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  1. I have left the Pleasant Valley. But on my way out, I sprained everything but one hand. In this hand I held a revolver when wolfie appeared. One hand and revolver was enough. Anyway lot of good warm clothing is now in the radio hut. Now I am in Carter Dam. Just a note. The powerplant administrator was real fan of ketchup chips.
  2. I think there probably not any hidden cache map hidden in it or any other game stuff. But you know, the previous one had a pretty same foundation: On the second look. The mid of the current image seems sort like a map. And those small parts could be like detailed sub-maps of certain regions. It is not like any of electric schema or any technic schema I have seen. Edges are uniform and full of perpendicular lines and the mid looks like paper ball.
  3. I am in Pleasant Valley -> Radio Control Hut. This picture caught my attention. It seems like sort of puzzle. Any idea what it is ? First I thougth about Canada map. But it does not seem to fit. BTW I have checked the fandom wiki and there is screenshot from the very same place, but the poster is different.
  4. I am glad to hear you are ok. Pity you have not found the combat pants in the red suitecase. I had the very same dilema to go North or South. I think unless the plane crashed in the Timberwolf Mountains, I am not going there. I am now at the Signal Hill heading South. And thanks to whoever who left a nice revolver in the radio hut. I found there second mariners coat as well so now I am comfy. Again I left some good clothing at the radio hut. Tommorow I am heading to the Carter. Maybe we can meet there. P.S. Who needs multiplayer 😁
  5. Oh my. I have not found those arrows. Must have overlooked them. Anyway, I am pinned now in the cave at the Picnic Area. Blizzard and wolfes are taking turns. But I did not explored whole cave yet. So I will spend a day there. I might bring venison. Lucky for me I hearded a deer into the toothy hungry pit called wolf. He left some meat behind.
  6. I am sorry, I did not found any revolver in the fridge at the farmstead. I think somebody else wandered there and needed it. It seems like I missed you again. I made it to the picnic area. I was followed by a black shadow. I kept it at bay using flare. We could have had steaks. But no big deal. I have heard some shots south of the picnic area. Was it you? I forgot to warn you. There is second bear there. One is near farmstead. Second is between the barn and Lonely Homestead. I hope you are well. Funny thing. I do have a bow now. But no arrows. Only one arrow head. Birch twigs are drying in the church. Are you aware there was a big disaster at this location? I have found crashed airliner. What a horror. Bodies everywhere. I found my second covichan there though. I left a combat pants behind for you if you show up there. Its in the red suitcase.
  7. Here. I had a camera on me when I was in the farmstead. Here is the bear you heard.
  8. Oh no. I am on my way to the picnic area. I was prepared to trade some of my clothing for one of your rifles. Anyway I left two pairs of cargo pants in 90-100% condition in the church. You can pick them there. But please leave the hatchet. It is my only one so far. Anyway I am heading to the picnic area right now. I do have some food and drinks. If you are still there we can make some picnic. You know, fire, some steaks. No beer though. I havent seen a beer on this god forsaken island for ages. Must have been something wrong with supplies nowadays.
  9. Oh and I dont want to only complain. I do have two snow pants, two red jaegers, insulated boots, marine coat and fishermen sweater plus Mackinaw and Cowichan sweater. And I do have two nice white-red hats with the maple leave. I do have gauntlets as well. So I am pretty well prepared for the winter. Not for wolfes and bears though.
  10. Good sir. I think we were in the farm house the very same day. I went out from the back porch and yes I can confirm that was a bear. He headed from the famrhouse to new built barn. I couldnt do anything about it. I still have no weapon of any kind. It seems like you are few steps before me and left no weapon behind for me.
  11. @ManicManiac Lucky you. All I have as detterant is flare. And I have my legs, which helped me when there was a wolf behind a corner I could not see and avoid. Tearing my fresh repaired clothes could be deadly.
  12. Thanks for clarification. Pitty the temperature will raise. I would like to not to.
  13. There is following text in the post: So I suspect the already started game will persist.
  14. My first day was without fury friends as well. Second day not so much. And third day they watched over whole CH. I got my early moose presence as well. It was second day I think. And the bastard had to know I have no weapon. He stayed near Quonset few days just taunting me. Now I am in PV. Still no weapon. But I have munched many chips and drink some syrup. My favourite meal is now ketchup chips with maple syrup dip.
  15. I have been to Canada once (only Niagara falls border) and one thing made a not erasable impression appart from the waterfall. Have you tried to eat poutin? French fries with gravy and fat cheese? My gallbladder wanted to go up and sew my mouth to stop me ingest another bite (and I am an healthy person with no digestive problem at all). I understand it is food for lumberjacks in -40°C. Why they serve it in mid of summer to tourists? IOne full portion in mid day and I had to skip the dinner. But it is strangelly addictive. Every day I was there I had to get one (from different restaurant for science).
  16. I have found and drank about 4 bottles of Maple syrup in the CH. Actually can you imagine drinking whole bottle of maple syrup without reflux? Bit by bit OK. But whole bottle at once? I dont know about low population. I am day 12 or something on CH and they are shadowing me. Lucky Ketchup chips and Maple syrup is not attracting them. As I wrote. I had a moose as well.
  17. Oh the irony. I started on the Coastal Highway. Few days in and no bow, rifle or revolver. And what I can see wandering near Quonset? Yes a moose. Anyway it is freaking cold. I wonder how it is possible those wolf rascals are not dropping from the cold on their own.
  18. acada

    Decaying food

    But hey I am not complaining. You know. We store meat on the ground outside. There are animals outside. Carnivors. When it happen, I just count it as toll to the fact animals are usually polite in the game and dont eat our stored meat.
  19. My decorating is limited to put tools I need right behind the door. And the only criteria is to put them on ground or shelve in way they stick out. So for example perpendicular to wood tiles or diagonal to window light cast to the floor. Plus I place a lantern right behind the door. So when I come back from the night trip, I dont have to search for it. Firewood is on pile near fireplace or stove. Rest of items resides in cabinets. Outside are piles of fish and meat. So I am not decorating. Just little tidying.
  20. acada

    Decaying food

    Or when it is on the ground, update happens and 0% meat is placed into red box.
  21. I dont think any mod is needed to solve this. It could be nice to put one rope anchor point on the pier. Or on the crane. So you have to do the monkey path once. Then you can decide to put a rope on the pier or crane.
  22. acada

    Day 815

    I see you have been training it a lot on this location. Poor house. Someone could use it to live there. But no, you had to burn it.
  23. I do remember the moment I realized it is possible to rest on ledges. It was real facepalm. But nice one. One of my graves is in Ravine under the rope.
  24. I still do carry a rifle. But only when I am activelly hunting a moose or bear. Deer hunting is another cup of herbal tea. Here I train my bow skills. For non hunting days I stick with my trusty revolver as wolf detterant (although I got few deers with it as well). Since I can renew my ammo, it is easier nowadays. And I do not carry any extra ammo for rifle. Just fully loaded. For revolver I do carry extra 12 rounds. For bear and moose hunting: Lot of thinkgs can go wrong and it is much quicker to reload a rifle and aim, then put a new arrow and draw a bow and aim.
  25. Nice one. Can I take a liberty and tamper with it little? I would change the writing to "The Long Dark work from home".