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  1. Hey everyone.....any advice for how to get out of an imaginary hole in the ground? I'm in FM at the high blind next to cairn 150, and I stepped to the left of the steps leading into the blind, and now I can't move. I seem to be stuck in a hole that isn't there. Ugh.
  2. I JUST bashed the crate closest to the middle of the building (at the top of the plank ramp you mentioned) and got an MRE and an ear wrap. Thanks! I never thought to walk on the planks. 🥴😧
  3. Thanks peeps. I'm thinking hozz is right, based on the number of occurences. I have had fires, but I wasn't counting those times in my stats. I guess the real test would be for me to try a different cave near a wolf infestation.....maybe that aggro trigger is extra big in this particular one.
  4. Stalker day 3 or 4, I'm in Broken Railroad attempting to make my way up to the lodge. I'm holed up in the cave near the hunter's blind.....trapped actually, by two wolves meandering about between the cave and blind. It's cold, really cold, 9F in the back of the cave and I'm out of firewood. But there's plenty outside! No gun, no bow, no stones. Anyway, I've been in this situation a few times (several while I've been committed to the start in BR), and every time I got spotted by a wolf, I ran back to the back of the cave and waited. I'd hear the snarling pup, but everytime, until today, he/she would run off scared, doing it's yelp and such. Today however there was no fear on the wolf's part. It came ALLLLL the way in and had its way with me. This has happened once in twenty times or so for me. Are wolves afraid of caves?
  5. Anything you can share regarding the movie development?
  6. Hello Everyone. I'm on Windows 10, and have been troubleshooting for 3 days. I won't bore you with details, but would really appreciate you sharing with me what NVIDIA card and driver you are using. My card is GeForce GT 745M. I installed the latest driver (after having problems with the game using the Intel card for weeks) and now can't load the game at all. I have contacted Hinterland support, but while I wait, figured I'd ask this here to try and narrow things down. Thank you, DirtyMadcap
  7. Still getting stuck......even after several minutes of real time trying different angles.
  8. Is it the norm these days to get a one-shot moose kill on day 2 in Voyager, or did I just get super lucky?