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  1. @tulkawen can you post about what machine specs you have? Sometimes especially with laptops or desktop machines with integrated graphics card the game can be accidentally running off the crappy video card not your good one.
  2. The idea was that its a very slim random chance once in a while in your game world to come across someone else's body. you'd probably be lucky to find one.
  3. What I've always wanted in this game is that when you die, your dead body and its loot gets uploaded and in someone elses random game your body (and a portion of your loot) appears where you died as a new frozen corpse. They can perhaps also investigate your journal and find out all the places you went and whatever notes you left.
  4. Heya Seems like the playlists defaults in youtube - well at least through the Youtube Studio beta makes them newest first. I might go back through and reset them to order by release date. Might much you up a bit if you;re halfway through a list is all. Thanks for picking this up btw
  5. Welcome my friend to the Drinkerloper club.
  6. Well done for giving recording a go. I found it a bit difficult to begin with trying to talk and concentrate at the same go. Shame about the lag. what are you using to record at the moment? do you know the quality settings and are recording to your fastest hard drive if you have multiple? I found I had to drop the capture resolution to 720P and frame rate to only 30fps to not drop game performance when I started. Good luck with the adventures - I subscribed to your channel so hopefully you get the performance stuff sorted and record some more gameplay.
  7. Thanks for the shout out @SlippedGear The list is a good one, basically all the people I enjoy following on youtube too. I learned a lot from those names as well. Special shout out to Turkey and Pest who I really got the most info of early which made me better at the game.
  8. Incidentally I think the realities of the case show that it probably isn't as frivolous as first appears, a lot of media of the time may have in fact helped create that idea. In reality a 79 year old lady (who wasn't driving at time, but was a passenger in a parked car at the McDonalds) got 3rd degree burns which required serious hospitialisation and surgery from the wikipedia article about it: "Liebeck was taken to the hospital, where it was determined that she had suffered third-degree burns on six percent of her skin and lesser burns over sixteen percent. She remained in the hospital for eight days while she underwent skin grafting. During this period, Liebeck lost 20 pounds (9.1 kg) (nearly 20% of her body weight), reducing her to 83 pounds (38 kg). After the hospital stay, Liebeck needed care for three weeks, which was provided by her daughter. Liebeck suffered permanent disfigurement after the incident and was partially disabled for two years." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liebeck_v._McDonald's_Restaurants this link below is also good particularly at pointing out that McDonalds had knowingly known about the dangers of their coffee temperatures for more than 10 years https://www.caoc.org/?pg=facts having said that... don't drink the toilet water ppl, unless you're in the quiet apocalypse and bang out of matches
  9. I had a similar thing today on my deadmans challenge run in the Ravine. Almost got stuck but managed to wiggle my way up and past. Could've been devastating. Have you reported it as a bug or know if someone else has... otherwise I'll put one in.
  10. I love so much of the sound design in the game. Is the spooky creaking metal noise in places like Hybernia inspired by the sound design from the sniper scene in the film Full Metal Jacket? Either way it instantly makes me think of the film every time.
  11. Well if its not exactly a forge but a ships boiler like you say that happens to make a really neat makeshift forge (i.e. it gets really really hot) then it makes sense to me. I did find an answer on the net that stated coal powered ships stopped being made (in the US at least) in 1953. You do see a bunch of really old ships still around today. Again according to a very quick google search Canada stopped whaling in the 1960's. Is Hybernia meant to have been closed since that time or is its backstory that there was some illegal whaling going on?
  12. I'm in Western Australia. Almost as far from Canada as you can actually get. The worlds worst long haul flight is from where I am to Montreal. Earlier this year was the first time I ever experienced snow when I went skiing in the US. Most of the new bird noises in the game sound like no bird I've heard in my life. Snakes and spiders and sharks I'm fine with but I'd probably be terrified if I ever saw a bear.
  13. Looks like an interesting mode. I might give it a go once I've wrapped up my current Deadman Run (with Birch Bark) that I'm doing on my tiny little youtube channel.
  14. it was happening to me a few times before the Steadfast Ranger update. I go on about it a bit and you can see the bear do it in this video of mine where I'm trying to lure in the bear with 3 stink bars. https://youtu.be/9AQPKr8wyao It seemed to happen mostly when I looked away from him, definintely looks like they jump further along their path when you look away, I haven't noticed it all the time though but I have seen it in other peoples videos too.
  15. As someone who started a new Deadman run (with using birch bark, so Birchman maybe, 1 tea drank so far over 5 days) I gotta say maybe its a case of each to their own. I know several people who are put off by pure deadman not necessarily because it's hard but because the illusion of hope is gone. You can still do a purist deadman run with no change other than you don't drink the birchbark tea. I find it interesting you'd call it cheating. Is it cheating to use the birchbark or to use it and claim you didn't? If it's the latter then I'd hazard a guess that the 'cheating' wouldn't be limited to just using tea but probably using other exploits like save restting etc, as with everything then you'd probably have to just trust peoples word that they did it purist or used the birch. Personally I'll be continuing with my Birchman run for the fun of it, I'm actually doing a gameplay record of it for my youtube channel, but I've been open about the fact I will be using the birch bark. PS. Because tone doesn't translate over the internet I hope you read this response in a friendly and open way