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  1. That would be nice. Plus I would add frostbite risk and frostbite on hands if character is wielding weapon. You cant wield it with hand protection (except for driving gloves, maybe working gloves). Walking with revolver in front of you through whole map when there is -40°C. I think the revolver would become part of the frozen hand-gun sculpture.
  2. It can help if you play with headphones. I usually hear those pesky toothy munchers before I see them. The bear have had crows sharp sound which could be heard long time before you meet him. It was different than weather birds or carcass birds. Not sure after this patch. Wolfs can be heard of course howling, munching on their prey. But sometimes it is grass rustle which warns you.
  3. So I suspect it is different one. I met mine near mining site. Funny thing. I have noticed there were downed common wolfes during my play in Blackrock. Is it possible that rabid timberwolfes are killing common wolfes? (it could be of course my shooting when some of these bastards fled)
  4. Same as yours on Windows version @lore-nmj I just moved all using Move all. Then I tried the circle for drinking. The water was in the circle for selection. I though huh whats that, water was not moved. Checkec my inventory, no water. Checked the container and water was there. Moved the water only back to inventory an puff. No water at all to drink.
  5. LOL I thinkI had the same wolf there Have you found it near the wolfs cave NE part of map?
  6. I do have the flare going out sound too. But only when I do have it in hand. Lit or not.
  7. Nice. I still do miss option to put newspaper under the coat to get extra °C.
  8. I dont know. Can we get something more cheerful? Like Christmas gathering in Thomas Crossroads?
  9. I do not have problem with grabbing things normally. But when hurry after stunning rabbit. The mechanic on the PS is not great for me. Maybe not enlarging the hitbox, but increasing the stun time a little.
  10. I have. And I am trying to. I am just pointing to different controller mechanics. Mouse on PC can be quick if you are quick with hand. The PS4 controler does not care about how quickly you move your right thumb. Plus you have to let the right stick go in order to hit X to grab the bunny. I have not found whether there is possible to adjust controller sensitivity. And if adjusting will not ruin common movement. If my stun training will be no good (and I need to re-train bow, rifle and revolver too apparently). I am fine to use different playstyle on PS. Rabbit snaring, deer hunting with he
  11. I have my copy on PS4. There is huge problem for me to grab stunned rabbit. I hit him with a stobe, run to it and before I can find the damn little spot where to grab, the rabbit is hopping away. I do have experience on PC version and rabbits are not getting away on PC. But I have stunned dozens of rabbits on PS4 and got none.
  12. 17. Get mauled by bear and immediatelly after that try luck with another shot.
  13. Yup this is from my PC version. As I can see, there is a lot to explore. I will continue with testing.
  14. @piddy3825Strange. I have tried these stairs, but the cache building was red for me. True is I tried to build the upper one from the bellow. I did not try the lower cache as I was affraid I would not be able to reach it from above. I kinda suspect, that game designers expected us to play with rock caches and they placed as few stones on BI as they could.
  15. The only reason why the game would claim insufficient storage would be the lack of access rights to the folder, where are game saves. Can you open it from explorer? Or some other process could keep opened some of the save files, which means these would be locked and write poretected. Any chance, there were two instances of TLD runnig? One could be invisible and inproperly ended.
  16. @ZaknafeinThat place was my second bet. But as I described in another thread, the BI is somewhat stone deficient. So after this I did not have stones for second cache. Your place is better when you come from the sea. I usually like to stop by in the trailer. My games are usually voyager. For higher difficulty I would choose yours. BTW I thought I would be able to use the building right front of the trailer. You know, when you climb up, jump onto boat and enter the storage or what. I swear I saw the main big door somewhat opened. But during my test it was closed. I must admit, I am a
  17. I found a jerry can in the ruined house. When you go down from the plane crash towards the Molly house, there is small broken house on the river shore. There was a can there with plenty oil.
  18. I think your Blackrock prison location may be right. The prisoners bus was heading east from Mountain Town. The Pleasant Valley map seems to be 90° rotated. So the road from south to north is in fact east-west road. But I think the Perseverance Mills is located north from Blackrock Prison. There could be one long transition from the Blackrock Prison north around the Ash Canyon leading to place NE from Mountain town.
  19. Thanks to @Zaknafein I have found another creative usage of rock cache:
  20. @manolitodeIt is truth I dont like this area. It scares me. I do not want to fade to long dark because I step into the ocean. But I have already gathered my stones. Carefull placing and now I have what I wanted. Rock cache in good place
  21. I do like the security of the workshop. I dont like the mod, which places a bridge. Another thread where rock cache was used for "jumping" gave me an idea. It requires 1 climb with 50 stones. Then you can use the rock cache as intermediate storage and do the monkey path just once each time you need to go into the shop. Some could call it cheating. I call it creative use of given mechanics and I am keeping it.
  22. I have found total 4 stones in BI now. But if I want to build a cache, I had to go to FM. Rest of stones was easy.
  23. I am now in BI. Is it just my game or there is no stone there? I looked through usual places like rock walls, the river in delta and so on. I found ONE stone. Is this region just stoneless?
  24. I dont think so. I had bear charged me right through my fire.