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  1. I like most of what I'm seeing here. However I'm not much of a fan of the cheat death system. I understand that it's optional but I feel like players knowing that death isn't the end wiil affect their decision making process and drastically alter the way they play and the overall feel of the game. But I am curious to see how it's implemented and what choices we'll have to make. I hope there's a custom mode option to not include it at all in our survival saves. But everything else I love the sound of. The cougar sounds terrifying and difficult and I love difficulty in this game. I hope it feels natural and the mechanics behind it aren't too noticable. Mountain Pass looking sweet, probably gonna take the spot as my favorite region.
  2. Good ol' lakeregion The nostalgia is real here. I remember the days when it was just Mystery Lake and it would take something like 2 in game days to go from Trapper's to the Dam. The character model/camera was lower to the ground and I think slower moving? This made the region feel a lot bigger than it was (and at the time it had to, or I suppose the player's relative size is what defined the region size) and it made surviving to day 50 a monumental challenge. This is because we had only Mystery Lake there were only enough resources from ML to survive off of. With every new region added we end up with more resources so it becomes easier to survive longer and longer (as long as you can access those regions). Very interesting to see some original concepts for this region and what it could've been like. In particular that old barn area. Did not expect to see a structure in that spot
  3. The Travois and new regions. The Travois acts as a resource sink and has a relatively low durability so you sink even more resources to use it. By the time you need a travois you usually have a lot of the resources to make it and it's a great balancing tool. I wish we had more such things. I like my difficulty what can I say And the new regions are great overall. In design and atmosphere and everything, they're much more developed and advanced in region design than earlier regions. I really hope the older regions get a terrain and overall design facelift to be more up to par with newer regions; for the sake of visual consistency. Oh and their unique music tracks add to it too.
  4. You can detach ropes from a rock. Been this way since they added ropes.
  5. Coffee gave an instant fatigue shot and always has. I think that's fine. The pie giving health is ridiculous. Not just because having no magic health packs was a point made a while ago, but because it just doesn't make sense. You don't have to make the game super realistic, but come on.. somehow a pie made with ingredients scrounged up and cooked over a fire instantly heals you more than carefully procured pharmaceutical stimulants do. I cannot fathom how an emergency stim, literal medication heals you LESS than a PIE. Let alone how upon consuming the pie you're instantly healed. The Long Dark has never been a sim game but there's a degree of believability it has. Mechanics like this just throw that out the window and remove all sense of immersion it has built up until then.
  6. Those trawls are electricified.. idk how that works. Fishing nets are usually made of high insulating materials that don't conduct electricity. Could be the salt water but I doubt that. I was thinking they looked like an automated rowing system but on a ship that old, idk how that makes sense. It's a steam ship so it wouldn't need that to propel. Not sure what's going on there. That terrain could just be minimalistic for the poster. But it does look like there's a campfire and campsite there, if you zoom in you can see vague structures that look like tents. It almost looks like a Native American village, which makes me wonder if this poster shot is a flashback to when Great Bear was colonized. But I highly doubt that given the above.
  7. Respectable points for the most part. But I would like to add that while making certain features optional may not always be possible, one such feature that I believe should be made optional is the Trader. A good majority of the playerbase enjoys the solitude that comes with The Long Dark and the addition of the Trader to the game may not be something that supports that. I don't claim to know how the feature will work nor am I suggesting how to go about implementing it, but I did want to drop my 2 cents. I do have faith however that the Trader's implementation will be executed well and will not compromise the sense of loneliness in survival mode, but rather enhance it even more so. Looking forward to that feature.
  8. The machine you find is very clearly not a particle accelerator but it does have to do with electromagnetism or whatever the glimmer fog is.
  9. Agreed. I honestly think the hardhat protection value is a bug or unintended. There's no way a piece of protective gear like that would have only 4%.
  10. You can get away with getting shot once if you keep moving, but there's no affliction it's just a massive health drop
  11. Some ideas I've had that compliment this well are: Smoke plumes in the distance Burnt or ember campfires that weren't there before Footprints in the snow that aren't yours Dropped items in the snow that weren't yours Dead animals/carcasses that weren't there before Blood trails Distant gunshots/flare shells in the air (rare) Random voices on the shortwave Light in the distance (a lantern, flare, etc...) that disappears after looking at it
  12. The idea is that they'd be changing, not something you come across and always see. But something appears that wasn't there before.
  13. Most interiors are below freezing though. check the air temperature
  14. The update video for part 1 indicates that it's caused by the interaction between the aurora and something else. Most likely Rudiger's machine