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  1. I believe it was german youtuber Hirnsturz who did find it. But i checked his channel and there are only videos from the alpha status of the game, so i'm really not sure anymore if it was him. But i'm sure i saw it once and i think it was happening on the PV map. But as i said: many years ago
  2. You forgot to fix the issue that a sleeping bear can not be spray-painted
  3. Many years (and many patches) ago i've seen a Youtuber who found a beef yerky behind a visor once. But it was the only time i've seen that happening I wish there would be more to find behind them, because right now it feels like unused space. Food behind a visor is unrealistic but notes from Backers? Or notes telling you something about the environment, hints about a cache or a place where the writer had seen dangerous wildlife, a broken bridge? Or the note tells the player about the long road that lies ahead and just leads to a dead end? If you don't read it you just walk 2-3 minutes into nothing? That would be cool
  4. Clearly, they have to fix that. I mean come on!
  5. same for me, but still: game was released 6 years ago and still gets regularly, free updates. I have 400++ hours in this game and wouldn't mind to pay another time for the last two episodes.
  6. I didn't know that. I only drop meat in front of my base when no predator is around. Thanks for enlightment
  7. when you drop it as a DECOY then of course the wolfes will get on it since this is it's purpose. When you drop it via the radial/inventory, then no Wolf/Bear will show interest at it.
  8. Except for the rapid click "feature" this is exactly what i think. It doesn't add anything to the game if i have to push down a button for 45min+ If you use auto-walk there is nothing you cut off from the game and i found myself very often in situations thinking "my finger hurts, why do i have to press this key all the time?" Especially because i always tend to overload my character with stuff. 30 kg limit is cruel. 40 is to less for all the stuff i want to carry. But then in reality 40 kg on you is the top end when you have to walk all day because you are moving to other regions for example. tl;dr: Auto walk is nice and best feature in a long time, auto self-rapid-clicking-things are not because it's like you don't play the game yourself
  9. HRV was designed probably because players wanted a whole, challenging new region completly without man made structures. It was meant as a Region for the extreme players having fun too I personaly love HRV, it's my favourite region so far (still haven't been in BI yet). So yeah, it's okay not to like it. I guess people can find it boring, because there is nothing "special" to discover?
  10. Navigation-themed update, mid of may. I like!
  11. A tip to save your precious matches: Lighting a campfire with a match will fail very often, especially when your fire skill is still low. Instead of using a match lighting the campfire, light a torch. lighting a torch has 100% chance of success, so you need only 1 match every time. Now you can light the campfire with the torch. Failure? No problem! the torch is still burning and you can try it again without needing a second or third match.