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  1. @nlph Oh my. I should close the fishing hut doors then. On the other hand... I know the baiting is now working different way. But one could maybe place bait inside the hut and theoretically it should be possible to trap wolf there.
  2. Oh my. Mea Culpa. I should not quick read. The question is whether you need gunsmith table for harvesting the ammo. I don't think you can harvest it by hands. But I am not sure with this.
  3. @JimmyI think you are right. Maybe I was lucky one time and they just moved and scanned with noses towards me.
  4. I am pretty sure the revolver is not harvestable item by design.
  5. I think, there are two more factors to sway. The mobility penalty from clothing. I have about 45% mobitlity penalty in my currect run (yes I am walking tank). And when I start aiming, the bar in right lower cornes starts from ~75%. Just like the bar for the climbing on the rope and just like the bar for sprinting. Freezing. When you freeze, the sway kicks in earlier. Little bit off topic. The level 5 revolver skill is really working. Recently I was jumped by a wolf. I had the revolver in my hand. I managed only to turn around and click the left mouse button when wolf was about in middle of the screen. And it ended not well for him. Found my steaks few hours later.
  6. I am aware of the freezing mechanism. On the page you posted is mentioned that from warmth to freezing is for ecample 15h when feels like is -1°C. So 3hours for building igloo would be fine with feels like -7°C. -8 with slight condition loss. Plus of course you can make a fire to keep yourself warm, just like for carving big carcass. I know you would not start from the total warm stage. This is just for illustration. And yes if you start it when you are already freezing, it is too late and you would freeze. I would see the igloo as long alternative to snow shelter. And in my POV it has to be balanced and the longer time to build could be good balancing. Otherwise there would be ton of igloos over the Great Bear.
  7. Oh you are setting a shop in BI. Ill visit when I am near by. You will have only clothing or I can expect a little bit of pastry as well?
  8. I would not be fan of total random map. Knowleadge of the map saved my character ass few times. You know, you are going somewhere, but suddenly a blizzard. You try to keep a direction, but it is not possible. Suddenly you see a known rock formation and you know you have to turn this way and you will get to a telegraph post after few minutes and the line leads somewhere. But in another thread, there is suggest to make wildlife little bit more unpredictable. I can agree with this for bears. You know, I am for example in the Desolation Point -> Hibernia Processing. I know, there is bear, because I have seen it day before. Now I can just wait in the gate house and I know he will pass near. And if today is foggy, I can get him tommorow. I am not asking much but it could be nice if the Big Brown did not take the very same route like train on schedule. Little deviation could be nice. Even 3 or 5 predefined paths could make the hunting really challenging. Wolfs are +- OK for me, same for rabbits and deer. If I understand it well, they have area where they can be. But not the bear. Anyway I have about 400h in game. And only now I started to explore TWM and HRV. Not speaking of BI. I admit I play it cautiously after few rushed games ending in premature deaths.
  9. @exeexe OK Maybe not 6 hours. But you know, it should be longer than the snow shelter. Maybe 3 hours... My plays are mostly in voyager. You can spend 6h outside in this dificulty except for blizzard. I have not built the snow shelter because I was freezing right in the moment. But I started in mid day because I knew I will spend night outside.
  10. It could be an option. You can build snowshelter in 45 minutes. The igloo would take ~6 hours. But it would not need any cloths.
  11. acada

    The cannery wolf

    Nice idea. I would take it little bit deeper. When the wolfie is fully healed, you could release him. So from now there is one friendly wolf in the BI. But will he go back to some pack? Or will he remain loner? If he is in pack again, I think you lost your friend. When the pack attack occurs and you kill some wolfs, your former friend could be there. And if we should be really pushing the idea, there could be one carcass with some recognizable marks. But if he would be loner, you can recognize him from far and approach him with juicy raw steak.
  12. Recently I had close wolf encounter. He ran at me and I had the rifle in my hand. No time to switch to revolver. I shot at him and saw blood. But he continues to run. So I prepared mentally myself to struggle. But what was the surprise when the wolf just ran near me crying. Before I had another encounter which was pretty same, but ended in struggle. I think I shot the wolfie little bit later. But as @ManicManiac mentioned it was short encounter. No clothes damaged, no major injury. I think it took two knife swings. This picture is from struggle, where I hit the wolf before, he jumped. But no clicking frenzy, the struggle was immediately over with this bloody diarrhea case. At the end I think if the wolf crosses some line, he will attack you shot or not. Of course if the previous shot was not crit.
  13. I would check whether you have access rights to the saved games folder. Not sure for exact location, but it is somewhere in the forum. Just open the folder in the Explorer, create some new file, edit it and delete it. The second thing is: Have you had by any chance two instances of game running? Not sure if it is possible, but if the game is executed twice, the first one can lock access to save file. Not sure but does not the game have some limited number for saves? I know it is for sandbox. If it would be me, I would move some older saved game from the default folder to some backup and try after. And for sure: BACKUP your saved games before you start to play with them.
  14. Performed my test. Voyager difficulty. Now I have for sure level 5 cooking. I found another 0% energy bar, again on the Desolation Point so even the location is same. I ate it and no food poisoning. The question now is. Does always 0% fabric food give you food poisoning? Test continues when I find another 0% canned food. I have one sardines at 28% laying on the ground inside the lighthouse. I hope it will not be placed to container and destroyed this way. FOR SCIENCE 42!
  15. Yup. Twice. Once I was in my inventory and had selected arrowhead. I dont know why, but I clicked drop. Now the arrowhead is nowhere to be found. It was in a cave with slight slope. Even bedroll is clipping on some places. I spent good time searching. Second was missing rifle cartridge. Standing in the gatehouse of Hibernia Processing. Right in front of opened door. Took two shots at Mr. Manly Hugs. Found only one cartridge. Second one is nowhere to be found. Since the cartridge is non renewable I spent good time searching. Meanwhile mister changed his name to Mr. Stiff.
  16. About those hallucinations proposed. We already had one in game. Do you remember when you dropped a bear, sometimes a ghost bear could be heard on the spot for quite a time. But they decided it is bug so it is gone now. Sad 😀
  17. Aaah. I always selected 0,5kg and canceled it when it was about one quarter in progress. But I think I will remain using 100 grams steak. You know, it sound reasonable such size. I know for americans cowboys it is pretty small one. But here it is common size.
  18. How do you get 0,01 kg steaks? Thats 10 grams. My smallest were 0,1 kg.
  19. I have tested the red flare now without wolfs. The sound is far far away. But not the light. The lantern does not produce light as well. I suspect flare inserted into wolf face this way will not scare him.
  20. Hmm no luck in HRV as well. I think deer now have the information I have video capture ready and behave themselves.
  21. Wait a second. When you can use a flashlight like that in the game. What if you would light a flare dropped it and then use the same mechanism. You know stick it to wolf face a 300m away. I know, it could be a exploit... but still.
  22. Enjoy your steaks. Make them well done.
  23. IMHO that would not be such great deal. My "problem" with the path to workshop is the rope. You cannot go there overburden even a little. So hauling needed material is tricky. You can of course offload and load near the rope in current cannery. But I do understand, there has to be rope because of those fluffy grey adorable pets who wants to cuddle. The rest of the path is IMHO OK. It can be there because of "I have run here thousands of times, what can happen... oh shit I am on the ground in middle of wolf pack".
  24. I can confirm, the support responded to me as well. They are quick indeed.
  25. I had similar encounter in voyager run. 3 rifle shots and 5 revolver. But mine dropped after last revolver shot.