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  1. Also, and related.....be able to throw a slab of meat into a pot that already occupies the cooking slot. Same thing as meat to slot, but meat to pot that's in said slot.
  2. Silly I know TheLongDark 2019-12-29 15-55-33.mp4 ......but I swear the tree wasn't in my way...
  3. You know.....self-reflection and all that. I gotta get this off my chest and see what you all have to say, if anything at all.....mean or sweet....or whatever. Context: The longest I've lived is 200 days on Stalker (not man enough for Interloper). And in that run, I never made it to TWM, HRV, or MT. You see, i think I play pretty slowly. Up until this point, my method has been to "clean" a region and leave it with all resources stocked in a base or two. I also spend time mapping for the achievement......and hunting cairns (and even those awful buffer memories). My conflict: Apparently, as time goes by, loot degrades and weather gets worse. This means, if I want to get those snow pants or exp. jacket, or <insert prized degradable item here>, wherever they may be, I need to get moving and go everywhere ASAP. The effect this has on me is I feel rushed, in a game that's supposedly about not being in a rush. Anyway, me and my inner conflict. Here's some stuff I do that I'm sure would drive most of you crazy: - I'm currently hanging out in the hunting lodge in BR waiting for a bear skin to cure so I can add 55% life to my beardroll. By hanging out, I mean I am finding ANYTHING to do in the area while it cures, rather than just carry it with me or leave it. My brain tells me two things: Don't carry it, too heavy for the trip out (nevermind the weight of the beardroll itself), and two, don't waste it, because that's disrespectful to the bear. I just hope the moose doesn't spawn, because I have this half damaged satchel thing..... - As of 1.69, I avoid wolf contact if at all possible, even though I have 30 rounds with the revolver. I do alot of crawling....this slows me down (and gets boring admittedly). In the past, I could stay upright mostly, drop decoy, and haul ass to my destination. - With the exception of the bear I mentioned above, I pretty much carve, cook, and skin everything. However, I am now leaving guts behind because of the new wolf AI, which makes them more valuable from rabbits if I can find them in a peaceful place not serving as wolf bait. Seems rude to kill the animal and move along without using it. I leave huge piles of meat everywhere, that's a nice calorie source that never goes bad. And I do like to have skins cured waiting for me in caves and buildings to repair my clothing. Before 1.69, the wolf coat was my main exterior, along with rabbit hat and deer boots. NOW, I am wearing the moose cloak for it's protection. I dread the wait to cure THAT hide for a cloak repair. - I maintain "well fed" 100% of the time. - I carry crap as if I never know where I am going to spend my next night. While this is a sound survival tactic, there are times where it's obvious I don't need to do it and could travel lighter. - I strafe alot. Is that slower than walking straight ahead? - I don't use the radial, except for bedroll and charcoal. - I rarely build a snow shelter, as cozy as they are. I am mindful of wasting cloth. If stuck in a blizzard, I find a wind block and tough it out next to a fire. Speaking of which, has anyone been attacked by anything while in a snow shelter since EP? - I extend the life of my fires with sticks, when not necessary, only to melt up more water so I can leave bottles everywhere. Ask me how often those bottles come in handy. 🙄 - I continue to take risks with a health bar between 50-80%, and go about my business. This, even though I've learned my lesson multiple times about being at full health. I've died from wolf attacks I could've survived if I had just slept, drank the tea, or both. That's enough for now. Welcome to my head. Sorry.
  4. Perhaps one day I will know where this is, and remember this thread! 😜
  5. I lucked out. I went and slept in the cave leading to HRV and when I returned, all was well. Figured I share there is hope for anyone who finds this thread with the same problem.
  6. I have lofty wishes, but I'm going to stay realistic and just say this: It would be really cool if we could right-click on fuels for the campfire and drop them in the fire in the same way we can with raw meat and cups and such onto the cooking slots.
  7. Interesting......so I wasn't totally crazy. I try not to look at the maps online until I "do" a region. Thank you.
  8. OK.....thanks. My first time. He followed me all the way to the HRV cave from there. Hoping things reset on region transition?
  9. Put headphones on if you've got 'em. Would you agree that bear is right next to me.....as if I was Grizzly Adams out on a stroll? I thought for sure it would attack me in the video. I submitted a bug report, but would love to be able to see it.....I kinda need it's fur. The deer apparently wasn't concerned. TheLongDark 2019-12-21 12-14-08.mp4
  10. As I crawl around in there.....it looks like it has openings and daylight on the other side.
  11. Do you recognize this "pass" between Spruce Falls and the radio tower in the Mountain Town area? Am I supposed to be able to find a path through, or over this? Much appreciated!
  12. Am I the only one not able to scare away a wolf by aiming a weapon, stone included? Maybe I should figure out video recording so I can share with you all how desirable I am to wolves.
  13. Before Errant, I was in the habit of carrying 2 small bits of rotten/rotting meat to use as decoys when things got sketchy. My scent was zero....I rarely carry meat as food source for myself because I am such a neophyte when fighting wolves and didn't want to attract them. So that's how I roll......but it's not working anymore, that's for sure.