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  1. Is there anyone in the United States that has the update on xbox one?
  2. Fallout 4 Fallout 3 Fallout new vagas Subnautica The Long Dark STEEP CS:GO Watchdogs Watchdogs 2 Battlefield 1 Battlefield V Battlefield HL MW MW2 MW3 Roblox Bomber Crew DayZ Vurdun Hitman 2 Kerbal Space Program Call of Duty Black ops Call of Duty Black ops II Call of Duty Black ops III (I did not enjoy playing it that much) Minecraft And the game that started it all, Battlefield 1943
  3. Me when I find out that Hinterland has uploaded voiced videos of short stories
  4. Wait!?! Is that a fox or a wolf that looks small because of the camera angle? 0:16 Edit: I just finished the trailer 22 cant wait!!! Time to throw Fallout 4 out the window and get back into TLD!
  5. This is part four to my mini series I recommend reading part one Part two And part three Most of you already know that im not Canadian so im sorry if I got anything wrong about Canada I got most of my info about Canada from a few google searches. Anyway enjoy! The lights We were now around a hour away from home and the weather was getting worse by the minute. I could fell my the cold wind slip through the cracks in my jacket and my fingers were becoming numb. Riley was walking right next to me practically rubbing up against my leg. I looked to Riley and said “It’s okay boy I’m sure we will be there soon” We were now coming close to the small cozy urban home I called home. I looked to my left and I could see the sun over what I thought was Timber wolf mountain but finally we were home. I walked through the front yard and onto my front porch with my new friend at my side I grabbed the key from under the welcome mat and put the key into the lock I then looked back at Riley and said “ Okay, Before you go inside we need to set some ground rules one don’t sleep on the couch two don’t eat everything and three please don’t pee on anything.... Okay now that we have some rules... Welcome home” Before I could even open the door half way, Riley had already bolted inside. I walked after him and closed and locked the door behind me. I walked into the kitchen took off my jacket and hiking pack and put them on one of dining room chairs. I turn back to the living room to see Riley sniffing all the furniture “Hey are you hungry?” I said to Riley while slipping on a cooking apron He barked and laid down on my rug in the living room “Okay, I’ll take that as a yes” I grabbed the lighter from the over head cabinet and lite the propane stove. I took a short moment to defrost my hands with the small propane burner. After a hour of cooking I made Spaghetti with out any meat since everything in the fridge spoiled. I put some on a plate for me, I then turned around and took out the small container of dog food from my hiking pack and put some into a bowl with some spaghetti on top for Riley I place his bowl on the floor and said with a grin “Bone-appetit hope you enjoy” he walked over and started eating. I sat down in my chair and started eating as well. I was in the middle of chewing when I looked down at Riley and said “Lucky for both of us my sister taught me how to cook” After our nice meal Riley had walked into the living room and lied down so I grabbed a large pot and filled it with snow from outside. I came back inside and set the pot on the stove to boil I turn back to the living room to see Riley asleep on the rug. I put Riley’s bowl and my plate into the sink and started to use the now melting water to clean them. I cleaned the plate then bowl, when I was done I started drying off my hand with a rag I looked out the window above the sink, I could see the last bit of sun light disappearing behind Timber wolf mountain and then I notice that there was a odd green hue forming over the mountain “Hm, that’s odd” I said to my self while tossing the rag down on the counter I assumed it was nothing and forgot about it soon after. I walked though the living room into my bed room and said “Come on Riley” I walked over to my bed at sat on the edge of the frame I started taking off my boots when Riley slowly trotted though the door he then laid down next to my bed. I laid down and pulled the blankets over me. I looked to my left and said “You could lay on the bed you know... nothings stopping you” He didn’t move so I rolled over and closed my eyes soon after I grinned when I felt Riley jump up and lay on the bed. now with the comfort of my new friend at my feet I slowly drifted off to sleep... I woke up suddenly with Riley barking and howling vigorously “What is it? I said while barely opening my eyes... I could see that the lights were on and the windows were glowing in a bright green and blue color. I got up ran to the living room to see that the lights and TV were on “POWER!” I yelled while running back to my bed room closet I opened the closet and pulled out the small gun safe I put in the code -BEEP BEEP- I almost cried when I heard the sweet irritating sound of the safe unlocking I grabbed the the small handgun and magazine from the safe I looked up from the safe when I could hear a strange robotic voice coming from the kitchen I got up and walked to the kitchen while still hearing Riley barking and howling from the other room I heard the robotic voice say “THE MESSAGE WILL NOW REPEAT” followed by high pitched beeping I walked over into the corner of the room to see that it was the radio I walked over to the radio and listened in “THE FOLLOWING IS NOT A TEST ... THE PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA HAS ISSUED A MANDATORY EVACUATION OF THE FOLLOWING CITYS MONTREAL,TORONTO,OTTAWA,QUEBEC CITY,LEVIS -Static- AVOID CONTACT WITH PETS AND WILDLIFE -BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP- THE MESSAGE WILL NOW REPEAT” “My god...” TO BE CONTINUED Thank YOU guy's for all your support! Shout out to Pancakelady and DarkLink9994! If you guy's have any idea's on how I should post these part's let me know. im thinking ether one post and just post the new part's in the comment's or just keep making new post's for each part.
  6. True, But when your reading and you don't want to waste any fuel just use a match and light the candle then you have some light for a few hours.
  7. I think candles would be nice. It would be something I would use inside when it is night and I need to see my fire wood also maybe being able to read books at night.
  8. Just got done with writing part 4. Thank you for understanding I try my best to fix everything but there is always something that gets past me.
  9. Part two and three are now out.