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  1. Great job making it this long without going to the forge. I would have long ago made for the Spence Homestead to get my bow and arrows done. I'm not going to tell you where to go next from Milton. My current 300 plus interloper player is in Hushed River Valley in the cave near the Stairsteps Lake. Had to deal with a bear and 4 wolves already so far in the first week
  2. Thank You Hinterland I have played the Long Dark about as much as classic titles like Warlords II. Just an awesome game that just keeps getting better. Can't wait to explore the next cool region
  3. Gonna change it up and say Bleak Inlet. I play interloper so I find the region tends to hem you down a bit. I usually set up my base at the cabin by the fishing hut. But soon discover I have to forage a long ways to get firewood and sticks. Timberwolves everywhere is the other thing and with no need to craft bullets so the cannery seems to be a novelty. I used to think Forlorn was bad but once you have a good archery skill you really can live long term with the amount of game there.
  4. Good luck in Milton , not sure which is safer Paradise Farms or the trailer for rabbit snaring
  5. Always like more cool mini regions but a connector somewhere behind the bear cave or near the road. Maybe some treacherous rope climbing and unstable ground. End up in Coastal near car by the bridge or by bear creek cave.
  6. I think you are correct @Syraith the devs didn't expect anyone to be ūüźź around the cliffs of Mountain Town . Likely just an unfinished scene likely the other side from the bus crash.
  7. Milton will be interesting wolf wise as you will have to use a lot of stealth. Good rewards if you go sooner rather than later as there is a fair amount of food in the form of canned goods and junk food. Just risky looting...
  8. That is a cool area you found there does it lead anywhere or it just sort of a unfinished region
  9. I know I had more than one interloper run end trying to leave Desolation Point to go to Coastal Highway because I lost so much condition on the Crumbling Highway to Misandres House stretch. I would also crawl over to the basement then sneak to the exit but die right as I enter Coastal. That was usually a result of starvation as DP doesn't have that great of starting food and if you stay there too long at the start you put yourself in a tough spot. Anyway keep us posted as this is the best part of the interloper runs the first 30 days are the ones that determine if the run will be a long
  10. Riken is about a good days walk from the fish camp anyway. If you haven't found the bedroll yet it will pretty much impossible to survive unless you have a snow shelter and lucky enough to keep a fire going in front of it to get a good sleep. Of course you could go to Mystery Lake and look for it and head to Spence Farmstead.
  11. So I take it you are not quite ready to make a run for the forge yet. What day are you on?
  12. Great thread keep the updates coming
  13. The toughest part of interloper after surviving that first 30 days is just getting around the maps due to the cold weather. Once you have your bow and arrows and you get some decent cloths made the weather is still just a huge factor. You have to kind of plan out your movements on the map to avoid too much condition loss. So things like exploring which you do a fair bit more in Voyageur since it's a bit for forgiving. So for example I'm on a 250 days into an interloper run on good ol Pleasant Valley. I started my run here way back when on Three Strikes Farmstead but couldn't loot saplings bac
  14. I play interloper so I generally stay in one region for quite some time once I have forged but when it's time to move I take--> All fire starting items (matches, mag lens, fire striker) All teas, coffee (I usually carry a couple in cups and the rest in dry form) Lantern , improvised knife, hacksaw, (if I have the improvised hatchet) Fishing tackles, sewing kit, 2 bows , arrows and at least 20 arrow stalks Depending on the region I'm going to I will bring cloth / scrap metal (but these items I will forward to a location so I can return to get them) Prybar
  15. I will often utilize a tree or rock face and use stones to bring the wolves closer then pick them off as they are walking away. I usually do this to wolves that are hanging around near my base as I want to be able to fish / hunt in peace