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  1. Interesting points. I got to day 150ish on voyageur and learned what I could. Inevitably got bored, got reckless and died to bleeding from a wolf attack in a storm. I'd really want to try and get further in stalker Interloper however is a no go for me yet. Trying to accumlate as many tips as I can before then
  2. How do you guys play out a long term survival? Obviously this is very subjective and I'm wondering if my system can be improved. Key things to consider. I'm on stalker, I survived my first 40 days at Coastal Highway and have now declared the camp office at mystery lake my new home for the past 7 days So here's my situation: I tend to accumulate a whole bunch of food before cooking it so I can cook in bulk. This means less fires and more matches being saved in the long run. When possible, I even have a fire outside and use the magnifying lens to start that fire and then use the torch to start my better fire inside. I fish at the lakes and snare the rabbits further upstream in the treeline and if need be hunt deer (im not a level 5 cook so i can still afflict parasites from predatory meat). All my meat im not using gets dropped outside behind the camp office. Just wondering, is this the best way to survive long term, turtling and saving matches? Or do you guys prefer to keep moving and cook as you go along?
  3. I like to go with the following Torso: Fishermans sweater, cowichan sweater, marine pea coat (mackinaw is also good), a wolfcoat Head: Balaclava and rabbit hat Hands: Ski gloves Legs: 2 sets of wool thermal underwear, snow pants external with deer hide legs under Feet: Deer hide boots Ofcourse, can't forget those lovely ear warmers! This kind of clothing is warm enough to laugh *most* blizzards off. Very rarely feel threatened by weather in this situation. I got to day 150 on voyager before weather became a bit of an issue ( - 40°c ish ) and i got bored and advanced to stalker. Day 35 now on stalker and aiming for this clothing combo again The wolfcoat is my favourite. It's warm enough when coupled with a decent few underlayers. Heavy, but not as heavy as the bear coat, offers good protection, easily repaired mid to late game and ofcourse has the chance to repel ambushing wolves. Personal preference ofcourse. This clothing combo keeps you warm and is not too much of a burden on weight. People have suggested to wear warm clothing for longer expeditions and lighter layers for regular activities to save weight (fishing, wood collecting etc) but it's not really my style. I prefer to make the bear skin bedroll with my hide. Yes it's heavy, but for long travels when you struggle for shelter it's a good bedroll in emergencies
  4. This is probably opinion based. I tend not to travel without a bedroll. Even locally. You never can be sure when you need that bedroll (thick fog and wildlife can screw you over, so it's nice to pass time). I once misclicked and eat raw meat and gave myself food poisoning. My energy drained rapid and thick fog came from seemingly nowhere. Despite knowing my bearings, the bed roll and a cosy fishing hut with a door saved me from having to struggle through exhaustion and the fog
  5. What building and region is this? Looks like a nice place to call home
  6. What is your most intense experience of the game? I was playing on voyageur as I was still learning the game. Survived 110 days before i died to a wolf that I got way too confident about. Began a new gameplay on stalker difficulty. Much better experience so far. And with that I've just had my most intense experience of the game. Spawned in desolation point and I survived the first 4 days scavenging for clothing and food trying to avoid the brutal -30°c average temperature. I'm now set up in coastal highway in a house with a fireplace behind the vas station on day 9 (night cycle for day 10). Ran out of food (just soda cans left) so i decided i would go pistol hunting deer for hide and food (i already have some hide curing and i want to make the deer boots). (Pistol hunting is not fun as i havent found a rifle or bow yet). Finally killed the deer and began harvesting what I needed. 9.2kg of meat. Yummy and delicious! Inevitably, the wolves also agree. I attracted a lone wolf on the lake and so rather than waste my resources scaring it away, exhausted and encumbered I decided I would just lead him back to my house and get in safely so I can deal with him another time. Ofcourse, I underestimated stalker difficulty and heavy fog came. Almost lost my bearings. To make matters worse I bumped into the pack of 4 wolves that have been camping just down the road from me. Popped my flare. Now I have 5 wolves all wanting my yummy goodness. I finally get back to the road by the two coastal houses and luckily (as ive turned to get my bearings) spotted a 6th wolf lurking behind a tree. Now, I have 6 wolves all barking at me but too scared to make a move on me due to the flare. Finally i spot my house, and as I approach my door I hear something that rattled my core. Yes, a bear was charging at me. Luckily I made it home with all my meat and hide / guts but now I have 6 wolves and a bear waiting for me outside my house. My heart was seriously racing. Share your most intense experiences
  7. Not sure if this has been suggested before but I do feel like scarves in the game should be worn as an accessory, not a headgear. It seems a little silly and maybe rational that you can't wear a scarf when wearing something like a toque and a balaclava too. Also it bugs me when the mackinaw jacket for instance isn't fully buttoned and your neck is on display 😂 As far as I can tell, the only two accessories in the game are the satchel and the wool for the ears. So, does anyone else feel like a scarf should be an accessory, not a headgear?