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  1. Thats interesting. Does that mean you basically have an indestructible Moose jacket? You wait until its worn down to lets say 10%, dismantle it, get a moose hide back in the process (?) and create a new one?
  2. Oh great, will have to try that immediately. Finally a use for all the cured leather. I had no use for that anymore after going for animal hide clothing.
  3. I am eternally grateful for the auto-walk feature though! Longer life time for my left analogue stick as well as for my left thumb 😮 And being able to just click instead of having to click-and-hold is also great.
  4. Ah ok, so it's probably gone already. Too bad, my satchel is at 19%
  5. The scratched off bark on trees tells us that there is a moose around. Do these trees reset after the moose has left? I am in an area with those kinds of trees, but after several days i haven't seen the moose. I wonder whether it has already left? Any experience on this?
  6. I also think the cans are waaay to heavy. Half a kilo? Seriously? I never saw a spray can that heavy....
  7. Dahart

    Use Less

    I was always wondering if the impairment also is true for the animals and not just for me. Anyway, i don't want to run into a bear 😮
  8. Dahart

    Use Less

    That is a good thing indeed. But only as long as you don't have proper clothing. Once you have clothing with about -23 deg and a good windchill factor, i guess you would rarely need it. Unless you want to go out in really shitty weather Which usually also means you cannot really see because of storm.
  9. Dahart

    Use Less

    Actually, birch bark is one of the most useless items for me. Use as tinder? Nah, i have 5 other options already, don't need a 6th. Use for healing? It doesn't heal frostbite, and for everything else there is sleep. You have to sleep anyway.
  10. I would agree that its realistic, but gameplay wise it is pretty mean. Maybe restrict this to only bear fights?
  11. What i don't understand in this discussion is, that for some people it seems to matter in which way other players have earned their feats. So they maybe played a custom game that was very easy, and earned a lot of feats in a short time. So what? Why does it matter to you? Jealousy? Can you not be proud to have achieved your feats by going through all the hardships you had in your game?? Actually, wouldn't that be something you could be bragging about if you felt so inclined? All i'm saying is, what do you care? Let others play the way they want and if they want feats for that, so what?
  12. Dahart

    Use Less

    Could you elaborate on that?
  13. Thats a very good point! Thanks for that example.
  14. Thats right. And the consequence would be that the charcoal maps should be more detailed to make them more useful. Alternatively: Absolutely. Which brings us back to the idea of adding a marker on the map that points north. For the sake of the argument, it could be any defined direction, but north is the usual marker on a map, so lets go with that. And i have an idea how to implement that into the game: Let the player decide for himself what is north on the map! Lets make it a task, don't just give it to the player without effort. While having the map open, there could be an option to place an arrow symbol and rotate it so it points in the direction you think is north. You should be able to change that as often as you like of course, should you realize your assumption was not correct (or not correct enough). You could also have a mechanic where you can "mark north" on your map by simply facing north in the game and then pressing a button /choosing and option?
  15. I have no problem when we disagree and you have a different opinion. I just don't understand your arguments. Saying something is "gamey" is, pardon me, silly, while talking about a game that is, like i mentioned before, already taking alot of shortcuts (which is totally fine). Yes, it would make it easier for the player, but only regarding the manual labor. Think about reloading the rifle. Currently, you press once and he reloads all bullets until its full. Would you rather that you have to click once for every bullet? Its the same kind of shortcut imo. Btw: You still need to get out of the car at some point exposing yourself again. So the difficulty of the game stays the same. Being exposed for the short moment when you change from front to back is not really risky, its just an annoying waste of time.