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  1. I think it's a dope idea, however, make the game your own, who knows, it might be good enough to publish, personally, I wouldn't take someone else's idea.
  2. Chapter 10: Reclaimed Man is completely out of phase with nature. Nature is woman. Man is the intruder. The man who re-attunes himself with nature is the man who de-mans himself or eliminates himself as man. - Jill Johnston Isaac had no idea why there were so many corpses in that building, were they the victims of a gang war? was there a group cleaning the bodies off the streets? His thoughts were interrupted by an unexpected howling, "wolves?" Isaac thought as he sat up from the couch he was laying on. The cat hid under the couch and hissed,
  3. You make a good point, however, that'd make bear killing too easy.
  4. Well, I feel that the painkiller thing is simply a balancing mechanic.
  5. That is interesting, however, I believe that the geomagnetic storm affected the minds of the wolves and made them aggressive.
  6. Thats like telling a tree to stop growing...
  7. on a related subject, I hear that bears will actively hunt humans and stalk them to know there schedule, scary...