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  1. Fuarian


    There were a few in Episode 3
  2. Makes no sense how I can eat all of the sardines at Last Resort and somehow not get sick. Any food item with the "mouldy" or "banged up" description on it should 100% give you food poisoning because I dare you to eat mouldy food and try to not get sick. It makes no sense how we can eat all this low condition food and not get sick. Basically the chance of food poisoning should be increased. Also, food poisoning should have more debilitating effects. Like lower energy, quicker freezing, blurred vision (if it gets bad), longer action times, quicker thirst and hunger, etc...
  3. Only issue is that those mountains are the Mainland. Perhaps the mainland as a region? Interesting.
  4. Thank you. I find that pain being only used for sprains is ridiculous. Even simple blood loss could cause this. And then there's the concussion affliction from Wintermute Episode 3 for other survivors we could apply here too. Bear attacks should also afflict broken ribs but not as frequently. Concussion as well. Only issue here is that condition loss attributed to freezing damage (and other damage) shouldn't have the pain affliction applied.
  5. Well here's the thing, it wouldn't be something that forces you to do anything in particular. It would just be something that makes you do SOMETHING instead of sitting around. I don't hunt in excess either. I only gather what I need. But I'm saying that the game often GIVES YOU what you need AND MORE. Even if it's not something that forces you out of the house, there should still be something in place that makes the mundane parts of the game interesting without being solely based on player-made challenges or roleplay stuff. Roleplay stuff is fun, but often hard to do because you're doing stuff like leaving behind valuable supplies (pretending they aren't there or something) which limits survival.
  6. I think it's more of a "you crossed it, now when you go back to cross it again in 5 weeks it will be collapsed and you'll have to take the long way around." Stuff like that, unexpected stuff like that, would be AMAZING. Part of the issue with the game (for long term players) is that everything is so predictable. Not with this feature! I'd love it. Others certainly wouldn't. But some of us would.
  7. Story mode has you chasing a linear objective. I don't necessarily want that for survival mode. I just want something that, doesn't necessarily force you out of the door in a scripted way. But a random chance of an event happening that drastically changes your plans. Not a blizzard, not a wolf encounter, not a sprain, but something like a mass die off of wildlife population, or overfishing, something that keeps you moving and makes it hard to hunker down and just live off massive piles of meat and excessive food. I've found a custom difficulty that works relatively well, but I still want something to force me out into the muskeg let's say to survive. Let's say Mystery Lake has run out of deer for the time being and been overridden with wolves. Off to the Muskeg it is. Otherwise I would never actually go out there for any legitimate reason other than boredom, risking my life for no GOOD REASON. I want to have a reason to do everything. I want every day to be a grind, not knowing whether I'll make it to the next. When it comes to survival, you always want to be on top of everything. And as a result, you'll want to loot everything you can even if you don't need it right away, you'll eventually need it later. I can see how some people wouldn't like this though.
  8. The need is never serious. That's the point I'm trying to make. You never find yourself in dire situations because once you have the tools (which are god damn everywhere at this point), the weapons (same here) and the clothing (jesus...) then you're good. You can hunker down and survive on fishing or hunting deer or the cans you scavenged. Now you said you can go on a death march to another region, sure you can, but no survivor would realistically leave the comfort of their wooden cabin for a cave in the middle of a blizzard stricken valley. Not every player is capable of doing that either. I want to be FORCED out of my door. A dangerous situation is always more intense when you don't see it coming.
  9. Dropping bait to kill wolves in unrealiable, but I've dropped some and they completely lost interest in me. Running can work if you are energized enough. I don't recommend fighting hand to hand. Torches and flares do work almost 100% of the time. You just have to know when to toss them. Wait until the wolf runs up to you and then stops, then toss it at their feet. They run always almost always if you get it right.
  10. The issue isn't that it's hard at the start, it's that it's easier at the end. And the easier it is, the more boring it is.
  11. There's a ROPE up there?! Maybe it's a random spawn
  12. I've been requesting this for AGES. It's realistic, especially for Great Bear which is already in decay. Imagine if the Dam collapses, or a mine, or a tree bridge or some way of passing through somewhere. You'll have to find another way around.
  13. I assume the only reason you'd ever want to harvest perfect ammunition is if you have excess and want to hone your gunsmithing skill.
  14. Or instead they should make whetstones and cleaning kits rarer and make this new mechanic more important
  15. With the introduction of the Milling Machine, repairing tools and weapons has another option. But whetstones are still too common for this to be remotely useful before anyone runs out of whetstones, at which point anyone would be bored out of their mind. Adding Beavers for their tail as a replacement for whetstones would be a reason to limit proper whetstone spawn, but they won't be very durable. Hinterland take notes, this is known as game balance.