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  1. Starvation should actually be a meaningful disadvantage to stop the strategy of starving during the day, and eating just for the night. In a real survival situation starving would really mess with your energy, morale, strength etc. Some ideas: 1). Fix the current system that lowers your max energy if starving for too long. This is a fine debuff, but it takes way too long to activate so you can completely avoid it by eating right before sleeping every night. More on debuffs later. 2). Easiest way to fix would be to just increase how much damage you take from starving. 3). Possibly a better way would be to add a debuff if you're starving and possibly additional debuffs if you're starving for long. Example debuffs: Slower interaction time (crafting, harvesting etc), slower walking speed, weakness (wolves do more dmg if you're caught). Debuff(s) would activate either as soon as you begin starving, or very soon after (1-2 hours) and could stack if starving for too long. Please feel free to tell me your opinion about this matter and possible better ways to solve this issue.