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  1. Oh noooo. I love the separation of the lodge place with not so many wolfs. It is nice and calm place. Dont ruin it for me. I think the gunsmith table is for now on the best place. Maybe not logical, but it has its own logic. Better to put it into new place.
  2. You can check for the info about the items decay. Not sure whether is is uptodate or accurate. But it seems so.
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    3rd person

    Not for me. It would break the immersion. For example when you want to see if there is bear around the corner, you have to go to the corner. 3rd person would offer you something like periscope so you could see. Plus it is great when you "are in the game" not just watch a person do your bidding.
  4. I think the ammunition crafting table was intended somewhat hard to get to. Timberwolfs are good keepers. Hunting Lodge would be too easy. If moving somewhere, the Timber Wolf Mountains -> Mountaineering hut could be better. As for the salted fish: Hell yeah.
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    Nice pictures. Lucky you there are no bear paws imprinted in the snow.
  6. I have the game save before EP3 ends. So I went out from the mine again and captured the screen repeatedly when outro scene was playing. Sadly F8 or F10 produced only black images. I did it because I am curious where will characters go after EP3 as mentioned in
  7. I dont know, but these seems to be nice source of lamp oil: I suspect the apocalypse event was their last day alive. The apocalypse was strong when it switched the Riken and logs:
  8. I just wondered whether we will continue to DP. The outro scene begins here: Which prety much is the same we can see in CH near the Log Sort. Just ignore orcas, the ship wreck and missing posts and logs. Then Astrid reviews the whole situation and says she must continue to Perseverance Mills and she goes this way: I retraced her steps. Went from the Log Sort to east, which is the way one should follow when wants to go to Desolation point. See: So I am pretty sure next voyage will be through Desolation Point. Now the question remains whether there will be fork in Mine no 5, some goat way over the Broken bridge. Or there can be some way on the shore. Every can end somehow in TWM or new region.
  9. That's pretty nasty. I noticed the second attempt you were on crackling ice even shorter time. Is it located to only one place? Not sure whether breaking ice has some phases. Last time I fell under ice it was like Nice -> Wet -> Ded. But maybe it is like: Water rises from bottom. After short time it rises above shoe level and then whole shoe is 100% wet. Since you did two tests immediately after themselves, maybe the counter was not zeroed. Something like some people suggest for the sprain calculation. When you stop for a while, the counter is zeroed.
  10. I suspect a cataract, glaucoma or something like that. You know, she is pretty old. Recently I noticed a bullet holes in her house. Right in the main room. Something like somebody was standing in the room entrance and somebody else shoot from the chair near fireplace. It never occurred to me before.
  11. Sorry. If the file is not in some previous restore point from windows, the chance of recovering it is +-0. If the file would not have been overwritten, you could use some tools for restoring files. But this is not the case. Maybe CIA or some other agency have some tools. You know to read data from borders of HDD paths. But these agencies also uses the "proper deletion" in which the first step is... replace every bit of information on the drive by zeroes. In my previous work we had a case, when virus deployed its payload. It overwrote all documents, excel sheets... everything by its own code. I was working on the phone. You can imagine how many people called and I had to be the one who told them the bad news. But it is possible the information in the lost 20% of your file is not so important. Maybe Hinterland support can properly close the file (even if you would lost all your meat or something). I would try them. Because of your problem... I start wondering if one can put the saved games folder to GIT home and after closing the game just commit and push. Or once per week. So in case of need you have some copy.
  12. Well I have checked the save file. Hate to break you, but last 20% is filled by zeroes. I dont have insight to what should be inside the file. But load of zeroes does not seem right. Compared it with my file and my file does not have zeroes at the end. My ends with "PS4Compliant":true}" string. So it seems like something overwrote end of your file during the crash When somethig overwrite the end of the file, you cannot use methods for recovering for example deleted files. Simply because the process which overwrote the file used same parts of the drive. You said the steam contains the same data. It seems like when you executed the steam after crash, it detected file with later save date and overwrote the server copy with your corrupted. Do you have the windows recovery enabled? If so, previous recovery points may contain the data. But it is only blind shot. Not sure whether the folder is backed up.
  13. Sorry to hear that. I would suggest to contact Hinterland tech support.
  14. I visited the BI on my current Voyger run. I came in with fully loaded revolver and 12 spare cartridges. I had no rifle, nor bow because of the weight limit (I wanted to do two ropes climbing down in one go an d the rope in Ravine was not present). I got one small nibble from the timber wolf on the upper plateu. Rest of wolfs did not touch me. I dropped most members of both welcome committees in the factory. I found some revolver cartridges and made 36 of new. I left the BI with fully loaded revolver, ~50 revolver cartridges. The only brown alert was when I tried to shoot bear from the porch I thought is safe. But according big brown brother determination I decided to seek cover inside the cabin. It seemed like he would heave found way onto the porch. The weather is anothe story. It is really windy there. The BI is harsh. But I do plan to visit it again when my revolver ammunition will be low. This time it will be with rifle. The moose and bear steaks will be fine.
  15. I dropped lot of deer and wolfs in one revolver shot. And my record for the bear is two shots. I suspect the second one was a crit. It was on voyager difficulty and I had trained my skill to 5. It took lot of bullets and lot of dead deer. I found a bear can be good for practice as well. It can be lured to safe place and it is fairly big target. Once I got 6 hits before he vacated the killing zone.
  16. I think it is common for static objects, which are not part of the map. For example I have pile of meat somewhere. When I am going to the point, I cannot see the pile untill I am cca 50-100m from it. But animals can be seen to ... I dont know ... far far away. Even when they are just some 2x2 pixels dots.
  17. I understand you @dmp717200. I had it same way. As written above. The game could be described as wandering, straying simulator with survival. You need to put the map in your head. Plus there is ton of third party maps. I had ton of deaths because I was strayed in night or blizzard and wandered right to bear or froze to death. And when you are long in the game, fully clothed, fully supplied with meat and such, you may want to do something. For example cleaning you map. Which can lead you to places you would not enter with fully visible map. And maybe there is something waiting...
  18. My wife would have said: You sure you did not put it there?
  19. Meat is rotting. Thats unavoidable in the game. You can only change the speed. Quickest rotting is in the carcass. Second is meat placed indoor. Slowest rotting is for meat stored outside. So best way is to harvest all the meat from carcass. Then cook only what you can eat in 2-4 days. As written above: Dont worry about ruined meat. You add 50% to it when cooking. But you cannot refresh meat once it has been cooked.
  20. I was surprised of the mechanic as well. Maybe Gwen was under such condition, she would freak out when left alone. But mostly I dont understand this: The game has mechanism to calculate bleeding shot animals when you go inside. AFAIK when you go inside, you are no longer on the region map and the bleed recalculation is done when you enter the region again (going out from indoor). Coulnd it be used for Gwen and other survivors?
  21. @Ice Hole I have seen your videos. Have you considered possibility to invite someone else to the party? A Mr. Moose maybe?
  22. My understanding of the "shortcut" is that you can put a rope down from Pensive Lookout. So you does not have to go back to Ravine -> Mystery Lake -> Forlong Muskeg in order to enter lower parts.
  23. I dont think so. Auroras are not so frequent. I think sunny day is more frequent. So magnifying lens is better option. Of course you cannot use it indoor.
  24. My current run was started way before Errant Pilgrim update. When there was the update, I paused playing my sandbox, played the story and after that went back to sandbox. I had no problem with aurora. I had problem with my planning because I came from Ravine and did not visit the radio tower on my way, so I had to climb back, get the code and go back down. Lucky enough I had aurora on that same night when I come down with the code (as well as second group of Timber Wolf, who apparently came to revenge the first one I slaughtered from the monkey path. Plus the little surprise inside the shop.
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    Flare Pistol Uses

    Well my character is Astrid. I do not want her to grow a beard.