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  1. We are in a game that makes the wolf barking on you literally fly away instantly as soon as you try to start a fire. So... you're beaten twice I guess
  2. Wow. This is quite a challenge, I was impressed by your progress! Definitely try OBS and improve, I want to see more episodes! It kinda made me want to play the game again, let's hope a nice firestarting rework with next update
  3. I actually quartered by chunks thanks to the ESC key. Mainly because if I don't have fire I have to avoid freezing, and if I have I need to optimize watermaking. But we'll all agree dropping the smellies before any time-lapse is the best risk mitigation.
  4. So maybe there was a way of telling the player you wouldn't get the knife. Like, a line from Hobbs explaining you wouldn't get the item anyway, or a broken useless one, smtg like this. I killed the dude with no hesitation, even if I didn't think about having the knife. Honestly. Seems I'm a psychopath, good to know.
  5. Problem with only positive additive game mechanics, is simply that it makes the game easier with every implementation. I played Sleepwalking mode and found it balanced for me, then the Well Fed buff made it easier, there was no drawback. I stopped playing the game after the Birch Bark tea addition because well, again there was no drawback. I just found myself with no real threats thanks to the instant-fire wolf deterrent mechanic, same mechanic making kill-stealing so efficient that food was not a problem anymore. Maybe a smarter way of implementing it would have been to reduce gradually (the on/off approach is clearly broken too) your available load when starving, maybe a penalty of -0.1kg for every 1h of starvation (until -5kg) just like the Fatigue penalty but slower (and additive of course), and reverse +0.1kg after 1h of well fed (until +5kg). This would have had the same results on lower "free food" difficulties, while keeping Interloper kinda-challenging. Read something about timberwolves, if it happens to be a true menace I'll come back to TLD, and believe me I'll be very very happy to do so, it's the best game I've played, it's overall ambiance is just perfect for me. That would only take a revision of the instant-wolf-repulsion from attempted fires.
  6. BareSkin35- D61 [ Sleepwalker level 8] Perfect weather, I cross the frozen lake/shore, don’t stop at the gas station (2 wolves), sprain going uphill, stop at the trailer near the bear cave (1 reclaimed). No bear, I limp my body to the cabins under the 2-ropes-Lookout. The bear is here! Hanging near the cabins. Too bad I’m sprained and can’t climb the first rope to shoot it… I bandage my leg, drink rose hip tea and get 1 story up. I hit him once (and miss twice), but it doesn’t bleed out. I climb one more rope up to sleep at the Outlook. I take all the fuel (and 2 maples) I left here before going to sleep on full stomach thanks to the meat that’s left here. BareSkin35- D62 [ Sleepwalker level 8] Had to make water in the middle of the night, after climbing back down in midnight light. An aurora starts as I finish the first half liter, I don’t like is a lot, an aurora bear is nearby. What had to happen happened: the bear arrives. I miss my only shot before running into the cabin. Partly because I had to screenshot at the same time, but that was worth it. I'll have to wash my pants Next morning I grab the arrow back and try to ambush the bear, like in any good war tactics, and it works. But the arrow has been shrugged away, I’ll have to do it again. From another nice spot, I stuck 2 arrows in the beast. It’s not enough, I look for his corpse but find him Schrödinger-alive, back to my spot I patiently wait for him to walk through the canyon he uses to ambush players. Irony. He drops dead in front of me with this last shot. Can quarter only halfway, due to blizzard arriving. I’m exhausted anyway, so I head back to the cabin for a nice sleep until warm hours, but the weather doesn’t get better until dawn. While I transport the bags to the cabin, the new sounds scare me quite efficiently: one of them resembles a lot a crying wolf. I then realize I’ll have to spend time here to cook all this meat.
  7. So, would you say Interloper is broken just because you can't make a fire right away ? (rhetorical question)... And yes, we can agree the game would be much less of a 'chore' if we just removed the wolves entirely, no problem on day1 , day2, day 54... Oh come on, you feel hunted with a 100% chance tactic to scare a wolf off? I feel hunted when I have to fight wolves with only stones, but why not, I can understand your point. Never said that... you completely missed my point. We're talking gameplay mechanics in a survival game here. First, I did not insist on anything. Again, what you've understood is not what I wrote. They devs make their game, period. Second, I don't nearly get how the comparison works, we're talking survival here (where how to scare a wolf is a relevant matter), not a climbing game. The good parallel would be you buy a climbing game, cause you like hard climbing challenges, but the game has a mechanic that prevent you from falling if you make a mistake, say some kind of parachute. You explain on the forums you feel strange about this mechanic and you wouldn't mind if some change was made to it, and then I'm trolling you saying "hey Lady, I like this feature OK? For gameplay reason, I want to be able to make mistake but not pay the price by falling and having to restart from ground. If you don't like the parachute, don't use it". And then 2 posts later I add "don't try to force you opinions on me, we're both equal, please stop being mean"... Good point is, I never tried to convince you. Or anyone for that matter. I believe people are grown-ups and make their own decision. I just present my arguments. Totally different approach. I asked @ManicManiac about stones using a joking tone, and you stepped in without all your seriousness, judging me ('this would be too realistic') and answering something that was not even asked in the first place. Using a victim vocabulary (you are 'forced', I try to 'tell you my opinion is better') doesn't change anything to the fact that you are wrong about my intentions. I don't try to 'force my opinion' on anyone. I just expressed it and for whatever reason you felt compelled to talk about you and yourself. Both our opinions are equal, we agree on that. They don't matter at all in the end.
  8. Well I guess it all boils down to opinions in the end, being able to scare a wolf off instantaneously with a magic-superpowered fire attempt is too few "IRL realism" to me. 1 match and (maybe) 1 stick is too cheap for such a mistake. I don't like it, sorry. Wasn't cautious enough, didn't stop to hear footsteps/howling? Pay at least with a flare / flare shell/ cartridge / arrow /bullet. Or with your life, since the game is about survival, after all. In my runs it's more dangerous to forget coffee than running into a wolf pack, I don't think it's intended gameplay, and this is actually an unjustified chore to have to find coffee... I can die between the two ropes between Milton and Mystery Lake cause I'm too exhausted to get out of this trap (there's no bed, once exhausted there's nothing you can do), but if I get out of Orca full of raw meat, see 4 wolves barking and running on me, I keep my life as long as I have ignition and 1 fuel? Well, even for gameplay's sake, it seems a bit... unbalanced? Never used it, but it always scares the wolf if you merely point it to the animal direction right? That's a drawback only if you want to kill (I know you want 🤠!) , which is technically not its purpose since the rifle exists. Don't you think it's still a flat out 'gain' compared to previous build? I don't see any risk associated with using the gun, strangely enough. To be honest since it doesn't spawn on interloper I welcome the revolver as a very nice addition, it brings more variety to run up to stalker, and it's always a good thing. I still have the 'flat out gain' problem with birch tea, but that's another matter
  9. I agree, it would be more realistic. I disagree it would be too realistic, since now the revolver is here to meet that exact purpose, right? Not even mentioning flares...
  10. Would you agree to need them for making a campfire? 🤗
  11. I wish there would be a drawback to revolver use. Like, used in "hip" mode, it sprains your wrist. but if you aim, you can keep the revolver. This thing is powerful and has a lot of recoil.
  12. BareSkin35- D58 [ Sleepwalker level 8] Transfer 64 sticks to Jackrabbit, and I decide to place 5 snares out of my 18 total. I came back for fear of loosing the meat bags from Day 54, but it's already too late. Then back to Misanthrope cause I really want a bearskin coat, never had one. Finished cooking the bear meat for the whole evening, from dusk to midnight. When I left home day 54. Now the bags disappeared. Never happened before, was I impatient before or did they changed the code to it? BareSkin35- D59 [ Sleepwalker level 8] Wolf on the lake is not a good omen for bear presence, but the deer I killed at the same time is respawned… I look for it until noon, then snowstorm. Repair the Mackinaw and underwear with curtains, since I’ll have to sleep in here. Do I have very good CF hygiene or did it become even more bugged than before? Back home at midnight, because in SW8 hunger is too important to leave rabbits to rot in traps. BareSkin35- D60 [ Sleepwalker level 8] Still no bear near Misanthrope, but I spend one of my precious matches near a fishing hut for water. The weather is not getting any better, I don't regret not having a mag lens.
  13. You stupidly loose them on emergency defensive fires? A chance the first starting interface is supposed to be redesigned soon.
  14. 7$ is not a big deal if you live in a country that, despite having 'low' wages, still offers you the possibility to own a game/console, an internet connection, and English lessons. Plus, having lived in Vietnam for years, which I think qualifies as 'developing' country, I can assure you this is not 7$ there in steam, it's actually lower than 3$ = 100000VND, which roughly the price for a daily moto-taxi ride to work. At such a price there's nowhere in the world where pirating the game is justified by low income. Such low income would prevent you having a PC/console and internet connection.
  15. I would nevertheless respect such a decision, out of respect for those backers that made the very existence of this game a possibility with Wintermute in mind. I'm playing this wonderful game thank to them as much as Hinterland Studio (upon purchase I didn't knew wintermute existed), so I -as a sandbox player- wouldn't dare asking to be served first. Since I have absolutely no idea about the amount of work to be put behind such or such feature/project, I'll just happily take what comes to me