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  1. Years ago i suggested that. When cleaning the rifle while it's loaded there should be a chance to injure and even kill yourself I just don't keep the revolver in my hand anymore when i'm picking up things or searching lockers and stuff
  2. This annoys me every time. every.darn.time. Don't like the revolver anyways. I like the grim atmosphere:
  3. You nailed it for me. I also wanted a place in the survey where we could write little (or tbh not so little) text. At many of the questions i was like "my answer is between A and B, i would like to have the possibility to specify my answer" But i liked the survey, especially when it came to other projects after TLD. I'm very high on atmosphere and TLD has the best atmosphere. It develops in the long run, but there's where the value is. And yes, i also feel that the game is slowly facing its limits. What could help are new mechanics and more options for the gameplay: deeper crafting (i'm
  4. I'm getting this message too. I don't when i took the last survey but i doubt that it is around for so long ^^
  5. nice ones! I like the deer the most because of the lightning and the panorama
  6. Regardless from other crafting wishes etc., i would like to have a safehouse customization as it was notet on the early roadmap. Just to be able to repair the roof at the hut in TWM would be great or the ability to make the church a base with a fence. Or the possibility to build an anteroom like the one at the farmstead in order to give you the possibility to observe the area in front of you before actually going outside.
  7. I found the video: see here From the beginning til ~0:35. It's from 2019 so maybe it's patched the way that the moose indeed bleed out meanwhile - or it's a bug and they fixed it. Jeg glede meg til den neste video and you got my subscribe on YT P.S.: i just had to look how to write wolf in english lol. P.P.S.: Please correct my norsk if wrong. I learned it couple of years ago and just til A2. Thank you
  8. great video! There are one or two things in it that even i didn't know and i play since autumn 2015 I learned that you can distract wolves with stones some months ago, but to use it to bring a deer to a wolve was a new idea to me. I also didn't know that a wolve will be scared off of a carcass when aiming at him, usually they attack you right away. And the trick with the journal is funny two things: You can one shot any animal with any weapon, not just a flare gun. And the Moose indeed do bleeds out. There is a clip somewhere on YT showing that, unfortunately i don't have a link fo
  9. Maybe there was a third one? ūü§Ē
  10. yes these are exactly the corpses i meant. I explored HRV when it came out and when i stumbled upon them, well, i enjoyed that the devs gave us something to put our own creative minds on. What might have happened there and why?
  11. oh well i'm not sure anymore. One is lying and the other one right next to him.... i don't know anymore
  12. I hope you find my favourite two corpses (they are in HRV). They have clearly a story to tell
  13. Since when can you spot the plane from the hut this close? I mean you can see it, but not that close. Did you make two screenshots and put the close plane pic "behind" the first one? btw i noticed Hinterland always do this. In the first picture of a new map there is always something hidden, always in the far background. For Ash Canyon there was the bridge that you could easily oversee and only clearly spot when you zoomed far in. And for TWM you can spot the plane from the hut, but would miss it if you don't pay attention to the environment. I really like that, because it is exactly like