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  1. Louisiana here. Probably the only bayou girl that plays TLD. Yes, I live on an actual bayou.
  2. A few tips from someone who gets eaten by bears frequently....it happens cause I got a bad habit of rage shooting them as they walk away from the first mauling. But I usually live. Cause clothes. I make the animal skin clothes as soon as possible. Especially the coat. The resistance it gives you gives me many more chances. I play custom stalker games which have everything set to interloper except the loot, cause to me it’s not realistic for all the knives and guns to have vanished. I fire the revolver early if I hear the bark, revolver ammo is much more plentiful and unless I feel like fightin
  3. I hate heights. I find it genuinely uneasy to cross those bridges.
  4. Yeah I’ve done that, and hated it. But I think my worst was going to sleep on day 266 of a run in BR in the warehouse and waking up dead from electrocution, cause I slept on a power line when the aurora came.
  5. Yeah, just left AC after a 30 day climb and blizzard fest. Guess I oughta loot twm now that I got the backpack, moose satch, and like 400 cattails. Gotta say I’ll be sick of ropes for quite some time after this. And wow some of those AC ropes were long!
  6. I love the fact that you can’t take it back in this game. I’ve cried after losing long sandboxes. I lost a 159 day one last month where I had literally just Billy goated down from the twm summit, finally, with my two expedition parkas, +30C clothes, when I got to the bottom, Mr. wolf the jerktacular was waiting, mauled me. Used my last bandage, and while I was applying it, heard Tiffs Bane the maul-tastic bear bellow and yep, before I’d even had a day with my parkas I got double mauled and eaten by a bear. And you know what? I think that was kinda awesome. This game makes you pay for cutting c
  7. I don’t consider myself a serious player, although I’ve been playing since 2017 I think...I don’t do interloper. Cause I like having guns and such in the game. I do set the weather to “worst possible in all respects” and animal respawn rate to longest. I use a stalker base. I want savage predators and relentless brutal cold, but I want to be able to shoot the predators. The only easier adjustment I make is I disable parasites. I don’t like killing animals and not eating them. Ok that said.... I have had epically long stays in BR. I like using the office cause it’s an outdoor base w
  8. Yeah, I thought I was going crazy...I was staying at miners folly, used the bench the day prior, went to sleep, woke up, went out and it had moved😁
  9. Yeah. It woke up when I walked right next to it! I thought it’d come out of the wall! That bear got to maul me twice.
  10. Well, been in the canyon about 20 days in interloper grade weather and cold and it’s a challenge. Food isn’t tho, cause of wolves and bears. Somehow I have survived more wolf maulings(6) and bear maulings (2) in this time I think than ever before. If you want wolves, go to that little crawl space canyon off shattered grove. I found five at the far end of that. Bring your own coal to cook em, cause there isn’t really anything that burns there. Start a fire and shoot em one at a time as they charge, the fire will let you aim without shaking. I found another pack if 3 timberwolves up some smallis
  11. The surprise that got me was the amazing wolf geyser in the little canyons. One of them had 5 wolves, another 3. I did somehow survive em all, including 4 back to back attacks in -44c temps. Thank god I was wearing all animal clothes. Now I’m half naked and I gotta stop to light a fire every 30 feet it feels like....glad I entered AC with a mature character...it’s kinda a fun challenge
  12. Why did this have to come out at the very start of a business trip??? It will be torture untold for the next 3 days....