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  1. Just let me make my own setting with ALL the tunable variables
  2. It's right there beside the log sort in CH in survival mode. And it's a solar flare, not a supernova. If it was a supernova Earth would've been completely destroyed. And the sun would be gone too.
  3. Fuarian

    EP3 review

    You're going a little off the deep end with the sci-fi. This game tends to be more realistic. I think his name isn't really Methuselah but he calls himself that because he's a) religious and b) witnessed some shit. He says "I'm an old man, I've seen many things, some would say too many." This implies that he's been in some tough situations and been through some crisis before. Maybe he was a soldier back in the day and worked in foreign countires? Maybe he worked humanitarian aid? Either way he's seen civilizations come and go. He's seen what nature can do. He didn't know the solar flare was coming, but he knew SOMETHING was coming. I think he associates himself with the Methuselah identity because he's been around for a while and has a keen intuit on what's going on. Nothing supernatural. But it's definitely also there as a double meaning plot device. Raph and the writing team definitely had this conversation (among fans) in mind when they made his character.
  4. Fuarian

    EP3 review

    Probably some rare sleep disease condition. Like sleep apnea but more severe. Also interestingly the word Seraphim is biblical. Yet another bible reference here.
  5. Fuarian

    EP3 review

    I mean... yeah just look at the game's kickstarter. It's a natural event.
  6. You disagree with a lot of these points because it would make your current situation difficult. But that's the point! The Long Dark isn't meant to be easy. I mean just look at it.
  7. Which ones are already in the game?
  8. I like the new music better, I just wish the menu was the dynamic background ALL the time and not the temporary black screen.
  9. Just some small stuff that isn't terribly important but would make the game much more immersive. -Soda cans left in the cold explode/rupture. -Wood, tinder and burnables left in cold will get wet/unusable, wet wood is less effective. -Fires can last longer than 12 hours. Imagine lighting a fire in the morning and then coming home to it still blazing. Aaaah. -Colour of light coming through windows should reflect the exact colour of the light outside. -Certain clothing items should get wet quicker than others, including by simply walking in snow. i.e. socks getting immediately soaked when walking outside with running shoes on. -Better smoke from chimneys. Smoke in the distance for navigating back home. -Wildlife attacks and injuries give the PAIN affliction and/or HEADACHE affliction and the CONCUSSION affliction from Ep. 3. -Going completely thirsty/hungry results in the DEHYDRATION risk and affliction & the STARVATION risk and affliction. (seen in Ep. 3 with the survivors). -Tools found out in the snow should be lower quality (i.e. rusted) -Scaring away deer once should cause the deer/deer herd to relocate. Wolves shouldn't stay local to one spot. Wildlife shouldn't be as satic as it is, forcing you to move vast distances to hunt OR you don't stay in one place. -Cargo pants & combat pants should increase your carry weight by 0.5kg (lots of pockets). -Leaving meat outside has the risk of being eaten by/attracting predators to your location. The more you do this, the more likely predators will make a habit of patrolling your area. -Throwable decoys -Left clicking to brandish flares and torches -Levels of aurora intensity, highest intensity turns of heaters and appliances, lowest level is only the aurora and small lightbulbs. -Radios should play static or staticy music, not clear classical tracks. -Add a lookout tower/building to Broken Railroad, open up one side of the map (across the tracks) for some extra playability in the smallest region in the game. -Ice on Mystery Lake and Crystal Lake has a risk to weaken. Same with areas on the CH bay and DP. -Hints of other survivors out there (don't actually have to add NPC's). Stuff like; smoke in the distance, find burning/burnt out campfires, footprints, dropped items, blood trails, looted buildings (very small chance), dead animals, new frozen (human) corpses that weren't there before, flare gun shots going off (also rare).
  10. Pretty sure it's right next to the log sort in CH. Changes will come to that region next.
  11. I think they are the nameless corpses you find around who aren't prisoners or that guard. Maybe the two people in the cave? The one guy with the wolf jacket (sasquatch)? He said there were half a dozen people around the time of the first flare. So 6 people isn't a lot. I'm guessing they went out to look for supplies, maybe find help, or go look for more survivors at the crash site but didn't make it.
  12. Phones aren't electronic. It's not for the sake of plot, it's actually very realistic. A solar flare that powerful would fry all the electronics, but like Molly described, since it's pre-electronics it still works. Also this was revealed in Episode 2.
  13. Every phone in Pleasant Valley are connected through land-line. The Hunting Lodge is way across the mountains so it's unlikely.
  14. With the new mineshaft added in the latest update by the log sort, it says "leave coastal highway" when entering, but it doesn't actually leave the region. You can go through it with the aurora active, but it's blocked off in every path you take. So you can't actually go to Pleasant Valley. It doesn't even connect to the old mineshaft at the top of Coastal Highway. This in my opinion is wasted opportunity. I think the old mineshaft should be scrapped or blocked off, and this new mineshaft should be the one that is opened up. But make it mandatory to have the aurora running to get through. That way, the only means of getting to Pleasant Valley from Coastal Highway is through a dangerous mine, in the dark. with the aurora going. Not only does this make travelling harder, but it gives even more purpose the aurora. It's using the environment to your advantage. It makes you put yourself at risk to get somewhere. It also fits the game perfectly as well. It's also not hard to implement since it already exists in Wintermute. I'm sure many others would agree that this is a good idea.