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  1. It allows me to temporarily forget I live in the "real" world. Sandbox only player, never even been tempted to play the episodes for whatever reason. I love me some story, but I'll keep watching for the movie!
  2. I shot the bear, he ran fairly close to the moose, and neither of them seemed to care. Sorry I didn't catch video.
  3. Unbelievable. I really appreciate you helping me out here....I took 3 FULL walks through that small cave and am apparently just blind. I even knew what I was looking for. *Sigh* embarrassing.
  4. @HawkThe cave you mention in the quote above is the cave I am talking about that NO LONGER ALLOWS YOU TO EXIT, except for the same way you came in. I'm trying to figure out a different way of saying it. There is one way into that cave, and one way out, and it's the same hole. When was the last time you took that route you are describing?
  5. Hi Hawk....are you saying here you are still able to find a rear (southern) exit to the cave? If yes, when did you last accomplish the mountain goat down to the pond? I last did that route in December/January, but now there is only one way in and out of the cave.
  6. @Laika Ivanova @Cellar_Attic ....congrats Cellar! I'm wondering if you guys are looking at old information regarding requirements. Rural Crossing/Thompson's, Andre's Peak, and Community Hall are all listed in the OP of this thread. I suppose it's possible they've done some ninja-editing, but alas. I look forward to getting this achievement and joining the ranks of the accomplished.
  7. I last played in December and early January and I thought for sure I was able to get out the back of the cave then. I'm wondering if it has been altered again since REDUX, in correlation with them updating the Faithful Cartographer requirements for that region.
  8. Can someone out there confirm for me there is no longer a separate exit for the cave in Mountain Town we enter(ed) to get to the crash site? I know how to get to the crash site (the other way), but I'd like someone to tell me I'm not crazy and there's been a cave-in that blocks access via the Spruce Falls Bridge route. Much appreciated.
  9. Congrats Laika! And thank you....so far so good on my trek...it will be forever before I know if I have a problem with my achievement. There is another player in here somewhere though that may take you up on your offer.
  10. Thanks VHK. And I should be careful with the compass point talk, since I can't really say what's North and South.....although "they say" it can be figured out by following the sun. Apparently the maps aren't all oriented with North going "UP". A fine idea for the makeshift compass.
  11. Trying to determine if it's possible to get the Faithful Cartographer achievement if your Mysterious Signal Fire in HRV spawns at the "northern" location. If you have the achievement, would you mind checking your map to see where your fire is and sharing it? See discussion on page 3 here:
  12. Yeah, your signal fire spawned at the southern location. I wonder if it was originally a static spawn, and the FC achievement was coded to look for that spot, and then not updated when made dynamic. Maybe someone with the achievement has a northern fire and will see this to shut down that idea.
  13. Turns out I did submit a ticket back in January (glad I searched my email before sending another). I replied to it and they've already responded saying it's been fixed and they'll roll it out in the next update.
  14. That's disappointing to hear.....I'd be curious to see the maps from people that have the achievement to see if they too had the upper spawn location for the signal fire. My signal fire spawned to the north as well, but I am possibly a lifetime away from getting to the point where I have the achievement, and thus won't be able to confirm if yours is a "glitch". For that support person to say "your fire is in the wrong spot" is just not accurate.