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  1. Everything about it is lovely, apart from weather. I spent over a month in there after day 300 on Loper killing everything and had feels like -40C in the afternoon with the best clothing possible(!) Infinite wolf meat, 3 moose spawns, couple packs of matches, quite a few saplings, and two new fishing huts with big fish. I came extremely well-prepared though, it is dangerous. Bring enough to build a couple snow shelters and a bearskin bedroll as well, and 30+ arrows so you don't have to take big risks trying to find where the wolf ran off with your arrows. Provided you know the map by heart, I think it might very well be worth it to go in there early mid-game - just after making arrows and coats! That way, you might get all the benefits without the horribly cold and incessantly windy weather.
  2. I think it's OK. Adds to the apocalyptic feel. And don't forget that a corpsicle is a container. You can give him a name and say good morning everytime you wake up and ask him what he wants for breakfast and put it inside of him (and laugh insanely as you slowly go crazy by his presence and your profound loneliness while thinking about all the chores you have to do every day and the auroras working up your electromagnetic hypersensitivity).
  3. Rabbits & carcasses for skins and guts, drop em ASAP for curing, while looting as much as I can without taking risks. Then early forge, make rabbit/deer clothes & hunt. Wolves for coat and then build bases (food+water+firewood) at every major location one at a time and loot the rest at a slower pace. Normally I make wolf jerky so I get cooking+harvesting 5 and at that point I have firestarting 3 or above. So from say day 30-40 you can leisurely walk around and kill everything. Fishing and mending takes ages to get to 5 unless you purposely play wastefully.
  4. I love the new behavior of all the animals - so immersive interacting with them ❤️ In a few niche cases they can act pretty strange though Early game this can be frustrating as you daren't go near an animal switching between behavior modes rapidly, and this can deny you access to a warm place or a place where you left lots of resources. I've reported such a case when a wolf got stuck on a rock, and bears sliding at 80mph when hit with an arrow in FM. But I just play on, and most of them behave as intended, and if you don't need to hunt them you can just watch, or interact and see how they react. The game is alive! The rabbit licks its paws.
  5. I would like to chime in on giving the Journal editor just a pinch of TLC! All I need though is for the scroll wheel to not make the Journal jump 1/3 of the screen per tick (this makes you lose your reading position), and for the cursor to not move to the bottom of the journal when you find the spot where you want to type. I can use the scrollbar on the side to scroll smoothly, but again when I find the spot to edit or add, the cursor moves to the bottom instead of the position that a click on. It would also be nice if you could undo 1 step. In some cases you can accidentally select the entire Journal text without noticing, because the marking is very faint. Then, if you start typing, the entire Journal is lost forever, since there is no Cancel button.
  6. Yes, cooked meat has always given stink, which you can test by picking up 3 pieces and see the stink-o-meter register 1 line of stink. The stink-o-meter displays a floating point number between 0.0 and 3.0. This should mean 1 piece of cooked meat could correspond to a stink value between 0.34 and 0.66 - although some types of cooked meat could have different values. This poses a big problem early game when you have to go places. I recommend to eat or leave meat and then go, until you can kill the wolves. The reason we all thought cooked meat was stink-free could be due to a bug where it didn't affect animals (or affected them very little), and now it works as intended. We also perhaps notice it more clearly now that the animals are interacting so immersively. <3 In either case, you can drop meat until they turn off you, if they haven't barked yet. You should also never carry stink while harvesting an animal or passing time in any way - this can bring a wolf or a bear from a very long distance. I think this is what happened when you say wolves attacked right away. If you do this, after the time has passed, the animals are close and ready to attack, without going through the stages of howling, being interested, barking, and stalking.
  7. I've not had this problem, it would be interesting to know how frozen or wet your clothes were after building the snow shelter. For example, frozen and wet look similar in the screenshot. If frozen, they then become wet so that it might have thawed your clothes from 78% frozen to 75% wet and it would look similar? I think we can rule out that clothes get wet in a snow shelter, because it would be a death trap and nobody would use them. Now, when you are outdoors a fire is required to dry clothes. Reasonably, sleeping or passing time in a bedroll should also dry them out, but slower. If you used neither bedroll nor fire, the expectation would be that wet clothing should stay wet - if a snow shelter is counted as outdoors, which I think it is. I take off too wet clothing before sleeping because it's a source of Frostbite.
  8. These times are all better than mine, I'm sure - I had a feeling TheWizarc would get a mention And under 14h is really fast.
  9. I used to favor long stays and get everything because I can stretch resources well. But now I've changed and 50 feels like overstaying. 10-15 days is about right, and it will let resources drop again if you have to backtrack. This is all early game of course; late game you can settle down and have plenty of harvested resources worked up. DP, CH, and BI are a little better though, because they have beach combing and it seems to drop decent stuff quite a bit more often now.
  10. If you have no fire or it's too windy, get the bark, then 'hook' them by aiming+releasing, then aim and hold until they straighten out the last meters toward you, shoot. You might still get the struggle but they will die quickly if you have a struggle weapon. If you lead them to a fire, if the fire is behind a snow drift or behind a rock in a cave, they might not see the fire until they go for you. Flat, open ground is best for wolf hunting. If they go after you from stink, not from seeing you and barking, do not lead them back to base, but drop the stink/crouch because they may ignore the fire.
  11. Bears and Moose ignore campfires now as they have been previously. A few animals can behave strangely as the AI decides between actions. You can scare a moose by throwing a stone before he has encountered you, whereas doing the same for a bear makes him go investigate the drop noise as wolves do.
  12. Yes, I've reported this. Harvested two wolves, got feathers then for 3 more wolves, a deer, and a moose I got zero feathers. Tried different ways like quartering, partial harvesting and checking in between. Just used to getting one or two per animal at least.
  13. This is regarding Outdoors Red Boxes only. Is it possible for Hinterland to release a world map of all Red Box locations for Outdoors items? I think that would be awesome and a kind gesture in this harsh, brutal world. (I'm talking about the game world - I think... ) If the locations have changed, players may have left the Red Box un-emptied in an earlier version of the game so that old locations should be on the map too? (Edit: But... hmm. You probably thought of that and moved their contents to the new locations if so.)
  14. AFAIK there should be only 1 red box per region, and it will be placed at one of the entrances to the region. I think it's at the PV exit. Ruined meat should not disappear when put in red boxes, dropping meat outside is the correct play.
  15. @Changarnier I did the Cannery Workshop when BI came out, I was lucky and only had to wait 1 day to get an Aurora, but I think some had to wait a week to get it. You rarely want one, but what I did to get in the new Aurora Elevator Mine in CH was to bring supplies for a week, then sleep in the day so that I could pass time and break it when I heard the sounds. I was trapped in there because it was a short Aurora, but I could wait it out and was lucky and got an Aurora in 2/3 days. If you're unsure about what dangers lurk in there and if you're going to make it out alive, maybe not risk your best run? This is basically true for any run - think twice before going into BI at all. This is true for BR, HRV, TWM, MT too, if you're unfamiliar with the region, it's a risk. A note that all stuff you've dropped outside will now have been swept up into red boxes placed near one of the entrances to each region. This is a valid reason to hesitate firing up a long run after an update - you will have to have the resources to do some haul runs initially, if you want stuff back at the bases you've built.