found a bear corpse i killed after winging it in the foot once with a revolver and hiding in a cabin.) lighter than firearms with its addition, they could lower the spawn rate of firearms while still enabling the player to protect them