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  1. Small pieces of information such as the teaser screenshot with the "photobomb" and the one above usually aren't posted here. It takes other people from the forum to share them here. I don't know why they are doing that
  2. I think Episode 4 will come in August - October. But yes, a little bit of information would be nice. Did Raphael postet anything new on Twitter? (I don't use social media)
  3. Question: Since when do bears sleep on the open ice? Thought i had shot one and that's the carcass in front of me. Was wondering why i can't click it and then he rises!! Thought my heart stopped! Anti-offtopic-screenshot:
  4. Wish new players could first experience the dam from this side with this point of view: How did you get up there? From there you can't reach me I wish Hinterland would improve these textures. I get eye cancer! And my first moose-kill with the bow!🥳
  5. Didn't know this is possible This reminds me very much of the first version of the game :
  6. Raphael said in the diary, that the biggest part of the work is done. He also said that the team is about to add new parts which is unusual in this stage of development, but it's been three months since then. Summer vacation is a valid point. But i consider the videos in the starting post a teaser. I don't think the release will take too long, but we will see. It's done when it's done
  7. Don't worry, think it will come in August/September, maybe even July. Then i could play it right off the bat
  8. The picture with the bear was good I don't think it's possible to shot through the gap, is it?
  9. wow, this post flew over my head! Just didn't see it. Were my thoughts exactly. Weeklong Blizzard sounds hard. Imagine getting cabin fever right before 🤣 But a random Aurora that lasts for 3 days and the sun won't shine for this time? Don't know how to explain that, but sounds interesting^^ Btw. can someone tell me how i can edit my older post and adding a quote like this into it? I haven't found out and made this double post ///omg, i think i'm seriously confused or something like that, because i discovered the starting post here just a minute ago oO So my idea o
  10. Based on this i was remembered that in the current game it goes like this: The player is on a map and has to adapt to it. You have to know the locations of caves, loot, animals and so on. And the whole gameplay evolves around the player's ability to master this. Walking and mastering the map is the core and the endgame of The Long Dark at the same time. So what came to my mind is, that if this is the endgame and people want better/more endgame, then adding new regions could be helpful. In the last survey they touched that. But when walking and mastering the map is the core of The Long Dar
  11. Don't worry. Some things had been added because fans wanted it: Darkwalker challenge, item placement, quarter corpses, putting dead bunnies in the backpack. Hinterland confirmed that. But about the other things like the smell system i'm just guessing ^^ When Milton Mailbag was still existing, i asked Raphael which things had been added to the game because people wanted it. In my post i used the term "demanding". He gave an evasive answer iirc because of my formulation. But still, i would like to know which things in the game were created on a fans idea. Was it either directly or was a fan
  12. There were some things that had been added to the game because people wanted it. The ability to place items in the world for example. The placement was later improved, i was one of the people who wanted that (could still get an improvement imo). The Darkwalker event was so succesfull, that many many people wanted it to be a challenge. Hinterland added that. And years ago, fans wanted a region completeley without any man made structures and Hinterland added Hushed River Valley. Also some years ago i fantasized in this forum about how it would be if we had a smell system. Like you're sittin