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  1. About those hallucinations proposed. We already had one in game. Do you remember when you dropped a bear, sometimes a ghost bear could be heard on the spot for quite a time. But they decided it is bug so it is gone now. Sad 😀
  2. Aaah. I always selected 0,5kg and canceled it when it was about one quarter in progress. But I think I will remain using 100 grams steak. You know, it sound reasonable such size. I know for americans cowboys it is pretty small one. But here it is common size.
  3. How do you get 0,01 kg steaks? Thats 10 grams. My smallest were 0,1 kg.
  4. I have tested the red flare now without wolfs. The sound is far far away. But not the light. The lantern does not produce light as well. I suspect flare inserted into wolf face this way will not scare him.
  5. Hmm no luck in HRV as well. I think deer now have the information I have video capture ready and behave themselves.
  6. Wait a second. When you can use a flashlight like that in the game. What if you would light a flare dropped it and then use the same mechanism. You know stick it to wolf face a 300m away. I know, it could be a exploit... but still.
  7. Enjoy your steaks. Make them well done.
  8. IMHO that would not be such great deal. My "problem" with the path to workshop is the rope. You cannot go there overburden even a little. So hauling needed material is tricky. You can of course offload and load near the rope in current cannery. But I do understand, there has to be rope because of those fluffy grey adorable pets who wants to cuddle. The rest of the path is IMHO OK. It can be there because of "I have run here thousands of times, what can happen... oh shit I am on the ground in middle of wolf pack".
  9. I can confirm, the support responded to me as well. They are quick indeed.
  10. I had similar encounter in voyager run. 3 rifle shots and 5 revolver. But mine dropped after last revolver shot.
  11. acada

    Coop Mode?

    The time dilatation for crafting and harvesting can be coped with. But I am afraid it would have to be like in favor of uncompressed game time. I mean if somebody decided to craft Deerskin Pants, it would mean 1 hour of real time. So the crafting person would stare 1 hour on the crafting window. Of course nobody craft this in one go. But 1 hour increment is like 5 minutes in front of not moving monitor. Even chopping cedar would be like 2,5 - 3 minutes. Animations could be done on the crafting/harvesting player monitor. Something like the character is looking around. The real problem is sleeping time. It has to be done each day and it is 8-10 hours of game time which means about 45-55 minutes real time. Plus the fact character wakes up after sleep and if player is not present in front of monitor, character starts to get thirsty.... The only solution which comes to my mind is: When one player is going to sleep, the game saves his status and logs him off from the server. And he will not be able to log in for next 45-60 minutes depends on the sleep time selected. These are IMHO deal breaker.
  12. If we get to prison facility, it could have some magnetic locks. You know, operational on Aurora only. Yes it can create some deadly traps like the mine in the CH. But it could be nice.
  13. Posted this to Hinterland Support. We will see if it is intended.
  14. My bad. I havent used the crafting dialog for while. But I can confirm. The crafting is the same on my PC. The only way how I am able to divide the crafting now is to execute it and use ESC key when I think it is proper.
  15. It seems like you worked on them 10:58 hours. If I am not mistaken last 2 hours has to be done in one go.
  16. @Zenen Since we have access to Time Capsule. I am curious whether continuous update of your save could help. You know. Load the game version somewhat higher than was yours and perform save. Then load higher game version and save. Rinse and repeat. I think you don't need all versions, but it could help... maybe. It will cost you a lot of downloads and I don't know your internet connection. But it could work. Anyway backup your original save.
  17. Anyone found the outside red box for CH? One of my runs, the longest one I ever managed has a ton of meat in CH and I am preparing myself to search for it. I have just found separate topic, where admin claims the majority of items should not by touched. Uff I can enjoy my steaks. Second question. Why 0% raw meat should disappear when placed in container? Broken snare does not, spent torch does not. One can still use the meat and bring it back to 50%. And even 0% cooked meat has value for level 5 cook.
  18. I have tested it today om one deer in CH. No luck. But I swear group of deer in ML had something like magnets in their noses and I was the iron.
  19. Not yet. But I will start testing session in some high deer area. But The Real Life is now primary game I play for few days.
  20. I have read somewhere that pack of wolf when find some inaccessible bigger prey, they left one or to to guard it while rest is hunting around. And they take turns so guards can hunt and feed themselves. But I cannot verify the information.
  21. Hmm home-made jerky. I would like to have that. First you would need salt (not sure if it is required condition for smoking meat). Then time for meat preparation because you cannot put there whole kilogram of meat. Then few hours of fuel. And after that hmmmmm.
  22. If we go through the Blackrock or highly populated area, I hope there will be no shooty shooty action.
  23. Just wonder if it is some new behaviour. I am walking near group of deers. I am detected, but not in close range so deer does not run away. But they are turning its head towards me. I mean constantly, all the time. One is walking perpendiculary with head towards me. Second is walking away with head towards me. It seems creepy.
  24. @peteloud I hear you. But for me it is not this way. Of course I hate things falling through floor, mole-bear and such. But these are bugs. The new game mechanics like timber wolfs, gunsmithing, I am fine with them. I enjoyed the EP 3. The only head scratching was the very end of it. I was fully loaded with medical stuff because I expected I am going to help people in Perverance Mills. Instead of that the game ended in CH. The only new thing in the game I did not like was the sound clutter. But it is better after 1.73.
  25. I took opposite approach. I am walking tank. Wool togue + rabbitskin hat Ear wrap + satchel Bearskin coat + Wolfskin coat Deer Skin pants + Snow pants Wool Longjohns 2x Heavy Insulated shoes or Deerskin boots. Rabbitskin gloves The only thing I hate is the Ski boots, so I dont take it. And if there are Mukluks, I take them over insulated shoes. It is true that running in this gear is not great. But I dont run.