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  1. Here's a video of charcoal appearing. Is this really supposed to be this way? The Long Dark Charcoal appearing.mkv
  2. Does anyone have this issue? I'll attach some screenshots later, but basically I can't see some things in clear detail from some distance and some things like branches visually pop in as I move. I have my Quality settings on ULTRA
  3. Hi, I'm new to these forums so correct me if I'm at the wrong place. I guess it was supposed to run away as per usual when you get inside some structure, but instead it got stuck and the sound kind of too. Here's the video:
  4. .. in addition to aurora, would be beautiful
  5. Isn't there enough man-made structures in game? making building additional kind of redundant
  6. So getting the game from single player to multiplayer is a lot of work - character animations would have to be introduced (which would definitely hurt the realism of the game unless is done very well), animals AI would have to be improved, map inter-connectivity changed. However most importantly, this has been done by other (survival) games and so the introduction of multiplayer just wouldn't be worth the development cost.. not beyond The Long Dark 2 scope I'm sure though