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  1. ah sorry my bad, thought it would be the last part of TALES. Thank you for clarification!
  2. Cougar, Trader, Safehouse Customization... Lots of new stuff ahead! I still haven't started one of the Tales, nor the new region yet. Maybe i should do it 😅
  3. I would love to see the shop offering the ingame coffee cup with the old logo!
  4. I prefer closing the thread. The topic isn't that relevant from my point of view
  5. I think that a forum (technically speaking) is an invention from the early 2000s and sadly, is outdated at this point. Nowadays it's easier to consume videos from content creators, who have the infos, maps, tips and tricks in a YouTube short/Twitch clip. No need to search it via a forum and filtering out the wrong results. //edit: well, i missed the question a bit, so: I always hesitate to make accounts on websites, because i know i will visit them only a few times and it's not worth the effort for that to create an account. Also not worth the spam i get from them. I registered here because TLD catched me within a split second and i knew this game is good. No, it's special. And i wanted to follow it more closely (what i usually never do) and wanted to bring myself actively in the development. As actively as you can as a forum member.
  6. That was a long update video! Thank you Hinterland, the whole update looks amazing! To my surprise, the Immersion update catches me more than i expected 😱 And the region itself looks very interesting too. Enjoy your holidays and i wish you all a safe and wonderful christmas time
  7. Well the poisoned stuff isn't really something i'm exited about (especially when we have to load ourselfs up with new items to fight that), but i will play it of course. Travois and flask in one single update is surprising to me, but i don't complain. I want that! :D For me, the last thing i miss from TFTFT is the safehouse customization, looking forward to that. And i hope with the update we will have the option to disable glimmer fog for a new game, because there is nothing more annoying that this. btw the signal void tale didn't start in my run, despite repairing the tower. Seems like a bug because it says i have to repair it first, but already did. I think there was a small update after TFTFT launched and i believe since then the tale isn't starting. Can that be? Looking forward to the update, you added nice things!
  8. That's good to hear. I had no chance for the white mug, the cranberry hoodie i was unsure about the fitting to my body. Too bad... Need to get PayPal until next year. I hope you bring back the very old white coffee mug with the non-simplified red Hinterland Logo from the beginning years
  9. have you read one of the dev diaries that came before this? Raph explains why they did it this way
  10. Can you imagine that those bugs might troubling Wintermute and future versions as well? It's important to fix them
  11. Finally the travois, probably will become the best gear in the game
  12. evil double post, i had to Usually the weather in Airfiled Region is a joke, but this time i had luck