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  1. Ha, I got all of em already! Jokes aside, thanks for another hotfix.
  2. Made a little tutorial here: Edit: Ok it's not really a tutorial but as you can see you can just walk around them and shoot them. Or shoot them once, hide in a house and wait an hour until the bear has left and look for his carcass. That works too.
  3. This is probably just my OCD again but I would like to see having this implemented in one of the future updates/patches. I absolutely love the Fearless Navigator update but it is indeed a bit annoying that the game pulls custom markers into a single spray can one if they are too close to each other. I would love to be able to mark stuff like the outside of a moose area with several markers rather than a single one in the middle so I can see the zone on the map. Having some sort of toggle button for this would be great.
  4. In Pleasant Valley gibt es einen Bunker der in jedem Spielstand an derselben Stelle zu finden ist, in der nähe zum Wolfsberg. Dann gibt es noch einen weiteren Bunker der zufällig irgendwo auf der Map gespawnt wird. Das gleiche gilt für den Bunker in Mystery Lake, der ist in jedem Spielstand woanders. Es gibt im Netz einige Maps die verschiedene Locations der Bunker zeigen. Einfach mal suchen
  5. Yeah, but it would be more helpful for some people if you can use the map for making visual notes. Like, you can use one charcoal and then you can add notes to a house symbol and if you hover over it it will display your notes. That would make the map more useful.
  6. This. Gameplay wise I think you can argue about it but thinking about what it means to safe a single individual life no matter what. It really fits Astrids character to venture out to get the insulin for this single person she doesn't know and couldn't care less. But she doesn't because that's not how Astrid thinks. I think the whole insulin part really shows her character.
  7. Just saying here in case someone reads it and doesn't know: You can repair cooking pots with scrap metal so no worries about running out of cooking pots or cans
  8. I think the main reason why it's not on the admin list is because the list is still outdated regarding Pleasant Valley. It's still says Rural Crossroads, not Thomsons Crossing. It makes sense that the icon is important as it is a major icon. If they'd update that I think this would help other people. Plus the one location I mapped in TWM which isn't in the list. I still think that regarding the location triggers it's not important to have everyone in the list but to have the amount of what's in the list. I was missing one location trigger in the list from Hushed River Valley when I got the achievement and like I said I mapped one additional location trigger in TWM, Andre's Peak. I think that's why I got the achievement one location trigger earlier.
  9. Hi there! I'm Laika, 20 years old and from northern Germany. I got diagnosed with Aspergers back in 2015 when I had family issues but thankfully that stuff got sorted out and I'm living happily right now. Struggling of course but I'm improving! And being part of this community surely helps a lot with that. I recently got more into the community and eventually made this account so I can participate in the forums as well. I've been playing games since I was 6 years old. Back then I had a GameBoy Advance and my first game was Pac-Man Collection, basically 4 Pac-Man games in one. Later one I got other games, my Nintendo DS Lite, a Wii (I was a real Nintendo kid back then) and eventually I got a PC with 10 years which hooked me up for years, 2 years with a PS3 inbetween but eventually mainly the PC. Back in 2014 I was very interested in the game "The Forest" and I remember watching a German Youtuber who, what a coincidence, also played The Long Dark. I found The Long Dark very interesting because of it's, compared to other games, very realistic mechanics so I watched it as well. Sadly I never got the game myself because at the time I was quite poor but eventually I got the game gifted by a friend in december 2017. I'm happy to have seen the Predux of Wintermute before it happened. So the first time I played The Long Dark myself was before the Cooking Rework but I really got into it a few months before Episode 3 released. I'm sad that I could never have been a backer for this game. Seeing how it developed over the years and what Hinterland is going to do in the next years from what we know from interviews...that would have been great. Atleast I'm here now and can support in what way ever possible! I'm also the guy behind the Beachcombing numbers cause my main base on Great Bear Island is Jackrabbit Island and I like finding out numbers
  10. I followed the list provided here: I found a location called Andre's Peak near the northern engine on TWM and i also didn't had to map the Valley View Point location. The last location I mapped was Offset Falls, then I got the achievement while still not having mapped Valley View Point. I think that's because I mapped Andre's Peak. I don't know if the list is incomplete in that regard but that's exactly what I did. To sum it up: The entire list + Andre's Peak - Valley View Point. Keep in mind tho the list shows "Rural Crossroads" in Pleasant Valley which is now Thomsons Crossing + Icon.
  11. I'm quite new to this forum and saw this thread on a Discord server. Regarding the mysterious signal fire: I got the upper one which is south-ish from Mammoth Falls. I can post a screenshot of my map later if anybody is interested or even upload all of my maps cause I just got Faithful Cartographer two days ago.