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  1. I'm trying to validate various tactics and ideas for interacting with wildlife I came across in the web or tested myself. Below is a compilation of tactics (starting with tactics against wolves) - I'd love to hear if they are valid or learn some new ones - please help me out Wolves baits - if you have smelly items on you the detection radius is larger and wolf does not need to see you cured guts/skins are not smelly (correct me if I'm wrong since I tend to be detected a bit easier when carrying those around...) meat is smelly - the more decayed the better leftover tactic - haven't seen it on youtube playthroughs for a while now - you cancel eating your meat just when you're almost finished to get a 0.01kg meat and let it rot for a while for extra smelliness pre-processed food is not smelly if the wolf is too close to you the bait won't work - a couple of meters that is on non-interloper you can drop bait and manouver to a side - wolf should still follow the bait and you will be able to shoot it from the side (easier to aim - bigger hitbox) if the wolf is following bait it won't charge you if you aim your gun at it if the wolf is close enough it will eat the bait (so using freshly cooked 1kg moose meat is not the best bait choice ) - this includes guts (??) detection - if you are detected you will hear growling do not run - identify where the wolf is coming from and slowly back off to break the line of sight (this reminds me of MGSV); then back off to seek some shelter if you break line of sight and run away wolf will try to catch up to you by running - as soon as you slow down so will the wolf if you aim a weapon at the wolf it will immediately attack (it barks and starts to run towards you) decoy/bait won't (?) work anymore at this point there is no/less (?) chance to scare the wolf with firearms / no chance to scare it with flares wolf will still back off when it sees fire (seeing fire is getting into certain radius around the fire); on interloper the radius seems to be so small the only efficient way is to stand on the other side of the fire if you shoot and hit the charging wolf there is a high chance to scare it off wolves can detect (and attack) you during time accelerated actions and sleep, unless you have a fire going on evasion throwing rocks can attract a wolf - if he has not detected you; this way you can throw a rock and force the wolf to move away crouching makes you very stealthy in Long Dark it's a good thing to crouch before doing any time-accelerated actions (wood chopping etc) I recall in older builds of LD it was possible to hear wolf steps - I did not observe this in recent build - can anyone confirm? good old advice - find yourself a high ground and take some time to observe an area that is treacherously non-flat (CH gas station whereabouts); good luck if you are in HRV though - it's a wolf deathtrap chasing a non predatory animal like a deer or rabbit into wolf path will keep the wolf preoccupied with eating when wolf is eating the animal it's detection radius is much smaller (??) scaring off gunfire (including shooting flares) scares wolves if not in attack mode (apparently in some radius around the player) throwing a flare at wolf is the oldest (?) way of scaring it off; it's not certain it will work and player needs to throw the flare precisely in front of the animal - I find this really tedious to pull of; throwing torches can scare a wolf but there is much lower chance of doing so (??) arrow landing near the animal works kinda like gunfire but for a single wolf starting a fire is the most dependable and predictable way to scare wolves scared wolf is still dangerous if it has no way to flee and circles back to you it might change it's mind and bite your a** off wolfskin/bearskin cloaks have a slim chance of scaring the approaching wolf if it sees you if they meet bear/moose they will run away - it's possible to scare those predators to run into wolves but impractical due to risk and gunfire usage hunting luring the wolf with a bait and shooting with bow/rifle seems the most reliable way to hunt them chasing a non predatory animal is also a viable tactics when scaring off a wolf with revolver do check the ground for blood trail to know if it was hit struggles if you have revolver equipped it will be the first choice for struggle with a wolf; it is completely useless and you will get yourself killed if you use it - since it's used for bashing the wolf; if you have maxed out revolver skill you will be able to shoot the wolf this way cut weapons are (?) more efficient in struggles than blunt ones hatchet seems to be the best choice for surviving a struggle? aurora fire/flare does not scare them at all (what about gunfire??) they are scared of bright artificial lights (streetlamps) - so it's a viable tactic to stick to those areas that are enlightened the uber-heavy 1kg battery powered torch from hunting lodge can deter aurora wolves if you point high power mode beam at them they have a much better detection radius than during daylight they go into attack mode much earlier if you kill them they remain green even in daylight baiting still (????) works on aurora wolves?
  2. What would happen if I'd shoot the moose in the face? Will it get so mad it will ignore the fear of fire and turn me into a doormat?
  3. Timberwolf Mountain - I spotted a bear going in the direction I decided to explore. Since it did not notice me, I easily outrun it. While looking for loot (that was not there, since I confused the area anyway ) a wolf attacked me. The struggle resulted in me bleeding. I had no bandage and didn't know where to go to find shelter, so I decided to harvest a piece of clothing and make a bandage out of it. I had barely any health left when I finished, but I managed to patch myself up - just in time for the bear to arrive at my location I desperately started running around the tree to avoid the attack. Well this tactic does not work, so I was mauled and had like one pixel of health when I died struggling to open radial health menu as fast as possible
  4. Hi, So I'm not very skilled at TLD I tried to start a Stalker run on TM and survive without leaving the region, but mi skills are not good enough for now. On my fourth run I spent a week or so in the lower regions of TW and went to Desolation Point to stock up and prepare. I've got +24C clothing (expedition parka ftw) and 12 arrows (revolver and rifle...) and I'm currently in DP. I'd like to head back to TM to reach the summit and get myself more acquainted with the region. any advice what else should I prepare for TM? any advice how to stay alive? strategy? base locations? Also I figured - once I have some arrows I could go and practice bow shooting in some safe way (preferably near the forge if I loose some arrows...). I figured out that hunting for rabbits with a bow should be the easiest way to learn how to use the thing quickly (I mean actually learning to shoot, not exping bow skill). Usually when I hit a deer it runs away with my precious arrow - this is very cool and adventurous to track it down, but it makes repetitions risky and tedious. Rabbit should not run away with an arrow in it's, err, head? Right? Any rabbit locations away from wolves, bears and (God forbid!) mooses?
  5. I'm not let down, too. I really like how the world we know from sandbox came to life - I like how the story introduces you to sandbox concepts (although they're not new to me and it restricts you with crafting etc). I also like the slow pace of the story - I have impression that first two episodes were designed to introduce sandbox mechanics to new players and slowly develop the world setting. Episode 2 is much more fun - some mystery and small surprises. In next episodes Hinterlands may ramp up the difficulty level. What I also like is those numerous small and bigger changes in ML (perhaps they got into last sandbox update, didn't play it then) and much richer details in interiors.
  6. Spoiler below: . . . . . One rifle cleaning kit is in Forest Talkers cache in ML.
  7. Thanks! Diving back into the Quiet Apocalypse
  8. Hi, I've just brought back Jeremiah's gun and I'm having great time with story mode! I don't want to rush it and there is this one thing bugging me I already checked Mystery Lake, Forlorn Muskeg and Broken Railroad - but when I look at this map I can see that there is one more region (marked in red) in this episode. I just want to know if there actually is another new region - no other spoilers, just yes or no PS. Hinterlands - thank you for this amazing experience. No other game offers me so much immersion! Keep awesome work
  9. Deer gawd Muskeg being muskeggy Mystery lake being mysterious Coastal highway. Just being stunning (to me at leat )
  10. Hi, Lucky shot So in my Interloper session in Fishing Camp CH I cowardly shot the bear in the bu...back. I had a 12% bow and a 60% arrow with archery lvl 2. The bear was insta-killed. Was I really lucky or is it a glitch?? The bear was walking normally (his head wasn't even visible) - you can see where the carcass on the screenshot - the shot came from the very last cabin in ML direction (one with crafting table in the back). Growling glitch I have a super cowardly strategy for killing bears. I exit a cabin crouching, then while standing in the doorway I quickly shoot a bow or a rifle and immetiately retreat inside. Then I wait one hour and go outside to inspect my fresh dead bear. I killed so far 3 bears this way. Each time I do it I encounter a glitch - when exiting a cabin near bear carcass the growling sound (agony sound?) is played every time until the carcass decays totally. For the first time I've encountered this I spent 10 hours, exiting the cabin each hour, being terrified by supposedly pissed off bear and rushing inside. Fortunately at some point I saw the carcass Wolf/deer comebacks Scenario: I shoot a wolf or a deer with a bow and not kill it. Poor animal runs away. I immediately go to sleep in a cabin/bedroll for one hour. While I sleep the animal promply comes back to die right near where I shot it. Can't confirm this 100%, but I encountered this several times. Scaring wolves? So I observed an interesting thing - if I catch a wolf by surprise while wearing wolf coat there is a heavy chance it will run away scared. By surprise I mean: I exit the cabin crouching and wolf is nearby, or I crouch toward the wolf and suddenly stand up. On the other hand if the wolf sees me first they almost never run away. Fun fact Now I have like 70kg of bear/wolf meat in my Interloper run and I'm trying to figure how to hibernate to make use of all of it
  11. Mystery Lake is by far the safest maps - so I always go back there with a sense of relief Camp Office is basically home but when it comes to most rewarding gameplay, well TWM && FM rock
  12. Yeah, I suppose if it was a quick win the devs would have added it (or something alike) already. TLD is not procedurally generated, so I suppose there is a lot of details customised by hand for each difficulty. Sorry TLD devs if I made you cringe
  13. Hi, There is apparently some controversy on some features like Cabin Fever. I think it would enrich a game a lot if we could choose a difficulty mode Custom and get a bunch of sliders and checkboxes to tune the gameplay rules. Here are some examples I came up with: weather severity / temperature speed of weather getting worse and worse (can be set to 0 to maintain current level of weather for whole run) cabin fever checkbox wildlife amount (preferably separate slider for predators and non-predators?) wildlife aggressiveness decay starting state and speed amount of loot checkboxes to enable disable weapons, tools and certain types of clothes starting loot choices vs random ability to limit starting regions You may think why would the last point make any sense? Well as an addition to this custom difficulty, you could name it and share with other players. Each such custom named difficulty could be ranked by other people and have it's own scoreboard etc. This would also enable people to create custom challanges, for example hunting challenges (think of: you start with survival bow in PV, there is a permament strorm, but with a mild temperature and you need to hunt and track animals in those conditions) etc. etc.
  14. IRL definitely the knife in TLD - inspired by GELtaz youtuber - I'm an avid stick collector. Heat the fire up, keep it longer, take brand etc. Second favorite item is the coffee