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  1. Just saw this one on one of the discord channels this morning
  2. So I've been doing a bunch of 'science' on the timberwolves with some random interloper starts as well as another longer term survivor in the area and I've captured a bunch of bugged out behaviour with the wolves. Stuff like teleporting from ground level to higher areas in the cannery and some very deadly bugs with the demoralisation behaviour i.e. the bar resetting right after you've scared them off. All captured on video, timecode links below. I've also listed a few other that might not be bugs but I'm fairly certain I had a wolf instantly close the gap on its pathfinding to me. i.e. not there behind me at all turn around and back again and it's there. Click for each video telporting wolf from ground level up onto entry walkway to cannery teleporting wolf from ground level to dock level outside cannery locked entrance timberwolf biting through solid wall. wolf biting from a couple of meters away quick close demoralisation bugs.large chunk of demoralisation happens, then pack gets demoralised, then instant reset on pack morale. Demoralised wolves still being agressive, ...pack not dispersing and getting morale back a third time the next morning (maybe not a bug but who knows at this point)
  3. Even though I suggested it I was only half serious and tbh I can't really think the dev team would be interested in adding crafting explosives.... however I think having some sort of functionality for the gunpowder for interloper would be good, so perhaps I'll revise my idea to be that we could be able to craft flares (both red and blue ones) out of gunpowder. That way you have a somewhat renewable source of blue flares to protect you at least from the timberwolves. I did see one spoiler somewhere that the tool bench might have some extra alure for repairing so there might be some incentive for Lopers to venture into Bleak Inlet beyond the desire to explore or go thrill seeking.
  4. I'm thinking with the ability to make gunpowder surely an exploding arrowhead would be the logical conclusion or maybe at least be able to make a firecracker and throw it at the wolves to scatter them for a minute.
  5. Cheers, I thought there must be somewhere to get into but was panicking a little bit. I almost ran past the rope till the tool tip came up. I was thinking there would be some stairs or something I could climb up but as I was running about I was like "of course! this place is meant to be a trap" The game was trying very very hard to kill me, I did make a lot of mistakes and now that I have a little understanding of the map I would've done a bunch of things differently that might have made it easier on ym resources. I dont think I'm going to be so wasteful with my arrows for starters
  6. Battle of wills maybe? In the previous episode I went toe to tow with them on the ice which also went about as good as you might expect. I've got a lot of arrows to find if I live long enough to go get them.
  7. Well last night I had the most intense gameply I've ever had in The Long Dark. I went in to Bleak Inlet with my +65 day Interloper (actually a naked challenge loper - no prefab clothes allowed). I'd avoided knowing anything about the zone beforehand as much as could so the only info I knew was what was in the teasers and a minor spoiler I picked up from the episode titles of some people's youtube channels. Suffice to say I did get my butt handed to me but it was pretty epic by my usual careful & methodical standards. The real fun starts just before the 30 min mark for anyone who wants to skip to the pain. * caution spoilers galore in the video *
  8. I was in Utah at Park City just outside Salt Lake City. Where I am at the moment its forecast to be 40C today so 104F, I'm remebering the snow with a great deal of fondness right now
  9. @tulkawen can you post about what machine specs you have? Sometimes especially with laptops or desktop machines with integrated graphics card the game can be accidentally running off the crappy video card not your good one.
  10. The idea was that its a very slim random chance once in a while in your game world to come across someone else's body. you'd probably be lucky to find one.
  11. What I've always wanted in this game is that when you die, your dead body and its loot gets uploaded and in someone elses random game your body (and a portion of your loot) appears where you died as a new frozen corpse. They can perhaps also investigate your journal and find out all the places you went and whatever notes you left.
  12. Heya Seems like the playlists defaults in youtube - well at least through the Youtube Studio beta makes them newest first. I might go back through and reset them to order by release date. Might much you up a bit if you;re halfway through a list is all. Thanks for picking this up btw
  13. Well done for giving recording a go. I found it a bit difficult to begin with trying to talk and concentrate at the same go. Shame about the lag. what are you using to record at the moment? do you know the quality settings and are recording to your fastest hard drive if you have multiple? I found I had to drop the capture resolution to 720P and frame rate to only 30fps to not drop game performance when I started. Good luck with the adventures - I subscribed to your channel so hopefully you get the performance stuff sorted and record some more gameplay.
  14. Thanks for the shout out @SlippedGear The list is a good one, basically all the people I enjoy following on youtube too. I learned a lot from those names as well. Special shout out to Turkey and Pest who I really got the most info of early which made me better at the game.