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  1. Thanks for the replies. Only just remembered to check this out. Just curious, how do you guys handle wolves on loper as usually my go to is the revolver
  2. Been playing TLD for a long time now. It's that time of year where I annually return to this game. I am looking to play Interloper but I dont know enough about it. I know that certain items don't spawn such as the rifle and certain clothing like the expedition parka but I was wondering what items exactly? Also for more veteran players, is there a better balance between Interloper and Stalker (as stalker is now too easy) through custom settings and how effective is this as I've heard the settings can be bugged at times? (In case your wondering, I am not too fussed on the badges).
  3. So long story short I went hunting for a moose at the cabin by unnamed pond north or trappers homestead in ML. I really messed up the hunt and was stomped 4 times by the moose and nearly died. After finally killing the moose I have enough food to survive and recover my broken ribs of which I have 4 of them (nice). Trouble is I cant carry any weight and I can't sprint due to my ribs. Sitting around the cabin all day passing time is really boring so I decided to take a small venture to trappers homestead where I have cached some useful supplies previously. After I picked up what I wanted a
  4. Yeah I remember once when I was surviving in the whaling shed at desolation point (the name of the building escapes me) hiding from a bear and some wolves, i noticed the smashed ceiling with the snow pouring in and it said 'air temperature -3' when outside it was like -18 or something. Desolation point is full of buildings that wouldn't be as warm as say the cabin at mystery lake
  5. Taking the idea from the game 'The Forest' it would be pretty cool to see a modern bow in the game. The bow, perhaps a compound bow, could be a rare find in various spots (not craftable) and being as it is modern it would shoot arrows farther and faster. It could be repaired at a workbench using scrap metal and cured gut. The bow could shoot regular arrows for a minor buff or modern arrows for best benefit (as opposed to the normal survival bow which can only shoot normal arrows). Modern arrows can be found as a rare item or crafted at both a workbench using shaft, gut and feat
  6. I think rather than a manual jump mechanic, the option to find jump positions would be better. For example on broken railroads you can find the option to 'press space to jump across'. Just for fun, your weight and energy play a factor. If your player feels it is too dangerous you'll get a hud notificiation and a dialogue telling you so
  7. Thoughts on the idea of bathing in the game? So I was thinking your survivor would get very dirty, grimey and stinky traversing the cold apocalypse and this got me thinking. You should have the option to bathe. But this could have some attributes to make it work. Over time your player should develop a scent (same way as if your carrying food) which attracts wildlife. A hygiene metre could help you keep track of this. If your hygiene reaches too low not only could you attract more wildlife but your are more susceptible to diseases when cut or bitten etc. To avoid this, you should be
  8. Interesting points. I got to day 150ish on voyageur and learned what I could. Inevitably got bored, got reckless and died to bleeding from a wolf attack in a storm. I'd really want to try and get further in stalker Interloper however is a no go for me yet. Trying to accumlate as many tips as I can before then
  9. How do you guys play out a long term survival? Obviously this is very subjective and I'm wondering if my system can be improved. Key things to consider. I'm on stalker, I survived my first 40 days at Coastal Highway and have now declared the camp office at mystery lake my new home for the past 7 days So here's my situation: I tend to accumulate a whole bunch of food before cooking it so I can cook in bulk. This means less fires and more matches being saved in the long run. When possible, I even have a fire outside and use the magnifying lens to start that fire and then use the t
  10. I like to go with the following Torso: Fishermans sweater, cowichan sweater, marine pea coat (mackinaw is also good), a wolfcoat Head: Balaclava and rabbit hat Hands: Ski gloves Legs: 2 sets of wool thermal underwear, snow pants external with deer hide legs under Feet: Deer hide boots Ofcourse, can't forget those lovely ear warmers! This kind of clothing is warm enough to laugh *most* blizzards off. Very rarely feel threatened by weather in this situation. I got to day 150 on voyager before weather became a bit of an issue ( - 40°c ish ) and i got bored
  11. This is probably opinion based. I tend not to travel without a bedroll. Even locally. You never can be sure when you need that bedroll (thick fog and wildlife can screw you over, so it's nice to pass time). I once misclicked and eat raw meat and gave myself food poisoning. My energy drained rapid and thick fog came from seemingly nowhere. Despite knowing my bearings, the bed roll and a cosy fishing hut with a door saved me from having to struggle through exhaustion and the fog
  12. What building and region is this? Looks like a nice place to call home
  13. What is your most intense experience of the game? I was playing on voyageur as I was still learning the game. Survived 110 days before i died to a wolf that I got way too confident about. Began a new gameplay on stalker difficulty. Much better experience so far. And with that I've just had my most intense experience of the game. Spawned in desolation point and I survived the first 4 days scavenging for clothing and food trying to avoid the brutal -30°c average temperature. I'm now set up in coastal highway in a house with a fireplace behind the vas station on day 9 (night cycle
  14. Not sure if this has been suggested before but I do feel like scarves in the game should be worn as an accessory, not a headgear. It seems a little silly and maybe rational that you can't wear a scarf when wearing something like a toque and a balaclava too. Also it bugs me when the mackinaw jacket for instance isn't fully buttoned and your neck is on display 😂 As far as I can tell, the only two accessories in the game are the satchel and the wool for the ears. So, does anyone else feel like a scarf should be an accessory, not a headgear?