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  1. watching play The Long Dark; Dave McD - Loonsloon - Michael York - Miss Gam Survives - Pest789 - Tesonya Vision - TurkeySteam - These are all smaller channels with interesting players imho. I have learned a lot from their videos. Please check them out if you get a chance. Thank you.
  2. I also like the new textures on the backpacks, and the weathering on the train cars is awesome, as are the hinges on the interior and exterior doors now matching. I agree, thank you for your attention to the details!
  3. Anyone who thinks birch bark tea is OP can just avoid it, same as they always did before when it was only tinder.
  4. Is there any chance there could be an option added to the custom settings to turn off dead bodies, even though they are loot containers? I would like to play this with my younger nieces and nephews and not have to explain why there are frozen people in all the areas. Thank you for your consideration.