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  1. I found a jerry can in the ruined house. When you go down from the plane crash towards the Molly house, there is small broken house on the river shore. There was a can there with plenty oil.
  2. I think your Blackrock prison location may be right. The prisoners bus was heading east from Mountain Town. The Pleasant Valley map seems to be 90° rotated. So the road from south to north is in fact east-west road. But I think the Perseverance Mills is located north from Blackrock Prison. There could be one long transition from the Blackrock Prison north around the Ash Canyon leading to place NE from Mountain town.
  3. Thanks to @Zaknafein I have found another creative usage of rock cache:
  4. @manolitodeIt is truth I dont like this area. It scares me. I do not want to fade to long dark because I step into the ocean. But I have already gathered my stones. Carefull placing and now I have what I wanted. Rock cache in good place
  5. I do like the security of the workshop. I dont like the mod, which places a bridge. Another thread where rock cache was used for "jumping" gave me an idea. It requires 1 climb with 50 stones. Then you can use the rock cache as intermediate storage and do the monkey path just once each time you need to go into the shop. Some could call it cheating. I call it creative use of given mechanics and I am keeping it.
  6. I have found total 4 stones in BI now. But if I want to build a cache, I had to go to FM. Rest of stones was easy.
  7. I am now in BI. Is it just my game or there is no stone there? I looked through usual places like rock walls, the river in delta and so on. I found ONE stone. Is this region just stoneless?
  8. I dont think so. I had bear charged me right through my fire.
  9. I am coward. I always shoot bear from vicinity of car, fishing hut. Some porches may work too, but I dont rely on them. If you can find a tree you can walk on, it is nice too. About the bug bear not bleeding when you enter inside. Is it still there? I know I encountered it while ago, but the last bear I got on the Ash Canyon: I shot him from vicinity of the workshop and went inside as he didnt like it. Found him later dead.
  10. Is it out yet?Is it out yet?Is it out yet?Is it out yet?
  11. @piddy3825Nice work. It could be like that. Maybe it is just the brain playng games with me because when you are on the Winding river side, you can see the height of the dam. When you are on the Mystery Lake side, you have no such thing. When you enter from the ML, you go down to enter turbine room. If the turbines are not under the river going from dam to the Mystery Lake, you are right.
  12. I dont think the water reservoir could be on the Winding River side. The water could be only up to rim. Otherwise it would flow into the dam. And when you look from the Mystery Lake side, there is no height, which could power those turbines.
  13. I think the water flows from the Mystery lake through the dam and then to the WInding river. You need height difference mainly for producing electrocity. And looking on the outer dam side, there is enough height. Plus you need steady input of water. We dont know how rich are Mystery Lake inflows. I think there was a waterfall, which has been converted to powerplant. But when you have such small water amount before the dam, why is the dam so large? The amount of the water cannot be big if you check the terrain from the train bridge. If the powerplant is kinda "we take all water we can
  14. These are timberwolf. They act diferently from common wolfes. They stalk the character and bites. As written above, you have to deplete their moral by shooting or throwing rocks. Marine flares are usefull too. I have seen a video from BI where one of these attacked the common way. I think packs have an alpha wolf who does it.