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  1. ah i see. Nice usage of the pain mechanic here. Looks like a pro shot from a photographer. And the view! Man the view!
  2. What a shot. Did you put any filters on this one?
  3. Is the bug with the deleted Achievements fixed? I would really like to have little time travel
  4. So i was able to play TLD again. Turned out you dont need coal anymore to forge the spear. Great, just wished it was like that before i go to the cave in FM and the last time i played TLD...
  5. Oh i can play tld next week since a long time. And then i still have to finish Episode 2 redux. So I cant tell about e3 and the changes since october
  6. That was a question based purely on interest - not on a wish In Buildings, i woul like to have a way to get rid of them. Maybe they have some useful stuff? Like meat, guts,.... 🤣 I think corpses should stay in The Long Dark because of the same reasons the Devs put it in. But in my opinion they don't have the effect the Devs wanted them to. It's like "oh a corpse, nice! Lets see what he got!" (btw why is it always a male corpse?) So you just see corpses as an another possibility to get some loot, not as a scary and frightened element that enriches the atmosphere like for example Fluffy. Corpses have to be more staged to have the desired effect i think. As i said, maybe they have some useful stuff? 😈
  7. With the new possibility of removing Camp Fires etc., is it possible to bury corpses?
  8. thank you for the code. I couldn't find anything but YT-Videos and Steam posts about this challenge. Neither of them was helpful. Can someone explain me what's the special thing about this challenge is?
  9. I'm not very active at TLD sadly. Can someone explaine the Deadman Challenge to me?
  10. maybe the cairnstones are going to get a new design ^^
  11. This one is really great. I don't know why, but i love screens from trees in that angle. Had made some by myself, but i don't have it on this PC unfortunatley
  12. Ah okay, i haven't seen a toppled tower in FM before. Seems they changed the region a bit and i haven't been around there for a while. For story mode i just walked on the right side and avoided the bear and the wolves. I just ran through the map in order to reach BR. Haven't seen much from FM at it's current state. Thank you for letting me know, i will keep looking for the toppled one!
  13. I'm confused now I thought you mean the Cave that lies left of the tracks (when coming from BR), with the signal tower a bit more uphillwards. Where this one wolf ist lurking around 🙄And where (before Redux and maybe now too) you had the hatch with Jeremia's letters