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  1. Really Great! Is it possible that i can have the original version?
  2. I believe we can play as Astrid and we get candles!
  3. I wasn't able to play the event and i'm kind of a completioner as well. When i saw the (missing) badges ingame for the first time, i was desperate as well and i understand your intention. But think about it just a bit: When you can get time-limitied badges outside the time and event they were made for, what does it mean for the events themself? When we are able to get all the badges without fullfilling ther necessary requirements, what's the meaning left on these missions? I don't have them as well, but in my opinion that's the way it has to be done 🤷‍♂️ Maybe they will make it posible to repeat the event after Hallowen 2019? But even then i think the earned badge should show that it was not earned in 2018.
  4. This game is so beautiful, even Bob Ros would've just pressed the F10 Button to create a high resolution Screenshot saved on your Desktop
  5. Did you both manage to make a _picture_ of the screen with your _mobile phones/cameras_??😱😲
  6. Hm, depends. My ultra wide was 140€. A cheap one, yes, but my it was a present from my father and the monitor before was from pre-2008 and not even FullHD. But it is super. Can you imagine when i first played Witcher 3 and steped on the balcony and saw the mountains and the scandinavian landspape? My eyes fell out. In a year or two i will get myself a 4k Monitor, playing it again!
  7. oh yes it does And another ultra wide player here. I believe there is not much of us out there, is it?
  8. It works with VLC Media Player. The best Player so far in my opinion. But it looks like you hit him in the shoulder. Or maybe you couldn't aim properly and that's why it went more to the right xD Yes, in slow motion you can see that the rifle swings to the right a bit. Well done!
  9. I love the first pic. From the spectator's point of view they look mysterious, mighty, exalted. Voiceless prosecutors for you trespassing into their world. But due to my resolution (2560x1080) the screenshots will not be displayed in full magnificence to you. All screenshots from Hushed River Valley, excluding maybe the first one. I can't remember where it was.
  10. Interesting. I just started Part 1 of the Redux Story and i noticed that my CPU Fans are much louder than usually. I just arrived in Milton, so i haven't seen much buildings yet, but thanks for the warning. I will see if my game crashes too.
  11. I have only very less time to play (a few Weekends per year), but in the holidays, there is enough time. And no, i haven't played it since 4DON. I will try it out, thank you
  12. very nice pictures. Especially the one with the Lantern. And how nice the aurora looks on your systems. On my PC there are annoying, moving lines in it. I think it's my graphic card ;(
  13. Made my day Hinterland :D:D:D Merry Christmas to all of you. And that some here get the love they need.