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  1. Coloured flares DO exist, as to how they would be any different than a normal red flare for dealing with wildlife beats me...
  2. You should be able to customize the HUD
  3. Spence's Homestead (at the forge) has some too
  4. Old Bear's Cave is just a Wintermute scene. There's no hint as to where it is, but chances are around the Mystery Lake - Forlorn Muskeg area. Where we already have a transition zone. But perhaps if that rail tunnel gets blocked, the cave is an alternative but with the risk of running into the Old Bear and having to "minigame" your way around him.
  5. Add a transition between Broken Railroad and the Hushed River. Because if you look at the world map, they literally connect.
  6. Occasionally during a weather transition the power will still be on for a short while.
  7. I don't know why. But I would actually enjoy this
  8. I always pick up every ounce of useful material. Cloth mainly.
  9. The cooking system is pretty good. There could be a few minor adjustments and things added. But it's pretty good overall. The fire system however is due for a makeover. It's one of the only major gameplay systems that hasn't been overhauled greatly since LAUNCH in 2014. Firestarting is the main thing that needs to be completely changed. Not only is it boring to watch, it's not realistic enough. Explain to me how I can light a fire with a single match and a log? That makes no sense. You should have to start a fire with tinder, then kindling, then small wood, then larger fuel types. Blowing on the fire should also be a mechanic introduced when lighting fires. As for when the fire is lit, I think you should be able to drag (place) wood directly on the fire with the item placement system and it should go right in and burn. And finally, the heat from a fire should be retained in a shelter for a certain period of time if it's small enough and doesn't have any means for the heat to escape.
  10. I like environmental challenges. Having to dig through snow to gain access to an otherwise blocked location, whether it be a lone building or an entire passage to a new area, would be fantastic! I think this could be added to every region in small quantities at random generation. Like one time the Trapper's Cabin might be snowed in, or the fishing cabins in Coastal Highway, or the Quonset Garage. Perhaps this can even be cumulative and progress over time. So after a blizzard, you'll have more snow to dig. Now since snow isn't dynamic, they'd have to have a small change to the actual region in order to do this. It would basically be adding a small bit of snow asset to an entire region, and reloading that new region with the existing metadata of the "old one" which would be everything looted, carcasses, dropped items outdoors, etc... I still think it should be a gameplay mechanic though.
  11. Fuarian


    There's this thing, it's called Story Mode. There's also this guy, his name is @Raphael van Lierop and he said there are 2 more major aurora based game mechanics that aren't in the game yet. But are planned. Here's hoping for Episode 3!
  12. @Raphael van Lierophas openly said that they don't have any correlation. They are simply for immersion's sake. Now, I'd like to see more ways that crows can interact with the environment.
  13. The Knowledge System. Where you learn crafting recipes over time. Oh and having to read books and stuff to learn how to do things/interact with things. The Bear Spear (duh). Smaller environmental things, like having to crawl through the fallen rail car in Broken Railroad, taking the Elevator in the Dam, firewood bin at Grey Mother's house and the bin outside at Trapper's Cabin, hidden caches, collectible notes and stuff. Music from Wintermute. Item spawns from Wintermute.