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  1. Just reached 365 days on this run , I thought something special would happen but the sunrise was pretty nice I guess. Very uneventful 30 days just shot 3 wolves and a bear and fished, gathered sticks.
  2. Just shot that same bear on the lake and cooked it up harvested all the gut and hide and figured I would see if the ghost bear would come back . Sure enough I was going to bring back the last of the meat to the cabin and there he was. cookingbear.mp4
  3. Have to say well fed is worth keeping. If you can collect enough cat tails on your initial start on interloper you can actually use it to get you through the difficult early part of the game (well if you don't get wolfed or freeze to death of course). After your set up though it's easier to maintain so I like to keep so I can carry lots of sticks.
  4. 337 days in and still going pretty good. At long last I made my first venture into Coastal Highway although it was very brief. I was getting low on cloth again so I went back to the Hydro Dam. All the meat I had there was cooked and ruined so it didn't look good to stay there and break chairs down. When I went up to the offices in the upper level I realized I had broken all the chairs down anyway and all that's left is in the lower dam. So without food I went over to the Ravine and hunted the two deer that always spawn there. I decided then to pack some meat and make a venture over the ravine to the very edge of Coastal Highway. I looted the trailer and the little cabin by Bear Creek Campground as well I found some birch saplings. I came away with 28 cloth and 4 saplings so I felt that was good for now and made the trip back to my base at the camp office. Down to 9 spare arrow shafts so this influx of saplings will allow me to stay here a bit longer and closer to my goal of making it 500 days. I am back to my usual haunt at the back of Mystery Lake. Wildlife spawning is a bit slower but the fishing has been good and I'm living mostly off fish of late. I have not yet even started a new sandbox and I haven't got around to trying out the new revolver and stuff added LOL . So once I get to 500 I want to start a new sandbox
  5. The worst thing is getting caught in a blizzard in that orchard by the farmhouse. So easy to lose your bearings as those rows of trees all look the same.
  6. I have a lot of respect for Forlorn Muskeg simply because it gets the game nerves going every time I go there. Always a sense of relief when you get across the marsh without falling through the ice or jumped by a wolf with no place to escape. I still like all the resources there though lots of saplings and cattails.
  7. Pretty much collecting firewood is all I do most of the time in my current interloper run . I usually stuff my drawers and cupboard full in my fishing hut and garbage bins and napsacks in the nearby cabin. I keep them full all the time on days I'm not fishing or hunting. I harvest cedar and fir in the evenings when it's the warmest out. I always keep my well fed up so I can carry them around.
  8. My last long interloper run I had parasites and around day 10 of the affliction I bagged a moose and managed to find just enough mushrooms around the Hydradam to cure them and the extra meat allowed me to survive the affliction through the days I could get barely get around.
  9. Heh my favorite place to hunt is the ravine because there is always a couple deer spawning once in a while, some rabbits but best of all no wolves to harass you when you are harvesting the meat and a nice warm cave to sleep in and cure your hides
  10. Have to agree with your view of PV. Always feel trapped in the farmstead every time I play that map . Blizzards are too common and so much distance to travel to hunt / fish etc. Usually spend about 4 days every Interloper run just enough time to loot everything and get the heck out
  11. I just shot a bear on Mystery Lake and spent the day harvesting it . I went inside to warm up and came back out the carcass and I could hear the grunting sound of the bear yet there was no other bear around. Pretty freaky I must say I noticed this once before but that time it was just the crows sound effect.
  12. I agree with @FrozenCorpseCamp office is the best base home . Snaring of rabbits nearby and fish huts on the lake. I like the cabin at the back of the lake as a sleeping place and there's a good cave along the lake for days to ward off cabin fever. I use the work bench there and you are central to the hydro dam and Forlorn Muskeg forge.
  13. I'm just over 300 days on this run and going well. On day 277 I crossed the tracks from the Camp Office then up the hill to the creek then back down the hill to the right to the logging camp. I looted all the cloth there so have lots now which is going to allow me to stay on this map a lot longer. I got my fishing skill up to 5 which was very good. So now I'm living more off fish than anything. Pretty uneventful anyway gather sticks and fish. I'm going to try to fish for most of my food and use my arrows sparingly as I have only 12 spare arrow shafts and I'm pretty sure I got all the birch saplings on this map. I have been shooting the odd wolf that shows up and expecting Mr Bear to spawn any day now :)
  14. Over the 260 day mark , the last 10 days pretty uneventful returned to the Hydro Dam for a 2 day stay spending the time busting down office chairs to get cloth. Returned to the lake and that bear respawned again so easily killed him but lost one arrow so down to 8 arrows now. Have tons of meat so just going to take it easy collect wood for a while and fish some. Fishing, sewing and fire starting still at level 4 so hoping to get these up to 5. Have 15 or so arrow stocks so looking ahead to Coastal Highway trip around day 300 I'm thinking as supplies starting to dwindle a bit here
  15. Just made the midpoint of my quest for 500 days on Interloper and made a major blunder that could have costed this run. I got the cabin fever warning after spending a day inside cooking a bunch of meat at the Camp Office. I decided I would make a trip to the forge on Forlorn Muskeg with 20 metal and 3 cloth with the goal of crafting 2 axes and another knife. I was certain I had left a heavy hammer back on Forlorn as I had found one on Timberwolf Mountain. I was sure I found another one somewhere along the way (ravine I think) so I must have got mixed up with my last long run. Anyway I went all the way to the forge with this thought I had a heavy hammer there in a box. Well I get all the way there and guess what no hammer. I also made the mistake of not picking up some rocks along the way and found myself trapped inside the loft with wolves all over the place but no way to deal with them. So after spending the coal I collected just to keep warm I decided after resting to make some mushroom soup and make a mad dash the heck out of there and used one flare round to scare a wolf on the swamp and made for the cave near the Poachers Camp. I skirted the outside and made it safely back to Camp Office but I have decided after that I will not use that forge again and will go to Coastal at some point then to the much safer Riken.