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  1. Thank you @Dan_ . I'm still going on this run and I had some tough decisions but I decided that I needed to stick around Desolation Point a little longer. I went back to the mine first and spent the day hunting bunnies and eating the dead deer at Katies Quiet Corner. There was also a birch and maple sapling there as well so that was good. I went back to the coal mine and checked out the old church area then back through the mine and brought back all the coal to the Riken. I then fired up the forge and completed the arrowheads I need and the improvised ax . After finishing all that I looked at my condition and the fact that I was starving. Emerging from the Riken I seen 2 deer so I made a tough choice I crawled up close to the deer and used a flare pistol to bring down the deer. With the forge fire still going I cooked up enough meat to fill my belly and bring my overall condition up. One little hitch though now I need to wary of cabin fever as I'm up to 50% chance of getting it. Not sure what I need to do next but I do need to stay on this map long enough to get my bow and some arrows at least. So I have 2 more flare bullets , might have to use those as well...
  2. Not much time to play this week but I did manage to make it to the Riken . My health is ok but I have no crafted bow or arrow shafts as yet so the stay here will have to be short as food on this region is pretty scarce. I killed a couple rabbits on the island but was only able to keep the forge going long enough for 2 arrow heads and a knife so I need to go gather up some more coal (which I left in the mine nearby) and go forge some more arrows before getting the heck off this map and back to coastal highway for some days of fishing until I can craft my archery gear. That is if I don't starve to death or get ambushed by a wolf before then.
  3. My preference is weapon cache followed by the food, tools, then clothing . medical and last wood. Fire logs are nice but man packing all that wood back is just too heavy
  4. That's the nice thing about playing settings other than Interloper there are the good ol preppers cache's. Always a nice feeling finding the one on your game and spending time searching for them.
  5. After napping a bit the blizzard seemed to hang on so rather than sitting around waiting for it to stop I decided just to run for the cave in the ravine . So that turned out to be a good move as I avoided any possible wolf spawn when the storm cleared. So after sleeping there I went down the rope and found the distress pistol and another heavy hammer. I returned to the cave for one more night and am now back at the little cabin at bear creek canyon. I have some gut cured here so going to grab it and head down the hill to make fishing line. The plan is to now move towards a trip to Desolation Point and the Riken. I'm hoping the distress pistol will keep me out of trouble on the journey through crumbling highway. Just have to make sure I have enough food to make the journey safely.
  6. Well this run is still going and I decided to cross the ravine into Mystery Lake. I found the rope on the first cave in the ravine and deployed it on the other side of the log crossing. I killed 3 rabbits on my way to the cave on the far end of the ravine and cooked them up. After warming up I went into Mystery Lake and slept the night in the trailer. I decided to go towards Allan Cave Hunting Blind to look for the bedroll and luck be darned if it wasn't right there. So great stuff I pulled back to the dam and spent the rest of the day looting. After all that though found some matches but one meezly pack of beef jerky! So not sure what is next but I think I need to make for the ravine again after this blizzard clears up. Hoping a wolf doesn't spawn by the trailers as it will make travel to the ravine pretty much impossible.
  7. I've only played Pilgrim to try to get to know the Hushed River Valley map . I have pretty much switched to Interloper as my main setting.
  8. Well things are looking up a bit in some respects but others.... mehhh . I am still unable to locate a bedroll but I found the heavy hammer underneath the workbench by the fishing huts so I could very well make a bid for the forge but without a bedroll it's not going to be easy. So my thoughts are going to good old Mystery Lake . But I need to cross the ravine to the Hydro Dam then check the Camp Office or the Hunting Blind for the bed roll. Not a great situation as there is a wolf often patrolling the trailers near the dam making that passage dangerous. The other option is to make for the Riken but again no bedroll is going to make that journey unsafe as well as I need to navigate through the mines then sneak over to the other mine and then make for the Riken . Without a bedroll it's not going to be easy either. I am currently held up at Bear Creek Campground munching on rabbits. I found a full compliment of clothing which is nice so I can keep the chill off a bit.
  9. I'm happy to report I'm still alive , I ended up rolling the dice and made a bid for Jackrabbit Island in the storm using the string of islands as my path. I made it there with a few percent health and I found a box of crackers in the cupboard along with a summit soda. I didn't linger there though after warming up I ran for the other island house killing a rabbit along the way with a stone. (seems easier since the last update) So I did recover some health. After sleeping I looted the two fishing huts finding canned tuna then I made for the town site. All the shoreline houses are burnt so I crept into town from the south and then sneaked over to the Quonset Hut . I found enough food to get my health up a bit but still no heavy hammer. From there I went uphill to the trailer and then the little cabins , killed another rabbit and then finally down the hill and across back here to Jackrabbit Island again. So I am thinking I must go check the car by the fishing huts for the hammer. If it's not there looks like I have to make for the Ravine which I'm very worried without a bedroll will be a BIG problem. So finding the bed roll is my hope to survive this map. Kinda wished I went to the cave by the waterfall on PV looking for it.
  10. So after leaving Signal Hill I went down the hill and made for the Barn , after finding some dog food and granola bar I had a sleep in the truck. Then I made for the rural crossroads where I spent a day looting and munching on a dead deer. I found some cat tails on the river but food is at a premium right now. I left the rural crossroads and made for Coastal Highway as I was unable to find the bed roll on PV. In the mine I picked up a boat load of coal but very little food. I went down the hill to the trailer then skirted the top to the little cabin above the bridge. I was starving and I seen some bunnies hopping around so I went inside to warm up with intentions of killing them and having a nice meal when a blizzard blew in. Well I was only able to scrounge up some mushrooms and rose hips before racing down the hill to the fishing cabins. Things were very dire so I went to the fishing hut and cooked up the mushrooms and rosehips with my health almost spent. I'm currently in the last little cabin and there's no food here and things look very dire as another blizzard has arrived. Thinking this will soon be the end. Going to try to make it Jackrabbit Island or perhaps Bear Creek for a meal.
  11. Well I started another run of Interloper , this time I'm in beautiful Pleasant Valley and wouldn't you know it the weather is awful. I started near the desolate farm at the top of the map. I went down the river collecting cat tails to the Draft Dodgers Cabin. I then made for the farm house. First mistake was I had no light source with me and no bed roll so I opted just to pass time taking a bit of of hit on my health as it was so dark inside I couldn't see where the heck I was LOL. Anyway I found some matches in the basement and looted everything as well as harvesting as many curtains as possible. My health is kind of crappy but I managed to make it to the Signal Hill . I found a nice jacket and some tea and coffee and dog food. Just waiting for a short break in the weather and I have to make for the pond. The bedroll has eluded me so making a trip to Mystery Lake is going to be real tough , see how it goes
  12. Well I was humbled once more on The Long Dark. I had really been struggling find enough to eat . So after searching all the cabins around the lake I spent a bit of time journeying around Mystery Lake . I made stops at the Forestry Tower and all the caves and then I made a trip to the Hydra Dam. I then went into the ravine and got my health back up a bit on deer / rabbit meat. Then I returned to the dam. So on day 15 I decided to make for the forestry camp. I got to the trailers and found a nice pair of mitts then a blizzard blew in. Then the fateful mistake. I left the trailer and made for the creek. I just passed over the hill and sprained my ankle and there on my right was mr wolf heading my way. I started to back away and I lit my flare. Well my timing was off so I wasn't able to scare him. So I kept backing up and I backed myself into a corner unfortunately I did another poorly timed throw but again no good . So I became wolfs dinner sure I tried to scare him with the hammer but no use I was done.
  13. Well when the blizzard passed I managed to scavenge some deer meat along with a rabbit at the cabin before going down the cave and getting some cat tails back on the Milton region. Rabbits didn't spawn the next day so I decided to go to the Unnamed Pond and couldn't collect cattails there because the bear was hanging out. I did manage to find the fire striker in the hunting blind. I went to the nearby cabin and found a moose hanging out there. So needless to say I had to get the heck out of there and I made for the Camp Office and now I'm back in real familiar territory circling the lake and looting the little cabins. Still no toque or mitts to found anywhere. I got a tiny bit of food so enough to boost my spirits and hit points. Now I have some tough choices . It looks like I have to make for the Dam and eventually the Riken or make the dangerous passage through Forlorn to the Forge. I have enough saplings at the Trappers Cabin to make a bow but it's going to be a cold walk to the Forge either which way I make the trek.
  14. Well I played a bit today and I was like the town drunk crawling around Milton . I started at Milton House and I crawled around town just visiting the houses and avoiding the cars as to not attract wolves. I must say I likely missed out on some toque and mittens and I found none during my travels. I did find a nice chunk of Soho Salmon in the one fridge which gave me food poisoning. I did manage to find a few good items and then I spent some time at the Orca gas station and then I climbed down the rope and made for the cave down the hill. I had a short sleep down there and started to crawl to the rope climb up, well I sprained my ankle had to back up and rest a bit before making a second attempt for the rope. This time I walked carefully to the rope and climbed up . Then a darn blizzard rolls in as I get up to the top so I'm forced to run past the nice path of cat tails without picking any up. So here I am at the Trappers Homestead 6 days in starting at Hushed River Valley. So I feel pretty lucky to be alive but I am in no condition to make it to the forge. I have lots of coal but an empty belly and in pretty rough shape.
  15. Well I started playing some Voyageur and you know I just couldn't get into it so I switched gears and loaded up Interloper and started a new run. Well they started me on Hushed River Valley . I thought I was doomed but I actually had an ok start. I started near the ice cave by the tree crossing so I made my way through the caves to the place in the caves with the rope. Well I climbed up the rope and wouldn't you know it not far from there was a bedroll , hacksaw, matches,food and a jacket so I boiled up some water and later emerged at the nearby cave. Well I recognized for the first time where the heck I was so I took a right turn and found my way towards the transition cave to Milton. I wasn't interested in sticking around this hell hole too long so I made for Milton. I made it to the trailer and warmed up a bit there and then a blizzard rolled in . I elected to make a dash for the church in the blizzard and then another dash to Paradise Farms. I found the heavy hammer in the barn there . Plenty of saplings everywhere but food is very scarce. I needed a toque and mitts but with no sewing kit I decided I had to sneak over to Milton House and get searching. I was lucky enough tonight to find the kit along with a pair of thermal underwear. Not sure my route from here the town is crawling with wolves and all I've been doing is crawling around not sure I can regain my condition unless I can put some food in my belly. Not sure what's next but thinking of going to the gas station then back to the farm and the ultimate goal a trip to the forge in Forlorn. It's going to be real tough though my condition is poor and it's only day 4. Not sure if going to the trappers cabin first or the rope climb down to Forlorn is the best.