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  1. Not in other episodes, I just goated her out of PV and through the Dam Control Room window. This is still EP3. In part 1, she met Jeremiah (he was sleeping) and got into CH and into the Aurora Elevator Mine (the wrong way). A while ago I got Will out of EP1 and 2 to say hello to Molly and look for Astrid. No Astrid, no timberwolves in PV for him. 😢 As always no cheats or mods. Angle, hm I play at max FOV, that's probably it.
  2. Astrid's Strange Adventure, part 2 Spoiler warning (maybe). Some weird moments from story mode EP3. Happy #screenshotsaturday ! // Gun Tech. "Are you Methusaleh? Have you seen Will?" "I'm sorry, I don't have time for chores, Grey Mother. Have you seen a plane?" "Well, here's his parka. Maybe my hardcase is around here?" "Ah, there's my meds. Let's get to Perseverance Mills! I don't need Will anymore."
  3. A story from The Long Dark. Astrid in EP3 (part 1) Happy #ScreenShotSaturday ! // Gun Tech. 1. Beardy McBeardface is so sleepy. 2. At the Dam, can I free Will? 3. Need to turn on the elevator... 4. Chair is empty. Where is that man!?
  4. Near the North/South Pole they use rods in the snow connected with rope, it's nothing like that. But you can drop anything in a line a few meters apart, I collect charcoal from the burned out fires and stoves and use that 👍
  5. Well, Ep3 ended with Astrid seeing interesting things in CH, but to get her in there "the other way" required getting past those two obstacles. She also found her suitcase, so that she won't have to wait for Will to give it to her. Anyway, all of the methods to overcome the obstacles work in Survival mode, and some information was found about how the maps are different from survival in story mode - even in the same episode!
  6. "Exploring Beyond the End of the Road" from Will's Strange Adventures. I had 4 shots to share, but I withheld 3 here due to potential spoilers.
  7. It's an interesting story of one thing leads to another, I think. I learned all the maps well 2.5 years ago, but for Interloper. 1000 days takes a long time, and I played other games and took breaks. One of the breaks was the Trepid Explorer series a while back. From getting out of bounds in PV, I remembered seeing the back of the WR cave, and this is the first obstacle to get out of PV in story mode. I played Ep3 and figured out a way to get in, but the Dam was the end of the line. I stayed until an Aurora to see if the elevator worked, but nothing would let her out. I gave up and p
  8. In some sense, you always find them accidentally. 😆 Even if you expect them, they're very sudden and you don't know exactly where they are. Then you work out a way around them (e.g. ML, get on top of the Dam) but you're never 100% sure... until you either succeed or they did a thorough job, forcing you to find another spot (e.g. MT plane crash). Turns out all regions have killwall-free spots to get out of bounds, and I think I found almost all of the killwalls near out of bounds spots in the process. I would say all killwalls are in places where you could expect them, so it's hard to find
  9. I have. There are killwalls in the world, both in story mode and survival. MT has by far the most, and story mode version of MT even more A few regions don't have killwalls (flat or small regions without ropes, like connector regions and FM?), but all regions have invisible walls (just blocking, not instakill). You can still get out of bounds in all regions though, and most regions have multiple spots where you can.
  10. SPOILER WARNING You're kinda right in that it was something to do while waiting for the next update, but I returned to this spot because even though I got an Aurora, the switch was locked inside, so the elevator wouldn't work. "If I could only get in there..." and so I tried indoor goating which I haven't done much of Correct, you have to stop before getting the mission to go to the ending. Getting into Winding River was done over a month ago, and this spot in the Dam stopped me. To get into Winding River I remembered goating in Survival a few months before, where I had found
  11. This is a clip from a story mode adventure I had over the last few weeks - I was amazed to find that my hunches were correct and this was possible just by goating(!) If you want to watch the episode this clip is taken from, there's a link in YT comments.
  12. 340+ wolf struggles measured
  14. Here's data and conclusions from 340+ wolf struggles on Interloper.
  15. 👀 Quiz: what is missing in these screenshots? 👀 The screenshots were taken by goating out of Episode 2. Happy #screenshotsaturday ! 🥳 //Gun Tech.