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  1. The greatest accomplishments throughout history have been the works of meer average men. You always say that you are indebted to us players. However, I truly feel us players are indebted to you and your team.
  2. My speculation... The never ending winter that will mute life as we know it.
  3. Why do you think to-go coffee cups say "Caution: Hot" on them??? Because some lady went through the McDonald's drive up and got a cup of coffee, which she then somehow spilled on herself while driving. She than sued the pants off of McDonald's and won! This was all in the 90s if I remember correctly... But I do remember how everyone thought it was ridiculous that she sued... And even more ridiculous that she won.
  4. Anyone noticed an improvement in the aiming?
  5. The power at my house blinking just as I approach Trappers cabin, after a death defying March from broken railroad through a blizzard and an aurora...
  6. I did some playing around with the wolves in CH out on the ice where I could see them from long distance... And I'm convinced they detect me much sooner than they used to. I tried 6 times to get a new game going and didnt make it past day 4 on any of them. Had starts in CH, ML, DP and HRV... My best start was on CH and was doing well, but ended up freezing to death in a blizzard that caught me taking the long way home to avoid the wolves. All the other runs the wolves got me, and once a bear snuck up on my while butchering a deer... The bear got the deer... And me.
  7. It might just be me, but... Since 1.48 dropped I have had a horrible run with wolves and bears... They seem to be way more intuitive of my location and home in on me from much greater distances. I always play on stalker and it also seems that there are more wolves tham before... Not that I am against any of this, in fact I like it... It has brought rhe challenge back for me.
  8. Anybody got the update on XBox yet?... Trying to wait patiently... But I go back out on the road again Wednesday morning... Really want to play this update as much as I can before I go.
  9. It's not even 8:00 a.m. where yet, I believe they are in the Pacific Time Zone... Probably 3 or 4 hours still.
  10. So did anyone notice how much more realistic the wolf acts in that little clip posted with this announcement?
  11. Yes the Whale processor plant is way creepy... I hate that place... I always get lost inside the big main room with the whale bones and it takes me forever to find my way out again. Btw I just upvoted your post to give you 1001 upvotes... Congrats!!
  12. @BareSkingood read!!! Love the science.... Any idea when you may continue this challenge?
  13. Very well said my friend... This is exactly how I feel about this particular mechanic. I've been on the road a lot IRL so I've also been away from the game quite a bit... Has there been a change in the animal AI recently that makes it more or less realistic?
  14. I'd say .357 Mag. Would be a very nice caliber for all around usefulness without over powering it... A skilled person can rapid fire a .357 fairly easy with 2 hands as the recoil is not so great that it cant be controlled... A .44 Mag. On the other hand takes a very strong, and very skilled person to rapid fire it, even using 2 hands. Its recoil is wicked and is actually capable of breaking a wrist in the right situation. Such a caliber also required a much heavier weapon. All in all I'd like to see A .357 Mag... Would be nice if we could also find .38 Special ammo in addition to the .357 Mag. ammo. Both rounds can be fired in a .357 Mag. Revolver... .357 has more power, but .38 would easily handle wolfs and deer at close range... And of course rabbit at any range that you can manage to hit one.