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  1. this one is unreal. good eye. granted the 3rd is also lovely.
  2. I'm curious about the process of steam cards and achievements. I generally have very little luck getting information about it. Was it tedious? Was it labor intensive? Did someone spend a great deal of time preparing it? Was it a straight-forward process with steam? Was the profile background as simple as drag and drop, and assign rarity? Did you get to choose how many cards? What was the max? Could you have different or unusual types of cards? What other items could be made available? Do you assign the gem values to objects? Does this process cost the company money? Is there opportunity to utilize it different ways than intended? Can you grant unique badges to people? How many hidden achievements can there be? Or normal ones for that matter...Did you know that you get cards drops for not actually entering the game? Are you planning to change the items that are in use now? Expand it? Do you have any links to information? Can we have a :twig:?
  3. Something I saw years ago, before TLD I believe. It's pretty old, and there is certainly newer better stuff. At the time this was kinda cutting edge. Stitched together Space station footage in orbit. With aurora. pretty stunning, i love it. And am humbled by it.
  4. @ThePancakeLady the last ones out in the open make me wonder if folks have seen a video, I'll post it in the off-topic spot. A stitched together Space Station orbit, with aurora. It's incredible if folks have not seen this before. This persons work is great...
  5. Art. TY! This would make a great steam profile pic.....
  6. not sure i've seen this vid... ty link!
  7. I guess it was moved then? I hope, thanks. I was/am fairly certain the machine would run the game in reduced settings.
  8. I am unable to get to the settings to make the game more playable. Can we have a non-world, simple graphic image safe mode start menu. So I can at least get to the settings to change them?
  9. If the game locks up, but does not crash is there some info I can pass along that may help? I realize this machine is under-powered will be my first obvious response. The game doesn't even make it to the first menu. It freezes at the hotfix pop-up.
  10. I'm curious if folks are still able to spawn in lots of lanterns, or simply find alot say in Pilgrim, to do some lantern landscaping. Like at the beginning of this thread. I'd love too see some current version "lantern-scapes' if folks have any!
  11. Great replies! Really glad too see it has survived a year. Excellent question @Vagabond. And I hope @MarrowStone follows up... I am curious. I look forward to many more hinterbags of replies.
  12. One of the wolves in game (%chance*days)develops the knowledge that you like sticks, and will stop to pick them up. So, it devises a trail, to a trap. Growly has watched this two-legged clankity-clankity creature for days and days. Wondering why, this lumpy swaying creature, stops to pick up useless twigs and sticks. And, is willing to divert in it's route to retrieve them. Knowing this sad, lurching creature desires them so much, a kernel cracks in the shaggy course fram-of-a skull. The slavering builds, pooling droplets litter the chilly snow.....