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  1. In case you hadn't seen it yet, The Long Dark is now officially available on the Windows Store as an Xbox Play Anywhere title: Anyone who owns the game on Xbox One will automatically get the Windows 10 version, and vice versa, and cloud saves should keep both versions in sync.
  2. Hi @black72rat . We have tested this achievement on all platforms and yes, people are completing it, however its a very small number. Again, it's something we're looking into, but until we learn more I don't have any other details. However I will post again when we have more information. Thank you everyone for your reports about this issue!
  3. Hey everyone, thanks for your posts. As you are probably aware, since launch we did have a number issues relating to the completion of certain Achievements. We've released a number of fixes and since then, and verified that the Faithful Cartographer achievement has been unlocked by both players and testers on our team. That said, we know some players are continuing to have difficulty and are looking into it further. It's possible that in saves which predate these fixes, some progress made towards these Achievements isn't registering. Thanks for all your patience while we investigate!
  4. Hi @Bradstaff. We don't have a date announced, but The Long Dark is coming to the Microsoft store very soon -- we promised to make it available as a Play Anywhere title a while back and the team has been working through the certification process with Microsoft for the last little while. Hope that helps!
  5. Hey @Karl Grylls , I'm not certain if this is still the case, but I *think* there might still be a small number of items with our previous logos around. If you send a message through this contact form detailing exactly what items you are looking for, someone might be able to track some down for you. Good luck!
  6. The Public Bug Database more a way for players to send the team data about issues, rather than a live system for checking up on the status of bugs. That stuff is managed internally in another system. That said, reports of items being lost in the environment are something we are actively looking into. As always, thanks for your patience -- we appreciate all the help and feedback!
  7. Mel Guille


    Nice shots! How long did it take you to collect these?
  8. That does sound odd. If you haven't done so already, could you add this to our Bug Database so the team can take a closer look? Thanks for your help!
  9. A neat article about research taking place at the German Antarctic research station, Neumayer III, with the goal of developing farming technology that could be used for long space travel, or even on the push to Mars. Excerpt: Out on the Ekström Ice Shelf in the Atlantic sector, the greenhouse will stand against Antarctica's frigid temperatures, the long dark winter and extremely low humidity. From the outside it's a simple structure, just two 20-foot (6-meter) shipping containers placed end to end. But inside, it's a high-tech oasis capable of producing 661 pounds (300 kilograms) of
  10. Hi @AlexandraRussia . Are you asking if Hinterland is continuing to work on The Long Dark? We certainly haven't forgotten about the game! We have three more Episodes of Wintermute to complete, and also plan to expand and improve the Survival Mode sandbox as well. Details about the content we're working on haven't been announced yet so I can't comment on the specifics, however we promise the team is still hard at work and looking forward to sharing more of the Quiet Apocalypse with you!
  11. Thanks for sharing! Obviously a solar flare like the Carrington Event would be a horrifying disaster, but I find it fascinating to read about. Astronomy is amazing!
  12. Thanks for sharing your suggestion, @Wish! Just quick reminder for everyone: please don't share hacks, mods, or other tools that modify the game in these forums. What players choose to install on their own machines is, of course, their own business, but because we have not yet added mod support and unsupported modification have the potential to introduce issues, we do discourage their use and request that they not be shared in our official communities. Thanks!
  13. Nothing has been announced yet, so I'm afraid I can't comment on exactly what's coming. However development on both Wintermute and Survival Mode continues, and the team pays close attention to how changes and additions are received and takes feedback into account when planning new content. Not a very satisfying answer, I know, but wait and see -- we think you'll like what we have coming.
  14. This article was published while most of the team was on break -- worth a read if you've ever wondered why so little Canadian identity is present in games, even the ones developed here. Our Creative Director @Raphael van Lierop provided his thoughts on the topic as well. Excerpt: Some of the highest-profile games in the world, such as Assassin's Creed, FIFA soccer and Mass Effect, are made in Canada. Highly anticipated upcoming games include Bioware Edmonton's Anthem and an unnamed Star Wars game from Electronic Arts' Motive studio in Montreal. Yet for all these impressive
  15. While Survival Mode is a pretty polished experience at this point, there are still lots of improvements and additions we're hoping to make available in the future. Don't assume it's set in stone just yet!