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  1. Dont take antibiotics immediately after food poisoning. You can sneak in eating more ruined foods and your FP recovery time will still remain the same.
  2. You hear a crow while driving and your first thought is there's a corpse somewhere
  3. I assumed spending a lot of time in the "deeper half" of an outdoor cave would add to cabin fever risk. So like an idiot for hundreds of days I made fires or cooked in the outer half, and actively tried to avoid as much time as possible in the inner half as if it were hot lava
  4. I originally finished it on medium originally and simultaneously did a survival world. Then I played survival too much and came bak to Wintermute and it was disappointingly easy. I intend to replay Wintermute on the hardest difficulty too. But I feel even that might be too easy. So it will mostly be for the side quest achievements I missed
  5. Agreed. Using recycled cans to do this is very creative and practical
  6. Agreed! And good point about preference. Being able to take them off naturally deactivates them for anyone who doesnt like the sound, which I figure would be a random time interval between 5-40 seconds anyway. That's how often I hear them at home
  7. A few windchimes in the game might be a really nice touch. It's not intrusive or game breaking, or overpowered and players can choose to ignore it or make use of it. A few spawn randomly in every world. You find them hanging on random houses. So finding them is a nice surprise/bonus. And you can grab them to hang elsewhere. And when it's windy, they make a nice (but soft) sound. This can really add to the ambience and experience. They can be long lasting or have a very small chance to break during a blizzard And Hinterland can choose how far the sound travels too. This would determin
  8. It's embarrassing to share this but I never used emergency stims until recently 1) I got used to finding alternative routes/solutions than using a stim 2) I thought its description "you collapse from exhaustion" meant that after using it you'll physically pass out on the ground for an hour or so, which could be deadly if near a predator or out in the cold. Another one, I assumed drinking herbal restored fatigue. So I would drink it before sleep assuming it replenished more fatigue And rhar makes me wonder. What were some things that you were mistaken about?
  9. I was bored out of my mind at 300 days on Stalker but wanted to get the 500 days achievement. So I farmed 2 bears, 4 deer, and a few wolves. I cooked all the meat, and then hunkered down in a cave to eat, pass time, sleep, repeat. After a week of doing this I decided I wanted to experience what hibernation was like. I've read people talk about this but never tried it as I've always been well-fed for the 5kg bonus. So I let my hunger go red while maintaining other needs. Once my condition drained all the way down to about 5%... I ate 1kg meat (~1000 calories) and slept for 12 hours in
  10. What if the game had death quotes You have faded into the long dark "The pain of disappointment is greater than the pain of discipline"
  11. I find cattails very interesting because their weight in kg also signifies how many days they will last you eg. 20 cattails = 1 kg That's approximately 1 day's worth of food (a relaxed estimstion at ~3000 calories/day)
  12. Ash canyon might be my pick. There are some hills you can climb on top of even after you get to the top level
  13. Dont cook meats without a pot if you have one. It is much faster to cook everything in a pot not just fluids. I realized this very late into the game