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  1. I've been using your food mod for some time. And I really enjoy a lot of the items. Although I do find some of them give way too many calories than needed.
  2. My biggest gripe is the whole tinder situation. At level 3 you don't need it. AT ALL. You can literally just take a chunk of wood and a match and boom you've got yourself a fire. That.. not only is extremely unrealistic but even WITH tinder that would be borderline impossible. Hot take: You shouldn't be able to start a fire with firewood, you should need sticks, books, etc... to START a fire. And once it's hot enough/going for long enough, then you can add your bigger pieces of wood. And you should NEED tinder.
  3. Pretty sure I said that it should work this way. Pain should last longer. As would the actual afflictions themselves. But be treatable temporarily to mitigate the negative effects. And you're correct, a broken bone in this game would basically be a death sentence. So I tried to think of something severe like that but not completely nihilistic.
  4. I have some ideas for an improved first aid system all around. From affliction severity, to new afflictions entirely, to new treatments, etc... Let's go. Affliction Severity I think afflictions in the game should have severity levels depending on what affliction they are, how it was contracted, etc... and the treatment for them would depend on the severity. Low Severity: These afflictions are minor and wouldn't impact your character all too much. But some minor afflictions if left untreated can worsen into more severe. Medium Severity: These are your normal afflictions. Pre
  5. I'd like for them to remain consistent with the game. But more importantly, I'd like for them to be tied to a separate setting than the difficulty you're playing on. there are plenty of tips i never see cause i play on a difficulty higher than Voyageur. I just like seeing them.
  6. Fuarian

    Plane Crash

    I like to think survival mode takes place a week or two after you crash. Or you can be imaginative and give another backstory to your character.
  7. The gate in front of Carter Dam/Hunting Lodge comes to mind. Or maybe some of the mineshafts. Have a random chance that these areas are locked.
  8. Or more indication of the dynamic world we find ourselves in. Around Great Bear.
  9. If you read some notes in Wintermute and have a keen eye. You might have read the name Port Mary. That may be a future location.
  10. Imo water needs an overhaul. Dysentery needs to be more of a threat.
  11. Fuarian

    Risky Meat

    I could've sworn the meat bags I left by my quarter got stolen by the local wolf pack. But if meat could be stolen at your doorstep, that would be cool. And you'd have to store it in containers to protect it completely. If you don't, animals will come and get it (obviously) but ALSO it would attract animals to your area. Including bears. Until the meat is gone (if they haven't gotten it). And if you repeatedly put meat outside, animals will begin to frequent the area expecting more. This gives players an incentive to move bases every once in a while, or keep meat inside.
  12. I think similarly to when cold reaches 0 you get a hypothermia risk, when hunger reaches 0 calories you should get a malnutrition risk. Which goes up the longer you starve, but even if you feed yourself it doesn't go away. You need to get constantly fed. Something like that.
  13. 100% agreed. Most of the artwork put into the outer sides of the maps go completely unused in game.
  14. While the custom toolbox settings are great. I feel like we need even more customization ability. Specifically in regards to loot availiability. I think that there should be a custom option for baseline loot availiability, ground loot availiability and container item avaliability. For baseline loot you should have access to a whole list of all the items in the game. And select which ones spawn and which don't. So if you want hatchets but no knives, go ahead. Or if you want high quality food but maybe you find energy bars too OP? Go right ahead. Maybe you want good rare clothing but