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  1. I agree with @FrozenCorpseCamp office is the best base home . Snaring of rabbits nearby and fish huts on the lake. I like the cabin at the back of the lake as a sleeping place and there's a good cave along the lake for days to ward off cabin fever. I use the work bench there and you are central to the hydro dam and Forlorn Muskeg forge.
  2. I'm just over 300 days on this run and going well. On day 277 I crossed the tracks from the Camp Office then up the hill to the creek then back down the hill to the right to the logging camp. I looted all the cloth there so have lots now which is going to allow me to stay on this map a lot longer. I got my fishing skill up to 5 which was very good. So now I'm living more off fish than anything. Pretty uneventful anyway gather sticks and fish. I'm going to try to fish for most of my food and use my arrows sparingly as I have only 12 spare arrow shafts and I'm pretty sure I got all the birch saplings on this map. I have been shooting the odd wolf that shows up and expecting Mr Bear to spawn any day now :)
  3. Over the 260 day mark , the last 10 days pretty uneventful returned to the Hydro Dam for a 2 day stay spending the time busting down office chairs to get cloth. Returned to the lake and that bear respawned again so easily killed him but lost one arrow so down to 8 arrows now. Have tons of meat so just going to take it easy collect wood for a while and fish some. Fishing, sewing and fire starting still at level 4 so hoping to get these up to 5. Have 15 or so arrow stocks so looking ahead to Coastal Highway trip around day 300 I'm thinking as supplies starting to dwindle a bit here
  4. Just made the midpoint of my quest for 500 days on Interloper and made a major blunder that could have costed this run. I got the cabin fever warning after spending a day inside cooking a bunch of meat at the Camp Office. I decided I would make a trip to the forge on Forlorn Muskeg with 20 metal and 3 cloth with the goal of crafting 2 axes and another knife. I was certain I had left a heavy hammer back on Forlorn as I had found one on Timberwolf Mountain. I was sure I found another one somewhere along the way (ravine I think) so I must have got mixed up with my last long run. Anyway I went all the way to the forge with this thought I had a heavy hammer there in a box. Well I get all the way there and guess what no hammer. I also made the mistake of not picking up some rocks along the way and found myself trapped inside the loft with wolves all over the place but no way to deal with them. So after spending the coal I collected just to keep warm I decided after resting to make some mushroom soup and make a mad dash the heck out of there and used one flare round to scare a wolf on the swamp and made for the cave near the Poachers Camp. I skirted the outside and made it safely back to Camp Office but I have decided after that I will not use that forge again and will go to Coastal at some point then to the much safer Riken.
  5. The only thing I noticed was pails in the fishing cabins on Mystery Lake were back. I was pretty sure I had broken those down for scrap metal.
  6. Well this is officially my best run ever as I just reached 236 days . I spent the last 16 days mostly at the Carter Hydro Dam busting down office chairs and hunting deer. I then went back to the camp office with all my cloth and had to craft some arrows as I broke some Managed to reach level 5 archery though. Down to 18 arrow shafts , 25 matches so not sure how long I can stay on Mystery Lake but going to try to make 500 days which I've never done so hope I don't mess this run up.
  7. Closing in on my best run ever currently around 220 days. I have for the last 50 days been circling Mystery Lake. Days have been spent gathering firewood , hunting and cooking and fishing. The bear spawned again at the back of the lake so I have a hefty pile of meat by my cabin. While harvesting the bear fog rolled in so I decided to build 3 fires to light a trail back to the cabin and speed up cooking the bear meat as well as ward off any wolves during my cooking . It looked pretty cool as well I also have my fishing skill at level 4 so catching a lot of fish. I made about a 4 day stay at the Hydro Dam to break down office chairs to get cloth. I had a pile of deer meat at the ravine cave to feed on and I killed a couple wolves hanging around there. Animal spawning is getting a bit slower I see less wolves on the lake but more blizzards so I have been staying in the cave to ward off the onset of cabin fever. Resource wise I know I will have to do another run to the Dam to get cloth but don't want to do anything to risky until I surpass my previous best run of 235 days. The plan is to try to avoid the Dam until about day 240 then get enough cloth to get my through until I need to leave Mystery Lake for Coastal Highway. Not so fussy about crossing the Ravine railway though always get queezy on that narrow part. I still want to wait until I have the level 5 archery though before leaving this region.
  8. 170 days now on this run still on Mystery Lake and still 29 matches. Last 20 days pretty dull . I returned to the Ravine / Carter Hydro Dam to loot metal and cloth and got some birch bark for tea. When I returned to Mystery Lake the bear had respawned so I killed it again so really loaded up on the meat. Then some wolves moved in again and I killed one who ran off with my arrow. I lost 2 arrows in that same evening as another wolf spawned. I gathered all the arrows from the lake and seen I had just 8 arrows including the one from the dead wolf. So 2 arrows were missing along with 1 wolf so I wasted a few days searching for the other wolf. Bad weather rolled in so I was unable to locate the corpse but later found 1 arrow up on the hill beside the cave on the lake. I keep walking around the lake looking for the other arrow without luck. I going to stick it out here until I hit level 5 on my available skills and still have 2 spare bows and 23 arrow shafts so looking good.
  9. Just hit 150 days on this run , starting to make some blunders already . First I seen my cloth was low and I know I left some crappy cloths over at the Trappers Cabin so I decided I would scoot down the tracks but had to turn around as there was a wolf blocking the way. So I decided I would take the route I tried in my last run going up the hill (rope climb by the lake) then scoot down by those rail cars. Like last time I sprained my ankle going down and had to quickly pop a painkiller / bandage and use one of my flairs to scare off another wolf. I was disappointed to find only a few items at the cabin and no game hanging around so no option to stay there so I made my way back to the Camp Office. I killed the wolf guarding the track from a rock outcrop after I made it safely back to Camp office. I bagged another wolf at the Creek leading to the Unnamed Pond and feeling pretty cocky. I shot another wolf near the Camp Office from the rock outcrop by the cabin using stinky meat to lure him towards me. I tried this strategy a couple nights later but missed on my arrow shot and was attacked by the wolf before I could drop the sticky meat . I managed to fend him off but took a health hit and lost one of my ear wraps. Other than that though things pretty good have not used any of my matches and have plenty of cooked meat and water (at least a couple weeks worth). I know I will have to eventually leave here and make for Coastal Highway at some point or at least the Hydro Dam and Ravine. With the new strain system I will need to harvest some more cloth as well for bandages and I don't want to break down my 2 ski jackets just yet . I also need to go find some more birch bark so I can try out that new tea .
  10. Thank you Hinterland for continuing to make this game better and better
  11. Day 130 Just hit level 4 archery as I wasted 3 wolves from the rock outcrop near the back of the lake. I have so much meat right now I don't need to hunt but just working on my skills and killing boredom.
  12. 120 days now still plugging along slowly. I have spent the last 20 days jumping between camp office and the little cabin at the back of the lake. Still munching on bear meat but had to find things to do so have been collecting a lot of wood. I disposed of a wolf that was lurking around the central cabins and I killed one guarding the river path to the the Hydro Dam. I have been fishing as well as bagging a couple deer near the camp office. So I have no shortage of food and I continue to build all my fires using the magnifying glass so still have 29 matches. No plans to leave Mystery Lake but I will have to make a stop at the Hydro Dam in the coming weeks to restock on cloth and metal. I am running low on sharpening stones so there will be a time when I will have to go on a loot run to Coastal but for now I may switch to using the hacksaw. I have level 5 carcass harvesting now and getting close to level 4 fishing , archery and fire starting. I will continue to play it safe and hope I can make it over my previous mark of 235 days at least.
  13. I have been jump scared by my golden lab when playing the long dark .
  14. I just past the 100 day mark on this run and things are going just fine but I continue to play a very safe game. I did make the return trip to the Hydro Dam as there was no deer spawns on the lake and I wasn't have much luck fishing. I scared a deer into the wolf guarding the dam and made my way into the fenced in area. Had a sleep and the went back outside and disposed of the wolf. I then took the rope into the Ravine and went down and got the flair gun. I didn't spend a whole lot of time before heading back to the lake and the camp office. I made some snares and put them near the camp office and bagged a couple of deer. Then I hit the jackpot as the bear respawned at the back of the lake. I easily disposed of him and now have a huge store of cooked meat. He fell in his cave so I had 2 fires going in there so was able to cook him up as well had 3 pots going after the meat was cooked and boiled close to 25 liters of water. Basic same MO as my last big run. Collect sticks all day hunt if there is deer and wait for the sun to build any fires. I have 30 matches so going to try to stretch it out here on Mystery Lake as long as I can. I have to be careful though to not let complacency set in which was my downfall last time.
  15. Running to the Camp office from the fishing hut in a blizzard (Voyageur run) and getting jumped by a wolf back a few years ago. Ended my run in one swoop.