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  1. The Desolation spawn is always around that bridge , never had any luck hunting him there no good tree or rock outcrop to shoot at him to avoid getting stomped.
  2. Near the transition cave to Bleak Inlet was the spawn place I remember .
  3. I have to ask with the recent changes to wolf AI how many of you are ever hunting wolves on purpose for food. I know on Interloper I have not considered hunting wolves anymore since they are little more aggressive than before. I used to try different strategies to get on ledges / trees etc where I felt safe. I don't feel safe no longer on rock outcrops as I think the wolves can get you in places that used to be out of their path. If the wolf detects you and are aiming at them if there is no path to you they simple run out off where before they would just walk slowly allowing you a free shot at them.
  4. Have to agree , at least make them maybe go off a short distance and patrol perhaps and get reset if you move within range again.
  5. Thank you Hinterland for the fixes to the sinking corpses
  6. I take it this is early game before you get the bow. I always like picking them off from the loft. Really easy once you hit level 5 archery when you can crouch.
  7. Going to guess a bear mauling , she shot at the bear near the bridge and it turned on her before she could get to safety . It scratched her eyes with it's claws.
  8. So any Heavy Hammer spawns on Broken Railroad on Interloper. As it wouldn't be so bad if one could forge there . If starting on Forlorn one could jump there right away and get the improvised knife and hatchet.
  9. I started another interloper run as I reached 100 days and starting to get bored with that one. Started me on Forlorn Muskeg way at the far end of the map near Broken Railroad. Made a quick dash for Spence Homestead spent one night then went to Trappers looted ML and now looting Coastal Highway and heading to Desolation Point next. Have to say that I seem to follow the same looting pattern with the eventual destination the forge on the Riken. I know other Interloper players follow a different pattern so let's here yours.... So mine is Starting Region(Forlorn Muskeg, Timberwolf Mountain , Pleasant Valley) --> Mystery Lake --> Coastal Highway --> Desolation Point Hushed River Valley and Desolation Point starts for me always end up badly as I either die on the way to Coastal Highway or after a short while there , or I die on Hushed River Valley via cave wolf or hypothermia.
  10. Heh they need to add wolf pants / mitts and hats to use up all those hides
  11. I always think to myself yeah I've pretty much done playing The Long Dark then Hinterland does another update and I'm back playing. Sure some little things to iron out but overall game is still very playable but always adding more things to make you rethink how you play the game. Some things you think are huge hurdles and then the gamer in you thinks of ways to adapt to the change.
  12. Great job looks like you are starting to get the hang of it. You are kind of at the cusp at that point in the game where you are just starting on the major crafting / forging always that huge hurdle of getting enough food to get by usually makes or breaks your run.
  13. I generally like to harvest carcasses using the hacksaw usually by a fire. I usually will harvest in 0.5 kg intervals cooking and harvesting at the same time. This reduces smell and also the game sometimes triggers a weather change if you try to harvest everything at once (likely due to time elapsed) I never quarter in Interloper as I'm afraid the weather will suddenly change and I will get hypothermia.
  14. Not sure it needs redoing so much as maybe some tweaks to make it useful for interloper players. I would suggest lots of shell casings around all the maps , a guaranteed pistol at one of the common starting maps in interloper at the same amount of instances as say the heavy hammer. So the interloper player has an option to visit the region and perhaps leave with enough ammo to get by for a while. A few marine flairs here and there. Watching you play on Stalker the area is viable , not sure the respawn rate of the timber wolves but you could live on wolf meat and just keep making bullets from your casings until powder / lead run out.