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  1. I like you idea. It will be more realistic! I really like to see a gloves and a cloth on hand of the survivior
  2. When you harvest something you need to go to action button to harvest it. Why not do a shortcut like Ctrl+Click on item to Harvest item or Shift+Click on item to repair it something like this (sorry for bad english)
  3. Thank for the comment! (sorry my bad english)
  4. I mean you can set what weapon or light source you need to pull out first sometime it pull out the weapon im not want to use Press and hold struggle bar should be smooth like this image
  5. My Idea For The Long Dark Radial menu - Radial menu should have a background color of item to know that you can craft them or not - Craftable Radial menu Struggle Option - Press and Hold = the struggle bar should go smooth not like a quick tap struggle HotKey - Can Set Hotkey For Item - Can Set Primary For Light source and weapon (Example : set torch for the first you pull out in light source) Just Idea of me