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  1. I can not believe I walked 1000 kilometers in this beautiful yet often unforgiving landscape. So many moments that have become part of my memories. thelongdark_walkersBadge.mp4
  2. I really would love to be able to bury the frozen corpses. Of course they are usefull as navigation points thanks to the birds, but it would be really nice to bury them, if just for the peace of mind.
  3. Well, it was my own fault. I made several check-lists now, printed them out and put them next to my monitor. I tend to forget to pick up my tin-cans as well, which brought me in trouble more than once. Also it taught me a good lessen about being overconfidence and shock. I started a new sandbox yesterday, now one level up, on stalker. I really hope that will give me some humility back. Maybe I should turn on the ingame-voice again, but then again, it takes a lot of immersion in one way, as much it adds in another way.
  4. My tragic but totally self inflicted death after 104 days. *contains censored swear language* theDeathOfTomTrottelTwitchRun1.mp4
  5. Well, actually, I was looking at it, and thought maybe I could just take the Infos from the SoundbanksInfo.xml, install WWise to convert my own sounds int .wem, then replace .wem files according to the Id of the Language XML entries with my own recorded .wem files. But then I decided to just turn the voice option to zero and do the sounds myself while streaming.
  6. Hello there, fellow survivors, before I kneel into it, can I replace the default voice in survivor mod with my own voice ? I know there are language packs, but I would so love to replace the default voice with my own, so I could actually for example twitch it so that my voice and the ingame voice are the same ? If that question have been answered or asked before, please forgive me Yours, Tom Trottel, killed by a bear yesterday in day one, after surviving 88 days in the game before.
  7. I really want to know how the story unfolds any further, so I said Story Mode. But if I could choose both, I would have, cause Survival Mode is really something on its own. It is just sometimes I wish there would be a way to do somekind of creatable story elements within the survival mode. I was thinking hard what I think this could be, so far no real idea how this could be done. I dont mean any written or scripted elements, something else, but not sure what I really mean. I just sometimes stumble around and get actually virtual depressions inside the survival mode, which is great, cause its realistic and you have to fight to go on and learn how to deal with this situation, Thats one part I really love about the survival mode, which had changed me in regard to the real world as well.
  8. Hey @Mroz4k, I had no internet for 12 days. Thanks to god, TLD worked even without Steam active, since for some reason Steam Offline didnt work. I am now in day 71, I am a resident of Pleasent Valley, sort of. I have rabbit gloves and hat, but still I am struggling every day. I am running out of rifle ammunition, but still manage to find rabbits, and a deer manage to feed me for 2-3 days. I am getting more and more confident, since I am now really starting to understand how long everything needs, how far you can explore in one day and how to manage lamp oil, how much wood you need for fire. It is amazing how the little parts of knowledge add up. This game is amazing and still so few game mechanics add up to this experiencable complexity. And yes, I want to find out everything myself. I am thinking about streaming TLD on twitch, since my new internet connection has a really good upstream.
  9. @XaldinVii Yes, survival really is amazing ! I know, but I made the rookie mistake to push on too fast, then lost my way and established a base and then managed to get lost again or tried something that stopped me from hunting rabbits. (mostly the danger of frostbite) So I never had time to dry the rabbitskins. J am not sure how I survived so long to be honest. Something always happend. Either I had not time to harvest the skins or forgot them or was overweighted. Right now I am preparing to return to Coastal Townsite from Hibernia Processing after I managed to waste all coal and can not use the forge you know where to mend an urgently needed improvised knife.
  10. Hi I am Tom from Germany. I finished the first episode a long time ago, then the second when the Redux was released. Then I tried the survival mode. Now I am hooked. I survived 23 days in a row now for the first time. Everytime I was attacked by a bear or a wolf, my gloves where gone this time. I fought frostbite at the hands every single day. I managed to do everything else fine. But I always ran out out gloves. Right now I can not get easly to my biggest stash in the Hibernia Processing , cause a bear has decided to patrol there for like forever now. I am not sure yet what to do about it, but I managed to sneak in cause I am still figuring out who to organize everything.