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  1. It's already very unrealistic as realistically you could survive for weeks without eating anything.. so making it even more punishing would be an immersion breaker for me!
  2. Is there a real life counterpart you have in mind or you want them to just make it up?
  3. Aurimas

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    I just wonder - what do you find in Survival mode that is not satisfactory to you? .. when I started I also liked Wintermute better, but after giving Survival mode a decent try - I can't really go back to the Story mode, I am still to try ep3. Try Survival Mode, really, it's great
  4. Makes sense. Harvest paper from books. I can't imagine doing that in real life either.. unless in some special circumstances. Actually, why not - it could be a good reason to collect stones.. could be 2 types of fires - one with cooking slots and one without. Anyway, what you're forgetting is the fact that how much heat and burn-time a certain piece of wood will exert also depends on what's going on in the fire as well. For example adding the same kind of stick to a fire that just started versus a fire that is blazing will have different effects. In other words, you can add sticks all you want to a big fire - it will just swallow them and cause a short burst of heat .. you won't be able to lengthen the time of the fire this way because it will be dictated by larger pieces of wood that are burning.
  5. I hope you're not in the Mafia.. Only 7 minutes difference, I bet if you have level 1 cooking that gap is much larger... have you tried with Bear meat? In my experience (only Interloper) the difference between cooking in pot and without it is about the same. I will do a test when I have time .. if anything - to return you the match
  6. Hang in there buddy, just be careful and I hope you're not in Italy
  7. Wrong, in my experience the cooking pot only reduces the time of cooking relative to level 1 cooking, when you get level 5 cooking you're better off without the pot. I'm not saying this is intended, but that's the way it is currently..
  8. Exactly my point, what is general performance?
  9. I agree, original Wintermute was better in some ways
  10. Is this still true in current version of the game? Specifically interloper
  11. Nice suggestions! I especially agree with 2, 3, 6, 12 - in real life you could check what's on the back seats by turning around.
  12. Nice try at proposing good changes. I personally I would like to see some more realism when it comes to some issues, like: I would add that meat should be preserved for at least a few months in sub-zero temperatures (like in real life, you can keep raw meat in freezer without it spoiling) When it comes to your suggestions, Idk some things do seem more fun, like the wolf fleeing by you pointing something at it, it only makes sense where a wolf attacks you while you're harvesting by the fire. Also it is possible in real life to starve during the day and just eat full meal in the evening, many people actually employ this tactic as a way of life. What I would like to see is minus calories, that is - you could loose fat/muscle (and some benefits with it) when you starve (instead of loosing condition by starving for a few days) I actually get sort of in-game cabin fewer if I spend too much time (without passing) indoors, so I think Cabin Fewer is real, but it should definitely be more flexible. When it comes to traversing steep terrains - think Alex Honnold! It's been proven it's possible in real life. I think traversing equivalent mountains to TLD would be a joke to him.
  13. Here's a video of charcoal appearing. Is this really supposed to be this way? The Long Dark Charcoal appearing.mkv
  14. Does anyone have this issue? I'll attach some screenshots later, but basically I can't see some things in clear detail from some distance and some things like branches visually pop in as I move. I have my Quality settings on ULTRA
  15. Hi, I'm new to these forums so correct me if I'm at the wrong place. I guess it was supposed to run away as per usual when you get inside some structure, but instead it got stuck and the sound kind of too. Here's the video:
  16. .. in addition to aurora, would be beautiful
  17. Isn't there enough man-made structures in game? making building additional kind of redundant
  18. So getting the game from single player to multiplayer is a lot of work - character animations would have to be introduced (which would definitely hurt the realism of the game unless is done very well), animals AI would have to be improved, map inter-connectivity changed. However most importantly, this has been done by other (survival) games and so the introduction of multiplayer just wouldn't be worth the development cost.. not beyond The Long Dark 2 scope I'm sure though