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  1. Y’all make me feel like pigpen lol. I keep my stuff in cabinets, so I could be worse, all sorted, but I also just throw the broken crap in a pile in a corner and make mount firewood next to mount wolfbearfishdeermeese. (The bunnies are too cute to kill) somewhere indoors too there’s the animal skin plains, they’ve been known to stretch for miles, interrupted only by the occasional intestinal dune....
  2. I’d say honestly the region where I’ve had the most UNEXPECTED mid and late game deaths/close calls is pleasant valley. It’s got a ton of loot, yeah, but if the classic surprise 29 hour blizzard springs up when you’re far from shelter coming back from a loot run, it’s sooo easy to get turned around, and only so much fire you can bring.....even muskeg is easier to scrap in. So, as far as difficulty, gonna it’s PV, cause it’s the one most capable killing me mid game, when I’m already set on gear. Tiff🦋
  3. Have you ever explored that collection of elevated paths across the fallen tree? Past where that one always safe Dave is in the highland portion? They go to overlooks for all main points of the map...I like the challenge of the outdoor bed at the shed myself, and actually quite like BR for that reason. I’ll lure the wolves and run into the office, and shoot em with a bow when they’re at the door. It’s like TLD pizza delivery 😁 Tiff🦋
  4. Matt, the pistol, it does nothing to the moose. I unloaded six rounds into it my current game, 3 of em while it was charging, into its face, and it trampled me into tiffburgers 3 times in a row. Yes, I kept getting up and rage shooting it, and getting trampled again, until my revolver was empty. Somehow I lived....that’s another thing I truly love bout this game...that you can recover from 3 sets of broken ribs if fortune favors you and you play smart.
  5. Think only time I’ve maxed every skill was on my 500 day run. Made it to 850 days, then climbed down into the ravine, started a whole bunch of fires, ate whatever I had on me, fired alll my guns and flares, took off my clothes, and jumped in a fire till I was dead. Cause at that point the game was insanely boring......also my only suicide ever.
  6. Usually they run. Unless one is charging at you. That one will try to do what they normally do, unless you hit it with the flare. If you do, it runs off, and goes and dies somewhere. Easier to find for a bit lol, since, you know, flarewolf. The rest scatter and panic for same time as other guns. Tiff🦋
  7. It’s really hard to pin down why this game works. On paper, the OP is correct. But somehow, the sum of its parts is essentially intangible by conventional metrics but enormously greater than the sum of even incredibly complex games. Cause the formula this game uses, it’s the next best thing to magic I’ve found. There’s not another 5 games combined that equal the time I’ve spent playing this game. And I’ve no plans to stop.....
  8. There’s also things like the truly beautiful scenery, the atmosphere of the game, and the imagination some of the enigmatic tableau scenes you come across during the course of any given sandbox. Also, that you can see things during your 27th sandbox run that you never saw despite being there many times in the past. While these are not things that get you points I find them to be quite rewarding themselves, in addition to the survival accomplishments and the thrill of finding stuff. That’s just me tho. I’ve played hundreds of games since the apple IIe, and honestly this one is something special.
  9. Nice to meet you and welcome, from another newcomer (although been playing TLD for 3-4 years)
  10. Nice to meet you and I’m new too, currently freezing in “pleasant” valley as well😁
  11. Cannot tell y’all how many times I’ve started harvesting a bear or moose and not broken it up into sections, and wind up almost freezing to death cause some random blizzard springs up 20 minutes after I start, but 2.5 hours before it’s done (I have a bad habit of using those times to go get a drink or check my phone or whatever). Lost a 250 day game once that way, yet I still do it...
  12. No idea how many hours I have played. It’s a lot tho. Enough that the $20 I spent on it is easily the best value for entertainment I’ve ever had, probably more than the next 5 games I’ve gotten combined. Probably around 1000 hours. A lot of aurorae...
  13. TY I really like the forums here😊 yeah, we got a highway too, but getting gators in your swimming pool actually happens a good bit too. There’s bears too. Once in a while.