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  1. Biggest loss was a 275 day interloper run where I accidentally stepped into the fire burning myself to death , bad way to die with my best run on interloper at the time. Had a nice run on Forlorn end by chopping a piece of wood and freezing to death and another time I tried to sleep in a fishing hut with the bearskin bedroll and froze to death.
  2. I watched your videos Gun Tech , I really like your snow shelter strategy for sure against the timber wolves . Also a much more calculated approach to entering the region building up your resources along the way to to the cannery. Have to give it a try when I get my current run to enter the region. Have a run going that I'm challenging myself to stay 50 days in each region currently 38 days in PV and then heading to Timberwolf Mountain but the plan eventually means spends 50 days on Bleak Inlet just not sure my timing for the visit. Thinking after I do Forlorn Muskeg.
  3. So Bleak Inlet is just west of Coastal Highway then so if one was to get along the coast past the destroyed lighthouse I would arrive near Bear Creek.
  4. A lot of us like to throw our meat on the ground in front of our cabins etc . Just thinking they could add an animal that would be attracted to our uncooked meat.
  5. I play a lot of interloper so after about 150 days when you enter a region you haven't looted all the clothing is ruined. It would be nice if level 5 sewing allowed you to fix cloths that are ruined.
  6. This run is still going and I've decided that since I toughed it out 50 plus days on Desolation Point I would attempt to spend 50 days straight all all regions. After 49 days of Mystery Lake / Ravine I am 9 days into my stay at Pleasent Valley . Weather sucks here but shot the bear at the cave below the signal tower so have a good supply of meat. Just using the little barn near the farmhouse as kinda of a base. Going to do some small loot runs around the map nothing too risky. See how it goes if I can conserve enough matches . This is a real tough map as not many days I can use the magnifying glass.
  7. Check if there is a lost and found box somewhere in the farmhouse
  8. See lots of logs on Great Bear but no sawmill anywhere. There should be a region that has one. Could just me an old school sawmill with a green chain lots of catwalks, conveyors etc. A beehive burner and of course some rough lumber planks . Of course all the usual bunkhouses or trailers and vehicle parking lot.
  9. So you've eaten nothing but meat for days on end so you get scurvy which weakens you . To cure eat peaches , rose hip tea for 7 days straight .
  10. I will say the initial interloper start is not always as bad as say day 30 because you have that initial food supply however scarce. Once you start to clean up all the deer carcusses along the way and all the cat tails and the very odd can of soda or box of crackers. The weather starts to get bad and if you are unable to equip yourself to hunt things start to get a bit dodgy. The difficulty starts to drop once you get the hunting gear and upgrade all your clothing to the crafted stuff. Then it becomes a matter of keeping up with essential resources metal , cloth and matches that dictate your movements around Great Bear. If you can stay put in one small region things can start to feel safe and the opportunity to get complacent or take poorly planned loot runs that usually end your run.
  11. Great work all of you that have dared the region , going to have to get the guts to go there on Interloper as well
  12. Maintenance Shop on Broken Railroad???
  13. Still kicking and found the Magnifying glass back at Trappers Cabin , I got pretty beat up health wise though on the journey I went into the red a couple times due to cold/ starvation managed to get some snares going on Jack Rabbit and bagged a wolf there as well so was able to get the well fed bonus back then I went to the ravine packing that mountaineers rope all the way from DP LOL. I went down the ravine found the flair gun and loaded up on birch bark and deer meat. Then I stopped over at the boxcar and there was a rope in there so I guess I can visit Bleak Inlet someday. I have a nice trail of food along the way so a return journey to Jackrabbit is on my mind as I left a bear skin there and some saplings. Plan is to loot Milton next....
  14. Well I made a decision last night and that was to pull up stakes, I did however haul most of my loot with me out of there kind of tough though leaving all that food behind though but I did not want to risk the Crumbling Highway with too much scent on me. I had not checked the pick up truck on crumbling highway before and wouldn't you know it a box of matches was in there LOL . No matter I need to find the magnifying glass anyway I just got a small reprieve. I am currently at Jack Rabbit Island but the food situation is pretty dire. Snared a couple rabbits though so going to try to regroup a bit but my goal is to return to the Hydro Dam and make a small loot run to Pleasant Valley as I have not been there yet. I do think I perhaps overburdened myself but I had the well fed bonus and I elected to haul the rope to use at the ravine. I did use the bear cave somewhat to ward off cabin fever on DP but the rabbits there were bringing the wolves that way a bit much so I was spooked by it . I never used the church rather the captains cabin of the Rikan as well the Church seemed wolfy . The other loot restriction I had was cloth as I used up most of the cloth on DP so I couldn't consider the wolf coat which I so badly needed. I may make a short return trip to get some of my hides etc that were curing.
  15. On day 15 or so of my current interloper run I decided it was time to go to Desolation Point and forge. So I made the journey safely to the Rikan and scrounged enough food to get me by until I had myself a bow and arrows. Well that was 50 days ago and I'm still on Desolation Point. After bagging a bear and a moose I have stayed put and have some decent cloths including Moose vest and Deer pants and boots but it's so darn cold here and I'm sitting with 10 matches and 1 fire striker. My health is still kind of low as I have been trying to avoid the cabin fever so taking cold damage a lot. So have more than enough food (mainly due to snaring rabbits) and I spent a day boiling water so enough water for 20 days perhaps but is it really worth it or is my best action is to pack up and leave this region anyway. If I had the magnifying glass it would be easy to stay a bit longer and be very conservative with the matches / striker. What loot restrictions do you find that cause you to uproot what is a relatively safe situation.?