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  1. Yep, got it too 4.5h ago, immediately switched game. That, getting drunk on a Thursday, and beating my Among Trees speedrun record, helped my mood cheesed 5 syrups just to have it over with.
  2. Nvm I'll just proplay it instead. here
  3. I came here to complain about how rare maple syrup is. I only have CH and DP left to loot out, I held up hope for the summit but did all the containers and 0 chips, 0 syrup. From 30 hours of playing, I have eaten 7 syrup and 20 chips. I doubt I'll get more than 10 syrup total, having looted out all the major locations and most others, summited and found 3 prepper's caches in all the regions. That comes to repeating about 25 hours of play 3 times to the get second badge, which is excruciatingly boring and bad game design. I propose that you triple the amount of maple syrup in the challenge if you don't want flak for how badly designed the challenge is. It's already a very boring challenge.
  4. I may have Alt-tabbed out once to adjust some gambling options for my chat. The time when it stopped saving seems to match it. A friend on PS4 was also set back, from the game crashing when sleeping in a bedroll (and the game not saving). The crash has been reported and might not be related. I tried to switch to windowed mode with the game still running, but this changed nothing. Couldn't save. Looking for ideas that could snap it out of it and let me save if possible.
  5. Hm... I was there hoping would be something I could try to get it out of the state where the Quit button is grayed out, and if I can do that I might be able to save and quit. I noticed another thing: when changing Options in the game and clicking Confirm, the game says "Saving...", but the user001.* file is not updated.
  6. Something happened 2.5 hours earlier. Since then the game shows the wolf animation when transitioning, but no longer the "Saving..." text, and the timestamp on the save file is not updated. I've tried everything in-game and I can't save my game. Also, the Quit button is grayed out. I can't quit my game. So the game seems to be 'stuck in something'. Anyone have ideas how to snap it out of it and let me save my progress? I've tried going into buildings, other regions, and getting a sprain. This is on Windows.
  7. Two runs are not enough to tell, and the zero feathers bug has been in the game for months and months. The test I mean is much easier: whereas before, feathers dropped when you found a corpse, harvested a carcass, or harvested a kill, now sometimes the game misses the dropping feathers part and you get zero feathers. It's most clearly displayed if you go indoors after each kill. You will get zero feathers forever. The second most clear way to see that it's unintended is killing multiple animals, from learning that if you go inside you get zero feathers stay outside, and harvest them all before going inside. Then you may get feathers from the first harvest, but not from any of the subsequent harvests. It was reported by me on Jan 31 and has likely been in the game since 1.69 or earlier. I will let this go now and forward my observations and send a save to Hinterland. That's the best way.
  8. By normal play, it's meant that killing an animal and harvesting it anytime, and getting feathers after harvesting. This is the mechanic that was in the game for years and is now not working as intended. By the zero feathers bug, it's meant that going indoors between an animal dying and you harvesting it, it will drop zero feathers, as will refraining from going indoors and killing more than one animal, waiting for them to die, and harvest them, in which case you may get feathers from the first animal but zero feathers from the subsequent harvests. There are more ways to get feathers, and some of the corpses and found carcasses also drop zero feathers. This is what makes normal play on Interloper frustrating. Previously, you could make more than a handful arrows after your first forge. Feathers were reasonably rare so that you still would get nothing out of a very early forge, but now they are too rare and set you back. Previously, after you got a few arrows to your name, you could then start gathering wolf pelts and get more feathers, but this is now also set back so that it will take weeks to get more arrows unless you figure out the exact specific instances, play unimmersively and use tricks from experience to somewhat work around them to eke a few more feathers out, i.e. you don't play normally. You can test this for yourself by starting an Interloper run, do a relatively late forge 2-3 weeks in, and count the arrows you can make before you can kill your first wolf. It will not be many arrows. This makes the game less fun because you took risks gathering and crafting the other resources for arrows, and you get 1/3 of the reward. Because the core simulation is so well-balanced in this game, this artificial throttling stood out immediately. It was noticed clearly and independently by those who play on Interloper regularly and often.
  9. Oh. Yes, the main version was the same, so I guess this means no changes to the game itself then? If so I'll keep that in mind. Thanks ūüĎć
  10. I've waited a few hours in case you were preparing a post in News and Updates. I'm most curious to find out the changes in the update I received today.
  11. The specific instances come from noting no feathers come from normal play. You have to do this to avoid getting skunked even more on feathers, but it's not like "these are the specific instances when you get few feathers", it's the opposite.
  12. Yeah exactly, story mode is fine but it's a one-shot and done in a few hours, so presumably you can get a great idea of how many play survival mode just by checking if they have more than 30h played in the game. That should cover a re-play of Redux and a short challenge or two, so anything above should be replayability. That's better than a poll because in a poll you can lie, or as mentioned be forced to make a choice even though you've played both. But yeah, story games will always be shorter in hours played than Sandbox games with high replayability. It's a testament to the balance of the core simulation that players find interesting challenges after several hundred hours played.
  13. Before the change, which happened around 1.72 ish (I can check) you always got at least 1 feather from harvesting an animal. On Interloper you are heavily dependent on feathers for arrows that you will spend on hunting for meat. If you play another mode, you will never need meat for food nor arrows, and this is why I asked about the mode before. Fishing sounds like it works as intended, if you have fishing skill 1. Then it can take 20h of fishing to get your first fish, and thereafter a very long time to skill up. Once skilled up, you skill up faster from catching more and more fish. Fishing skill books are worth their weight in gold to get over this first hump. On Interloper with the highest fishing skill (5), you can expect 5-6 fish in 6h of fishing, or 6-8 if you use a special technique.
  14. No, crows were debunked years ago and this has never been a thing. They help you locate a corpse or a carcass in bad visibility if they're up and not outside clipping distance, that's it.
  15. This is a reported bug that is well-documented by the TLD streaming community. I've tested out the exact behavior. Or you can test it yourself by killing 3-4 animals at the same time and harvest them without going indoors first. (If you go indoors between animal dying and being harvested you always get zero feathers). If you don't go indoors, you often get feathers from the first animal you harvest and zero feathers from all of the others. This reeks of unintended. (We can't really kill one animal at a time and never go indoors after a kill. Or if we're expected to, it's bad game design.) I had hopes for the hotfix, knowing that the major update is about added features. But this was tested by me in 1.77, and it was still not fixed. It's not fixed in 1.78 [62973] because it's not in the changelog.