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  1. Any chance you already had some visitors? Because my Astrid lives on Jackrabbit Island and she noted me of missing cup. It was levitating there on place where cupboard was and suddenly it is gone. Guys if someone took it, please return it. It was her favourite. See And any chance you have some shampoo? She told me her hair is somewhat greasy after the long time she is been there.
  2. Astrid now know she is not alone on the Jackrabbit Island. Someone took her favourite levitating mug.
  3. I would try brute force. Try to search for TheLongDark on whole drive C or on whole computer. It has to show up. Or you can search for sandbox<NR> to locate save file. I think those strings are pretty unusuall so you will have very few false positives. But personally I have no experience with Windows 10 store. Maybe it is stored somewhere else like in the cloud.
  4. I preffer bed. It is softer and I dont like the cold emerging from the floor. But if Astrid would show up, Will would definitelly spread bear pelts in front of hearth and let the fire roar through the night. Pitty, there is only one whiskey bottle in the area and it is in the cave in Pleasant Valley. And its empty.
  5. It is for triangulation. There is secret science base on Perseverance Mills. This three tower installation is for exact triangulation of the spot where the aurora begins. Unfrtunatelly the aurora during the big collaps event was so strong, all those towers are now fried. Or the reason is when the planner marked a location for the one radio tower which should be here, he was drinking Moose Kick and dropped some drops on the map. Builders misinterpreted them as two additional towers. And when these were built... ech who would bother to tear them down.
  6. One day Astrid did not clean floor in her cabin. She left some empty cartridges, cleaning kit and some metal scraps. She went to some errands. And look what she found. Sprout of new gun. She watered it for another two weeks by fish oil and now she has pretty new ExcaliGun. She moved it outside. Maybe it will grow more. Maybe she can get a Howitreetzer. P.S. Astrid expected something strange can happen in the cabin. The cup is levitating there for more than two months.
  7. It seems like gain took downwards trend after two additional weeks. Astrid still gets some rabbits, but maybe she will need to take out this ExcaliGun.
  8. I do know where the information about depletion came to my attention. It is from wiki. Seems like this article will have to be corrected. But testing still continues.
  9. Oh my. I used <spoiler></spoiler> html like coding. Not like . Sooo it should be something like chaining of ocean sound. Sounds plausible. But still. I think, there is an ghost in the code. And it is spirit of the great bear who had been slain on the the Great Bear island by Will. You know. The game is about beeing marooned on the island. So after while you can became little crazy. So you can hear bear growl on the place where you shot him. You can hear plane, because you wish to be rescued. Even it might be bug. I like it.
  10. does anyone know how to hide the part I consider a spoiler?
  11. You may try Jedi trick: "You dont see me, you dont hear me, you dont smell me". It may be followed by running and yelling like little girl
  12. This may be contain spoiler. And it is spoiler for Sandbox game.I am playing my current Voyager run. Now on 290 day. Recenty I started rabbits test. So I am located at Jackrabbits Island from day 259. I remember one day around day 260-265 I heard strange noise right in front of the cabin. It sounded like airplane or something. I thought, it might be a glitch or I should stop playing the game. But doubt was itching. So I start a search and found I am not the only one who heard it. About 2 years ago: link to steamcomunity So brace yourselves, the help is maybe coming. Or not, rest of the world might write off the Great Bear island.
  13. Here is report after 31 days. Remind you, it is Voyager difficulty and only 6 traps. The test will continue, this is just apetizer. Around day 25 it seemed like the test is ending. But it is ressurected. Still it seems like linear regression of number snared rabbits has some downwards tendency. Summary of one month snaring is 103 rabbits caught, 116 kilos of meat gathered, 15 snares destroyed. Since rabbitses gave me enough guts, I can count only 6 recycled wood as investment. Energy-wise it is not good. I have gained 65 139 kcal from the meat. But my average consumption is 3 000 per day, which means loss of 27 860 kcal. It is survivible, but my goal is not let Astrid starve. Not even little bit. Here are some graphs. The first one is simple number of snared rabbits. Orange line is linear regression. It seemed like most accurate. Second one is energy. Blue is total gathered from the rabbit meat, orange is balance whether Astrid is above zero. So if you dont want to starve, build more snares.
  14. I dont know. I tried to fire a rifle at timberwolves while I was not spotted. It resulted in immediate attack. So if you want to make a run for the tower, I would not aggro them immediatelly. Maybe stealth aproach will be better and fire as last option. Plus the flare gun ammo is pretty precious to waste it on timberwolves.
  15. Day 25. Last three days my Astrid gathered only about 2-3 kilos of rabbit per day while 3 snares were destroyed. The curve of the harvest took downward direction. But she is patient. It can be just temporary. Lucky her, she know how to fish. If it would not be so, she would be hungry. Her archery is awful. (I mean my archery, it take 3-5 shots at deer to hit him. Wolfs are bunch of elusive bastards.)