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  1. lol i totally dindn't see that actually there IS a guy sitting in front of it. My light shines on the Monitor and it looked like rocks for me
  2. looks like there is a person sitting in front of the laptop. very nice!
  3. Oh yes good you mentioned it. I get always really scared by the sounds in the woods. With time i learned what sounds are just sounds and what is a predator, but until today i freak out when i hear something in the woods...
  4. ok, interesting they built prisons like that. I didn't expect that, but i still can't help that this doesnt fit
  5. I'm very happy to hear that you have found a way to live your life again. And furthermore this proofs to me again that things like that (video games) would be considered childish, useless, waste of time and so on by people who didn't grew up with them are not. Like everything in life they have a purpose but it can't be seen by everybody and also not everything is true for everyone. (I hope i used the english words in the correct sense 😅)
  6. I can't get rid of the impression that the prison looks like "not being plausible". First i thought it is a strange villa. Then i noticed the watchtower and the fence and thought of a prison. But what prison in the world has windows that large? 😬 Sorry for being negative again, but i just don't look correct to me. It' a mix between a villa and a prison and fits neither of them
  7. I own and play the game since Autumn 2015 so i guess i can show you some more spots or mechanics even considering the fact that i haven't played it since May (and back then only Wintermute)
  8. Thank you. Glad i could show you something you haven't seen before
  9. And that's not even all of the things you can find there. Take a look above...
  10. never seen this boots, since when are they in the game?
  11. Oh yes an achievment for that is a must!
  12. I believe it was german youtuber Hirnsturz who did find it. But i checked his channel and there are only videos from the alpha status of the game, so i'm really not sure anymore if it was him. But i'm sure i saw it once and i think it was happening on the PV map. But as i said: many years ago
  13. You forgot to fix the issue that a sleeping bear can not be spray-painted
  14. Many years (and many patches) ago i've seen a Youtuber who found a beef yerky behind a visor once. But it was the only time i've seen that happening I wish there would be more to find behind them, because right now it feels like unused space. Food behind a visor is unrealistic but notes from Backers? Or notes telling you something about the environment, hints about a cache or a place where the writer had seen dangerous wildlife, a broken bridge? Or the note tells the player about the long road that lies ahead and just leads to a dead end? If you don't read it you just walk 2-3 minutes into nothing? That would be cool