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  1. I had a similar thing today on my deadmans challenge run in the Ravine. Almost got stuck but managed to wiggle my way up and past. Could've been devastating. Have you reported it as a bug or know if someone else has... otherwise I'll put one in.
  2. I love so much of the sound design in the game. Is the spooky creaking metal noise in places like Hybernia inspired by the sound design from the sniper scene in the film Full Metal Jacket? Either way it instantly makes me think of the film every time.
  3. Well if its not exactly a forge but a ships boiler like you say that happens to make a really neat makeshift forge (i.e. it gets really really hot) then it makes sense to me. I did find an answer on the net that stated coal powered ships stopped being made (in the US at least) in 1953. You do see a bunch of really old ships still around today. Again according to a very quick google search Canada stopped whaling in the 1960's. Is Hybernia meant to have been closed since that time or is its backstory that there was some illegal whaling going on?
  4. I'm in Western Australia. Almost as far from Canada as you can actually get. The worlds worst long haul flight is from where I am to Montreal. Earlier this year was the first time I ever experienced snow when I went skiing in the US. Most of the new bird noises in the game sound like no bird I've heard in my life. Snakes and spiders and sharks I'm fine with but I'd probably be terrified if I ever saw a bear.
  5. Looks like an interesting mode. I might give it a go once I've wrapped up my current Deadman Run (with Birch Bark) that I'm doing on my tiny little youtube channel.
  6. it was happening to me a few times before the Steadfast Ranger update. I go on about it a bit and you can see the bear do it in this video of mine where I'm trying to lure in the bear with 3 stink bars. https://youtu.be/9AQPKr8wyao It seemed to happen mostly when I looked away from him, definintely looks like they jump further along their path when you look away, I haven't noticed it all the time though but I have seen it in other peoples videos too.
  7. I've never done the zero indoor time... I guess that would mean being stuck in a few regions and depending on spawn location that could be a killer. Real winner in Outerloper is still the bedroll,without it you are seriously in trouble. I think it would be a very very short run indeed. Only viable outdoor maglens location would be the fishing hut on TWM(?) only other one I know of is in the secluded shelf cave.
  8. Interesting bits are only about 8 mins or less in. Feel free to skip about in the video timeline to the first bit with the wolves on the ice. First wolf charges until 4 bullets are shot at it.
  9. I made a Steadfast Ranger series on my youtube channel and had some interesting fun especially experimenting with how the wolves respond to being fired at when I finally found the pistol. My first wolf interaction was particularly worrisome. This vid is episode 04 as it took my that long to find the pistol, but its from old stalker save from quite a while back. Be interested if other people had any similar things happen with the wolves.
  10. I've been recording some Outerloper runs lately but it becomes obvious pretty quick that the bedroll is the best thing in the game for that mode so I ran a little experimental start the other day to see if you could have a viable outerloper start in Desolation Point and get yourself the bedroll from Scruffy. Take a look, if anyone has studied Scruffy's behaviors and has more knowledge on it I'd love to know.
  11. For anyone interested I've got a second series going - this time an Outerloper Run with a pretty tense Hushed River Valley Start - Playlist is here:
  12. For anyone who was following my text adventure version of an Outerloper run I've actually been video recording my latest attempt on youtube. Check out the Outerloper playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRySBphpC-XTn89MXPiwczuLx6dIjx0QO It starts with a bit of a tense Hushed River Valley start.
  13. I don't think interloper is particularly hard...but I used to be very i intimidated by it. I couldn't tell you at which point that changed but at some point it all clicked into place. I used to be worried about condition loss but now I mostly look at it as a trade. I trade condition loss for items, or travel distance, or resources that in a hopeful future pay back that trade with interest. I try to make those trades on my terms trying to gamble on the returns. More often it lands in my favour, sometimes... not so much. As always don't gamble what you're not willing to lose. I just started trying to record my gameplay and put on Youtube for the first time in my playing the game. Current Interloper run my average condition is probably about 40% and in all honesty this run is going spectacularly well - 17 days in and I've forged all my tools, summited timberwolf and more than halfway to having bow and skins ready to craft and I've made a bunch of mistakes and wasted lots of time. You have the skills and mindset to succeed at interloper, but perhaps you need to rethink the question of what success looks like in this mode.
  14. I've finally made some of my vids public - don't want to hijack your thread @Loonsloon so I've made a separate post here http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/22470-interloper-run-first-youtube-try/
  15. Hey everyone After thinking about doing it for a long time I finally got around to recording some Long Dark - Interloper sessions. Feel free to check out the first few episodes here (with a few more currently uploading and processing) Its definitely a bit of a trying experience talking and playing at the same time (at least for me) but after spending time writing down my adventures in the survival stories area I thought it was time to try some video. This play through is fairly low risk playstyle, Once I'm comfy with the recording I'll try to be a bit more adventurous.
  16. Cheers Turkey. I have about 4 videos uploaded, just not public yet. Was trying to get a bit more organised and make thumbnail frames etc but I might just release them as is in the next day or so. I even have a spectacular fail video from my first attempt where rocks weren't even my friends in Hushed River Valley. I don't quite have your deft touch with rock v wolf, I'm more of a rock v rabbit kinda guy.
  17. Well I'm now about 4 episodes into my run (trying to keep them to around an hour each) My goal was to record about 6 episodes and put them up as knowing me it will be quite difficult to keep to a regular schedule due to work but I can binge do them from time to time. Will hopefully have them uploading by the end of this weekend and I'll make a post somewhere on the forums about it In one of my sessions I do talk about my take on carrying meat vs not. Hope it comes across as I intend which is not a criticism of that play style but as a dissection of why I go with my choice. Will keep on with watching what you're getting up to. If you haven't already found his channel I recommend searching for @TurkeySteams channel on you tube. A bunch of videos, small subscriber base but I really dig his laconic style and dry Canadian wit. I have a feeling you'd really gel with what he does based on your style.
  18. Well done @Loonsloon. I just started to record an Interloper run for the first time ever recording the other day which I might post up on youtube in a few weeks once I record a few more days. I found it a very different and distracting experience to try to play and talk at the same time so kudos to you. I'm up to about ep 6 in your series. I must say I'm a little worried about how often you walk about with meat in your pocket. I almost never do unless actively hunting wolves as even without a smell bar they can still detect you with meat on from quite a distance. But hey if it works for you Keep up the good work.
  19. Thanks @Stone you're pretty much bang on about the thrill level I experienced early on and without that bedroll I think I the run was probably doomed. It was a lot of fun in the first 5 -10 days As for firewood - I had 51 days on TWM - a fair bunch in the hut etc - I think firewood is quite manageable but it really does need to be one of your highest priorities. A couple of tactics I had. Your job is now professional stick collector. Invest your warmth and a bunch of your health each day grabbing sticks - I'd go out in the cold and use my warmth build up to gather as many sticks as possible every free chance I had. I'd even sacrifice about 30-40% condition on longer stick runs if I knew I was running low. I would only chop limbs up under a few conditions - if it was warm enough to chop it and only take <20% of what condition I had, if I could use the fire by the limb to also do a bunch of other things - harvest meat etc. Other than that it was pretty much all sticks. Sticks don't respawn unless you pick them up AFAIK so clear them out ALL THE TIME to give them a chance to replenish. I always tried to have a stockpile of at least 30 sticks in the HUT to keep me safe in emergency. Don't burn long fires unless you have a buildup of food to cook or need a bunch of water - fires during a blizzard should only really happen during the coldest part when you're at risk of dying otherwise (you can often ride out a blizzard in the early morning passing time in the bed and only losing minimal warmth. If you can spare the matches enough then IMO you're better to save the fuel than the match - but make your fire still count for as much as possible - water, teas, cooking etc If you go for a walk either have enough sticks + a piece of coal maybe to get you warmer than the temp - usually I'd have 20 sticks or at least go out with a plan to get that many along the way - you don't want to be trying to grab sticks madly in a blizzard while your fire is a few degrees too cold.
  20. Well I made it to day 105 while on timberwolf mountain as an Outerloper (51 days total in TWM), my character is still living but I've retired it as an Outerloper run and have now started exploring the world as a regular interloper - I debated about keeping it going but the grind was getting very dull so it was probably either shelve this run and occasionally visit or go out into the world and explore. Many of my other runs get shelved around day 100 so explore it it. First impressions, I now feel rich, especially in so much cloth. With cooking level 5 even the low condition shop food seems to be fine in my digestion, at very least I risked some very dodgy tinned sardines, some very very dodgy granola bars and nothing bad has happened. Not sure if that's how its meant to work but so far ok. None of the clothes I find are worth much except cloth as most of my gear is already better. I did find 2 ski jackets at PV farmhouse so I guess that might've made a good start in an alternate universe where I went inside to begin with. The weather as would be predicted is awful - almost back to back blizzards punctuated with an few clearish bits which I've so far used to thin out the bitey fur friend population. The wolves do seem to run off and hide in awkward places to die and there isn't clear enough weather for the crows to clue me in. This guy did me the favour of actually dying with one hit right by the door. It pretty much immediately started to blizzard as I began harvesting him though so it was an all night cooking and harvesting in mini chunks affair - run inside cook some pieces - run outside grab 1 more kg before freezing. I'll hang about PV for a few days and loot as much as I can then maybe we'll go on a trek to Broken Railroad which I didn't visit at all during Outerloper.
  21. eked out 5 more days. The rabbits were back on loading into the savegame and so was the moose - here he is right under the reticule. Much sneaky arrow shooting from up on log and with a fire below to warm me and help scare him off and finally he was down Spent half the night harvesting in bits as the wind constantly threatened to blow out the fire. But managed to get the hide and all the meat but even over the next couple of days only managed to grab a few guts before the body disappeared (I have plenty of guts already cured so wasnt a big priority) Managed to find all my arrows over the next 2 days as well. Cooking a second batch of moose got me finally to cooking level 5 so once the moose runs out I'm guessing wolf is on the menu. Managed to bag one more wolf and get his hide so now have 4 curing. At 95 days I'm one day away from overtaking my other long standing, still alive but partly abandoned interloper run which I started over a year ago and is still going. I think that character is in a worse set-up even though she was allowed inside houses. Spent most of my time cooking in this alcove to help with keeping cabin fever at bay. The wind can knock the fire down to 9 mins if it swings just the right way but I think if you go run around in the wind it tries to blow in your face and you can distract it away from your fire. Doesn't quite make up for the loss of fuel you wasted on it if you're running low though.
  22. quick update. Trip went well, first thing- I really liked the snow, so awesome. if anything I was mostly overdressed and by then end of the trip managed to get by mostly in minimal gear. It was a tiny bit cold at times but mostly not a big deal. I think I actually prefer being a tiny bit cold to being too warm. I mainly wore my thermal long sleave shirt and pants. Over that I had a shirt and Jeans. I had an ultralight down jacket as a mid layer with a light shell / semi waterproof jacket over top, Beanie and scarf, gloves. My normal waterproof hiking shoes and some wool socks. Walking around I'd generally get too warm so would strip off the outer shell mostly, sometime the scarf and beanie. Walking was fine, standing around got a bit cold a few times. Waiting at 3 am in -12C for an uber was about as cold as I ever got. During the day I could walk about in -6C fairly comfortably. The weather was pretty dry and mostly below 0C - 12C. I only had falling snow a couple of days. turned up after a few days that dumped about 4 foot of fresh snow everywhere. The day I went skying I got way too hot and by the end just had my merino shirt under the sky jacket & long thermals on the legs under ski pants. I had a fleece mid layer but took it off at lunch. Half the time I had my jacket unzipped too - was doing an absolute beginners course so we weren't going too fast so wind chill wasnt really a thing. Last Day I was there I went for a small 1 hr hike in about -4C to -6C. In the end I had to take my down jacket off and just have my merino and a t-shirt on. Had just a baseball cap on my head till I realised one of my ears had got a bit too numb from the cold, so put my beanie on instead. Thanks everyone for your help.
  23. Currently on day 90. I got have a Wolfskin coat around day 80 and have 3 more wolfskins on the way to curing Clothing temp now is 21C. The weather has been brutal an trying its best to give me cabin fever but between some cave visits and fishing I've managed to keep it at bay. I had 6 rabbit traps out which at first were very prolific but don't seem to have caught anything in about 10 days or more. The Lake as well seemed very free of wolves until I went for a wander away and then returned. Perhaps they needed me to trigger some sort of area change to cause a respawn? I have built so many arrow shafts as its about the only crafting I can do while trying to warm up in the hut. I'm so close to cooking level 5 which will then let me eat wolf risk free. Down to about 48 matches but trying to to only have a fire every 3-4 days unless a blizzard turns deadly in the night. I've usually been able to ride out the cold part without a fire sleeping or resting in 1 hour intervals through the coldest temps. It has been a bit of a drag trying to get from day 65 towards 100, A lot of hunkering down in the cold and dashing out to collect sticks mainly with occasional trips up a few ropes to the other areas to collect cat-tails etc. The double sprain curse does continue. in 90 days I have had 21 wrist and 27 ankle sprains, most of those have been doubles, whilst not encumbered. I even had one set while standing in a cave and I just slightly strafed to the right. Anecdotally I think strafe walking skyrockets the probabilities of a double sprain, I often get them wile crouched trying to sneak around a wolf. I'm considering testing dropping my performance settings from ultra and see if its maybe tied to frame rate drops or something. It doesn't feel particularly balanced as a gameplay mechanism so I keep thinking it must be bugged out massively.
  24. Oh and one cool thing I forgot. When I got back to the summit there was an opened can of tomato soup at about 17% condition near my old fire. I'd cooked it before for the cooking skill but didn't eat it as I didn't want to risk the food poisoning when I first got to the summit. This time I was low on health, exhausted and a backpack full of meds so I took the chance and ate it. Completely safe, no poisoning.