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  1. The sewing kit that spawns kind of under a plank in the broken house on the hill above Forager's Remnant in Blackrock is not clickable, and therefore you cannot pick it up. When you try to mouse over it, there is no reticle highlight so it appears that the wood debris is conflicting with the "hitbox" of the sewing kit. Sucks because it would've been my first sewing kit in the run and they are always much needed in Blackrock lol.
  2. Hello everyone! Just wanted to bring to everyone's attention some details I just noticed on the Hinterland website. They are currently hiring for a position called "Systems Designer (CO-OP, ONLINE, NEW IP)" The job description says this role is for an unannounced project. They must be familiar and have experience with creating co-op survival gaming experiences. Take a look at the position listing here: I am excited and happy to hear that Hinterland is aiming to make our wishes come true! Soon enough we will be able to be alone... toget
  3. Did you previously have a 32 bit version of the game installed? If I may ask, why stick with a 32 bit system rather than upgrading to 64 bit? Just using older 32 bit hardware? It's hard to play today's games with outdated tech, but if you're not looking to upgrade to 64 bit, there might still be another way to make it work.
  4. According to my Steam transaction history, I bought TLD way back on December 19, 2014 while it was in (very) early access. I spent only $13.39. With slightly over 1,284 hours of gameplay so far, I've spent nearly $0.01 for every hour! Best game ever.
  5. I've heard a couple different people suggest that there is a super, insanely low chance that a candy bar can be found behind sun shades. B I G I F T R U E ? Really though, I've played over 1100 hours now and looted my fair share of cars, including turning down the shades. Not a single candy bar there, or anything else.
  6. If by "scouted out an older version" you mean you found an old torrent of it - I did too, and had the exact same problem. Couldn't move my character at all, keybindings were perfect though. Ended up uninstalling it and returned to my legit up-to-date copy of it on Steam.
  7. This topic has been touched upon on the forums before, but through searching I've not been able to find a solid answer. Is it possible to revert the Steam version of the game back to older builds (for nostalgia purposes )? I've heard you can do it with the GOG version, but I'm not desperate enough to go and buy the game twice, you know?
  8. So I'm attempting to play an earlier version of the game, v393, and before you say anything, yes - I've purchased the game legitimately on Steam. I wanted to see what this early version was like so I torrented it, because Steam does not let you revert your game back to earlier versions, so please do not yell at me to 'buy the game', because I have. I begin a new game and cannot do anything other than stand in place and quickly freeze to death. I can't use Esc to pause, can't use the mouse to look around, can't use WASD to move. I thought maybe I was stuck on something below my character,
  9. Hinterland will always be associated primarily with The Long Dark, I believe. However, I went to their website one day and under Games, noticed that, of course, the only one is The Long Dark. This got me thinking - will the game ever reach a state where Hinterland feels they're 'done' with it, and can move on to a new project/game? I'd love to see more games from Hinterland in the future.
  10. Wondering the same. It's the 31st tonight so I'm guessing we'll hear about what's to come soon in the next few days.
  11. In earlier versions of the game, not sure about now, but maybe, it was possible to spawn very close to the entrance of the Dam (this is probably what you're talking about, right?) I definitely made the same mistake. Being a new player, I thought about how lucky I was to start right next to a shelter! I checked out the deer corpse right outside first, then headed on inside. It was very dark and pretty quiet, except for a faint pitter-patter sound that slowly got slightly louder. As soon as I passed through the doorway into the main locker area, I heard "RUHRUHRUH!!" and died while reading the
  12. Stone-stunning rabbits can be extremely frustrating at times. I've had stones go straight between a rabbits legs before (now that's an accurate hitbox!) I've also had several instances where a stone has actually hit the rabbit in the head and bounced right off him, rolling the opposite direction of which it was thrown. In this case, I usually get so mad that I give up on rabbits for the day and leave.
  13. I believe it was in response to someone's question on Twitter that Raphael himself confirmed that moose do not bleed. This is not a bug.