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  1. The "gravity anomaly" was meant more like joke. I know the terrain was lowered in that area. But since we have the anomaly we can say to everything "It was the anomaly". I am not going to report it. I quite like it.
  2. I dont think so. For example my lib_burst_generated.txt contains lines like: "--output=D:\Projects\EP3_Win\game\Temp\StagingArea\Data\Plugins\lib_burst_generated --root-assembly=D:\Projects\EP3_Win\game\Temp\StagingArea\Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll" I dont have drive D on my PC. I do have C, E, F ... My suspicion is that this one (not sure about the dll) was packed to game by mistake.
  3. I am wondering if it is me or not? It seems to me like certain sounds are more close to character than before. For example I am on Coastal Highway, half way between Quonset station and Waterfornt cottages. And I can hear creacking of the metal shed on the Quonset. I was not used to it. Or sound of deer hoofs sounds now for me closer. I can now hear deer from greater distance. The wind sound is now drowning all other sounds. More than before. Another thing is sound of character steps. These are now louder to me and again drowning all other sounds. Also occasional thud which sounds like bunch of snow falling from the tree. I am fine with that. But not when I am walking on the Coastal Highway ice and in direction I heard it from is nothing but ice followed by horizon. I can compare it with for example wolf barking before it starts to chase me. This one is same as before. Or the sound of walking bear with his crows. This one is same as well. The PC sound setting is same as it was.
  4. I wonder what was the rule/reason to put items into red boxes. Because I do have a ton (ok not literally) meat in front of Quonset Gas station. And it was not removed during the update. So my things in the station were left on the ground (lot of hides and guts).
  5. Not sure the fact my character was located in Quonset during update had something to do with it. BTW as described in another thread. I have troubles with this run after update. Every save action freezes my game for 3-5 seconds. Maybe it should put everything in red boxes but did not and now I have these annoying freezes. It does not cause any harm, but it is annoying.
  6. When you mentioned that. My character was in the CH when update happened. I have not noticed red box in front of Quonset station. There is the one inside. But not outside. And my meat stored in front of Quonset was left on the ground as before update.
  7. Check nearest red box. I thought I lost a lot of item in PV. But these were moved to red box in front of farm building. (not inside, but outside)
  8. I have noticed this after last update. It is located in PV. Another one is located right in front of Comunity Center. There was reclaimed wood levitating.
  9. I have noticed similar thing, but with live animals. I hit a wolf and it starts to run. Sometimes it bury itself for while in a slope.
  10. Sadly no luck for me. New sandbox no problem. Old sandbox still freezes for 5 seconds during game save.
  11. The blizzard is now full on outside? If so you have 3-4 days to repair your stuff. It is long.
  12. @ThePancakeLady I have performed more tests. One was to run tld.exe when nothing from steam was running (my setting is to not start steam after PC start). Second was when steam overlay was disabled when steam was running and third was when save sync was off when steam was running. No luck in my case. New sandboxes are saving with no freeze. The one I am interested in has the game freeze during saving. It is my longest run so far so I do not want just end it. I know 175 days is not much for some. But for me it is long.
  13. @ThePancakeLady Ha I do have steam edition as well. When I got to puter I will try to disable at least overlay and sync. See if there will be difference. EDITED: Well no luck. Disabled all steam thingies. Also executed the tld.exe while steam was not running. I got still 3-5 seconds freezes while game saving.
  14. Additional info. It happens when waking up too. So it is definitely tied to saving. New game just saves and I am able to move. Not the old run. BTW the save is on M2 drive, so there should not be problem with drive speed.
  15. I just wonder if anyone else is experiencing stutter or more like game freezing after last hotfix. I do have sandbox game runnnig. There was no problem after Episode 3 release. Not even after 4DON. But the hotfix after 4DON causes the game freezes about 2-5 seconds after my character enters any building. There is no such problem if I create new sandbox. It is running well. No problem in new created challenge game. Just my old sandbox (about 2-3montsh since I started it). I noticed the gamesave file is about 9MB while other have up to 2MB. Could it be because I am too greedy in this game and have about 150kg of meat laying near my latest base camp? I of course contacted the tech support, but no answer for now. It is no gamebreaking because it only happens when the character enters the building. But it is annoying.