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    Use Less

    I was always wondering if the impairment also is true for the animals and not just for me. Anyway, i don't want to run into a bear 😮
  2. Dahart

    Use Less

    That is a good thing indeed. But only as long as you don't have proper clothing. Once you have clothing with about -23 deg and a good windchill factor, i guess you would rarely need it. Unless you want to go out in really shitty weather Which usually also means you cannot really see because of storm.
  3. Dahart

    Use Less

    Actually, birch bark is one of the most useless items for me. Use as tinder? Nah, i have 5 other options already, don't need a 6th. Use for healing? It doesn't heal frostbite, and for everything else there is sleep. You have to sleep anyway.
  4. I would agree that its realistic, but gameplay wise it is pretty mean. Maybe restrict this to only bear fights?
  5. What i don't understand in this discussion is, that for some people it seems to matter in which way other players have earned their feats. So they maybe played a custom game that was very easy, and earned a lot of feats in a short time. So what? Why does it matter to you? Jealousy? Can you not be proud to have achieved your feats by going through all the hardships you had in your game?? Actually, wouldn't that be something you could be bragging about if you felt so inclined? All i'm saying is, what do you care? Let others play the way they want and if they want feats for that, so what?
  6. Dahart

    Use Less

    Could you elaborate on that?
  7. Thats a very good point! Thanks for that example.
  8. Thats right. And the consequence would be that the charcoal maps should be more detailed to make them more useful. Alternatively: Absolutely. Which brings us back to the idea of adding a marker on the map that points north. For the sake of the argument, it could be any defined direction, but north is the usual marker on a map, so lets go with that. And i have an idea how to implement that into the game: Let the player decide for himself what is north on the map! Lets make it a task, don't just give it to the player without effort. While having the map open, there could be an option to place an arrow symbol and rotate it so it points in the direction you think is north. You should be able to change that as often as you like of course, should you realize your assumption was not correct (or not correct enough). You could also have a mechanic where you can "mark north" on your map by simply facing north in the game and then pressing a button /choosing and option?
  9. I have no problem when we disagree and you have a different opinion. I just don't understand your arguments. Saying something is "gamey" is, pardon me, silly, while talking about a game that is, like i mentioned before, already taking alot of shortcuts (which is totally fine). Yes, it would make it easier for the player, but only regarding the manual labor. Think about reloading the rifle. Currently, you press once and he reloads all bullets until its full. Would you rather that you have to click once for every bullet? Its the same kind of shortcut imo. Btw: You still need to get out of the car at some point exposing yourself again. So the difficulty of the game stays the same. Being exposed for the short moment when you change from front to back is not really risky, its just an annoying waste of time.
  10. The thing about the compass not working due to the geo-magnetic event causing the plane crash in the first place is a good point. It could still work when there is no aurora though. And if its a rare find, maybe 1 or 2 in the whole world, it would potentially leave still alot of game time foricing you to orient without one before you find you. IF you ever. Which brings me back to my original point: As i mentioned before, even a compas would not help you use the local maps any better. Because you don't know which way you are facing on the map while looking at it. Nobody bothered to give me a solution to the problem i offered in the example i gave. Which way should i go, north or south? I just feel like the charcoal maps are a half-baked attempt to help the player. A feature that is lacking potential. The devs gave us the ability to create a map, but then failed to implement how we can use them effectively. Like i said, i am still waiting for an answer to my problem. If you can't use the map in the situation i described, its definitely lacking its potential, isn't? I mean what good is a map for, if not for finding your way? Oh and just as a side note: Our guy seems to have some kind of local orientation, he just doesn't tell us Because even if you map two disconnected regions inside a charcoal map, in the end when the map is complete, they all connect nicely to each other and don't need to be rotated. Because he knew which way he was facing as he was drawing 😮
  11. As i said in my other post about turning your head, please don't start a discussion about realism. Its pointless. What i have suggested is much more realistic then dozens of other things happening in the game. I could start giving examples, but we all know its true and it would just unnecessarily bloat my reply. And you think its reasonable to take the unnecessary risk of exposing yourself to predators, while you could, with a little effort, stay in the car?? But again, its not about realism. The game is not a simulator, because if it was, it wouldn't be fun. Its taking shortcuts in so many ways, and it does so because thats the way to leave out all the boring stuff and make it fun to play. I think my suggestion would enhance the gameplay experience by removing the repetitive action of going in and out of a car without taking away anything from the game. Its purely meant to polish the gameplay. And like i mentioned, it would be perfectly reasonable to actually do so in a situation like this to avoid being exposed.
  12. To be honest, i find it a bit insulting trying to tell me what the search funtction is for. I assume we are all adults here and know how to use a forum. I didn't use the search function because: a) i know search results can be just as useful as a waste of time. Which is proven by the first search result you posted : Way back in 2015 this conversation happened. Its a conversation about a bug happening, where your head jumps from right to left in certain cars, in certain maps only. Its not a feature request... b) i skimmed through the last 2 pages of wish list and didn't see anything related to my suggestion. Which means its not actively discussed in the community anymore as well as developers don't take note of it anymore. We all now only the first pages get attention, maybe even only the first one. c) i was lazy because of a) And sorry but no, i can't be bothered to read through a several page long discussion to follow the train of thought and finally find out why the discussion has ended and to what conclusion it came.
  13. Aehm, really now? You want to go down the road of "realism" with this game? We all know this game is so unrealistic in so many ways, so don't do it. You couldn't win this discussion. Besides, there is no indication we have a huge track backpack after a plane crash. Instead, i think the game uses the common method of "magic pockets" as in 90% of all other games where you can pick stuff up. But thats all speculation so it doesn't matter. Again, don't start the "realism" argument, its pointless. And you really think you couldn't be bothered to "shift your torso and shoulders" so you can actually look around and see if the bear is still around? Because your life could depend on it?? C'mon, of course you would. Same as staying inside the car to switch front/back. If you can stay in the safety a little longer, of course you would. Why take unnecessary risks by stepping outside?
  14. Oops, just realised i made a mistake. I am facing West of course, when i see the sun setting, not east. Sorry, but english is not my first language. That would not solve the problem i presented in my example. You already can tell n,s,w and e from the sun, at least kind of. But it would make a nice find, as an uprade so to speak. Just as you can find better clothing or tools that you don't have at the beginning which increase your chances of survival. So would a compass. Think foggy weather, no sun, no orientation. From that perspective i like the idea. Its a roleplaying element because it helps to improve your character.
  15. Oh wait i forgot: If i want to know where to go, i can always go in the direction the wind is coming from. That is usually right.