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  1. I agree, but I was thinking more JTF2.
  2. I mean what happened to the times when everyone would take Walkmans every where and listen to rolling stones or ELO or hell even earth wind and fire? But now in 2019 "YEE"?(I was not born in the 70s-80s but I still enjoy the music)
  3. ... I am a young adult... And I still don't understand this.
  4. I have been living in lonely light house for 45+ days and im not sure if it's the wind or not but I heard moans in the night.... Maybe it is the ghost of Sean... Or maybe im crazy... Ether way mental health would be cool.
  5. Screw pepper spray! I usually take my conceal and carry on hikes when I can. (Not all national parks let me bring it with me)
  6. Moose I may not know much but it took like 15 revolver rounds to take it down. Also a chunk of meant has over a 1000 cal and can forget the moose craftable goodies. so in my book moose wins
  7. Craftable and throwable spears.
  8. Sounds like your spot on.👍
  9. I make myself laugh 😂


  10. Okay. I just came from lonely light house lived there for 30+ days. I honestly need to move around more only have been to milton,TWM,DP,CH,ML,FM,BR(wintermute),and ravine but that was back in beta. I might need a tour guide.🤣 I might go to ML and work from from there. I might start a day log when I get there. Welp, Godspeed!