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  1. Yes it does seem odd the Molly dragged Astrid to the farmhouse after she escaped the tunnel collapse. Is it possible that Molly is a liar and was associated with the prisoners somehow and was somehow in Milton then brought Astrid who was sleeping all the way through some unknown region to Winding River then to farmhouse.
  2. Anyway my run is still going , this will be my last thread on this section if the admins want to move it that is OK . I'm still alive ... barely on Desolation Point and I have taken the plunge and ate some wolf meat but only morsels enough to not let the parasite risk get too high. Luckily a deer spawned and I was able to cook it all up . Plan is to kill one more wolf and try to hang on here long enough to get the wolf coat. I have plenty of matches so I can hang on here but will be making for Mystery Lake to look for the Magnifying glass at some point. Playing Episode 3 on Wintermute lately so only pay this fella a visit once an evening for a short while.
  3. Yes I guess it could be moved there ....
  4. Desolation Point is truly an apt name for this region, the last few days have been at times a struggle to find enough to eat. After looting the lighthouse and returning to the stone church to munch on rabbits I went back through the mine and spent a day near the bear cave as there was 1 kg of deer meat on the carcass there. I also beach combed a rainbow trout near Hibernia. I have had thoughts of risking it all in Scruffy's cave just to get my hands on some more deer meat but luck was enough that 1 lonely deer spawned near the Riken. I used the fuel from that deer to finish crafting one set of deer boots and 1 pair of deer pants. So now I'm back at the mine again and just finished checking near the stone church NOTHING not even 1 bunny so have to look over to Katie's Quiet Corner and around the road here for something .... anything. I have 1 kg of cooked wolf meat on me but I am just too scared to eat it as I know all too well this run would go into the toilet pretty fast with a bout of intestinal parasites.
  5. My current interloper run is still going and I have not gotten the courage yet to leave Desolation Point and enter the Crumbling Highway. I used up the remaining deer meat from the first 2 deer so I decided to head for the mine by the road and pop out near the church. I killed 2 wolves that were hanging around Hibernia. Using the tree along the road I killed 1 more wolf then finally another deer . I went to the lighthouse as planned and forgot the crowbar so had to make a second trip there and the lockers were empty anyway . So currently at the lighthouse, plan is to try for another wolf from a safe ledge and get the forth hide needed for a wolf coat. I have enough deer hides to make boots and one pair of pants. Going to need another deer spawn as cooking skill is at 4 currently. I have been harvesting and cooking meat in 0.5 kg intervals to boost the cooking skill. I'm not going to test fate and eat any wolf meat just yet. I have been harvesting the meat of the wolf kills but not cooking it . So once I hit level 5 cooking I will have some meat ready to cook and eat safely. Still may have to leave here though if deer spawns take too long.
  6. This run is still plucking along, closing in on 30 days Cooking/ Harvesting Skill at 3 each . Killed my first bear from the top of the Riken he fell over by his cave so I just harvested his hide as there was wolves nearby and I dared not start getting any meat (can't eat it yet anyway). I did bag two deer near the little island which is getting me by at the moment. Just got the well fed bonus and now some tough questions for myself. I can get the heck off this map sooner rather than later as I'm not so confident in the deer spawning. Just my clothes still kinda suck and I have to try to get to Coastal Highway. My condition is improving so thinking if it reaches 100 I should make a break for it. I'd like to visit the lighthouse as well but had to turn around earlier as there was a wolf coming my way out of nowhere and I had to turn back to the safety of the ship. I did however find some birch saplings near the exit of the mine and have those curing at the moment. I would like to have some extra stalks and a few more arrows than 3. Have lots of saplings back on Coastal as well.
  7. Well things have turned for the better on this run as I was able to use the deer I killed to get me through these last few days. Cabin fever warning still on but I have staved the infliction off by spending time in the captains cabin in the Riken cooking meat and researching. I used some excess coal to keep the fire going a long time. Once my saplings were cured I went over to Hibernia and got my archery kit done. Run out of deer meat but now have the tools to defend myself and start hunting deer. Cooking skill is still pretty low. Crafted the rabbit mitts and hat so have some better clothing although no wolf coat or deer pants/ boots yet. Plan is to go back to the Riken and bag a couple more deer. I will then leave this area for Coastal Highway as just so many choke points here. The bear has been walking over to my home as well so may have to shoot him and the wolves around here to make my path a little safer. Haven't been to the lighthouse yet and would like to go see if there is some good loot there.
  8. Thank you @Dan_ . I'm still going on this run and I had some tough decisions but I decided that I needed to stick around Desolation Point a little longer. I went back to the mine first and spent the day hunting bunnies and eating the dead deer at Katies Quiet Corner. There was also a birch and maple sapling there as well so that was good. I went back to the coal mine and checked out the old church area then back through the mine and brought back all the coal to the Riken. I then fired up the forge and completed the arrowheads I need and the improvised ax . After finishing all that I looked at my condition and the fact that I was starving. Emerging from the Riken I seen 2 deer so I made a tough choice I crawled up close to the deer and used a flare pistol to bring down the deer. With the forge fire still going I cooked up enough meat to fill my belly and bring my overall condition up. One little hitch though now I need to wary of cabin fever as I'm up to 50% chance of getting it. Not sure what I need to do next but I do need to stay on this map long enough to get my bow and some arrows at least. So I have 2 more flare bullets , might have to use those as well...
  9. Not much time to play this week but I did manage to make it to the Riken . My health is ok but I have no crafted bow or arrow shafts as yet so the stay here will have to be short as food on this region is pretty scarce. I killed a couple rabbits on the island but was only able to keep the forge going long enough for 2 arrow heads and a knife so I need to go gather up some more coal (which I left in the mine nearby) and go forge some more arrows before getting the heck off this map and back to coastal highway for some days of fishing until I can craft my archery gear. That is if I don't starve to death or get ambushed by a wolf before then.
  10. My preference is weapon cache followed by the food, tools, then clothing . medical and last wood. Fire logs are nice but man packing all that wood back is just too heavy
  11. That's the nice thing about playing settings other than Interloper there are the good ol preppers cache's. Always a nice feeling finding the one on your game and spending time searching for them.
  12. After napping a bit the blizzard seemed to hang on so rather than sitting around waiting for it to stop I decided just to run for the cave in the ravine . So that turned out to be a good move as I avoided any possible wolf spawn when the storm cleared. So after sleeping there I went down the rope and found the distress pistol and another heavy hammer. I returned to the cave for one more night and am now back at the little cabin at bear creek canyon. I have some gut cured here so going to grab it and head down the hill to make fishing line. The plan is to now move towards a trip to Desolation Point and the Riken. I'm hoping the distress pistol will keep me out of trouble on the journey through crumbling highway. Just have to make sure I have enough food to make the journey safely.
  13. Well this run is still going and I decided to cross the ravine into Mystery Lake. I found the rope on the first cave in the ravine and deployed it on the other side of the log crossing. I killed 3 rabbits on my way to the cave on the far end of the ravine and cooked them up. After warming up I went into Mystery Lake and slept the night in the trailer. I decided to go towards Allan Cave Hunting Blind to look for the bedroll and luck be darned if it wasn't right there. So great stuff I pulled back to the dam and spent the rest of the day looting. After all that though found some matches but one meezly pack of beef jerky! So not sure what is next but I think I need to make for the ravine again after this blizzard clears up. Hoping a wolf doesn't spawn by the trailers as it will make travel to the ravine pretty much impossible.
  14. I've only played Pilgrim to try to get to know the Hushed River Valley map . I have pretty much switched to Interloper as my main setting.
  15. Well things are looking up a bit in some respects but others.... mehhh . I am still unable to locate a bedroll but I found the heavy hammer underneath the workbench by the fishing huts so I could very well make a bid for the forge but without a bedroll it's not going to be easy. So my thoughts are going to good old Mystery Lake . But I need to cross the ravine to the Hydro Dam then check the Camp Office or the Hunting Blind for the bed roll. Not a great situation as there is a wolf often patrolling the trailers near the dam making that passage dangerous. The other option is to make for the Riken but again no bedroll is going to make that journey unsafe as well as I need to navigate through the mines then sneak over to the other mine and then make for the Riken . Without a bedroll it's not going to be easy either. I am currently held up at Bear Creek Campground munching on rabbits. I found a full compliment of clothing which is nice so I can keep the chill off a bit.