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  1. Again, I don't want to waste time grinding to progress with the feats - not to say that there are no mods in the Xbox version (neither time capsule). I just want to enjoy the game and play seriously while progressing, however slowly. The preset modes are way too limited and imperfect in many ways. Stalker does a fair job on wildlife behaviour and by enabling intestinal parasites, but is way too much in terms of cold and hunger; voyager fixes these last points, but you can get so close to wildlife it becomes boring.
  2. That's a massive logical leap I can't make sense of and simply too shallow to be a reason. "We won't allow you feat progression because you changed the experience, however slightly, within allowed options we GAVE you". It's just silly. We could go further and say achievements should not be achievable because the experience is not as "intended", yet that's not the case and it wouldn't make any more sense.
  3. In the end - as aforementioned here - TLD is not a multiplayer game, much less competitive; so why does it matter that much to you or to the Devs? You must spend a considerable amount of time to earn many of the feats (we are talking about hundreds to a thousand of in game days) - I got a real life so I would never spend that much time playing something I don't enjoy or in a way I don't enjoy for that long, even if for "grinding".
  4. Sorry, but that still makes zero sense. Not allowing progression due to the players having a "custom experience", especially in a game such as TLD (with huge playthroughs and time spent) is extremely silly still - that's not even a proper reason. So I pretty much cannot have an exact Voyageur experience but with intestinal parasites, higher animal perception distance and harder struggle while progressing because it's not one of the 4 limited presets - although it's right in between Voyageur and Stalker difficulty-wise? Sorry, but just no, that was the worst dev decision in this game so far.
  5. Custom games are in general much more difficult than Pilgrim, so I honestly do not see the point of not being able to progress my feats. Both Stalker and Voyager are much less immersive, fun and likely not as hard than what I have with my custom settings. It's simply silly to be forced to play those not as exciting modes just so you can progress. If the argument for this progression restriction is that Custom can make it too easy to progress, it makes zero sense that Pilgrim allows feat progression. Quite honestly, this is a broken "feature" (restriction) and shouldn't even have been added.
  6. It's annoying when they do these so called "overhauls" or "improvements" but only end up making it worse - just like they done when they changed the searching progress-bar mechanic and the UI. With every update we seem to lose something iconic that differentiates TLD from every other game out there - making it become more of the dull same.
  7. Hello. I decided to create this thread so I can give some feedback - mainly negative - about the new aiming mechanic that came with Steadfast Ranger and comparing it to the old mechanic. I'll also point some of the points that I liked about it and what could be changed a bit after the main text; and will finish with some video examples. So although pretty much every new feature added with Steadfast Ranger has been great, the new "overhaul" for the rifle aiming mechanic was a serious downgrade in my opinion, both in terms of realism and because it took away the lovely, challenging and iconic The Long Dark feeling we used to have when employing firearms. The problem with the overhaul is that it simply lowers the complexity of aiming a rifle with ironsights to a very dull and unrealistic level, coming close to how ironsights tend to "work" in every other arcade shooter out there. In real life your head does NOT sway perfectly with the weapon like if it was fixed to it (in fact, the head/viewpoint shouldn't even sway AT ALL) but only the weapon itself sways (due to involuntary muscle contractions, breathing, heartrate, and so on). Therefore, not only the aimpoint won't always be the center of the screen/your field of view, but the rear and forward sights WON'T always be aligned as well (perfectly exemplified by how it used to work before this update), requiring you to wait (and in real life "align" the weapon's front and rear sides) until you have a proper "sight picture". Now what we have with the "overhaul" is a always perfectly aligned sights (sight picture is always present even when the character is extremely tired) and an artificial, rather predictable and absolutely unrealistic sway that moves the weapon as a whole across the screen while your head magically and slightly sways with it. Before the video examples I'll leave below, I must say that there has been some pretty good additions to the aiming mechanic though. When the character is tired and heavily breaths out we can feel the effect it does on the aim, sharply swaying it vertically; and the fatigue that builds up while aiming the weapon is also pretty interesting - although I'd like the timer to be longer, as a person in real life could hold a rifle for a lot longer before tiring out, and also for the players to feel the fatigue building up and decide for themselves to let the character relax before being forced to do so. Now, for a visual example of a more realistic sway mechanic, especially when tired/under pressure - notice how the sights aren't always aligned, how the viewpoint seems to be stable and how even though the weapon feels very close to the character, we can feel it swaying around; while the background is in focus and the rear sight out of focus: For a reminder, notice how it used to work in TLD before the update - also notice how he waits for a sight picture to take the shot and how it feels only the weapon is swaying again. Indeed this could be improved, especially by implementing the breathing into the sway, but in general this felt a lot better and more realistic: The new aiming mechanic - notice how even when tired/shivering the character never loses sight picture, only the sway gets worse. It's like if his front arm is always in perfect synchrony with the rear one never allowing the sights to get unaligned:
  8. Yup, I'd also like to disable the fire UI. It's just unnecessary. You already had the three tabs for fuel, water and food, and they looked better. It makes no sense AT ALL (for me) to change that for a dull black screen with 3 options. Sadly though, I don't even believe a Dev is going to read this thread.
  9. This!!! Please make a forum post in the wishlist section here about it!
  10. Agreed come to think about it. I am all for a more immersive experience with uncertainty and guesses whenever possible, so if there was an option to turn off the arrows I'd be all for it. Listening to the character non-verbal feedback and the ambient sounds around seem way more fun than having an indicator telling you precisely what is going on indeed. Another one of the reasons I liked the old UI was that the hunger icon would be over the "hunger line" on its bottom. So basically when reaching about 200 calories (if I'm not mistaken) the hunger icon would look as if it was empty. It was a bit like hitting the reserve fuel on the car and not knowing when it would go out. There was an odd but pleasing feeling about it as I'd be desperate to find more food.