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  1. Depends whether you consider having to start and keep a fire going for the time needed to melt the snow and boil the water as more work rather than less.
  2. True never thought of that 😁 Maybe there could be a slot near the bottom of the falls to leave a cooking pot and then it fills up without you getting wet.
  3. brianbloke


    Apologies if this has been previously suggested, can't find it anywhere... How about allowing players to gather as much water as they like from waterfalls? Be an added point of realism and there aren't that many of them. Be a nice touch.
  4. I shot a bear from the porch not long after getting to the farmhouse, and with the 6-cooking slot stove, I had this huge supply of meat and water to use as a base, so I fell in love with the farmhouse. Plus with the connections to Winding River, Coastal Highway and Timberwolf Mountain, Pleasant Valley is really central. But yep the weather sucks
  5. Checking one kitchen cabinet when making dinner is just not enough Any birds in the sky has you looking for corpses Grocery shopping is a nightmare - I'll never carry all this! ...have at it people...