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  1. May current run has a phantom backpack on the bridge near the Landslide on Bleak Inlet must be something to do with that map a glitch of some sort.
  2. I thought of this recently what if each region has a major location with a truck that one can leave an item for another would be survivor who may happen to stumble across it. Imagine you are alone and you go around hoping to find loot in order to survive but you also just take and never give back. If there was a survivor out there that was looking for company and was in the same predicament as yourself wouldn't it be cool to stumble across a new wolf coat in a trunk. So you are playing a long interloper run and you have no shortage of skins and other resources. You could place an item in each trunk in each region for an achievement. Once the item is placed in the trunk it can no longer be opened and the item retrieved. It would also give you some purpose to keep moving. Also as an added bonus there could be one such item left for you in every interloper run. Thoughts....
  3. I'm at 30 days now on my self challenge . I decided to go for and try to get back into the cannery yard so I had a blue flare ready and I snuck up to the gate. But I was unable to light it fast enough and one of the resident timberwolves jumped me so I took some damage but managed to strike him with my hatchet and escape into the nearby trailer. So I treated my wounds and had a couple hours of sleep. When I got up and went outside the remaining wolves wanted nothing to do with me. I was able to do a second much less rushing looting of the cannery area. Again though I only found one set of long johns, a couple more blue flares and both tool boxes. I escaped with a few cans of sardines. But much to my dismay there were no gun or pistol to be found. So I'm back fishing by the cabin and dodging Mr Bear. I am up to level 3 fishing and eating very well. I decided to gather up all the cans I had and take them over to the lighthouse to boil up a decent amount of water. I'm getting lots of northern lights shows which is discouraging as I don't have the code to the workshop. Would like Hinterland a way one can sneak in to the cannery once you made it in once like a rope climb.
  4. I have been cooking in the fishing hut , I couldn't find a pot so a lot of boiling water with cans (real slow) . I am not brave enough to haul fish over there and utilize the stove
  5. No access to a work bench and I didn't find tool box so fishing tackles I have are going to have to do. But ya I'm 20 plus days in already I scrounged all the dead deer and rocked down some bunnies by the cabin. Have caught a lot of fish That bear keeps me on high alert though as I have no answer for him. Just run back to the cabin when I see him heading my way.
  6. So I finished a personal challenge on Voyageur to stay on Hushed River Valley 50 days from the start and now I'm doing the same with Bleak Inlet. So far I'm about 6 days in but I've pretty much looted the whole map and no gun. Luckily I had a few blue marine flares so I was able to get into the cannery and found a couple fishing tackles. So the hope is I can live on fish and bunnies to make the 50 day run. Unable to find any sort of hunting weapon so it will be pretty tough.
  7. All too familiar with burnt out areas....
  8. I'm having similar problems , when I go to start the game it just freezes on the Disclaimer screen.
  9. Once you loot the whole map your cloths situation should be good. Food will be the issue early on and the fact you have the bow should help a lot with that. There are places on the map where the wolves are ways back and you can't hunt deer safely.
  10. Before this run I played it on Pilgrim for an hour way back when they first released then after died there on interloper starts because I didn't know where to go LOL . I either froze to death or got killed by bear, moose or wolf before I could figure it out. I'm starting a Voyageur run on Bleak Inlet for a 50 day run (so no visit to the cannery as no start points by the tower. Should be equally or more difficult.
  11. Well today I finished up 50 days from the start on Hushed River Valley. After staying on the one map and surviving and spending all that time forwarding all my loot from the top of the map through the ice caves and the main items to Mountain Town. I find the map much easier to navigate and it's not so bad really. I did stay out of the wolf / bear infested area east of Stairsteps Lake however. Might be a good place to bring an interloper character with good cloths and level 5 archery.
  12. All the above mentioned but the big one for me is cat tail collecting. No matter what starting point on a new Interloper run survival usually hinges on how many cat tail stalks I can collect in the first days of survival. Since one can't hunt or snare rabbits and you need to keep moving to collect as much good cloths before they go bad . So to get you through those early lean times you need to plan your route to make sure you get stalks.
  13. Something about the good old trappers cabin, I think it just feels like home for folks that have played this game since there was just one region.
  14. I'm now at 40 days as I went up to Monolith Lake and killed a moose which gave me enough meat. I've pretty much looted the entire region so now to curb boredom I'm just forwarding my resources to the ice cave system before leaving for Mountain Town once I hit 50 days. Likely never finish this Voyageur run though as I normally play Interloper. Thinking of bringing my very bored 500 day Interloper survivor here just to see if I can make it more interesting for her.
  15. I almost always use the rock ledge on the left to snipe the wolf so the snow shelter idea is excellent I must say. Just wondering how effective the snow shelter would be to lure MORE wolfs to the party after ridding the first one. If you loaded the meat and got 3 bars of scent. I know there are some wolves near the tracks by the yellow coach car.