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  1. This one is really great. I don't know why, but i love screens from trees in that angle. Had made some by myself, but i don't have it on this PC unfortunatley
  2. Ah okay, i haven't seen a toppled tower in FM before. Seems they changed the region a bit and i haven't been around there for a while. For story mode i just walked on the right side and avoided the bear and the wolves. I just ran through the map in order to reach BR. Haven't seen much from FM at it's current state. Thank you for letting me know, i will keep looking for the toppled one!
  3. I'm confused now I thought you mean the Cave that lies left of the tracks (when coming from BR), with the signal tower a bit more uphillwards. Where this one wolf ist lurking around 🙄And where (before Redux and maybe now too) you had the hatch with Jeremia's letters
  4. I have kind of the same problem. I continued my Story Mode savegame (which i still haven't finished in redux) and was at the Forge in BR. Before i got the spear, i wanted to make some nice arrowheads and show the wolves who's the boss here. Yeah, i put nearly all the coal in the forge and noticed that you now need blueprints to do something..... Now i have the spear i need to repair and i seriously doubt that one piece of coal is enough to do so....
  5. Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction Singleplayer + Plugy (by far!) The Long Dark The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Rocket League Magic the Gathering (started in Paper but Arena is also nice) Total War: Medieval 2 and Attila (can't wait for Medieval 3, but i am careful about their DLC practice)
  6. I'm just glad i can play TLD only a few times per year, so in 1 1/2 most of the issues will be already addressed (i hope/think so). And i can play 4DON this year. Yay!
  7. hey, noen fra Norge nice screenshot btw. Scary!
  8. Muskeg was my favourite until HRV came out. I like the angles and the different terraces on the area. You go one way, but when you go it again on a different terrace, you discover the same thing twice but from a different point of view. Just like when situations happens (or is it happen? Please, someone help me with my english xD) in real life: mostly you have different opinions but they all are true for some reason
  9. That may be true.I just wanted to say that i like the things you do and your character that telegraphed between the lines of your texts every now and then
  10. You are a great person @Raphael van Lierop Very impressive text, right now i can't say more about it but i hope Hinterland will exist for 5 years more (at least)
  11. Can't add more to the things said by @jeffpeng HRV is perfect!
  12. nice, will watch it! I don't follow the Mailbags anymore, but this is a question i want to know the answer
  13. Really Great! Is it possible that i can have the original version?