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    Sorry if I made wrong impression. I never drank from big stream. I used only small streams, which started somewhere near. I know I was lucky. But, but, but everything seems to be so clean on Great Bear. But you are right. IRL I would boil the water from waterfall. Personally: I think I will avoid closet water in my next run. It might be there, but I will not use it. As wrote above. If I should choose to try waterfall water or water from toilet reservoir (I hope character does not collect water from bottom), I would choose the waterfall. If we are discussing another water source: When one is fishing, the hole seems to be right to fit can on the string. But this source is definitelly NOT pottable.
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    I dont know. I`ve been drinking directly from small brooks in forest all the time and no problem. Of course I wouldnt drink from river, pond or lake. But when one look on the forest, snow, all the nature in the Great Bear. It is hard to imagine even rivers could be infested. In this regard I doubt the toilet water. I think there is sign in the Mountain Town that all tap water has been infected. I would consider this water source as fly-by source. If I am at location and can scoop water, I would do it. But no trip to waterfall just to get water.
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    I would let player to combine a pot and stick or branch. This way one can get water from waterfall and stay dry.
  4. Last time I used mass cooking for training cooking skills: I shot a bear near his cave. So I carved him, brought his meat to his cave, set 5 fires and cooked him in his own cave. Justice.
  5. Oh you can start a fire on car roof? I have never thought about it. Does it help with heating the car interior?
  6. And if you use them, please be adviced the Pleasant Valley is 90°rotated. It confused my play greatly. So I rotated it right way and saved on my HDD this way. But I agree with not using maps from the start. It is like using GPS in car all the time. When you do, you are not paying attention to surroundings. I think one should learn regions first and then use maps if needed.
  7. I think of different solution for this particular case. It is a elevator shaft going down. It means plenty of anchor points like steel beams. According the rope weight it can be 50-100m long. The shaft should not be so deep a rope not reaching the bottom of it. I know it would make the mine accessible all the time. But IMHO it should be done this way. Seriously. Anchor points should be more "realistics"/"available" I dont know. For example you have a cliff with trees near the edge. According my climbimg experience I would trust my life to a 1m diameter healthy tree. I think even in -40°C the tree is strong to support character weight + his equip. The second part is probably hell of game changer. So I would be comfy with anchor point only in the shaft.
  8. If you would be about repair Mosse jacket, it is better to dismantle it and create it again. In this case you dont need new moose hide.
  9. As I mentioned somewhere else. I saw a wolf spawning in the air. He did not survive the fall. It was in Mystery Lake, on the bridge in front of the dam. We all know the place. When you go following rails and suddenly a wolf from under the bridge. But your bear was spawned. Any chance you went indoor and outdoor between the moment you first saw the bear and the moment you saw him dead? I think bears (and all other animals) are not really computed when one is indoor, rather re-computed at the moment when one is coming outdoor. An glitch in height value can cause fall or undeground spawn as well.
  10. I have been watching (more like listening) the game sound since Cross Road Ellegy. After this update it was really bad. I dont mind the waterfall and wind are noisy. But there were other problems. The sound was cluttered. As I mentioned somewhere else. I am in the middle of frozen sea in Coastal highway. I can clearly hear clanking swing near the Quonset. And criecking roof the quonset. Footsteps are too much loud as well. The game was nice and quiet apart of some sounds. I could hear wolf barking clearly. Now I have to turn down the game volume, which turn down important sounds as well. I play the game mostly by my ears when I am out. One update seemed to be better. But after while again the sound is cluttered.
  11. Welcome to club. My last wandering in blizzard was more sucessfull. It happened I found a cave, where I could sleep a few hours (it was night and my character was tired). After that weather cleared out and I start to head to the Mountaneer cabin. What was my surprise the cave I slept in was the bear cave and the rightful owner was comming home. One more hour of sleep and I would descent to long dark as well.
  12. I still do remember my begginings in the game. It was rough in comparisson to other games I played at the time. I start the story game as tutorial to sandbox game. And after while it payed off. But you know what? I am kinda glad for the rough introduction. After that I moved to the sandbox. I have about 350 hours played in it. And you know what? I replayed the story recently. Just for giggles. I do know some things now I did not when played story for first time. And it was still fun. Or more fun. But I understand the game is not for everyone. Especially permadeath in sandbox. But the permadeath gives the game a little spice.
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    I think the key is plan in advance. When you are on your base (I like to create base in each map), you can pick tools according your todays task. When I am not going to hunt, I leave rifle at base. When I know for sure I will be back before night, I leave bedroll at base. What i preffer to not leave behind: water 2-4 litres about 20 cattails + MRE if I have one (salty crackers are good option too) hatchet (usable as tool, knife and last resort wolfe detterant) two cans or one pot something to start fire 2-4 bandages if I can get hand on revolver, I take it as well fully loaded with no more than 18 spare bullet This is my bare minimum. I usually add sleeping bag if I am not sure I will be at some bed at night time. I do not carry rifle. Only to hunting trip or when I am moving to another map and base. Since I usually play Voyager, I tend to store rifle in each region I mainliy visit. There are so many options in your load... For example you are going to map with little or no beds? Pack at least 5 cloths for snowshelter. Expecting moose or bear? grab a rifle or bow.
  14. Just curious. How does paint dry in -35°C? I tried paint some fence around 0°C and it took ages to dry. But of couse I am glad I have this option. Gathering sticks and placing them in some pattern is working, but this is neat.
  15. I wonder. There is Mystery lake near by with the dam. There are big turbines in it. This house is in the city. Why on earth would put these on the roof. Only reason comes to my mind would be frequent ouages caused by blizzards.
  16. Oh my. I just bought last piece of puzzle. My PC was able to run TLD in full details. In 4K. Just the display was missing. Now I got it. At first it was terrible. Not sure why, but the game was somewhat not smooth. Resolution was great, HDR was great. But looking around and mooving was like... bambillion microstutters or I dont know. The solution was to enable Gsync on the card and freesync on the display. Now it is smooht like butter. Nice to play and watch.
  17. I found the idea nice. For aircraft you need an engine and propeller. Engine can be found in any car or at the crash site at Mountain town. Car engines may not be suitable. I would go with the airplane engine from the crashed airplane. Propeller can be found again in Mountain town. Then you need the frame. You can re-use the crashed small plane in Mountain town. Or build something like the first airplanes built from wooden beams, piano strings and cloths. The propeller, wooden beams, strings, clothes can be carried. The engine can be hard nut to crack. One could drag them.
  18. I dont know. Hills south of the Mountaneering Hut are pretty high and all other parts ended in TWM. Plus I dont think only cabin is missing. I think half of the hull is not present.
  19. It has to be another one. The one on the TWM has tail section at the top of the mountain. The one in the PV has its own tail section. Not talking about engines and wings. When one checks a map of TWM, it seems like the cabin would be hurled towards Crystal lake. It could end in the lake. Or it is more south in another region.
  20. Storm lamps does not degrade over time. These are only damaged when RNG during strugle decides so.
  21. I think the decay starts when your game starts. I have moved first time to Bleak Inlet in day 200 of my run. And all canned fish were 0%.
  22. @Gun Tech. you cannot drag the wolf pack. But you can drag a bear to the pack location as shown in the thread I mentioned.
  23. In fact Astrid did not need to help any of those survivors. But she did even she needs to go to the Perseverance Mills. Helping diabetic to get his dose perfectly fits her character. And about when the insulin runs out: we dont know how big the bottle or pen is.
  24. If I remember it correctly, the insulin was only part of the run. You need to get informations about survivors, which calms down those in the center. Plus you get a lot of food. And you get one survivor on top of it. The insuline is just cherry on the cake. Look to the crash site perfectly fits to the Astrid character. And as mentioned. They dont know how bad the situation is. Whether help is or is not on the way. And it would be really out of character to let the guy die without trying to help or just kill him.