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  1. Man, like I showed, things appear only when you approach them pretty close .. you can see some rocks and building from pretty far yes, but I would like to see wolves in the same way, also sticks, fires and so on Thanks for concern, but I have those pretty high and wouldn't mind objects rendered from further bringing them frames down a bit I guess if you have low frames in particular file - you could use the hypothetical slider to lower the render distance, or it could be automatically done for you, and it could be done on the fly too (counting the objects that need rendering, though only the devs know if this would be easy to implement). I guess now I am.. seriously man, you're missing the point
  2. You registered in the forum to reply to this! Welcome to the forum! .. Anyway, those sliders they don't do s*** when it comes to some objects popping in (you must be playing on small monitor?). I sent a support request and apparently Hinterland is aware of this and maybe they will add another slider in the future for this issue: P.S. Hope I'm not in trouble for posting this ..
  3. Wow, you guys are kicking off with this. I like the idea of this map. Looks fun.
  4. He probably means like a way to press and hold the pass time button to speed up time. I personally never pass time anyway, so it doesn't matter to me. However, it makes sense that the character takes out the cards to pass time, so I guess no from me too.
  5. Sounds like Krishna or some kind of sect to me.. I'm guessing that's what Dum_Gen meant
  6. I would use it, a custom time-to-pause would make it even more useful
  7. I think ballistics of such arrows are not really good
  8. Welcome to The Long Terrifying Dark Black community
  9. Where did you move? Fair enough, I guess the only reason you would wanna build the PC yourself is if you want to have it as an accomplishment or know more about PC building.. but since you knew about it in your younger years, then I guess it's not the case.
  10. Why not assemble it yourself? .. I'd guess you could run TLD on 4k monitor for some 700 of your money (excluding monitor itself) .. but sure you can always invest for the future in which case there is no roof for the price..
  11. Exactly, as long as I'm concerned, there is no revolver ammo... still nice suggestion
  12. I would like to craft an airplane by myself .. I could sell it then for 1million $ .. seriously man, it's impossible to "craft" an airplane. However, an end game with a helicopter coming for a rescue would be cool .. except that this geomagnetic disaster is global as far as I understand so electronics are rendered useless everywhere... still would be cool to have select after how many days a rescue will come, say 500 days.
  13. Aurimas

    1000+ Days

    Rational Bassist survived 10 years on Interloper
  14. Isn't the kilometers-you-traveled exaggerated by the amount the time goes slower in game? So x12 .. so the true distance is something like 80km
  15. I still think there should be a compass.. it shouldn't work durring aurora and maybe sometimes be difficult to use without it.. but it should be there