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  1. Since we can earn this badge in Survival, I went back to my 300 day sandbox. Weirdly, there seemed to be no syrup anywhere. After searching about half the world I switched to my 125 day save with about the same result. No syrup in most of the locations discussed in this thread. Eventually found one with 5% condition remaining. (Ketchup chips galore in both saves, btw.) So maybe the maple syrup is spoiling then disappearing before it can be looted? Anyway, I'm now part of the syrup hunter throwaway saves gang. That's a bit disappointing, because I wanted to earn this badge through normal gameplay.
  2. I have thousands of hours played too, amazing value for the price. For myself, at least. I bought the game for several friends just to make the value equation a bit more for fair for Hinterland.
  3. I went to hibernia twice, and no syrup in the safe. Not guaranteed.
  4. I like the lower temperatures and frequent storms a lot. I agree, these would be welcome options in Custom.
  5. I have a feathers problem in my Winter's Embrace playthrough, so I wanted to ask if the above fix is supposed to apply to WE too? I started in HRV for the satchel, then moved to Barker's farm in MT to craft up some warmer clothes. And to use the local wolf pack as a never-ending meat buffet. I've killed several wolves -- crows galore, but not a single feather. I've tried waiting until it's sunny blue skies to harvest a kill, and done walk-about to all the carcasses every time the sun comes out - multiple times per day sometimes. Nothin'. WAI or no? I've since moved on to look for feathers in other zones. The static human corpses seem to have some.
  6. It's under Navigation -- bottom/center on the radial menu. Like a snow shelter, you need the materials in your inventory to build it. Namely: 50 stones. It can be a pain rounding up the stones but the cache is super useful as some extra outdoor storage (30kg!) in a remote place.
  7. How fast do you walk with the BW feat? I might go for it if the speed increase in windy weather is significant. And I agree about the -10% calories feat. For normal interloper I just push for a bow and arrows asap, well before the cattails run out. Thereafter it's meat-nanza.
  8. Ruruwawa

    EP3 review

    I really enjoyed Ep3 -- quite a bit more than Ep1 or Ep2. The side quests felt more organic to the region, and more rewarding. Just stumble over a clue and follow it's trail to some light lore and useful items. I also liked carrying the survivors. Yes, it was hard until I figured out the wolf pack mechanics, but to me it felt like survival with a worthwhile purpose -- my kind of challenge, and something I often miss when playing survival mode. TBH my only disappointment with the survivors arc was that the loved ones who begged me to find them never thanked me, or indeed expressed anything at all about their rescue. Likewise, I felt the fed ex missions for Fr Tom could have been improved by having the health of folks at the town hall improve a little. A few of them sitting up on their bedrolls with a small "thanks" dialog, for example.
  9. @ajb1978 Thanks so much! My last 6 hours of play have been combing the entire map for that note! FINALLY, I get to finish Ep3!
  10. Yep. I chose to do the side quests ASAP, and I really felt rewarded for it. Got some nice stuff to make the journey easier.
  11. Thanks! I guess that experience of playing Ep.1 over and over to try to get the achievements left its mark. It's good to know the point of no return is obvious. I also have not found Forest Pleasant Valley Collectible #1. Nor PV History #1, although I have 2 and 3 for both sets.
  12. I don't the answer as I'm not done with the episode myself. But...