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  1. Hmm home-made jerky. I would like to have that. First you would need salt (not sure if it is required condition for smoking meat). Then time for meat preparation because you cannot put there whole kilogram of meat. Then few hours of fuel. And after that hmmmmm.
  2. If we go through the Blackrock or highly populated area, I hope there will be no shooty shooty action.
  3. Just wonder if it is some new behaviour. I am walking near group of deers. I am detected, but not in close range so deer does not run away. But they are turning its head towards me. I mean constantly, all the time. One is walking perpendiculary with head towards me. Second is walking away with head towards me. It seems creepy.
  4. @peteloud I hear you. But for me it is not this way. Of course I hate things falling through floor, mole-bear and such. But these are bugs. The new game mechanics like timber wolfs, gunsmithing, I am fine with them. I enjoyed the EP 3. The only head scratching was the very end of it. I was fully loaded with medical stuff because I expected I am going to help people in Perverance Mills. Instead of that the game ended in CH. The only new thing in the game I did not like was the sound clutter. But it is better after 1.73.
  5. I took opposite approach. I am walking tank. Wool togue + rabbitskin hat Ear wrap + satchel Bearskin coat + Wolfskin coat Deer Skin pants + Snow pants Wool Longjohns 2x Heavy Insulated shoes or Deerskin boots. Rabbitskin gloves The only thing I hate is the Ski boots, so I dont take it. And if there are Mukluks, I take them over insulated shoes. It is true that running in this gear is not great. But I dont run.
  6. I think the higher difficulty in fletching is counterweighted by the fact the every arrow you make increase your archery skill. While bullets and cartidges goes to special skill gunsmithing. And I agree with the opinion that making bullets is kinda easier. And IMHO it should be. It is something like: Casing + primer + powder + bullet. Slam it into press and bam. Of course you have to know how much powder otherwise the BAM could be literally bam. But to make an proper arrow... The shaft has to be straight. This alone is not trivial task. Fletching has to be in correct place. Head has to be attached correctly as well. And the whole creation has to be in balance, not nose or tail heavy. One mistake and the whole creation can be traveling to the moon instead to the moose. I am comfy with the setting in the game. Both types of projectiles needs something hard to get (birch sapplings versus stump remover and sulfur). Both needs special place like furnace for arrowhead and gunsmith bench for cartidges. Both have something reusable but easy to loose. I noticed another thing. In my last runs I never found hammer on the same map as forge. Previously I usualy found hammer on Forlong Muskeg or Broken Railroad, but not in latest runs. Now I have to haul this piece of metal to the forge as well as coal.
  7. I envy you a little. Here in Czech are winters just grey these days. So I play TLD at winter to remind me winters from my childhood. And I play TLD in summer to cool down a little. You know like mental AC. Oh and welcome to the forum.
  8. I have checked the poisoning symptoms for dogs. If it is simillar for wolfs, it is no value for the game. Initially I thought such wolf would be sleepy and easy to hunt. But it would be restless and touchy. So I think hunting such wolf could be more dangerous. Although it could end like I know somebody in the forum has better image with the stains .
  9. I think there is rule the wolf must see the bait dropped. It means if there is no vision line between the wolf and bait, the bait is ignored.
  10. Just wonder. Is the chocolate toxic for wolfs same as for dogs?
  11. Yup I miss the old intro screen as well. I also let it sometimes to play as screensaver. The new one... not yet.
  12. acada


    The Rikken boat is nice example of disorienting. But I take it. It is boat which is not sitting upright. For me was the biggest issue Pleasant Valley. I was drawing map and I was not able to use it. First year or so of playing I was like "what the heck?" and went from the area ASAP. After that I discovered the forum and wiki and found the friking map is 90° rotated. Lucky it is now fixed. Other than these two I am comfy.
  13. Im pretty sure the song starts like this:
  14. OK maybe lets take my claim with pinch of salt (or how it is said in english). I clearly remember it was in my current run. It was in the DP Lighthouse. So it has to be around day 175 from my 285 days run. Now the question is whether I had level 5 cooking. I cannot read it from journal, but I think so because I trained it first. You know cooking small portion. Hmm I could test it in BI, there is ton of 0% sardines. If they are still there when I come back for more cartridges, I will test it for science.
  15. @ManicManiac You sure that after reaching level 5 cooking you can eat rotten canned food? Because I had level 5 cooking and 7% energy bar gave me tummy ache.
  16. Oh noooo. I love the separation of the lodge place with not so many wolfs. It is nice and calm place. Dont ruin it for me. I think the gunsmith table is for now on the best place. Maybe not logical, but it has its own logic. Better to put it into new place.
  17. You can check for the info about the items decay. Not sure whether is is uptodate or accurate. But it seems so.
  18. acada

    3rd person

    Not for me. It would break the immersion. For example when you want to see if there is bear around the corner, you have to go to the corner. 3rd person would offer you something like periscope so you could see. Plus it is great when you "are in the game" not just watch a person do your bidding.
  19. I think the ammunition crafting table was intended somewhat hard to get to. Timberwolfs are good keepers. Hunting Lodge would be too easy. If moving somewhere, the Timber Wolf Mountains -> Mountaineering hut could be better. As for the salted fish: Hell yeah.
  20. acada


    Nice pictures. Lucky you there are no bear paws imprinted in the snow.
  21. I have the game save before EP3 ends. So I went out from the mine again and captured the screen repeatedly when outro scene was playing. Sadly F8 or F10 produced only black images. I did it because I am curious where will characters go after EP3 as mentioned in
  22. I dont know, but these seems to be nice source of lamp oil: I suspect the apocalypse event was their last day alive. The apocalypse was strong when it switched the Riken and logs:
  23. I just wondered whether we will continue to DP. The outro scene begins here: Which prety much is the same we can see in CH near the Log Sort. Just ignore orcas, the ship wreck and missing posts and logs. Then Astrid reviews the whole situation and says she must continue to Perseverance Mills and she goes this way: I retraced her steps. Went from the Log Sort to east, which is the way one should follow when wants to go to Desolation point. See: So I am pretty sure next voyage will be through Desolation Point. Now the question remains whether there will be fork in Mine no 5, some goat way over the Broken bridge. Or there can be some way on the shore. Every can end somehow in TWM or new region.
  24. That's pretty nasty. I noticed the second attempt you were on crackling ice even shorter time. Is it located to only one place? Not sure whether breaking ice has some phases. Last time I fell under ice it was like Nice -> Wet -> Ded. But maybe it is like: Water rises from bottom. After short time it rises above shoe level and then whole shoe is 100% wet. Since you did two tests immediately after themselves, maybe the counter was not zeroed. Something like some people suggest for the sprain calculation. When you stop for a while, the counter is zeroed.
  25. I suspect a cataract, glaucoma or something like that. You know, she is pretty old. Recently I noticed a bullet holes in her house. Right in the main room. Something like somebody was standing in the room entrance and somebody else shoot from the chair near fireplace. It never occurred to me before.