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  1. I've tried on 3 different saves with knife, axe and improved axe in inventory: the craft button doesn't appear regardless of the tool I select. All saves were started back in December during part 1. I've tried crouching at the fire, and almost standing in the fire. This particular fire has 1h 20m of fuel. What's the trick?
  2. My save is parked in ML atm so I can easily stock up on birch bark before moving on. Thanks again for the tip! Also, the snow shelter tip. It's been years since I've used one but I enjoyed using them in my first runs when interloper was released, where they were critical. You've got me excited. Back at you, a tip about memento notes. Memento notes come in two flavors - "cache" and "hint." Hints lead to an important place like the transition cave to another region. Caches lead to an hidden + unlocked loot spot, or a locked box. Where a key is needed I've found it next to the note. The note can be in a different zone, zing! The map tooltips in AC > TWM > PV said which type of memento was, very handy. The tooltip for the note I found in ML had the first words of the note instead. Since we've had a number of patches to the game since I started this run I'm not sure whether the ML note represents a new way of showing the markers, or just a different implementation by region. In any case, you can usually deduce which it is from the context of the note.
  3. Good stuff. I'm still working my way to the new region. I started in AC for the carry bonus and crampons and I've been slowly working my way west. The memento notes have been a fun distraction, and the changes to the loot system mean I have to search farther afield for the gear I want. I finally have weapons, but the moose seem to be have evaporated. >_< So maybe a detour to HRV for the satchel before I head into the far away parts of Great Bear. @Valuable Hunting KnifeThanks for the tips. Re birch bark, can I find it in FA?
  4. Any chance the piece that gave you the parasites was uncooked? I think raw predator meat is 100% chance. Cooked is 1%.
  5. My current run is a custom game that's mostly Interloper settings (to keep it interesting) with Voyageur loot (to learn about the new system). I'm finding what I need, just have to search for it more. The old places aren't reliable and stuff is turning up in places that it never appeared before. The loot in the new locations feels more variable too. Small sample size, but I've tested it by spawning in the same region a few times. I like the changes! A lot! The game feels fresh again. Instead of a few coffee-fueled days of sprinting through the world to known loot locations, I'm taking my time again. Settling down for a few days to check out the surrounding area before moving to the next area. Finding a key piece of gear feels very rewarding. The surprises are pretty rewarding too. New corpses (yay, more feathers!), tools and weapons in spots they've never been in the past. Even coffee in new and unexpected places. \o/ I've only found two memento caches so far, and they are surprisingly good. Not simply the loot itself, but the lore. One had pretty funny loot (although still useful), the other had OMG Jackpot! loot. I like the memento "hints" too, although I'm still in the old regions so I'm familiar with every place so far. But they are really useful places to guide newer players too, and the lore is welcome.
  6. I had this happen first day of the patch. Left an ice cave in HRV and ended up in the NW normal cave in HRV. New character and clothes, without the loot I'd picked up. I didn't report because my game was still not right with other issues, so I reinstalled and verified. Then I tried a couple times to repro, but couldn't.
  7. The rope from Homesteader's Respite in Ash Canyon is invisible, except at the top attachment point. Although invisible, the rope is still usable; I dropped a book at the bottom so I could find it to climb back up. Occurred on build 2.04 105741 S My quality settings are on Ultra. The only other graphics glitch I've noticed is the double ropes in TWM as described above by mfuegemann.
  8. I use multiple monitors and the game launched on another monitor for me too. I moved it to the main monitor with the windows key shortcut WIN + shift + arrow (left or right). Restarted the game, and now it remembers the correct monitor like before. I'm guessing it's just a one-time setup thing.
  9. Had to do some RL and just got back to re-patching. The patch works without any files ninja magic. I guess it's really fixed.
  10. Thanks. This worked for me too. I got the "new DLC has been added to your account" message, but it didn't start installing until I restarted Steam.
  11. Random start, but not Interloper this time -- maybe Voyager? I want to get a feel for the character of the changes to loot and animal spawns, cooking, fishing. (Not sure all of those changes are in for the first batch of content.) Also get a feel for the new affliction and the new teas if they're already in game. Then reroll, gear up and start a trek into the Far Territory.
  12. I loved just about everything shown in the trailer. New places, new game mechanics, new models. Same classic TLD vibe. This cabin, gorgeous setting. Looks pretty remote, so I found myself wondering how practical it might be to stock with food and firewood. Then I remembered the travois. Ohhhhh, I get it now! It looks to be quite nice on the inside, too. This is a beautiful and interesting view too, maybe the airfield from a distance? Some changes to the campfire too, or maybe another type of campfire. I don't think I could feel more hyped. Dec. 5th can't come too fast! 😍
  13. Well I just finished the challenge so I guess this question is now academic. I just sprinted as much as possible given my supplies to avoid needing a ward.