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  1. but we got a whole new region in E4 that will be added to Sandbox mode in December? Noisemaker will be a nice use for all the crafting materials that can otherwise only be used at the ammunition workbench. Everytime i find one of these far away from the bench i think "yeah okay, i won't carry it all the way to BI, so...." A sled is on the wishlist since forever and wasn't added. I don't think we will get one. I personally think that a sled would be good for moving regions. What really is needed is an adjustment of the weight of some items, especially tools. A hatchet does not we
  2. personally i don't care about Halloween or it's TLD event, instead i can concentrate more on E4 and my Sandbox run. Thank you for the update and i'm curious what the new gear item will be. I hope of some kind of waist belt that allows you to keep tools nearby your body, increasing the weight limit also Or a leg holster for a pistol maybe?
  3. found that place too. Was bit upset that they are not lootable I wonder what killed them. Were they standing in line and getting shot? Or did they just freeze to death?
  4. well: the years before the pandemic they had the four days of night event. Last year (when the pandemic hit the most), they had an entirely new event: Escape the Darkwalker. It was so successful, that Hinterland created an entire challenge with the Darkwalker. So i think that the restriction argument is true, but don't seem to impair HTL
  5. this wolfhowl at the end of the video: It gets me thinking what kind of Halloween Event we will get this time 🧐
  6. Thank you for your advise. Never thought that this thread would get a visit since it's 4 years old I hope Hinterland will introduce their own ones. I once asked in a Milton Mailbag whether they plan to update the shop and Raph replied with a clear yes. He also said he loves my idea with the badges/customizable clothing. But that was some years ago.
  7. Well, that was a very short Dev Diary. And for an occassionally update on how's the episode doing it was long. Something in between i guess? But thanks for the update! Sounds very good! 40 minutes of cinematics... i wonder what the members, hired for this made for us 🤤 But what i'm really hyped for:
  8. I wouldn't call it exactly a "problem". Just a thing that would be nice if it would be posted here as well. Nothing that's very detailed or time consuming, just a quick note how's it going, that would be enough. So you can just see "ah there they are, that's what they are doing" without having any expectations or questions like "wHeN eP 4???" or something like that
  9. thanks for sharing it here @Dum_Gen Some of us (like me) don't have the possibility to check facebook, twitter, etc (my browser has track- and adblockers that causes websites not displayed correctly, so you can't see anything on them. And no, i don't want to turn them off) It's funny how the issues set for the test are rising at first I wonder why you put issues into the game by intent. Can anyone answer this?
  10. wow i thought it's impossible to place the shelter in another structure
  11. I love the arrows. How long did it take to put them like that? I think the placement feature can get more user friendly
  12. do you mean the contrast? And btw is that a 4K Screenshot?