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  1. I've seen him before. But I've never had him show up later in the game. It's creepy as hell and I love it. I've seen something like this happen before, but it was for a dead wolf in a cave. Now THIS is what we need more of. Listen up @Raphael van Lierop
  2. I mean, I wouldn't go as far as to say that the prisoners went butchering CHILDREN. But they probably hurt some people in the house.
  3. 1. 1920's 2. Martin 3. 60 4. Alice? 5. Chinese Yen (Or is it Yuan?) 6. okay bud 7. Signal Hill 8. eh... 9. 2300 (guess) 10. Brian Cold (?) 11. The manager at the time 12. Thursday 13. gonna guess 22 14. 1960 15. \*_*/ 16. September 2012 17. 1980 something
  4. -Revolver on or off -Burned buildings on or off -High end food items, on or off -Select loot level for each region, not the entire game world
  5. Pretty simple. The prisoners chased her back to the bus and she went through the crushed part. Hobbs even says this directly.
  6. I would LOVE this. But something much simpler would be to add randomization to the existing regions. Like burned down buildings, both at the start of the game and dynamically occurring (i.e. aurora fires). So places like your favorite shelter can suddenly burn down forcing you to move around the region. Speaking of that, certain parts of a region could be blocked off, like fallen trees, snow drifts, buried vehicles and buildings (in snow), blocked transition zones, cave-ins, locked buildings (need to find key or break in), etc...
  7. I like this, it would be wildlife attacks even MORE dangerous!
  8. Coloured flares DO exist, as to how they would be any different than a normal red flare for dealing with wildlife beats me...
  9. You should be able to customize the HUD
  10. Spence's Homestead (at the forge) has some too
  11. Old Bear's Cave is just a Wintermute scene. There's no hint as to where it is, but chances are around the Mystery Lake - Forlorn Muskeg area. Where we already have a transition zone. But perhaps if that rail tunnel gets blocked, the cave is an alternative but with the risk of running into the Old Bear and having to "minigame" your way around him.
  12. Add a transition between Broken Railroad and the Hushed River. Because if you look at the world map, they literally connect.