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  1. It seems a number of people get motion sickness issues from the effect. Rational Bassist on youtube made a few videos about it and airs some legit grievances here about it, not least Hinterland have been ok about motion sickness issues and accessibility options but were pretty bkinkered on this one and it seems haven't explicitly noted this feature as an official change anywhere.
  2. Hey That's me I did make a post today linking the vid. I didn't realise you'd already linked it. Thanks Ahatch.
  3. Hey Everyone. I was mucking around with an Ash Canyon only run, spawning in the zone and never leaving. I currently have an inteloper still going at 14 days but have been trying to replicate that in a recorded run. You can check it out here of you're interested.
  4. My TLD youtube playthroughs can be foind here


  5. I have one standard interloper spawned in Ash Canyon who's still going strong 14 days later and a second one that I've been recording fpr youtube who is sitting fairly well at about day 05. They both got the crampons and backpack on day 1 - 2 but no bedroll, or hacksaw etc to be found. One got a stim and the other got a hammer so that's something I guess. As far as Ive found there's no guaranteed match spawn on the lower levels so uowards you have to go.
  6. I was convinced the BR ravine was going to be the entry to the new zone. I thought it would connect BR and HRV. I kinda liked TWM being the end of the road.
  7. yeah me too. I'd nick the one out of Broken Railroad and chuck it in Ash Canyon if I could.
  8. definitely outdoor ones though? as in no loading screen? I'd be curious where they are.
  9. I'm loving the zone, the rope bridges are amazing, but the thing that surprises me is that none of the outdoor caves offer any warmth bonus or let you cure hides in them.... seems strange to have just one zone that goes it's own way in terms of the game mechanics. It's particularly brutal on interloper and harder custom runs, the outdoor caves are no better than a wind sheltered rock.
  10. This will probably be the last chime in I make in this thread but one of the more compelling reasons I saw explained (I think it s in the same article perhaps linked earlier) Imagine you're a developer with an existing game you are actively developing more content for. Your market research (mostly ppl shouting at you on the internet) has indicated a huge customer base could exist for this game if you ported it to another platform - lets say for the Switch or PS4 and even 30% of your existing customers would consider buying again for this platform. Now you spend 12 months porting your game
  11. While I can understand the reasonable gut feel regarding ownership of content I think you're kind of missing the quite good point/s that @stratvox and @jeffpeng raised regarding IP and the enforcement of that. Basically this is whole new ground regarding how content is able to be streamed to you and Nvidia is making money from it. What we have as a setup at the outset may seen reasonable (your licence playing in the cloud that hinterland already got paid for) but that might not always be the case or nuance of difference might come up. If studios dont enforce their rights at ground zero on th
  12. you shouldn't need to destroy anything but look very carefully and deliberately in corners etc. Well done on using the flare to better your position. In the camp office the mag lens can be behind a bookshelf downstairs or I usually find it next to the desk upstairs behind two small crates. In the lookout I think its under a shelf but I could be wrong.... I think it can also spawn at trappers behind the couch.... all of this is from memory though and I dont go look at loot tables at all.
  13. your closest matches are probably in the cave in the lower rope climb area between Trappers cabin and Milton. So from Trappers go through the long cave, exit out into the Milton side climb down one little rope, stay away from one potential wolf, walk into the cave and check the backpack. But other than that there should definitely be a mag lens either in the Camp Office or the lookout. You need to look very carefully, behind and under things. like bookshelves, crates etc. Dont forget you can start fires with flares. There's also a possible firestriker not far from camp office in the Lake Overl
  14. especially as so many of us read the rope as a clue that there would be a shortcut into here via a tie off and there was so many tantalising areas that looked perfect for one. It was almost perfect level design.... except it wasnt
  15. Seems like an epic missed opportunity, level design and gameplay wise, especially considering the rope.... who in their right mind is going to take the rope from there all the way to the ravine?